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August 10, 2013

  • Fish oil - so whether it is useful to think?
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How to take fish oil

Fish oils obtained from fatty fish species, such as salmon. Studies have shown that fish oil has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. This substance can be obtained from foods including fish in the diet. Furthermore, it is possible to take fish oil capsules sold in pharmacies. Optimal health daily dose of fish oil will depend on such factors as the weight and disease are available.

 How to take | Fish oils - so he thought useful?


  • It is necessary to carry out a blood test. If you suspect a predisposition to cardiovascular disease, can be analyzed on the blood levels of certain chemical elements. In the presence of high levels of triglycerides, the attending physician can prescribe a daily supplementation with fish oil, which contains from 2 to 4 grams of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA).
  • It is necessary to find out whether you have any cardiovascular disease. When the diagnosis of "coronary heart disease" American Heart Association recommends daily intake of 1,000 mg of fish oil. It can be prepared in the form of fish oil as a food or food additives.
  • It is necessary to find out whether you have blood pressure problems. Elevated blood pressure can be reduced by the fish oil. To do this, doctors recommend a daily intake of 4 g of fish oil.
  • Fish oils useful in the treatment of asthma and reduces the impact of this disease on the body. A study conducted by experts Indianskigo University, showed that pneumonia Pneumonia - Symptoms and Causes  Pneumonia - Symptoms and Causes
   It can be reduced by taking 2 g of docosahexaenoic acid and at 3, 2 g of eicosapentaenoic acid daily.
  • Fish oils may be administered as a prophylactic. According to the American Heart Association, fish oil helps to reduce the overall mortality rate from heart disease, even in those cases where the risk factors are unknown. The Association also recommends eating at least two servings of fatty fish varieties in the week. These include salmon, cod, herring, sardines, tuna and some other varieties. It is not recommended to eat fish high in mercury, such as shark, swordfish, king's trout. Also, fish oils useful in other disorders, including rheumatoid arthritis Arthritis - a variety of forms and complications  Arthritis - a variety of forms and complications
 , Painful menstruation, heart attacks and osteoporosis, and even helps prevent miscarriage. The recommended dosage depends on the type of disorder. To know the exact amount of fish oil in the treatment of a particular disease, you should consult your doctor.

The use of fish oil as a food minimizes the risk of excessive consumption of the substance, which can lead to poisoning, which is accompanied by high fever, chills, pain in the stomach and other flu-like symptoms. Poisoning can occur if the fish oil is taken in the form of food and nutritional supplements in the form of Food additives - basic classification  Food additives - basic classification
   for an extended period of time. That is why it is important to adhere strictly to the dosage setting. Prolonged use of food additives instead of the regular fish oil of unknown origin is better to take cod liver oil Cod liver oil: useful properties and rules of use  Cod liver oil: useful properties and rules of use
 . Fish oils are usually obtained from fish of different classes, including fish with high mercury content.

