Tocopherol - instructions for use of the antioxidant

July 26, 2012

 tocopherol guide
 Tocopherol or vitamin E - is a fat-soluble vitamin, which has strong antioxidant properties. In the complex treatment it is used for many diseases. But of particular importance is tocopherol in the treatment of gonadal function.

 Tocopherol - instructions for use of the antioxidant

The mechanism of action of tocopherol

Active ingredient tocopherol is tocopheryl acetate. The drug is available in a variety of pharmaceutical companies, capsules, tablets, troches, in an oil solution and the water-soluble forms for oral administration, as well as in the form of an oily solution for injection. Moreover, tocopherol is found in many multivitamin. In 100 mg of tocopherol contained 110 IU or 150 IU of synthetic natural vitamin E.

Tocopherol ingested mainly vegetable fats but also contain some animal products (to a lesser extent than in vegetable products).

 Tocopherol - instructions for use of the antioxidant

The daily requirement for vitamin E

  • Children under one year - 3-4 IU - the number they receive from their mother's milk or adapted milk formula Dairy mixture - selection of useful power  Dairy mixture - selection of useful power
  • preschoolers - 6-7 IU;
  • schoolboys - 7-8 IU
  • male - 10 IU;
  • Women - 8 IU;
  • pregnant women and breast-feeding of children - 10-15 IU.

Vitamin E has diverse effects on the human body, at the same time it is able to accumulate in the body, so the lack of it in the diet symptoms of beriberi are not immediate.

Vitamin E is involved in the synthesis of hemoglobin in tissue respiration processes, it has an antioxidant action (action of suppressing toxic free radicals generated by oxidative reactions within the metabolism). It also prevents oxidation and degradation of retinol (vitamin A) and contributes to the deposition in the liver.

Vitamin E is also involved in reproduction (proliferation) of cells of various tissues and in other metabolic processes, prevents the destruction (hemolysis) of red blood cells, reduces the permeability and fragility of small blood vessels (capillaries).

Tocopherol has a special significance for the human reproductive system. He is involved in the synthesis of pituitary gonadotropins, which actively affect the human reproductive system, especially on the reproductive system of women. He is actively involved in the development of the placenta and fetus during pregnancy. Therefore, vitamin E, vitamin called reproduction.

But vitamin E - it is also a vitamin of youth, he is involved in the formation of collagen and elastin fibers that give skin elasticity and youthfulness. It promotes the absorption of vitamin A, which is required for the synthesis of skin proteins. In this regard, the vitamin E is included in the cosmetic composition of lines dedicated to rejuvenation.

Vitamin E has a positive effect on the peripheral circulation, reduces the blood's ability to thrombosis, improves the immune system, ensure the normal operation of the musculoskeletal system, heart muscle, prevents the development of cancer.

 Tocopherol - instructions for use of the antioxidant

Indications and contraindications for the use of tocopherol

Tocopherol is prescribed in the complex treatment of many diseases, as well as for the prevention of:

  • Muscular Dystrophy (a decrease in the amount of muscle), including after serious illness;
  • degenerative diseases of joints and spine, when disrupted the elasticity of ligaments and tendons;
  • sexual dysfunction in men and women, including menopause;
  • miscarriage - when threatened miscarriage Miscarriage - can you protect yourself from it?  Miscarriage - can you protect yourself from it?
  • violations of cardiac contractility with the formation of cardiovascular disease on the background of atherosclerosis, hypertension;
  • liver disease;
  • severe skin chronic diseases;
  • severe physical and neuropsychiatric loads;
  • hypovitaminosis E.

Tocopherol is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to it the human body. With caution should be used in severe cardiovascular disease (myocardial infarction, ischemic heart disease, heart failure, stable high blood pressure), disorders of lipid metabolism, diabetes mellitus.

 Tocopherol - instructions for use of the antioxidant

Side effects

Side effects of the application of tocopherol are rare, it is usually well tolerated. However, sometimes the intake of the drug in the stomach, pain and diarrhea. We can not exclude the emergence of allergic reactions. In patients with diabetes Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease  Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease
   tocopherol may exacerbate the disease. When administered intramuscularly at the injection site may be a seal and soreness.

