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April 3, 2011

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Veroshpiron and pressure

Veroshpiron used to treat various diseases, including hypertension Hypertension - Control your blood pressure  Hypertension - Control your blood pressure
 . It blocks the action of the hormone aldosterone, whereby the urine excreted displayed more fluid and salt. Veroshpiron prescribed to patients with heart failure Heart failure - when the heart is unable to cope with the work  Heart failure - when the heart is unable to cope with the work
 , Ascites, in some diseases of the liver and kidneys and aldosteronism.

The packaging indicates how and how much to take veroshpiron, but if the doctor recommended that you take it otherwise, you need to follow your doctor's instructions. Do not change the dose yourself. If you notice that the drug is bad impact on your health, consult a doctor.

 Pressure | Veroshpiron - used with caution!

This medicine is not suitable

Admission veroshpirona very undesirable or only allowed under the watchful supervision of a physician in the following cases:

  • You will soon have to go through any procedure under general or local anesthesia
  • You have an allergy or hypersensitivity to any components of the drug
  • You are in the elderly
  • You have a disease Edison
  • You have compromised liver function
  • You have kidney problems
  • Do you have a metabolic disorder

Before you assign veroshpiron, the physician should carefully examine the patient and study its history.

 Pressure | Veroshpiron - used with caution!


Since veroshpiron increases the level of potassium in the blood, taking it, it is recommended to limit the consumption of foods rich in potassium. In addition, the abundance in the diet is very salty foods can significantly reduce the effectiveness of this medication.

Veroshpiron When used as a medicine for high blood pressure How to deal with high blood pressure?  How to deal with high blood pressure?
 Recommended reject products that contribute to the high pressure. So, it is necessary to limit the use of strong tea (both green and black), coffee and chocolate.

In addition, when you treat high blood pressure, avoid heavy exercise. Moderate exercise, however, will benefit.

If after a certain time after the start of veroshpirona improve your condition, do not stop taking the medicine. Improving the condition does not necessarily mean that your blood pressure to normal. Decide when you can finish taking veroshpiron, should the doctor.

Kanefron - indispensable for kidney disease - Treatment of urinary tract

May 28, 2009

  • Kanefron - indispensable for kidney disease
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 kanefron in treating urinary tract diseases

Kanefron in treating urinary tract diseases

A feature of chronic diseases of the urinary tract is that they are often asymptomatic and are discovered only when a significant decrease in renal function. Treat such diseases for a long time, alternating courses of antibiotics Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future?  Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future?
   with herbal preparations. In this regard, herbal preparations, anti-inflammatory and diuretic effects, have become increasingly important because they rarely provide complications and have undesirable side effects. Vegetable preparations may apply for a long time.

It has been found that when using kanefron part of complex treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract, reduced treatment time, increases the duration of remission (condition is an exacerbation) of these diseases. Purpose kanefron patients with urinary tract infections that are accompanied by persistent proteinuria (protein in urine), for at least three months resulted in a significant reduction in the amount of protein in the urine The protein in the urine - a sign of danger, which should not be underestimated  The protein in the urine - a sign of danger, which should not be underestimated

Kanefron can be used as a prophylactic treatment, rather than antibacterial drugs for a minimum of three months patients with inflammatory diseases of the upper and lower urinary tract. Such long-term use does not cause kanefron patients dysbacteriosis and other complications specific to antibacterial drugs.

 Treatment of urinary tract | Kanefron - indispensable for kidney disease

Kanefron and pregnancy

In pregnant women, inflammation of the kidneys Inflammation of the kidney - do not suffer pain  Inflammation of the kidney - do not suffer pain
   and urinary tract infections occur frequently. The reason is hormonal changes (this helps to reduce the body's defenses) and the stagnation of urine due to the fact that the kidneys and urinary tract long presses to increase in size of the uterus. That is why some pregnant women appointed prophylactic treatment to prevent exacerbations of chronic pyelonephritis Pyelonephritis - kidney disease  Pyelonephritis - kidney disease
 . This treatment is most often carried out kanefron.

Kanefron - quality vegetable uroseptiki intended for long-term treatment of chronic diseases of the urinary tract.