Fish oil - so whether it is useful to think? - Forum

August 10, 2013

  • Fish oil - so whether it is useful to think?
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In my opinion, the product and the fish itself is very useful for people, especially for the younger body. Unfortunately, gone are the days when it was mandatory in kindergarten, to drink was disgusting, but useful, my mother told me. Today, fortunately we have the opportunity to take it in a nice tablet form - no taste, convenient to take with you and use less.
Lena, it is not always as harmless as many believe and accept it must be with caution. For example, chronic hepatitis, and fish oil is simply not compatible, because the liver and so is suffering, and now an overabundance of fat components. It may turn out that the body simply stops working and what will you do then? No need to say that it is extremely useful.
I heard a lot of opinions both positive and negative. Previously, cod liver oil and vitamin E have been an integral part of each other and give in kindergartens under compulsion. And now I hear that all the fish poisoned and therefore can not accept it. So can you give it to children or not? Maybe everything is better to abstain? I do not want to harm the body.
Julia, to buy not only possible but necessary. Just look closely at purchase to the manufacturer. Take only the product from Norway. It is the most environmentally friendly fish. I imagine your toddler and take only such. In the spring of vitamins better than any help. But fish oil pressure can help only if they have low and it is not certain.
Parliament, but from what you have, that is the cleanest fish in Norway? I have seen the transfer just the opposite, they are stuffed with all sorts of fish their preparations seemed to fatty. Especially the red. And as for the capsules can not say - nonsense! It does not help even as vitamins. There should be tablespoons melted fat. However, only in this Veterinarians seen. And even for buying a kitten, when he caught a cold.
I do not believe it, but I never saw this miracle remedy, at least I do not remember this. Many have heard and read about its benefits, but, in spite of everything, this phrase sounds to me like something repulsive. I want to ask: "What's it taste, if he has any specific fishy smell?". And I wonder, how much to drink fish oil for painful critical days.
Lyudmila, and yourself, then you think, if the name of the "wonder drug" already speaks for itself? :-) As for me, in its pure form to use it - thank you! :-) Here capsules - please. Surprisingly useful thing, I tell you - not only that contains useful material for the female body and the skin, it can be applied topically. I now use it as an additive for enriching the preparation of creams for face and body - gives you amazing results!
Zeynep, what's inside is better to take it in capsules - is understandable, but not if you please share about "amazing results" this here is an interesting application? Personally, I smeared them face, and nothing but the excess fat and excess, it means I do not give. In the best case - it does not cause allergies, and so I think that for the skin, it is useless at all.
And I'm afraid to buy it at all. I think right now he's so much promoted that all manufacturers have to do it and do not understand anything else. Where is the guarantee that he is a quality. I prefer at least once a week to cook this fish, sea or river, it's much more useful, and certainly unprofitable get the nutrients rather than chemical forgery.
Indiana, I'm with you completely agree. As far as I know-one impact of fish oil on the human liver, and even more so of the child has not been fully studied. It turns out that we have to stuff yourself and your children with drugs that may cause harm to health and think that everything is done correctly. I generally try to circumvent the pharmacy side, there is a lot of all may have advised.
Indiana, here you are 110% right. I'm afraid to go to the pharmacy. So much fraud and unscrupulous manufacturers. Horror simply. And buy yourself this supplement, and not the fact that a part of exactly what is specified on the label. Who would not be surprised if these oil capsules just some poor quality fill. And they are only the liver itself can kill, not get the benefit)
I remember as a child we all mothers were forced to drink the nasty liquid. With the development of the liquid pharmaceutical replaced by a capsule and even all sorts of vitamins added. Generally a miracle cure for all ills. But in my effect on him as it is zero. I believe there are more placebo effect. After all, before getting into the capsule nutrients in the Bad remains minuscule.
Yes, I agree with you. I, too, cutting a course this means believing in its miraculous properties, but no change in the body except as increase appetite has not noticed. I bought fish oils and in some calcium capsules. At least should notice an improvement in the nails, and they are sloilis and break and continue. From all this I conclude that this is money down the drain.
Of course, I fully support you, Alain! What kind of benefits can be discussed when the product undergoes the heat treatment and then placed in a capsule of unknown origin. Simply to have a child "sits" a belief in the miraculous properties and we subconsciously believe in it, so it seems that the hair is thicker and healthier and whiter teeth ...
