Loss of appetite: Causes and Treatment

December 12, 2010

 loss of appetite causes treatment
 Loss of appetite signals any malfunctions in the body, so treat this matter should seriously. If the lack of appetite you will quickly lose weight, consult your doctor. It also needs to be done, if at the same time there are loss of appetite symptoms of depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood  Depression - a little more than a bad mood

 Loss of appetite: Causes and Treatment


Virtually any disease that can lead to loss of appetite, but the most common cause of this are:

  • Chronic liver disease;
  • Chronic renal failure;
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease;
  • Dementia;
  • Heart failure;
  • Hepatitis;
  • HIV;
  • Asthma;
  • Addison's disease;
  • Appendicitis;
  • Anxiety disorders;
  • Chronic renal failure;
  • Acute viral hepatitis Hepatitis - the scourge of our time  Hepatitis - the scourge of our time
  • Crohn's disease;
  • Tuberculosis;
  • Hypervitaminosis D (excess vitamin D);
  • Hypothyroidism;
  • Thalassemia;
  • Ulcerative colitis;
  • Zinc deficiency;
  • Pregnancy (generally, appetite becoming weaker in the first trimester of pregnancy);
  • Taking certain medications, including antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs, codeine and morphine;
  • Drug use, including amphetamines, cocaine and heroin.

Among cancer anorexia often cause:

  • Colon cancer;
  • Ovarian Cancer;
  • Stomach cancer;
  • Pancreas cancer.

Often, loss of appetite is a sign of anorexia - unfortunately, often overlooked relatives of patients this symptom of a kind, and are beginning to worry only when more severe symptoms.

Loss of appetite is most common in older people, but for them it's not the norm. Any person who in the course of a week or more unusually weakened the appetite, it is recommended to consult your doctor.

 Loss of appetite: Causes and Treatment


In order to establish the causes of loss of appetite, generally use the following diagnostic methods:

  • Abdominal ultrasound;
  • Barium enema, sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy (if there is a suspicion of cancer of the large intestine);
  • Blood test;
  • The test for erythrocyte sedimentation rate;
  • HIV test;
  • Assessment of renal function;
  • Evaluation of the liver;
  • Pregnancy test;
  • Checking the function of the thyroid gland;
  • Analysis of urine.

If the doctor suspects that the loss of appetite caused by some psychological problems, may require examination by a therapist or psychiatrist.

Treatment will depend on the results of the medical examination.

 Loss of appetite: Causes and Treatment

Long-term effects are loss of appetite

If anorexia persists for several weeks, this may lead to depletion of the body, a lack of nutrients necessary for its normal functioning. Other long-term consequences of loss of appetite depends on the cause of this condition. For example, diabetes can lead to disruption of various internal organs - from the kidneys to the eyes and nervous system, and cancer - end in death.

 Loss of appetite: Causes and Treatment

Treatment of anorexia

Loss of appetite Treatment depends on the cause of this condition. For example, if loss of appetite caused by pregnancy, as such treatment is not required - the appetite is restored naturally within a few weeks. Typically, the appetite is recovering after a complete cure of the disease that caused the condition.

  • If loss of appetite, cause nausea, essential drugs for the treatment of a condition are ondansetron or promethazine.
  • For people suffering from dementia, prescribed high calorie nutrient mixture or artificial feeding through a gastrostomy tube.
  • If the loss of appetite caused by appendicitis, surgery is necessary.
  • Infectious diseases, one consequence of which is the loss of appetite, are treated with antibiotics.
  • If the loss of appetite caused by reduced levels of thyroid hormone Thyroid hormones: mechanism of action and physiological effects  Thyroid hormones: mechanism of action and physiological effects
 , The patient is prescribed a special hormone replacement drugs.
  • The main methods of treating cancer are considered to be surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

 Loss of appetite: Causes and Treatment

How to get rid of loss of appetite in the home?

