Why is there no monthly: study reasons

January 9, 2012

 Why not monthly
 "Why is there no monthly? ": A question asked myself at least once in every woman's life. The menstrual cycle - is a complex system that is responsive to all the problems that occur in the female body. It would seem that such a trifle as a vacation spent at the sea, Sat or may not affect the arrival of "dear guests", and in fact, any slightest disturbance or a shift in the traditional way of life responds to delay menstruation. The normal menstrual period may be delayed up to three days. If you long for one or more months of amenorrhea - a reason to see a doctor.

The main reasons for the lack of menstruation


The main and most common cause of a missed period is pregnancy. There are so-called questionable signs of pregnancy: change in taste, nausea, vomiting, bloating and breast tenderness, mood swings and other. Confirm the existence of pregnancy will help conduct the test, which in 90% of cases will be positive in a few days delay monthly Delayed menstruation - when to sound the alarm?  Delayed menstruation - when to sound the alarm?
 . Prior to the onset of menstruation can determine pregnancy after a blood test for human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG).

 Why is there no monthly: study reasons

Ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy is different, but this disease also indicates a more or less long delay menstruation. The characteristic symptoms of ectopic pregnancy are recurrent attacks of severe pain, localized in the abdomen, usually on the right or the left. After the termination of the attack appear minor or moderate bleeding from the genital tract, which is often perceived as a violation of women's menstrual cycle. The pregnancy test is often negative, sometimes there are early signs of pregnancy.

 Why is there no monthly: study reasons


Often, after the production of medical abortion is delayed onset of menstruation. This is due to hormonal changes occurred. Sudden interruption of pregnancy "confusing" the menstrual cycle, which is reduced for three to twelve months. In addition, a surgical abortion is too thorough curettage Curettage - how dangerous it is?  Curettage - how dangerous it is?
   violates the growth and proliferation of the endometrium in the near future, and in some cases leads to the formation of intrauterine adhesions (adhesions), and amenorrhea.

 Why is there no monthly: study reasons

Sexual maturation

After menarche (first menstruation), menstrual cycles do not immediately begin to function like clockwork. Menses irregular, sometimes with rather long delays. The time needed to establish a regular menstrual cycle is about twelve months.

 Why is there no monthly: study reasons

Early menopause

Early menopause or ovarian failure syndrome occurs in women under the age of 37-38 years. His reasons are manifold. This may be chromosomal abnormalities (small follicles of ovaries with lack of) damage to the central nervous system autoimmune disease exposures during fetal development, and others. In addition to amenorrhea The absence of menstruation (amenorrhea) - ambiguous symptom  The absence of menstruation (amenorrhea) - ambiguous symptom
 , Early menopause is characterized by hot flashes, sweating, development of infertility.

 Why is there no monthly: study reasons


Any nervous shock or experiences (emotional shock, exams, war), chronic and long-term stress also affect the menstrual cycle and may cause premature as the beginning of monthly and their delays.

 Why is there no monthly: study reasons

Ovulatory disorders

Development of a follicular cyst or a corpus luteum cyst Corpus luteum cyst - when hormonal changes  Corpus luteum cyst - when hormonal changes
   accompanied by hormonal disorders and leads to disruption of oocyte maturation. Often found neovulirovavshego follicle syndrome (LYUF). LYUF essence lies in the maturation of the dominant follicle during the menstrual cycle without further rupture and release an egg. LYUF rate is 5-10% of normal cycles. It confirms the diagnosis of hormonal assays and ultrasound data. With regular or frequent repetition of this syndrome develop infertility.

 Why is there no monthly: study reasons

Oral contraceptives

Hormonal contraceptive drugs off the ovaries and the production of hormones. If hormonal birth control pills taken for a long time after the cessation of the menstrual cycle is restored immediately, but within a few months.