I remember myself as a little, and in the kindergarten before dinner was always given a tablespoon of "tasteless oil." But now I understand that it was very useful for the growing organism. I have now introduced this old, good tradition in the menu of children's institutions. Especially that produced this useful food supplements in capsules. I think even the kids will be interesting to swallow "the sun", because they are so beautiful, shimmering like amber.
All diets - is the enemy of the breast. I sat on a diet after giving birth, but it is not taken into account the factor that the breast is reduced along with the waist. Naturally I did not like, I got into the Internet and read that fish oil restores breasts. Well of course I tried to take, and realized that the balance of fats is very important! Now sitting on any diet, I immediately start taking olive oil and fish oil to more such troubles were not.
Alena, here you are clever, you know it. The organism is a need to protect and maintain the balance of absolutely all the nutrients in it. My hair stand on end on the content of the new-fangled diets. Week chew some vegetables, then go to the cereal and then begin to prepare for death. And because young girls are killing themselves it. It would be better on the Internet often wrote about the proper and balanced use of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.
And if I can, and I feel kind of good, and nothing as it does not bother me. And mineral complexes drink away periodically, even vitamin also different courses. So is there any sense in principle to include the prevention of even the capsule with the fat? The pharmacy just recently stumbled as much as an entire shelf with the means, my eyes even fled. How do you know whether you need to take it? And I hypochondriac, and I myself have invented the testimony from this list.
I advised my friend to use fish oil for cellulite, I doubt whether the action really so useful this product. It took about a month, and began to notice the effect. Excess weight slowly began to walk away, and with it the nasty dimples in the buttocks and thighs. It is good that the tool is available in different forms and no longer has such a nasty taste, like a child!
Victoria, you have pleased me. I just need to lose a few kilos. At the same time improve their health, replenish the body with vitamins. I bought last spring capsule for cosmetic purposes. Lubricate the dark spots with the juice of milkweed. A top-inflicted contents of the capsule, because the acrid juice of milkweed. As a result, peeled thin layer of skin, and it was clean.
Victoria, better care when using these capsules. Can you imagine cure cellulite, but liver plant. It is certainly the only organ that can regenerate in the body. But still consult with a specialist about the dose. Reasonable to approach the case and the health of your maximum safety. So, I advise you to think.
solinka, you make me laugh))). How can an external application to put the liver? The first time I heard. There instructions contrary recommended to take 3-4 capsules a day, or even more, depending on the dosage. I have never heard that someone had problems after receiving, on the contrary only positive results. So do not scare people.
Twice a year, buy baby fish omegu3 Oriflame, it uses raw materials from fish caught off the coast of Norway (good quality), it stinks of course, but the taste is slightly softened lemon extract. I think it helps my daughter rarely get sick colds. But the benefits for diabetics - news to me, be sure to share this information with my mother, it will be useful to her. I think that everything is good in moderation, then the benefits will be.
Ever since childhood my grandmother forced to eat this fat, it was ugly, nasty and swallow it was just torture for me. It is good that today already have the necessary substitutes for food. But to date, I fully understand why I was forced to eat it with a spoon and some benefit from it. My Grandma still old school, so if it starts to rise pressure, it does not run swallow pills, and drink this is the fat.
Anna, these meal replacements do not bring any benefit to our health, and many of them are in front so harmful that they are best avoided altogether. What happens when you need to drink a lot of fish oil, it helps get rid of many problems, there is a universal means. At any age, it is useful to take, and I always liked the taste, do not know why others are so turn up his nose.
In time I came to the site)). Just I forgot to drink a pill. Once I read that the omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids are useful for improving the structure of hair, skin and nails, and I have such dry hair, which immediately ran to the pharmacy. I did not expect that these kapsulki so expensive, you can see really helpful. So far, though not noticed much change, but I think a month - see the other results.
I, of course, as many people know that this product is good for health. But absolutely no idea what it is used for the treatment of mental illness. Frankly, I'm very, very surprised. It is about the fact that it helps people with bipolar disorder, and depression. It's strange. About other uses and benefits can still be to believe, but it is far-fetched, in my opinion.
Alex, it's very believable, many people have mental disorders begin from the fact that they consider the problem of the state of their appearance. And it can be maintained in good condition, using the product, in this case, there will be less problems and a person will be less reason to be upset. Then the probability of breakdown is reduced.
