Natural antibiotics - a natural alternative to pure "chemistry"

July 22, 2010

 natural antibiotics
 Antibiotics are needed for treatment of different diseases, but have many drugs and side effects. Almost all, but not natural, which, incidentally, sometimes show no less effective against the same diseases.

 Natural antibiotics - a natural alternative to pure "chemistry"

Cranberry against urinary infections

About 85% of all infections are caused by bacteria urogenital eshereshia coli, which is attached to the wall of the bladder. It provokes severe pain and fever.

Substance proanthocyanidin contained in cranberries, this does not allow bacteria retained on the bladder. In 1994 study by researchers at Harvard Medical School showed that women who regularly eat cranberries, rarely suffer from such ailments.

250 g of cranberries Cranberries for health and beauty  Cranberries for health and beauty
   per day is sufficient for prophylactic purposes. The pharmacy can be purchased separately proanthocyanidin himself.

 Natural antibiotics - a natural alternative to pure "chemistry"

Grains of grapefruit against fungi Candida

Grapefruit Seed Extract has always been an excellent antibiotic that fought against parasites, in particular, confirming its effectiveness against 800 species of bacteria viruses, fungi hundreds. It is particularly recommended for the treatment of Candida fungus that causes fatigue, migraines and joint pain Joint pain - how to understand what is going on?  Joint pain - how to understand what is going on?
 . Grapefruit seeds work by the content of bioflavonoids.

 Natural antibiotics - a natural alternative to pure "chemistry"

Garlic from pneumonia

Modern studies have shown that the power of garlic to fight 60 types of fungi, and 20 types of bacteria, including Streptococcus pneumoniae and Staphylococcus aureus. Garlic Garlic health: almost a panacea  Garlic health: almost a panacea
   It contains a chemical compound allicin - a powerful antimicrobial agent. It is quite a strong effect on the lungs, releasing the body from bacteria, hindering their normal operation. As prevention is enough to eat two cloves of garlic a day can increase the rate of sick to four or five.

 Natural antibiotics - a natural alternative to pure "chemistry"

Apple cider vinegar from ear disease

It is recommended pressure, osteoporosis and for the treatment of ear diseases. Acetic acid shows himself a good antimicrobial agent that works against staphylococcus and streptococcus. For the treatment of vinegar to mix with the warm water in the ratio 1: 1 and washed with a solution ear twice or three times a day until the disappearance of pain and temperature.

Be very careful - pre worth to consult a doctor for diagnosis. If the ear pain will be with meningitis, it is necessary immediately to take serious measures are not engaged in self.

 Natural antibiotics - a natural alternative to pure "chemistry"

Tea tree oil in otolaryngology

Tea tree oil is very good as a broad-spectrum, demonstrating the efficiency as in diseases of the ear and sinus infections, and for diseases of the throat. Three to four drops of oil diluted with a teaspoon of honey should be taken three times a day until recovery.

 Natural antibiotics - a natural alternative to pure "chemistry"

The essential oil of thyme against bronchitis

Thyme oil shows effectiveness as an antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic agent. Thyme essential oil helps with sore throats, bronchitis and sinusitis, otitis. Assuming it needs two drops three times per day.

 Natural antibiotics - a natural alternative to pure "chemistry"

Propolis for sore throat

Propolis - this is the "glue", a resin derived from bees, which for them is a construction material. In 1989, the Polish scientists have confirmed the effectiveness of propolis for the common cold. Due to the large amount of antioxidants Antioxidants: the truth about the notorious benefits  Antioxidants: the truth about the notorious benefits
 Which destroy viruses and bacteria, it neutralizes manifestations colds, e.g., sore throat. Propolis is particularly effective in the composition for a throat spray.

 Natural antibiotics - a natural alternative to pure "chemistry"

Ginseng from rhinitis

In 2005, Canada had conducted research which showed that ginseng helps against cold, much faster reducing its manifestations. For many years this plant is an excellent immunostimulant. For the treatment of the common cold capsule should be taken on the basis of Siberian ginseng are two to three times a day until complete recovery.

 Natural antibiotics - a natural alternative to pure "chemistry"

Purple echinacea flu

This charming flower shows great strength from the flu and its symptoms. It improves the ability of macrophages to fight bacteria and viruses. Besides, it contains echinacoside also effective as an antibiotic. This substance is intended to make the best specialist.