Tocopherol is a vital vitamin, as is involved in metabolism Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things  Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things
   and affects the status and function of all organs and tissues.

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Fish oil - so whether it is useful to think?

August 10, 2013

  • Fish oil - so whether it is useful to think?
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  • Contraindications
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 fish fat
 There is now no one has any doubt that fish oil has the obvious benefit to the whole organism. These data are based on the basis of numerous research scientists, who continue to open up new therapeutic properties of this natural product. For processed fish oil or cod liver Norwegian other varieties of fish.

Fish oil can be obtained by eating fish or food supplements containing it. Particularly rich in fish oil mackerel, tuna, salmon, sturgeon, mullet, bluefish, anchovy, sardines, herring and trout. 100 grams of these fish species contains about one gram of fish oil.

 Fish oil - so whether it is useful to think?


The two most useful ingredient of fish oil - omega-3 eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). These substances we need, but the human body can not produce any of their own, nor is produced from omega-6 acids, which are found in our diet more often.

Nutritional supplements with fish oil is usually made from mackerel, herring, tuna, halibut, salmon, cod liver oil, whale oil or grease seals. To fish oil does not spoil, it is typically added to a small amount of vitamin E. Some supplements also contain calcium, iron and vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C and D. The modern fish oil supplements - is not liquid in the bottle and capsule in a gelatin shell - very beautiful to look at.

 Fish oil - so whether it is useful to think?

When taking

Most often recommend taking fish oil for violations related to the work of the heart and cardiovascular system. It is also accepted, to normalize the blood pressure and level of triglycerides (fat, cholesterol-related). Fish oil is also credited with the ability to prevent heart attack and stroke. Scientists say that because it lowers triglyceride levels, probably it contributes (though perhaps only indirectly) the prevention of heart disease - if taken in the recommended dosages strictly. Ironically, excessive intake of fish oil can significantly increase the risk of stroke.

Fish for a long time - and deservedly - called "food for the brain." This is due not only to the fact that fish oil stimulates mental activity. It also helps to cope with depression, psychosis, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and is an effective means for the prevention of Alzheimer's disease.

Some women take fish oil to prevent painful menstruation, and various pregnancy complications, including miscarriage, high blood pressure in late pregnancy and preterm delivery.

 Fish oil - so whether it is useful to think?


Fish oil is useful in diabetes, asthma, impaired motor coordination, motor disorders, dyslexia Dyslexia - a unique gift or a punishment?  Dyslexia - a unique gift or a punishment?
 , Obesity, kidney disease, osteoporosis and psoriasis. Sometimes it is recommended to take in order to prevent weight loss in patients undergoing treatment for cancer drugs.

Fish oil is also recommended for patients with Raynaud's syndrome. There is evidence that it improves the cold tolerance in patients with the usual form of the syndrome. For people who have the syndrome is caused by systemic scleroderma, cod liver oil, probably ineffective.

In osteoporosis recommended for fish oil, alone or together with calcium and evening primrose oil. This slows the reduction of bone mass and is gradually increasing bone density.

Fish oil helps to improve and stabilize patients with bipolar disorder. In particular, it helps to reduce the symptoms of depression and increase the intervals between depressive phases of the disorder.

Some experts argue that fish oil helps weight loss by reducing blood sugar Blood sugar - a very important indicator  Blood sugar - a very important indicator

After heart transplants fish oil is used to prevent high blood pressure and kidney damage that can be caused by the surgery itself and the medications that the patient is taking to reduce the risk of rejection of the new heart.

If you get fish oil from fish, method of preparation is important. Most fat is stored in the boiled and baked fish. The fried fish is not only a few nutrients, but it also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

 Fish oil - so whether it is useful to think?

Is there a health hazard

Not long ago, the use of fish oil was associated only with the prevention of rickets. This tool allowed almost all children, while it caused a lot of negative emotions associated with the flavors. This reading is only one. Now there is an active study of the beneficial properties of the drug. It has been found, its positive effect on the weight. It is proved that the intake of fish oil a reduction in weight, a significant improvement in overall health.