To cope with loss of appetite in the home will inclusion in the diet and nutritional snacks small meals rich in proteins - and drinks with high content of protein.

One of the most effective nutritional supplementation - yeast in combination with a complex of vitamin B. In addition, stimulate appetite and green vegetables. In smell and touch can affect the lack of the mineral zinc, which in turn adversely affects the person's appetite.

You can stimulate the appetite herbal infusions, drinking to be half an hour before a meal. If the loss of appetite due to emotional problems, help herbal teas based on dill Dill: benefits and harms of fragrant spices  Dill: benefits and harms of fragrant spices
 , Chamomile, peppermint heel, Melissa. These herbs have healing and calming effect, helping not only to soothe the mind, but also to stimulate the appetite.

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Separate food: Ingredients menu

January 25, 2009

 Separate food: Ingredients menu
 The system of a separate food are more popular as an effective and fairly bland diet is based on a single principle - the principle of compatibility of different foods. Menu separate power supply is developed based on this principle of "compatibility" and "incompatibility" of some foods with others: for example, the dinner should consist solely of foods rich in carbohydrates, and dinner - from foods rich in protein, because at the same time, according to the principles separate power supply, such products can not be eaten.

Separate food menu based on the principles of the natural mechanisms of digestion. It is known that the digestion of food products of various types (e.g., protein, starch-containing, acidic) stomach require different digestive enzymes. For example, for protein digestion in acidic stomach needs enzymes for the digestion of carbohydrates and - alkaline enzymes. With simultaneous admission to the stomach and proteins, carbohydrates and the digestive enzymes produced by the acid and alkaline types neutralize each other, breaking thus the natural process of digestion.

The consequences of the wrong menu composed of separate power supply, as the authors and followers of a separate food, very easy to notice: the attempt to reconcile the irreconcilable leads to various digestive disorders such as heartburn, bloating, slow down metabolism Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things  Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things

 Separate food: Ingredients menu

Rules of drawing up a separate food menu

When designing a menu of separate power supply is necessary to consider the following rules:

  • One meal does not have to combine starchy foods (potatoes, pasta, rice) with protein foods (meat, eggs). Grilled meat with boiled pasta - a flagrant violation of the rules of a separate food.
  • For once you can consume food only one type of protein.
  • Can not be combined with acidic foods starch (for admission into the stomach digestive enzymes necessary for digestion of these different types of food, neutralize each other).
  • Fruits are best eaten alone (in particular this applies to melons and watermelon, which, according to the principles of separate power supply is not compatible with any other fruit) for twenty to thirty minutes before the main meal.
  • Vegetables contain no starch (broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, zucchini, leafy vegetables) may be combined with both proteins and carbohydrates. In other words, vegetables, salads, soups, roasted vegetables can be eaten with dishes of meat (protein), and side dishes such as boiled rice or mashed potatoes.
  • Because fat slows down the digestive process, any oil (olive, sunflower, butter) can not be combined with proteins, but it is possible - with starchy foods and vegetables that do not contain starch. In other words, it can be eaten fried in vegetable oil or vegetable salad with olive oil (vegetables help accelerate the process of assimilation of fat), but not recommended - fried in vegetable oil, fish or meat.

 Separate food: Ingredients menu

Menu Options

  • Breakfast: fruit salad with sour and semi-acid fruits (strawberries, kiwi, peaches Peaches: benefits and harms of sun fruits  Peaches: benefits and harms of sun fruits
 , Plums, grapes) or a few slices of melon or any porridge, boiled in water, or hard-boiled eggs or scrambled eggs with herbs.
  • Lunch: salad of cucumbers, tomatoes and greens with protein meals (boiled or fried chicken, fried fish) or a carbohydrate meal (baked potatoes, cooked white or brown rice, pasta). Fresh vegetables can be replaced with roasted vegetables in olive oil (then the main course you must choose only starchy foods - rice, potatoes, pasta).
  • Dinner: depending on which option (protein or carbohydrate) you chose for lunch, for dinner, choose the opposite course: if the protein was lunch, dinner should be a carbohydrate, and vice versa. If using a system of separate power supply is necessary to lose weight, it is best to focus on lighter dishes - for example, a portion of boiled rice with herbs and fried in olive oil, vegetables, vegetable salad with olive maslom.Chrezvychayno fashionable lately Healthy Eating Healthy eating - do not limit yourself to eating  Healthy eating - do not limit yourself to eating
   taboo on the impressive list of our usual products and outlined a number of rules, according to which we must build our gastronomic culture. Here only select some healthy foods really not enough, they must also be combined with each other.

