Harmful products - from what should be abandoned once and for all

September 30, 2007

  • Harmful products - from what should be abandoned once and for all
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 harmful products
 Harmful products - is, by and large, all the products have a low (or zero) value of any food containing harmful ingredients. It is worth noting that any food consumed in too large quantities, could potentially harm the health. Nevertheless, the most harmful products - is often products with a high content of fat, sugar or salt.

 Harmful products - from what should be abandoned once and for all

Products with a high content of fat

The most striking example of harmful products - it's all kinds of fast food, from hamburgers to cheeseburgers and french fries and hot dogs. Such products contain a huge amount of unhealthy fats and salt. Another well-known representative of the category of harmful products - are products of the so-called trans fats, artificial substitutes for natural unsaturated fats, which significantly increase the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system. Foods containing trans fats, very much - and any baked goods, which are used in the preparation of cooking oils, margarine and well-known, and all sorts of semi-finished products, from frozen pizza to meatballs and stuffed cabbage. Harmful foods high in fat increase the risk of obesity, diabetes and, to the fullest extent of atherosclerosis Atherosclerosis - a chronic disease of the arteries  Atherosclerosis - a chronic disease of the arteries
   - Formation of cholesterol plaques in blood vessels.

 Harmful products - from what should be abandoned once and for all

Products with a high sugar content

Any pastries from cakes to candies and chocolate bars, not in vain considered to be harmful to health products .  Nutritionists recommend replacing hard candy fresh fruits, primarily because of the too high content of sugar confectionery, if one apple contains an average of fourteen grams of sugar, then a chocolate bars - at least two to three times more .  For harmful products are sweet and fizzy drinks, which do not have any nutrients, but contains a set of harmful chemicals and an impressive amount of calories .  For example, in the third liter soda contains thirty-three grams of sugar and, on average, one hundred thirty - one hundred forty calories .  Special mention deserve so loved small children candies, chewing gums, chewy candies and lollipops (for example, all known candy "lollipop") .  Apart from the huge, given the extremely low weight of such products, sugar, these sweets and contains an impressive number of colors and flavors, providing a pleasant smell and bright color, but harmful .  A complete absence of whatever nutrients makes these sweets really harmful products .

 Harmful products - from what should be abandoned once and for all

Foods with a high content of salt

A truly harmful products - is not in the last instance, products with a high content of salt. The highest amount of salt per gram of "sin" again various representatives of the popular category of fast food: allowable daily rate of salt is, on average, two thousand four hundred milligrams, and one cheeseburger contains more than half the norm - an average of one thousand three hundred milligrams of salt. For a little less harmful, but, nevertheless, very salty foods, potentially unsafe for digestion, include ham, canned (pickled or salted) vegetables - such as cucumbers and tomatoes. Too much salt can cause quite sad consequences to health - cause fluid retention in the body, increase blood pressure Blood pressure - dangerous if his swing?  Blood pressure - dangerous if his swing?

 Harmful products - from what should be abandoned once and for all

Pasteurized milk

Although milk is seemingly very good for health because it contains many nutrients, vitamins and minerals, in fact, is not all milk is really helpful. One of the "hidden" unhealthy foods - pasteurized milk. Pasteurization is the process of heat treatment (heating) of milk to very high temperatures, resulting in a decrease in the content of vitamins in milk are destroyed beneficial lactobacilli completely destroys vitamin B12 and B6. Of course, pasteurized milk, compared with oily, too salty or sweet foods are not as harmful to humans, however it and use is significantly less than in fresh, unpasteurized milk.

Hazelnut: benefit and harm in the diet

December 12, 2014

 hazelnuts benefits and harms
 Hazelnuts, as well as many other varieties of nuts - a true gift of nature. Under the shell of his hiding the maximum amount of nutrients. Storehouse of vitamins and minerals is considered hazelnuts, benefits and harms to be considered in daily use.


Useful set

Cultivation and crossing different species of hazel led to the production of such varieties as the hazelnuts. So was the view from the selected thin-skinned and with the largest fruits. It is appreciated for its nutritional value and useful properties. Its scope is diverse, for example, use a nut pastry in the preparation of sweets and pastries. Also in demand nut in medicine and cosmetology.

Nuts can be consumed directly in the form of cheese or toast. There are different varieties of hazelnuts. But in its composition and its beneficial properties, they are similar, the benefits and harms of hazelnuts roughly the same regardless of the class of nuts. Hazelnuts are very high in calories. Its energy value is 679 kcal per hundred grams of nuts.

