Tenoten and alcohol - can be combined, but is it necessary?

November 2, 2011

 Tenoten and alcohol
 Can I use in the treatment of one or another drug alcohol? This question is often worried sick. Definitely, you can only answer that the combination of any drug with alcohol is unlikely to benefit. After all, medicine is taken for treatment, which does not contribute to alcohol.

 Tenoten and alcohol - can be combined, but is it necessary?

What happens if you take alcohol with tenotenom

Tenoten - a homeopathic remedy, that is, the dosage of the drug is extremely low, it affects the body very gently, sparing, therefore, can be combined with any drugs and food. Alcohol is not an exception: if you take alcohol and tenoten, the damage will not be exact. But there is no guarantee that will benefit from receiving tenoten in combination with alcohol, its gentle effect on the body will be suppressed rough influence of alcohol. Then the question is: why take tenoten?

The main action tenoten - nootropic. It consists in that tenoten improves metabolic processes in the brain cells (neurons). Alcohol has a toxic effect on these cells, moreover, it dehydrates the body, including neurons, which, of course, does not contribute to improvement in their metabolic processes.

Tenoten also has neuroprotective effects, that is, protects brain cells against external influences. But is it difficult to cope with the direct toxic effect on the neurons of alcohol?

It turns out that it is necessary to choose: either to be treated, or drink alcohol. And convince yourself that tenoten and alcohol are quite compatible, it would be like to bury our heads in the sand - the main thing that most can not see anything.

 Tenoten and alcohol - can be combined, but is it necessary?

Tenotenom treatment of patients with early-stage chronic alcoholism

Alcoholism has three stages of development. The first stage - a psychic dependence on alcohol (like a drink, so is almost always possible), the second stage - physical dependence (alcohol perfectly corrects health, improves mood and makes it possible to work productively) and the third stage - the complications of the internal organs, mainly in the central nervous system and the liver.

At different stages tenoten can be used with a different purpose. At the beginning of the first and second stage tenoten can reduce patient's craving for alcohol. This happens due to the fact that tenoten relieves increased anxiety Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease?  Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease?
 , Depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood  Depression - a little more than a bad mood
 Which are often the reason for the start of alcohol abuse. Tenoten slightly activates these patients, thereby improving their efficiency and appearance of confidence.

Of course, do not count on recovery from alcoholism only tenoten. Some relatives are trying to treat patients without their knowledge, which, of course, does not give any results. But if you apply tenoten by a physician in conjunction with other treatments (medication, psychotherapy, reflexology), then tenoten may well have a positive effect.

 Tenoten and alcohol - can be combined, but is it necessary?

Tenotenom treatment of patients with advanced stages of chronic alcoholism

For the treatment of patients with advanced stages of chronic alcoholism tenoten also used. In these stages, patients already generated significant violations on the part of the brain. This happens due to the fact that under the influence of alcohol metabolism is broken Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
   in the neurons, which leads to death of them, and eventually - the widening at the site of dead neurons connective tissue. Such changes of brain tissue called organic, patients get rid of them would be impossible, even if he did quit alcohol.

Patients with chronic alcoholism in the third stage characterized by severe irritable and suspicious character with serious personality disorders. In these patients, reduced the criticism to his condition, they are not able to look at ourselves. Irritability is often associated with aggression or severe depression. Against this background, many patients develop delirium: they feel that they are being watched, that his wife serves, and all around just thinking about how to bring them some trouble.

Tenoten in this case can be a little hard to smooth changes in the character and personality of the patient: with the improvement of metabolic processes in neurons decreases irritability Irritability - you try to control my temper  Irritability - you try to control my temper
 Aggressiveness, sometimes even leaves or decrease delirium. Partly improves memory and the ability to understand others.

But all this is only possible if the patient does not drink alcohol. And for patients with chronic alcoholism was able to abandon the really important habit for him, he needs to see a doctor and take the full course of treatment. Then tenoten help.