 Separate food: Ingredients menu

Basic principles

Why all this? Principles of separate food say that at the same time to eat is those products that do not interfere with the absorption of each other. First and foremost, of course, it is about the eternal struggle between the protein and carbohydrate: protein for digestion takes much longer to digest than carbohydrates. As a result, any material can no longer be absorbed by the body, and any dead load deposited on the walls of the intestine. It is from these products of digestion then can be removed through the detox and cleansing diets. Much easier initially approached intelligently to your daily menu and try to avoid major mistakes according to separate food: a combination of incongruous.

For example - a typical menu of a separate food. Pay special attention to what is accepted to combine meat and fish.

  • Breakfast: porridge on the water, the eggs in any form leafy vegetables and herbs, cottage cheese with sour cream or any fruit. Choose from a list of one dish: fried eggs or fruit, or, it is not necessary to have a snack of fried eggs and an apple for dessert to eat a couple of spoonfuls of sweet curd.
  • Lunch: meat and non-starchy vegetables (forget about the combination of meat plus potatoes), salad with fresh herbs, leafy vegetables and cheese, vegetable soups without meat.
  • Dinner: rice with greens, fish with vegetables, vegetable salad.

Newcomers to separate nutrition A separate food - pros and cons  A separate food - pros and cons
   They complain about the monotony. Indeed, most of finished menu is different creative approach to the process of cooking, so the templates can be used as an example only. The next stage is the formation of its own separate food menu.

 Separate food: Ingredients menu

How to create your own menu of separate power supply?

Separate power - is, in the first place, the division of all foods into three groups: proteins, carbohydrates, and neutral products. To a protein include meat, fish, eggs, nuts, dairy products and legumes. Carbohydrates - a potato, cereals, fruits, and sugar-flour products. Neutral - animal fats, herbs, fat cottage cheese and cheese.

According to this strict ban by separate food can immediately apply to any sandwiches with cheese or meat on the combination of potato and meat, fish and rice, meat and pasta. Pay attention to what you eat dessert: nuts contain a lot of protein, so as popular confectionery ingredients never go in your favor in the composition of flour products.

Also unchanged separate nutrition is usually "all things in moderation." Excess carbohydrates leads to weight gain, and excess protein entails the production of uric acid. So do not be too useful dishes simultaneously combine the flour (including a part of the sauce and breading), potatoes and cereals. Just like scrambled eggs with ham, scrambled eggs with sausage and a glass of milk after a meat meal. By the way, the milk can be combined with only fruit and fresh or boiled vegetables.

On digestion of different products require different gastric juices. According to this rule can not separate food is both pastry and fruit: for the digestion of fruit stand stomach acidic juices, which do not fit flour products.

It is best to eat fruit separately from all other products or in fruit salads. However, in this case it is necessary to remember that the watermelon and melon can not be combined with anything, and there should be separate.

In fact, a separate food is considered to be extremely complex way of eating, and there are more rules.

Each author considers it his duty to pay attention to all new and new nuances, and the theory of a separate food from year to year is growing before our eyes. Only you can decide how far you want to go deep into the science of healthy food and a separate feed, but definitely sure we can say that the observance alone of the above basic principles will allow you to feel better, lose weight, and even to part with some diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Make your most varied menu, and then you will not notice that some from childhood familiar dishes you had to give.

  Daria Petchorin

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