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Heavy periods: treatment necessarily

January 18, 2013

 plentiful monthly treatment
 On heavy menstruation, or menorrhagia say when menstrual bleeding lasts seven days or more, accompanied by clots, and the menstrual cycle shortened to three weeks or less. Abundant menses often indicate the presence of disease in the body. The causes which lead to the development of menorrhagia varied. It can be complications of pregnancy, gynecologic or general medical disorders. Abundant monthly require mandatory treatment, as not only deplete anemiziruyut and a woman, but also cause various complications. In addition, every woman should know that the self-treatment of menorrhagia is not allowed.

 Heavy periods: treatment necessarily

Treatment of heavy menstrual period

Before therapy appoint a woman who complained of heavy menstruation, the doctor must determine the cause of menorrhagia. When dysfunctional uterine bleeding in women of reproductive age is the first step in the treatment of medical and diagnostic curettage Scraping - heavy and unsafe procedure  Scraping - heavy and unsafe procedure
   uterus with scraping followed by histological analysis of the endometrium. In the case of scraping in hyperplastic polyps processes or patient subsequently appointed by hormone therapy. Selecting hormones wide. It can be combined oral contraceptive pill (Regulon, Mersilon, Marvelon and others), synthetic analogs of progesterone (with insufficient function of the corpus luteum), such as Utrozhestan, Djufaston. In some cases, it shows the assignment norkoluta 5 mg to 16 to 25 day menstrual cycle The days of the menstrual cycle: Four phases  The days of the menstrual cycle: Four phases
   or 17 DIC 125 mg intramuscularly. In case of endometriosis appointed progestins (Norkolut, 17 oksiprogesteron, Premalyut) Danazol (has antigonadotropnym action), Zoladex (agonist-releasing hormone). For large size of uterine fibroids Uterine fibroids - size matter  Uterine fibroids - size matter
   and the presence of severe endometriosis, surgery is performed. Ovarian Cysts and cystoma with no effect on hormone therapy are also removed surgically.

In addition to eliminating the causes of heavy menstrual blood loss at the same time carry out replenishment (salt solutions and blood transfusion) and antianemic therapy. The patient with menorrhagia Menorrhagia (menorrhagia) - excessive blood loss  Menorrhagia (menorrhagia) - excessive blood loss
   appointed by the iron supplements that increase the level of hemoglobin (Sorbifer-durules, ferropleks, Ferretab etc.). Additionally prescribed mineral and vitamin complexes and nutrition.

 Heavy periods: treatment necessarily

Traditional methods

  • Wine from oak bark

It is necessary to pour the powder 50 grams of oak bark one liter of dry wine and to insist within days, occasionally shaking the container contents. Before applying the filter, and the wine should be slightly warmed. Use the resulting infusion for douching once a day for one tablespoon.

  • Creeping cinquefoil

Baths taken with a decoction of herbs cinquefoil creeping help successfully reduce menstrual flow.

  • A decoction of herbs

Stinging nettle, yarrow, shepherd's purse, or knotweed pepper is also very effective in controlling heavy menstrual periods. These herbs must be brewed as a tea (one tablespoon per half-liter of boiling water) and drink a cup three times a day.

  • Corn silk

For an infusion is necessary one tablespoon of raw pour a glass of boiling water and infuse for an hour. Take one tablespoon of infusion six times a day (every three hours).

  • Stem and leaves of cherry

One tablespoon of raw pour a glass of boiling water and simmer for half an hour. Drink throughout the day in small sips.

 Heavy periods: treatment necessarily


A few days before the beginning of the month and during the recommended limit your fluid intake (thins the blood). In addition, the diet must enter the bakery from wheat flour and fresh vegetables and fruit (but not watery). During menstruation, it is desirable to use preparations containing magnesium (eg Magne-B6), because this chemical element prevents the excessive reduction of uterine muscles. In addition, during the month should confine smoking and drinking strong coffee and tea, which causes vasospasm and prevent relaxation of the uterus.

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