As part of the hazelnut contains:

  • Oils containing organic acid - 60%;
  • Protein - 20%;
  • Carbohydrates - 13%;
  • Vitamins B1, B6, B2, which contribute to the normal operation of the heart and the muscles of the person;
  • Vitamin E, a necessary human reproductive system;
  • Compounds that inhibit the growth of tumors;
  • Minerals - potassium, sodium, zinc, calcium, iron and magnesium.


Nuts as a medicine

It is useful to use this sort of nuts for the following ailments:

  • Diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Potassium and calcium strengthens blood vessel walls, making them supple;
  • Osteoporosis. Calcium strengthens bone tissue;
  • Varicose veins;
  • Anemia. Hazelnut is rich in iron, it helps to improve the hemoglobin How to increase hemoglobin - follow the diet  How to increase hemoglobin - follow the diet
 . Nuts are best combined with dried grapes;
  • Bronchopulmonary diseases;
  • Rheumatism. Nuts are encouraged to eat with honey;
  • Depletion;
  • Reduced immunity Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults  Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults
  • Insufficient lactation;
  • Nephrolithiasis;
  • Increased prostate;
  • Flatulence;
  • High blood pressure.

Nuts also are useful for purification of the body Cleansing the body - comprehensive restoration  Cleansing the body - comprehensive restoration
 . There are no contraindications for the use of nutrition and diabetes Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease  Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease
 Although obesity is too fond hazelnuts not worth it. Due to the presence of vitamin E, and protein content of nuts are beneficial to the growth of muscle tissue. Therefore, hazelnuts useful expectant mothers, children, and people involved in sport. The product helps produce sex hormones due to zinc contained in the nuclei. Hazelnuts and useful for the prevention of cancer.

It is necessary to note that after six months of storage hazelnuts shrink, losing their valuable qualities. Also under the influence of daylight and high temperature minerals and vitamins in the kernels may begin to disintegrate. Using the hazelnuts in the treatment, it is necessary to acquire nuts, which have been collected no more than five months ago.



Hazelnut is useful in small amounts, but overeating nuts still not worth it. Have hazelnut and contraindications:

  • Adverse effects may arise from the use of nuts with overeating. Exceeding standards (more than 50 grams of nuts a day) can lead to headaches caused by spasms of blood vessels;
  • High-calorie nuts leads to a feeling of heaviness in the stomach;
  • Hazelnut is not recommended to allergy sufferers with severe forms of diabetes and liver disease;
  • Contraindicated kernels and obesity because of its high nutritional properties;
  • Individual self intolerant.


Hazelnut Oil: Benefits and harms

The oil obtained from the kernels of hazelnuts. It contains linoleic and oleic fatty acid. Analogs among other vegetable oils with a high content of fatty acids in the oil does not exist. Peanut butter is used in cooking and cosmetics.

With hazelnut oil can get rid of worms, ascarids. In combination with egg white oil will burn. Rubbing oil into the scalp, hair structure can improve and accelerate their growth. Furthermore, oil is useful to view, it normalizes blood pressure, reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood helps to strengthen the body.

The cosmetic oil is used as an anti-inflammatory and cleansing agent, relieves skin irritation and redness it. It is used for massage. The skin after application of oil becomes more elastic. At the same time, if the skin is oily, so get involved in the oil is not necessary.

For internal use, be aware that peanut butter, like all vegetable oils high in calories. In large quantities, it can be harmful in cholelithiasis and certain lesions of the liver and digestive tract.


Roasted hazelnuts: the benefits and harms

In cooking, hazelnuts most often used in fried - so its flavor is particularly rich and saturated. Roasted peanuts in a generally added in the manufacture of chocolate products, biscuits, cakes. From roasted hazelnut melkodroblenogo get hazelnut flour, it is added to a variety of cheese and chocolate paste and glaze.

Roasted hazelnuts virtually indistinguishable from fresh in their properties. Roasted nuts on a dry frying pan (dry baking), so thus prepared nuts contain fat no more than fresh.


Right choice

When choosing a hazelnut is necessary to give preference to the crude nuclei - are stored in a nut shell is much better than without it. Moreover, the purchase of purified hazelnuts, nuts can be purchased contaminated by aflatoxin. It molds that can affect nuts with incorrect or too long storage. Struck hazelnuts has the characteristic spots on the nuclei and a musty smell. Even a small amount of such nuts impaired liver and high doses may cause severe allergic reactions.

If you want to be sure to buy peeled hazelnuts, it is better to give preference to nuts in the package. Hazelnuts Packaging must not be transparent because the light from the nut quickly deteriorates. The shelf life of nuts in bags are usually not more than six months.

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