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Lack of vitamin D - the face?

May 30, 2014

 a lack of vitamin D
 Lack of vitamin D - now becoming increasingly topical issue. Lack of this vitamin leads to serious health consequences.

With food we get a small amount of vitamin D, in fact, the sun helps us to synthesize it. Recently, dermatologists warn us from prolonged exposure to the sun, and they are right. But insufficient sunlight can be harmful to health.


What is the role of vitamin D

Vitamin D promotes the absorption of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium at the intestine and reabsorption of calcium and phosphorus on the kidneys. Vitamin D helps calcium to linger in the bones. To be more clear, vitamin D allows our bones to grow and recover, and muscles to function better. It also affects our immune system and kidney function.

The daily dose of vitamin D for children, adolescents, pregnant women and adults over 50 years of age is 400 IU for women during lactation Breast-feeding: feed - and no nails!  Breast-feeding: feed - and no nails!
   600 IU and 800 IU for older people.

Vitamin D is also known as vitamin D2 or vitamin antirahiticheskim. It contains a small amount of some foods: fish oil, cod liver oil Cod liver oil: useful properties and rules of use  Cod liver oil: useful properties and rules of use
 , Oily fish, butter, cereals, egg yolks, cocoa, milk and calf liver.

But we need 50-90% of vitamin D we get from the sun. Vitamin formed at the level of the skin under the influence of ultra-violet rays and cholesterol, which is in our body.

In our climate sunlight in winter is very mild. In addition, our way of life plays an important role. Days we work indoors under neon lights and go out in the evening.

Lack of sunlight is not only the Nordic countries. In the southern countries, women often "imprisoned" in their homes. And leaving the house, they put long opaque clothing.

In addition to the lack of sunlight, there are other reasons for the lack of vitamin D, which are usually identified by doctors when detecting diseases such as hyperparathyroidism, Paget's disease, kidney or liver failure.



Your doctor may prescribe dosage vitamin D, which will be absorbed by the blood. This procedure is necessary in cases of unexplained fatigue, diffuse pain, muscle weakness, fractures or osteoporosis Osteoporosis - he threatens you?  Osteoporosis - he threatens you?

Position dosage of vitamin D should be 75 nmol / l (30 ng / ml). A smaller dose may cause a deficit or deficiency of vitamin D. rickets or osteomalacia determined when low rate of 25 nmol / l (10 ng / ml).


Health problems due to lack of vitamin D

When we lack of sunlight, and therefore, the vitamin D - afflicting our bone. The number of fractures, there is a risk of osteoporosis (especially postmenopausal women), osteoarthritis and cardiovascular disease. Deficiency of vitamin D in the body affects the condition of the teeth. In children, this lack may lead to rickets Rickets - all about vitamins  Rickets - all about vitamins
 . If you are breast-feeding your baby, remember that breast milk contains a small amount of essential vitamins. Cow's milk, composition closest to the maternal and much richer in vitamin D.

In the case of vitamin D deficiency, the doctor may prescribe taking it in different forms: drops, ampoules. It is for you to determine the acceptable dose of the drug, and will monitor the normalization of vitamin D levels on its content in the blood. In the future, need to continue regular intake of vitamins to avoid deficiency in the body.


How long can you stay in the sun?

According to experts, it is enough for 15 minutes a day to fill stores of vitamin D. However, if the sun is weak, or you have a very dark complexion, vitamin supplementation is a must. It all depends on the region in which you live, the time of year, the color and skin pigmentation. If you feel fine and are in the sun enough time, you do not need an extra dose of vitamin D.

Elderly people often suffer from vitamin D deficiency, as very few are in the sun, their skin produces far less essential vitamins. So they prescribed receiving this drug.

As for babies, pediatricians recommend giving them vitamin D drops. Especially if the baby is breastfed. There was a time when ignored vitamin, babies were tidy, well-fed, but their bones were weak, and as soon as the baby starts to walk, their legs became an arc shape. To avoid this, it is important to give children vitamin D intended pediatrician or physician. Do not forget that cow's milk is also rich in this vitamin.

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