  Galina Romanenko

Kanefron - indispensable for kidney disease - Forum

May 28, 2009

  • Kanefron - indispensable for kidney disease
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I was prescribed the drug during pregnancy. I liked that it is a natural, plant, without any chemicals. Apparently, so him and appoint pregnant. After a course of treatment for my condition has improved significantly and analyzes became normal. Consumption had quite economical. I had the bottle for a long time. Even then I left a little medicine.
I know that kanefron help from the kidneys, just do not tell how fast. In my opinion, it is necessary to take a long time, several courses and only then will the effect. And some people a week or two and then forget polechatsya of regular admission, then of course we should not expect a good result. In general, this medication vegetable osnoe and quite harmless.
I have so much shoveled the entire Internet in search of at least some more or less normal information about this drug, but is limited to banal instruction, and would like more details of how long you can take kanefron how it affects the organs, etc. Finally, at least here I was able to learn about it that interested me and even more thanks to the forum and good description.
Luda, a strange lady you but enough to know what is prescribed by kanefron, and it will tell you the doctor, you can also learn all of the instructions. In it, the way it is written and a lot more, including chemical composition, if you are good at chemistry, you will understand what is written there. What else might be looking beyond that I do not understand, you're like and do not understand that you need.
What a good part from the drug. I noticed that more and more are trying to produce drugs based on natural ingredients. In our time, it can not but rejoice. So it'll take note. Without the advice of a doctor, of course, will not apply. But if there are such indications, be sure to ask the doctor about it exactly. Judging by the reviews, it is also effective)
I have two hands for the use of such funds, which are composed of natural substances, and that our urologist stuffs all antibiotics, on which I have appeared twice fungi in the mouth. It hurt so much that a few days could not eat normally and everything because of drugs that not only treat, but also have a lot of side effects. With this tool exact people recover quickly without consequences for themselves.
Dasha, the problem is that even those drugs that are presented to us as made from natural ingredients, in fact may not be such. Most often you want is not in the nature of raw materials in sufficient quantities for the production of drugs on an industrial scale. And then resorted to the method of artificial replacement is like lemonade flavored apple, where this fruit there is absolutely nothing but flavor.
I have chronic pyelonephritis, and treatment of kidney disease, I know firsthand. It was possible, and this drug poprinimat: the composition is good, but it should be understood that this plant tincture (or pills) can only be a tool in the course of treatment of inflammation with antibiotics. One that means you will not cure kidney, and his self-appoint itself and do stupid
Eugene, fully support you. I, too, suffer from chronic pyelonephritis, so familiar to many drugs of this profile. The tool is very good, with this I do not argue. Moreover, I prefer such a harmless drug, I accept them with confidence that they will help me. But it can not be overestimated, and the treatment should be comprehensive in order to obtain a stable result.
Eugene, when reading your comment, I somehow felt that you are not only ill pyelonephritis, but also working in a pharmacy or in the production of antibiotics. Painfully compulsively You are trying to convince us that this is a useless drug, which is not capable to cure the person. Your attempt hung on the ears noodles we failed.
Olga, you're not wrong! The drug is indeed a means of adjuvant therapy, and in any case, do not use your own! When taking kanefron already confirmed at bacteriuria always complement the treatment of antibacterial agents. Herbal preparations are much weaker and unable to cope with the infection itself, but help eliminate inflammation of course can.
Olga, nothing I have not seen in her comments, she just explained in detail what kanefron and that he will not help. And that after having read some of the miracle of the drug even to the doctor will not go thinking that in case of problems with the kidneys enough to buy it and take no other medicines. You just seems such and very upset to learn that such an option is not a ride.
The daughter of my sister for a long time complained of abdominal pain. Could not immediately understand why. When went to the ultrasound they were told that there is inflammation in the kidneys and "sand." To reduce inflammation it prescribe antibiotics plus this herbal liqueur. Make sure your child 7 days of antibiotic, but the tincture of herbs to give further continued for about two weeks. They cure very helpful. Its action is slow but steady.
Light, antibiotic should be careful, it is desirable to limit the use, unfortunately, some doctors over prescribe and without it, although there are other ways to treat disease. Next time, ask your doctor and explain that do not want to unnecessarily use their medications and prefer using natural products such as this medication if kanefron action for treatment.
Simply chic drug! She took it during pregnancy, when I found out on US expansion pyelocaliceal apparatus kidneys and legs began to swell. Took its course, I was feeling much better. US no longer do that because it was not necessary, but the edema slept gradually disappearing, it became easier to walk, shoes dressed without problems.
