Foods high in protein - help for muscle mass

December 13, 2014

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 foods high in protein
 Trying to build muscle, many people focus their efforts on training. Although they are certainly very important, not less important are the foods that are high in protein. Proteins - the building blocks for muscles, which can not be replaced by anything.


The list of foods that are high in protein

  • Chicken breast - one of the favorite foods among people who are seriously involved in sports. She quickly prepared, and the number of meals that you can cook with it, almost beyond counting. In 85 g of chicken breast contains about 30 grams protein, and 110 kcal.
  • Minced turkey have less common than other types of minced meat, but it is also an excellent source of protein. 85 g minced turkey contained 21 g of protein and 195 calories.
  • Pork tenderloin. In recent years, more and more people give up pork, and not for religious reasons, but because of the fact that the meat is considered the most harmful and bold. Pork with a lot of visible fat, in fact, are best avoided, but the pork tenderloin, 110 g of which contains 23 grams of protein, 154 calories and not too much fat, it is possible to include in the menu, without fear of any extra kilos, or the appearance of cholesterol plaques on vessel walls.
  • Ground beef - a useful source of protein that can be used to prepare many different dishes. In 90 g of minced meat contains about 16 grams of protein and 148 calories. Since the magazine ground beef is often very bold, it's best to do the stuffing yourself of the pieces with a minimum of fat.
  • Salmon - 24 grams of protein and 166 kcal per 110 g fillet. Salmon is often referred to as "super-food" because it contains not only a large amount of high quality protein and omega-3, vitamin E, B1, B2, E, PP, chromium, phosphorus, and calcium. With salt, baked and grilled salmon can be prepared salads, sandwiches, soups and many other dishes.
  • Tuna - 18 grams of protein and 105 calories in '85 both fresh and canned tuna contains many vitamins and minerals - the composition of it is very similar to salmon. In recent years, it is increasingly recommended to be used instead of salmon. The fact that salmon farmed - and it can be found in most stores - often contain mercury. The tuna, it is much rarer.
  • Cod - tasty fish, 120 g containing 24 g of protein and 138 calories. Baked or fried cod with fresh vegetable salad - wonderful meal for an athlete or just for the person leading a healthy lifestyle. However, be careful when ordering cod in the restaurants - there it is often cooked in breadcrumbs, which makes the dish too rich in calories and saturated fat.
  • Shrimps. Boiled, baked shrimp or barbecue shrimp - wonderful food for seafood lovers and for those who want to diversify your diet with something tasty and healthy. In 85 g of shrimp contains about 20 grams of protein and only 129 calories.
  • Eggs. One egg contains a medium-sized 6 g of protein and 80 calories. To some it may seem like an egg - not the richest source of protein, but they contain a protein digest very well and used effectively in the process of protein synthesis in cells.
  • Almonds - 6 grams of protein and 164 calories in 30 almonds is a good additional source of protein; It also contains a fairly large amount of omega-3 and dietary fiber.
  • Walnut. In 30 g of walnut contains about 4 grams of protein and 185 calories. They can be used as a tasty and filling snack, and add to salads, cereal and pastries.
  • Pumpkin seeds - 7 grams of protein and 153 calories in thirty grams. These seeds are very useful, but they contain a lot of fat, so eat them in moderation is better, especially if you need to lose a few extra kilos.
  • Sunflower seeds More Calories: 30 g of seeds contains 165 kcal and 6 g protein. Despite their high caloric content, the people who lead a healthy lifestyle and a lot of moving, can allow yourself to eat a handful of sunflower seeds per day can be eaten just like that, or added to yogurt, cottage cheese, smoothies, vegetable and fruit salads.
  • Tofu. By itself, tofu does not have a distinct taste, but it can be cooked many delicious dishes. It is becoming increasingly popular not only among vegetarians, but also among those who are looking for useful sources of protein with minimal fat. 100g of tofu contains 8 grams of protein and 80 calories.
  • Chickpeas. ½ cup chickpea contains about 7 grams of protein, and 110 kcal. It does not have a strong taste of chickpea, like some other members of the legume family, but it goes well with a variety of other foods - vegetables, red meat, chicken, and so on.
  • Black beans. Total half-cup of cooked black beans quickly cause a feeling of fullness, which remains a surprisingly long time. In fact, there is nothing surprising, because in a cup of beans contains 15 grams of protein, lots of dietary fiber (which it quickly fills the stomach), and at the same time - only 218 kcal.

Walnuts - the benefits and harms of delicious foods

December 13, 2014

 Walnuts benefits and harms
 Walnuts, benefits and harms are known for a long time, enjoyed great popularity in cooking. Nevertheless, we are all heard about the health properties of nuts, but then what is to be feared?