Fish oil - a supplier of vitamins necessary for the body's fatty acids. Normalization of weight can be achieved only if a balanced sharing of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to the body. Fish oil in a given situation copes with the problem of the regulation of metabolism. The positive effect is explained by the fact that they receive cod liver oil Cod liver oil: useful properties and rules of use  Cod liver oil: useful properties and rules of use
 That is, he is a natural. This contributes to the normal functioning of the digestive system, when there is regular bowel habits, constipation not develop.

In the treatment of obesity the digestive tract is given special attention, as without this it is impossible to achieve any results from the carrying out of medical events. You can not assume that the use of only one fish fat can immediately achieve weight loss. This facility should be supportive of those in the complex therapeutic measures that are prescribed for overweight. The drug dosage should be combined with physical activity, with the proper organization of its power, which will necessarily lead to the achievement of the desired effect, it is possible to observe an effective decline in weight.

Often patients raises the question of the security receiving fish oil, there is some risk to health in terms of negative influences. Unanimous opinion of scientists on this issue is not, so all questions about taking the drug should be agreed with your physician.

It should take into account the interaction of fish oil with other medicines that the patient receives. May occur potentiation of certain drugs during reception of fish oil, even in the case of reception during phytotherapy herbal medicine. Fish oil often take the people who have quite a serious comorbidities such as diabetes mellitus Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease  Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease
 , Heart rhythm disorders. It is therefore recommended to get tested and get professional advice before you start taking the drug. On the issue of security acceptance among scientists disagree. According to some scientists the fish oil helps to normalize carbohydrate metabolism, at the same time, other scholars argue that comes the inevitable increase in blood sugar that adversely affects the health condition of patients suffering from diabetes.

As for the effect on heart rate, here too there is no unequivocal opinion. There is evidence that there is a restoration of cardiac arrhythmias when taken regularly fish oil. On the other hand, scientists have data about the deterioration of patients with rhythm disturbances up to the occurrence of heart failure. In this situation, we can recommend only one thing - be sure to discuss all aspects associated with taking fish oil with a specialist to avoid any self-medication. Significant is the fact that contained fatty acids are essential for the functional activity of the heart, circulatory system. Reduces the risk of blood clots, there is the strengthening of the walls of blood vessels, which ultimately has a positive effect on the process of circulation.

Fish oil is a product of the processing of fish, so it can naturally raise the question of the presence in it of toxins, salts of heavy metals contained in most fish. Manufacturers of fish oil claim that all harmful substances are destroyed during the processing of fish. This is another important aspect, be sure to get a preliminary consultation with a specialist before taking the drug, especially in the case of receiving preventive or treatment of children or pregnant women.

During pregnancy, you can take fish oil, but taking into account the availability of evidence for such a reception.

It contains the important omega-3 fatty acids, which have a positive effect on the brain development of the unborn child. But this does not mean that fish oil is indicated for use to all pregnant women, without exception. In order not to harm the health of the pregnant woman and the developing fetus should undergo a preliminary examination and decide how important it is for pregnant start taking fish oil, whether there is a need for this based on an assessment of possible health risks. These readings can be determined only gynecologist.

To avoid any negative effects associated with the use of fish oil, you need only purchase a quality product. The undoubted leader in the production of this drug is Norway, so it is important to look closely to the manufacturer before purchasing. Make sure how prepared fish oil. If a technology for molecular differentiation, it means that the formulation contains essential fatty acids. The proportion of fatty acids should be more than 15%, then it will benefit to the body.

It also has the value of that from which prepared the capsules, which contain fat. It is best to purchase fish gelatin capsules. Gelatin animal has only one advantage - it is cheaper. Animal fat is available even in liquid form, so you should take a close look at the state of the bottle. It must be made of dark glass and to be sealed. The state of the fish oil affects access to light and oxygen because inactivation of fatty acids useful properties.

In terms of effects on the body, it is important to examine in detail the composition of the drug, as this will depend on its effectiveness. There is a difference in content in the formulation of vitamins and fatty acids, so it affects the goals that puts people before starting. Any fish oil, which contains more vitamins, another may be more than fatty acids, which directly influences the choice of drug.