How to take l-carnitine - it depends on your goals

December 23, 2013

 how to take l-carnitine
 How to take l-carnitine? This natural vitamin-like substance may be used for different purposes. Accordingly, the dosage of the drug may be different. There are standard dose of carnitine by the manufacturer. But most of the dosage of the drug selected individually.


In case of violation of cerebral circulation

L-carnitine (L-carnitine) for violations of cerebral circulation is used as a solution, which is diluted with saline and injected intravenously slowly. The recommended daily dose - 0.5-1, the duration of treatment is determined individually, depending on the evidence.

L-carnitine is used, as in tranzirornyh (temporary, transient), stroke, and ischemic stroke at any stage of the disease (acute, subacute, or in the recovery period). Intravenous infusions of carnitine inhibit the process of disintegration of brain nerve cells (neurons), limiting the lesion and facilitate rapid recovery of affected neurons surrounding the lesion.


In cardiovascular diseases

Many cardiovascular diseases are the result of atherosclerosis. Such diseases include primarily ischemic heart disease (IHD), which is manifested in the form of attacks of angina and myocardial infarction. L-carnitine inhibits the formation of atherosclerotic plaques in blood vessels and promotes resorption already formed plaques. In addition, it supplies the cells of the heart muscle (myocardium) of the additional energy, which significantly improves the process of recovery of myocardial infarction Myocardial infarction - the most formidable diagnosis  Myocardial infarction - the most formidable diagnosis

Introduce carnitine intravenously slowly with IBS. In acute myocardial infarction in a daily dose of 100-200 mg / kg in 4 divided doses or as a continuous infusion for two days followed by dose reduction factor of two.

L-carnitine is used for other heart diseases, such as myocarditis, myocardial (inflammatory and metabolic-degenerative diseases of the heart muscle). In this case, it is administered orally at a dose of individually selected.


With obesity

L-carnitine helps to mobilize fat from fat depots and turning it into energy needed for the cells to maintain the metabolism Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things  Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things
 . This process is not accompanied by the release of toxic products of fat breakdown. In addition, L-carnitine increases the resistance of tissues to toxic substances. Carnitine also prevents the synthesis of cholesterol and atherosclerosis, which is often accompanied by obesity.

With obesity in the form of L-carnitine oral solution take half an hour before a meal, further diluting it with liquid (eg water or too strong tea). The dose is usually chosen individually depending on the age of the patient and his presence of concomitant diseases.


When exhaustion and lag in physical development

When physical exhaustion additional energy received when taking carnitine, is the restoration of cellular metabolism, the formation of muscle mass and strengthening the immune system Strengthening the immune system - help the immune system  Strengthening the immune system - help the immune system
 . Therefore, carnitine is widely used in physical exhaustion, in recovery from serious illnesses and surgical procedures, as well as the backlog in the weight and height of children under 16 years.

Newborns (including premature and suffered a birth trauma) carnitine is administered in the form of a 20% solution for the reception inside half an hour before feeding to feeding for 4-10 drops (30-75 mg) twice a day. Before use, levocarnitine dilute as follows: 3 ml of 20% solution of levocarnitine diluted in 200 ml of 5% glucose solution Glucose: The energy source  Glucose: The energy source
   (1 ml of the resulting solution will contain 5 mg levocarnitine). It is used at 6-15 ml twice daily for 2-6 weeks.

Children under the age of 1 year, 20% solution of levocarnitine appoint 10 drops 3 times a day, from one year to six years - 14 drops 2-3 times a day, adding to jelly, fruit compote, juice. At the age of 6 to 12 years: a quarter of a teaspoon 2-3 times a day. The course of treatment - 4 weeks.


In diseases of the digestive system

L-carnitine is used for the treatment of digestive diseases associated with decreased secretory function. For example, in chronic gastritis with a reduced secretory function and chronic pancreatitis with exocrine insufficiency. The use of carnitine helps restore the secretory function of the gastrointestinal tract.

For treatment of gastrointestinal disease levocarnitine administered in a single dose half teaspoon (500 mg), 2 times a day, or scoop 20% Olifen carnitine (300 mg), 2-3 times a day. Duration of treatment - 4-6 weeks.

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Drugs with l-carnitine - which one to choose?