Walnut grows in India, China, the Middle East and the Mediterranean. It can grow in the northern regions of the planet, even in Scandinavia, but if the tree is not enough heat and light, it will not grow big enough, and will not bear fruit. Currently, the largest supplier of walnuts in the world is China - it is grown around 360,000 tons of nuts per year. In the United States grow 294,000 tons of walnuts, and about 90% of the crop harvested in California. In addition, walnuts in a fairly large number of imports of Iran, Turkey, Ukraine and Romania.


Benefits and harms of walnut

Like many other nuts, walnut has a mass of useful properties, such as:

  • Help in reducing weight. He argued that walnuts and walnut is not an exception, contribute to weight gain. In fact, just the opposite: thirty grams of walnuts contains 2.5 g of omega-3, 4 grams of protein and 2 grams of fat - saturated with these substances quickly and permanently, and help control your appetite. For any weight loss plan to be successful, you must include the at least one product that helps to quickly suppress hunger. Walnut is quite able to cope with this task. However, it can really lead to weight gain - but only if it is consumed in unlimited amounts without changing your diet and level of physical activity;
  • Improved sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
 . Walnuts contain melatonin, a hormone that promotes the healthy and deep sleep. People who have sleep problems, it is recommended to eat a handful of walnuts for one or two hours before going to bed;
  • Improving the condition of the hair. Walnut is one of the most useful nuts hair because it contained biotin (vitamin B7). In particular, Biotin prevents hair loss, stimulates their growth, improves the nutrition of hair follicles;
  • Prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Walnuts are rich in antioxidants Antioxidants: the truth about the notorious benefits  Antioxidants: the truth about the notorious benefits
   and omega-3, which make them effective in preventing heart disease. These agents help reduce harmful cholesterol, and stimulate the production of good cholesterol, thereby reducing the risk of many serious diseases of the heart and vessels, which could potentially lead to a significant reduction in the quality of life;
  • Prevention of diabetes. According to one study, women who ate every day to 28 grams of walnuts, the probability of developing type 2 diabetes was 24% lower than the average. Although the study involved only women, the authors believe that walnuts may have a similar impact on men;
  • Improving the quality of sperm. Eating 70 grams of walnuts a day can significantly improve sperm quality - in particular, under the influence of substances contained in the nuts increases sperm count and motility, and from these properties depends directly on the probability of conception;
  • Improving the condition of the skin. Walnuts are rich in B vitamins that can slow down the damage to the skin, which occurs under the influence of free radicals. Thus, using walnuts can prevent premature aging of the skin Aging Skin: The three most common problems and their solutions  Aging Skin: The three most common problems and their solutions
  • Prevention of dementia. According to scientists, the daily consumption of walnuts helps to prevent the development of dementia. It is their property associated with the contained nuts flavonoids and vitamin E, which destroy free radicals, which are one of the possible causes of dementia;
  • Prevention of pancreatic cancer. For several years, researchers have observed for more than 75 thousand patients and, among other things, trying to establish a link between the consumption of nuts (including walnuts), and the development of pancreatic cancer. It was found that patients who consumed at least 30-60 grams of nuts per week, the risk of disease in this kind of cancer was significantly reduced compared with those who ate nuts occasionally. Additionally, nuts can reduce the risk of breast cancer;
  • The increase in life expectancy. Only three handfuls of walnuts per week may be the key to longevity. Long-term observation of thousands of patients have shown that regular consumption of walnuts reduces the likelihood of death from cancer by 40%, and cardiovascular diseases - at least 55%;
  • The beneficial effects on fetal development. Walnuts contain substances that contribute not only to the normal course of pregnancy, but also reduce the risk of food allergies in children. Studies have shown that if a woman during pregnancy uses a lot of polyunsaturated fatty acids (which are rich in walnuts), it has beneficial effects on the development of the digestive system of the child. In particular, it is better to cope with bacteria and foreign substances, resulting in the likelihood that the child will suffer from food allergies, decreases;
  • Control of Stress How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis
 . Dietary fiber, antioxidants, unsaturated fatty acids, particularly alpha-linolenic acid - all substances contained in walnuts, help to better control the stress and normalize blood pressure.

If we talk about the possible dangers of walnut, it is necessary, first of all, to mention allergies. Allergic reactions to different nuts are quite common and, unfortunately, in the world many people who because of allergies can not afford to eat walnuts. In addition, walnuts, as already mentioned, can lead to excess weight - if people are regularly abused.

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