Anastasia Ismailova, well that came across your feedback. I am currently very interested in, what to drink kanefron pregnant? It will help remove the swelling? The doctor advised the tool. He said vegetable medicine will not affect the baby. Here and I decided to look online to find out who took and what results. Your review reassured me, I'll take the pills.
Nastya, I also appointed the drug. I have a fifth month of pregnancy, much of the back started to hurt. Ultrasonography showed that this kidney. It is necessary to drink to relieve inflammation. Do not tell me what course of receiving kanefron? Is it enough to take a month or longer need? The doctor asked, he shrugged and said, start, and we'll see. And I'm afraid to hurt the baby.
Julianna, you why we tell stories, the doctor could not shrug in response to your appeal, he bears full responsibility and now with this situation very seriously. Or he is not friends with the head, then it is necessary to turn to the head physician of the hospital, and in no case do not leave this case without attention. Such people do not have to wear a white coat and do not deserve to be called doctors.
When the action starts kanefron? I take pills for ten days, until no obvious results. Of course, a short period, the more I have registered to drink a month. But I was tormented pain, wish they quickly retreated. Kidney chill this winter and three months sore hips, poor urination. After reading the reviews, my heart was lighter. I think it means and I will help.
Valentine, and you thought it was magic bullet, and like a fairy tale after treatment with live water was instantaneous recovery? I myself recently learned why take kanefron in the past, my brother did not drink, he administered other drugs, and they always began to act after a while, but not immediately. So do not worry, the effect will be, please be patient only.
Valentine, if you have appointed him for a month, then wait for tangible results in ten days is not necessary. And due to the fact that there came a sharp improvement too, do not cheat yourself and experience. Believe in what the drug will help you, and do not think about the negative. I at one time, too, there was a problem with the kidneys and bladder, expensive antibiotics did not help, rescued cheap domestic pills that cost pennies, at the end of the urologist I appointed them, and they were better than imported drugs.
In my opinion, for kidney kanefron the best way. I have chronic inflammation, and over the years has learned to deal in drugs. Firstly, it is harmless, as made from plants. It contains herbs that I use for a long time and quite successfully. So it is best treated by natural means, even if it lasts a long time, but more harmless than chemical analogues.
Faith kanefron pain in the kidneys simply an indispensable tool. I accept it without fear. Because he has such a useful part. Very good relieves pain and helps the flow of urine. I have it always at hand. Before him, I have tried several medications. But their chemical composition and there were side effects. And this can take longer and use only the affected organ.
As I understood for kidney kanefron doctors rarely prescribe and because many of him have not even heard. And it's a good tool, since it is not an antibiotic, the use of which is fraught with serious problems. That's a real paradox, how can one explain the fact that a good preparation remains in the shadows and people are stuffed with expensive imported drugs.
Julia, I do not know, we doctors are aware of this drug, and I welcome kanefron twice appointed doctors of various specialties. The first time the therapist when urine analysis revealed an increased number of white blood cells, the second time a gynecologist at the antenatal clinic during the second trimester of pregnancy, as the swelling began. The drug is remarkable about both cases helped me.
I see that during pregnancy it is prescribed to many. At the time, this drug has helped me, when I started to swell already in the 27th week, and even the heat came, in general, the kidneys, and the kid was hard;) What is most interesting, suffer frequent migraine attacks, a neurologist at the polyclinic appointed the same drug plus calm down broth, it turns out that this means almost a panacea? ;)
After my little boy was discharged this medicine, I began to look everywhere reviews and information for what is prescribed kanefron. I read and calmed down, making good effect of the drug on the kidneys. And that was somehow afraid to give your child an unfamiliar vehicle, and suddenly to have any side effects? Now, every six months spent on drink droplets and hand over analyzes, like going to the amendment.
I have a lot of positive feedback slashal about this medicine, but that's just about tablets and drops. Poretomu interests me, and let there kanefron in injections, because with this method of administration to the active ingredient quickly into the tissue and begins its work. I would have bought the drug was in vials for intramuscular or intravenous administration, well, of course, if the price is not exorbitant.
Zinaida, I do not think that there is sitting someone from the pharmacy to answer you. You can call your nearest territorial pharmacy and get a response from an experienced pharmacist, because only interested in the presence of such preparata.Zdes people share their opinions and experiences about already preparations. And you confused us with the reference and ask such strange things.
