Lipa: useful properties and contraindications "grandmother" of tea

November 27, 2014

 linden useful properties and contraindications
 Modern people can not imagine a day without a cup of traditional tea or coffee. A hundred years ago, "mass" drink our ancestors were decoctions of medicinal plants. Cyprus, oregano, thyme, St. John's wort - are "tea" has not only a pleasant taste and aroma, but also life-giving force. Great respect for the people enjoyed the lime, useful properties and contraindications are well known to every healer.


From the roots to the crown, and

In scientific medicine as a medicinal plant used only linden flowers. But in people in the course are literally all parts of the plant, including the roots of young trees, leaves, fruit and bark. A collection of different periods fake "gifts." The flowers are harvested in early July, the leaves and roots - in September and October, the bark - in early spring, and fruit - in full maturity.

Medicinal properties are due to a complex of linden its constituent biologically active substances. The flowers contain essential oil Essential oils and conception: can help the roses?  Essential oils and conception: can help the roses?
 Whose principal ingredient is farnesol. Actions of the United bark and roots are flavonoids and saponins. Linden leaves are rich in ascorbic acid and β-carotene. And from the fruit squeeze fatty oil, virtually indistinguishable from the composition of jojoba and almond oils Use almond: Fertility symbol of peace  Use almond: Fertility symbol of peace


Curative effect

Infusion of linden flowers - tested diaphoretic. It is used not only in fevers, but also for water retention and toxic compounds in the body. Causing sweating, plant, on the one hand, cools the surface of the body and has an antipyretic action. On the other hand, with sweat from the body displays the excess fluid, salts and urea. This effect helps to eliminate swelling and improve circulation.

Sweatshops therapy recommended lime tea for colds, bronchitis, rheumatism, gout, pleurisy, chronic poisoning by heavy metals (for example, when working in hazardous work).

Shows lime and anti-inflammatory action, which in its power only slightly inferior to salicylates (aspirin, willow bark decoction). Deriving the excess water from the affected tissues, plant inhibits further spread of the disease process. A saponins, are included in it, in addition have a calming and analgesic effects.

Collection of flowers, bark and roots of linden appointed interior with pyelonephritis, cystitis, painful menstruation. When inflammation of the hemorrhoids helps taking baths with a decoction of lime color.

Lotions with the infusion of flowers of the plant are shown with joint pain, neuralgia, pain in the muscles and injuries. With the same purpose, the leaves of linden, medicinal properties they exhibit both raw and dry. Fresh raw material is ground to a pulp, which is applied to the affected area. Dried boiled. Prepare a solution impregnated bandages and apply them to the sore seals.

The essential oil of limes has antiseptic, antispasmodic and sedative properties. Gargling with infusion of linden angina, laryngitis and tracheitis can eliminate the infection and to mitigate the mucous membranes. The use of the same drug inside relieves stomach and intestinal cramps, reduces blood pressure.

In pharmaceutical production of lime flowers emit pure essential oil. Ready concentrate is recommended to add a few drops to the oil burner Aroma - create an atmosphere  Aroma - create an atmosphere
   or bath. The aroma of fragrant plant relieves nervous tension, helping to combat headaches, insomnia and stress.

Linden - one of the few trees that contain phytoestrogens. These substances similar in effect to the hormones of the female genital organs. So decoctions of lime raw materials can be drunk during menopause, menstrual irregularities, and to rejuvenate the body.


Medicines from the oven

Lime Wood is a valuable material for coal and tar. Both of these tools are widely used in folk medicine.

Compared with birch, linden tar exhibits a weak anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, but has not as sharp odor. It is recommended for various skin ailments: eczema, psoriasis, psoriasis, fungal infection.

Charcoal obtained from linden branches, capable of absorbing substances in quantities exceeding its own volume tenfold. Mixed with water, the adsorbent is taken orally for poisoning, diarrhea, allergic diseases. Suppurating wounds heal faster if they sprinkle lime coal, pulverized.


Linden Beauty

The widespread use of cosmetic practice found linden flowers, medicinal properties which are ideal for skin and hair.

Infusion of flowers effectively treats acne Acne: facial trouble  Acne: facial trouble
 , Irritation and fine wrinkles on the face. It is used for washing, and for the preparation of multi-component masks.

Hydrolat derived from lime color, has a moisturizing effect, brightens the skin, cures frostbite. Applications of this product to help with hair loss, relieve itchy scalp, are widely used in the treatment of psoriasis.


When more harm than good

Like any medication, drugs limes have their contraindications. Because of sweatshops properties of plants is not recommended in heart failure, functional disorders of the heart, heart disorders in menopause. Withdrawal of fluid from the body entails a decrease in blood volume and, as a consequence, a drop in blood pressure. The brain tries to compensate for the decline in sending signals to the heart to beat faster. This increased load impairs work already weakened heart muscle.

Long diaphoretic treatment can negatively affect on people with a healthy cardiovascular system. Due to the reduction of a rush of blood all the organs begin to receive less nutrients, that sooner or later leads to a violation of their work. Therefore, one or two months are considered to be the best term supplementation limes. After that, drug therapy is necessary to make a break.

It is undesirable to use the plant for pregnant and lactating women. Phytoestrogens as part of its increase the tone of the uterus and inhibit lactation.

In any form should not be used lime for people suffering from allergies to it (including hay fever).