Galina Romanenko

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Serous meningitis - a consequence of serious infection

November 3, 2013

  • Serous meningitis - a consequence of serious infection
  • Kinds

 Serous meningitis may have a bacterial or viral in nature. In addition, some fungal meningitis may also have serous nature. Nevertheless, most often, when we speak of serous meningitis, mean viral meningitis Viral meningitis - not uncommon  Viral meningitis - not uncommon
 Caused by enterovirus infection.


Causes of serous meningitis

Meningitis - an inflammation of the meninges, which is caused by different infectious agents. During the inflammatory process is always formed inflammatory fluid. When one meningitis it is purulent, and in other purulent - serous. It is on this basis all fall into purulent meningitis and serous. The term "serous" means serum similar to the serum and derived therefrom.

Serous meningitis can be caused by bacteria and viruses. In addition, certain types of fungal meningitis can be worn as purulent and serous nature.

  • Bacterial serous meningitis - a tubercular, syphilitic, brucellosis, tularemia, and mycoplasmal leptospiral.
  • Viral serous meningitis - Acute lymphocytic choriomeningitis benign meningitis caused by mumps, meningitis caused by enterovirus, herpes meningitis.
  • For fungal menigitam that can be worn as a purulent and serous nature are blastomatous, koktsidioidozny candidiasis and meningitis.

In addition, serous meningitis may develop in case of injuries and tumors of the brain or spinal cord, otitis, sinusitis, parasitic diseases of the brain.


Features common to all types of serous meningitis

A feature of all serous meningitis is that the cerebrospinal fluid of most patients with clear or opalescent (slightly turbid, so scatter light), is colorless. Its pressure increased.

Cytogram (cell count and identification) pleocytosis (presence of a large amount of liquid in the cell elements) - from several tens to 200 - 700 cells in 1 ul (norm - not more than 5 - lymphocytes is free epithelial cells and macrophages); cytogram in the first days of the disease is dominated by lymphocytes.

The protein content of normal or somewhat increased sugar content depends on the origin of meningitis: in tuberculous meningitis sugar content reduced, while viral meningitis - normal.


Tuberculous meningitis

TB meningitis is caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. In most cases, the causative agent enters the cranial cavity through the blood of the primary lesion (mostly their lungs and lymph nodes). To this did not happen (that is not the primary focus appeared TB), now being treated all turns - the initial hit of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in a child's body. So today tuberculous serous meningitis in children Meningitis in children - a dangerous disease  Meningitis in children - a dangerous disease
   almost does not occur. Adults almost all TB-infected.

Symptoms of tuberculous serous meningitis origin grow slowly. Initially, the patient has fatigue, weakness, malaise, followed by a slight fever, but it can continue to go to work. Gradually there is growing headache that does not go from the painkillers, the temperature increases (it may be small, and very high). Attaches recurring nausea and vomiting with it.

Meningeal symptoms increase gradually. If the first week of the disease the patient can lead a normal life, then on the second week he had already formed a typical meningeal posture: head thrown back, stomach in, knees pressed to his stomach. Expressed stiff muscles - the patient can not reach his chin chest.

Tuberculous meningitis Meningitis - an inflammation of the meninges  Meningitis - an inflammation of the meninges
   almost always has the character meningoencephalitis, ie the inflammatory process proceeds to brain tissue. Therefore, it always developing cerebral disorders such as psychosis and disorders of consciousness (delirium) with hallucinations and delusions Brad - not only crazy  Brad - not only crazy
 . Characterized as focal neurological disturbances in the form of paresis, paralysis and sensory disturbances. Pain in the back talking about the propagation of the inflammatory process in the spinal cord.

With timely initiated adequate treatment favorable prognosis of tuberculous meningitis: the disease is leaving no consequences. But if the treatment has not been assigned a timely manner, the possible death of the patient or the consequences of such serous meningitis, epilepsy, hydrocephalus compensated (water on the brain), a persistent preservation of paresis.