L-carnitine - gives the body energy

February 8, 2014

  • L-carnitine - gives the body energy
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 L-carnitine - a drug that helps the body metabolize fat into energy. It contains L-carnitine, a substance that is produced in the body and accumulates in skeletal muscle and in the heart, brain and sperm. L-carnitine is also found in red meat (especially mutton), dairy products, fish, poultry, tempeh, wheat, asparagus, avocado, and peanut oil.

Normally, the body produces many levocarnitine as he needs. Some people, however, there is a lack of levocarnitine or because the body can not produce it in sufficient quantities, or because he is for some reason unable to transport it to the tissues need it.

Conditions such as angina pectoris and intermittent claudication, as well as taking certain medicines may also cause failure of levocarnitine in the body.

Since L-carnitine reduces oxidative stress How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis
   (cell damage caused by oxidation process), its reception is indicated for the treatment of many disorders. Some of these violations are very serious - in such cases, the reception of L-carnitine is held under the supervision of a physician and used as additional therapy.


Angina pectoris

Several clinical studies have shown that L-carnitine helps to reduce the symptoms of angina, improves well-being of patients with this disease, and even allows them to play sports without feeling pain in his chest. Although L-carnitine can be bought without a prescription, to make a decision to treat their symptoms of angina are strongly recommended. Patients with angina should take the drug only under medical supervision.



So far, not enough research has been done to make valid conclusions about how L-carnitine is useful for patients who have had a heart attack. However, according to some reports in patients who are beginning to take L-carnitine after a heart attack, reducing the likelihood of re-infarction, death from heart disease, the development of cardiac arrhythmias, or heart failure. Reception L-carnitine may also help to cope with muscle weakness.

Some researchers suggest the effectiveness of L-carnitine in patients with congestive heart failure. However, this practice is not widespread, as these data require further confirmation.


Peripheral vascular disease

Reduced due to atherosclerosis blood flow to the legs often causes pain and cramps while walking or exercising. This pain is called intermittent claudication and to refer to the reduced blood flow to the lower extremities use the term peripheral vascular disease. L-carnitine helps to alleviate these symptoms and greatly increases the distance that patients can take place without pain.


Diabetic neuropathy

So is the state in which high blood sugar Blood sugar - one of the main indicators of human health  Blood sugar - one of the main indicators of human health
   It causes damage to the nervous tissue, especially in the hands, legs and feet. L-carnitine helps reduce pain in the affected nerves; there are suggestions that it also contributes to the regeneration of the nervous tissue, but the action of the drug is still considered unproven.


The effectiveness of training

L-carnitine is popular among those engaged in sports, especially in bodybuilding. Scientists doubt that it helps to increase muscle mass, but it sure helps to reduce weight. L-carnitine reduces fat mass and increases the training by reducing fatigue.


Weight loss

L-carnitine is advertised as a drug for weight loss, but so far scientists have been unable to prove that it really helps to reduce weight. As though several studies have found that oral administration of L-carnitine stimulates the reduction of adipose tissue and increase lean muscle mass and helps with severe fatigue that some people may contribute to weight loss.


Alzheimer's disease and memory impairment

The information indicating whether the L-carnitine is effective in Alzheimer's disease, are very inconsistent. According to several studies, this drug can slow the progression of the disease and other forms of dementia, relieve associated with the aging process depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood  Depression - a little more than a bad mood
   and improve memory in the elderly. However, during another, very extensive studies, these results could not be confirmed. Now experts say that you should not have too many hopes on L-carnitine, and it can be taken only under medical supervision.


Kidney disease

As for the production of carnitine in the body respond kidney their disease may lead to a decrease in the concentration of the substance. Your doctor may order intake of L-carnitine in patients with kidney disease, but they should not start taking this drug on their own initiative.



It is believed that a low concentration of spermatozoa in the ejaculate is associated with reduced levels of carnitine in men. The results of several studies suggest that intake of L-carnitine helps to increase the concentration of spermatozoa, and to improve their mobility, thereby increasing the likelihood of conception.


erectile disfunction

Preliminary studies suggest that L-carnitine can be useful in erectile dysfunction. It has been found that it increases the efficacy of sildenafil (Viagra) in men with diabetes, which used to Viagra did not help. In one study, L-carnitine is made more efficient intake of Viagra patients who developed erectile dysfunction as a result of surgery on the prostate gland. However, more research is needed to determine the weight range of disorders that cause erectile dysfunction, where it may be useful to L-carnitine.


Peyronie's disease

For Peyronie's disease is characterized by the curvature of the penis, which leads to pain during an erection Erection - what hinders and what helps a man to be a man  Erection - what hinders and what helps a man to be a man
 . In one study, which involved 48 men with this disorder, L-carnitine compared with tamoxifen. It was found that L-carnitine effective tamoxifen reduces the pain that patients with Peyronie's disease experience during sex, and reduces the bending of the penis. Moreover, L-carnitine causes significantly fewer side effects than tamoxifen.



On the basis of currently available results of research, scientists have concluded that L-carnitine could alleviate symptoms of hyperthyroidism (a disorder in which the thyroid gland produces too much hormone), insomnia, causeless nervousness, heart palpitations and tremors .  In subjects who participated in the research as a result of receiving L-carnitine, these symptoms become less pronounced, as well as decreased body temperature .  However, more extensive studies are needed to determine how effective the reception of L-carnitine in the long run .  In addition, it is necessary to better understand the mechanism of action of this drug .  Some experts believe that L-carnitine facilitates the symptoms of hyperthyroidism, limiting the activity of thyroid hormones - if true, the drug can be dangerous for people with low levels of thyroid hormone .  Do not take L-carnitine for the treatment of hyperthyroidism, without consulting a doctor .