Julia, fish oil increases metabolism and it has a positive effect on overall health, but mental I do not see even a distant relationship. If we argue in this way, you can absolutely everything priplesti here, for example to charge the same bad weather or low wages that are due to people suffering and his mind is disturbed by this.
Eugene, I also saw this facility only in childhood. More precisely, I was forced to do it. Mom was convincing me to take this stuff very unpleasant experience etched in my memory. Yes, such that one name makes me sick, though now I know that as good for health. Now I have a girlfriend uses a few capsules per day, and began to look healthier.
Zoe, I was a kid, too, forced to drink spoons still cringe when I remember that terrible taste, but now thank God another time and you can always buy in capsules. I've read reviews of fish oil on the internet and inspire them beginning again to take it and I was surprised by the result, nails become stronger almost immediately, and then improve the skin condition.
Zoe, I also doubt that you wrote a few capsules a day to look healthy person would. You have to know how to drink cod liver oil, and not just a handful of his swallow. In this case, from personal experience I can say that the hair becomes stronger, I have them stopped falling out and nails grow straight, and then I started they curve, but from the outside it unobtrusively.
Zoe, what do you talk about a girlfriend who due to several capsules began to look healthier like fiction. Commercials I can say that my neighbor is 15 years younger then the same drug. And where did you get that improvement of its condition or appearance is related to this? Maybe it was the physical activity or made a plastic surgery.
I think that now there are many more effective vitamins with good composition. Drink such capsules it is the last century. Although one of my friends prefer to give their child. It is better to give the fish a little more from it will benefit more. Our pediatrician said that special sense is not present, if you take these capsules. I doubt that they help in the fight against excess weight.
Kate, this is different vitamins and their benefits, they can not compare with this substance. It's like saying I consume a lot of carbohydrates and proteins so I need. We need to take everything in a complex and possibly avoid import. I always buy domestic products and only in their absence, taking the products of foreign companies, which is more expensive and the quality is questionable for me.
Irina is now better possible to dispense with all medicines, it does not matter they are domestic or imported. But at the expense of fish Kate is absolutely right, it is better to have more often than the poison itself strange liquid in a plastic shell. If I worked in the laboratory and could personally check their composition, it may then have believed in their favor.
When I was little, my mother gave to drink me this medicine. His nasty taste I remember for a lifetime. Bess *** about this drug brings enormous health benefits, and I am very glad that he appeared in drugstores in capsules, masking its unpleasant taste and smell. We often buy a family pharmacy encapsulated fish oil and drink it in the treatment and prevention purposes. I noticed that the children were less sick, I have returned to normal work of intestines, and my mother dropped blood sugar.
Veronica, and you have not thought about how fish oil is better, the smelly, which is sold before or what is now sold in capsules of different colors and different flavors. Then this product was really helpful, and the fact that we now have too useful, but I think the quality is inferior. Addition of sweeteners makes it more useful.
Irina, I read a lot about the properties of fish oil and how it is produced. Different taste - it means manufacturers are used as raw materials for various kinds of drugs of marine fish. The main thing is to take the capsule is certified drug and not supplements, which are not a cure, but are much cheaper.
Veronica, and you did not try more often to eat sea fish, it was she who serves as a source for this substance, but until it comes to the state of the capsules may have any of the useful elements teryaetsya.Ya do not believe in their healing after such treatment and, therefore, I prefer to get fat from food and not in a plastic bag with fruit flavors.
I think I have one in my childhood were not fed this useful product. It is heard a lot about its usefulness. And even tried to drink away the course, bought in a pharmacy in gelatin beads. I wanted to improve the condition of hair, skin, on the advice of friends. But the miracle did not happen. Yes, and the state of health or slightly improved. So, I did not understand, what to drink cod liver oil. In any case, the harm is not exactly bring, organisms are different and who can and will do.
Ian and I saw him as a child and I liked the taste of the contrary, and the fact that you do not feel improvement, so it may due to the fact that most do not buy a good brand. Many manufacturers and quality of the capsules is very different. You can get this useful stuff with this marine fish, if you become a cook it as often as possible. And the fish is fatter, the better it tastes, ie, it is useful and tasty.
Well found that praise! Yes, this is the usual product of animal origin and should not hope for a cure for all diseases with the help of "magic capsule" containing omega-3 fatty acids (as they say now). We were in kindergarten stuffed preprotivneyshim this means, but still half the group were regularly at the hospital. So all this nonsense!
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