Olga, what you, as much as possible, because the smartest people sit on the internet and dreaming of giving answers to a variety of other treatment no less smart users. And sitting in pharmacies pharmacists, who can not be trusted, they can say, here is a man and asked here. Soon it posypetsya bunch of answers to the most useful tips and armed they will understand it in its issue.
Daria, it actually almost no side effects. During the years of kidney disease I had tried many medicines. And when I learned that there is a harmless remedy passed on him. I drink it courses, 2 times a year. It is much improved kidney function. They worry me less and less. Recent analyzes have shown that they left almost no salt.
It has long heard about the drug, but has experienced it when the kidneys have taken, and I was just a nursing mother. At first I was very confused - because I can not drink antibiotics, and you go to the doctor - put in bolnitsu.Togda I remembered about the plant part of kanefron, that he has little side effects and started to drink tablets. On the second day of admission, I felt much better, and a week later recovered. But the drug just in case of cut as recommended in the manual, 4 weeks.
Daria, but it's self, which in no case can not be resorted to, especially when it comes to the kidneys. That you not only discomfort in the form of flu or cold, which is often itself takes place in a few days, although there can be serious complications. This time you are lucky, but you should not continue to risk their health so better to contact physicians.
And I appointed reception kanefron during pregnancy. Not since that is not a sudden swelling appeared. I only saw him in the tablets, about fluid learned only here. Took him three times a day, only the sense of it is not there. Propyl about 1, 5 - 2 months, and then the doctor says, well, you want to drink for more, do not want to not drink. I was shocked, because it is not cheap, and the result is zero. Only now I realize that the edema in my opinion he is useless.
I, too, was administered the drug during pregnancy. Found some kind of urinary tract infection, antibiotics are prescribed, but I refused to drink. Then the doctor prescribed this remedy. Saw tablets, several times a day. A month has been the result, I passed the tests, infection gone. I am very glad that there is such a tool that can help the child without harm.
Pretty productive drug. I met with the disease that year. The doctor attributed the cure for kidney kanefron. After a month of receiving all forgot about the pain and discomfort. It incorporates only natural ingredients helps to quickly and sings. Different roots, leaves peremolocheny into a homogeneous mass. Effectively it helps and has no side effects.
Mary, if it was really such a good drug, the doctors prescribed him often. In general, I first heard the name, and I think that many doctors do not even know about its existence. And the fact that you feel better, it's due to the fact that not only accepted it, but also other drugs, on which was good, but you mistakenly thought that by this means recovered.
Irina, kanefron effects are undeniable. At least for me. Pugh was already a long time. Each time the salts in the kidney becomes smaller. And your argument did not convince me. If doctors do not prescribe this medication, it does not mean that it is bad. Maybe it does not help in more severe cases, because of vegetable rather than chemical. But for the soft treatment is good medicine.
Irina, the treatment of kidney kanefron gives very good results. If doctors do not prescribe it, it does not mean that it is futile. Can not acting as fast as chemicals, but it is quite cope with the swelling, it helps get rid of the salt. I for such harmless means. I use it for two years, there were no side effects.
Kanefron when it begins to operate? I have salt in the kidneys, and would like to try it. Of course, I consult with your doctor. In my opinion, he will not mind, because herbal medicine. Moreover, by chemical means no benefit there. If my condition which facilitates, this herb. Hence, this remedy would be appropriate if my illness.
Not rastraivaytes, Lera! I know from my own experience that kanefron kidney disease is very good, especially at the stage of the formation of salts, as in your case. One family member had a similar problem and this medication has helped get rid of it, the main thing is not to allow the transition of salt in the stones, then it will be more difficult to deal with them. So drink courses and surveyed time.
This medication was administered in the form of drops my 5-year-old little son when he was diagnosed with the salt in the kidneys. And this could lead to the formation of stones. in a certain age, can you imagine? But we drank laid course has made various fruit drinks, and then analyzes were normalized. So I think that is a very good and safe drug for both children and adults.
And I think this drug is indispensable in zaboloevaniyah kidneys Alina! We bought it for my mother's pills, she saw the course as recommended by a doctor, then take a break and then resumes reception. Improvements have been, it just showed analyzes. And the price affordable for our pocket, it is not necessary to lay out a thousand, but only 300 rubles (around this price we bought).
I never heard of such a preparation. Even I doubt in its properties, as is usually pretty slow Homeopathy acts on diseased organs. It is necessary to take such herbal preparations almost a year, to act. And it happens that the time is short, you need to make the effect at once. Although, if someone fails, then the drug has a right to exist.
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