December 23, 2013

 drugs with l-carnitine
 Drugs with l-carnitine released today many pharmaceutical companies. Which drug to choose depends on the purpose for which it is used. In addition, matters, and the dosage form of the drug - someone like oral solution, someone capsule, and some prefer nutritious dry mixture in batches or chewable tablets. L-carnitine is produced in vials for intravenous administration.


Medications with L-carnitine for infusions and injections

L-carnitine is an intravenous (carnitine chloride) release, both domestic foreign pharmaceutical companies. For example, the Russian company Russian Cardiology Research and Production Center produces carnitine chloride dissolved in 5 ml ampoules. 1 ml of a solution containing 100 mg of carnitine chloride and 1 ml of water for injection. 10% solution of carnitine chloride also produces Belmedpreparaty RUE (Belarus), a biopharmaceutical Pfizer (USA) and others.

All formulations for intravenous administration of levocarnitine available as a 10% solution in 5 ml ampoules. Enter their recommended intravenously saline pre-breeding. Apply these drugs for severe diseases of the cardiovascular system, stroke and other diseases of the internal organs. Solution for injection Elkar (PIK-Pharma, Russia) contains 100 mg of levocarnitine in 1 ml and can be administered not only intravenously, but also intramuscularly.


Supplements with L-carnitine in the form of capsules and tablets for oral administration

L-carnitine L-carnitine - gives the body energy  L-carnitine - gives the body energy
   in the form of capsules for oral release pharmaceutical companies Kunti (Belgium) - 500 mg number 60, nutria (Germany) - arneb L-carnitine 576 mg of number 100, QNT (Belgium) 500 mg number 60 Nittany Farm (USA) - Carney Place capsule number 120, and others.

Capsules suitable for use, an adult can be taken as a whole, and children contents of the capsule is dissolved in a certain amount of liquid, depending on the dosage prescribed by the doctor.

L-carnitine in the form of tablets for oral administration produces the famous British company producing dietary supplements to food Solgar. Tablets levocarnitine intended primarily for adults.

Many pharmaceutical companies and companies producing dietary supplements produced a combination of drugs, which include including L-carnitine. Thus, the domestic company produces Evalar Turboslim pills, which contain lipoic acid Lipoic acid - regulates metabolic processes  Lipoic acid - regulates metabolic processes
   and carnitine. The German company manufactures tablets doppelgerts Kvaysser (L-carnitine and magnesium asset) for the prevention of heart disease Heart disease: prevention and prevention  Heart disease: prevention and prevention


Medications and dietary supplements with L-carnitine in the form of oral solution

L-carnitine in the form of oral solution produced: Olifen domestic company - in the form of a 20% solution in bottles of 50 ml, Spanish komaniya Sigma-Tau produces Karnith solution in vials of 1 g in 10 ml № 10. One of the most popular drugs L-carnitine is a Elkar (Peak Pharma, Russia), which is available as a 20% solution for the reception inside in vials of 50 ml and 100 Belgian companies and Kunti QNT Supplements release with l-carnitine in the form of oral solution.

The most convenient form for use levocarnitine available varnishes and companies Peak Farm. 20% solution of levocarnitine can be applied to both adults and children of all ages, starting from birth.

For newborns (preterm or injured in childbirth) levocarnitine first bred: to 3 ml of 20% carnitine 200 ml of 5% glucose Glucose: The energy source  Glucose: The energy source
 . After this drug is very easy to dose. Babies after a year and adults carnitine solution was metered into droplets by mixing them with food.

Thus, a solution of l-carnitine can be administered at any age and in a variety of diseases as well as for their prophylaxis.


Supplements with L-carnitine in the form of dry nutrient mixture

Dry nutrient mixture company West Coast Laboratories (USA) under the name Men'S Spermaktin formula - a dietary supplement, which is available in bags of 5 g (total 30 bags in packaging). The structure BUD includes l-carnitine, acetyl-l-carnitine and fructose - the components required for the maturation division and ensure proper mobility of male gametes (sperm).

It is recommended as a dietary food supplements as a source of carnitine. It has a positive effect on spermatogenesis - education, selection and operation of sperm.

BAA spermaktin designate an adult to 1 sachet (5 g) twice daily, morning and evening meals. Before applying the contents of the sachet diluted in a half glass of water. Duration of reception - up to six months. For short courses supplements can be taken three times a day (for example, in preparation for in vitro fertilization).

L-carnitine producing various domestic and foreign companies in the form of various medicines and dietary supplements. Which drug is right for a given patient, to better align with the doctor.

Galina Romanenko

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