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July 30, 2009

  • The facial nerve when a person loses symmetry
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Primary and secondary lesions of the facial nerve

Lesions of the facial nerve can be caused by various reasons and usually are called neurites. There are primary and secondary (or symptomatic) neuritis of the facial nerve.

Primary neuritis most often catarrhal disease (Bell). When subcooled in nerve head abrupt vascular disorders (spasm of the vessel or tissue swelling) violating power nerve trunk as a result of ischemic occurs (due to spasm of blood vessels) nerve palsy.

Symptomatic neuritis occur in various infections, exposure to toxins, inflammatory and neoplastic processes, encephalitis, vascular lesions, trauma, in patients with lesions of the parotid gland, otitis, during hypertensive crises, and so on.

 Signs | facial nerve when a person loses symmetry

Signs of destruction

Violation of motor function of the nerve can be seen even with a slight defeat it - on facial asymmetry. A full picture of the affected nerve paralysis develops: mask-like face (the face of the Sphinx), corner of the mouth is omitted, the slit eye wide open, brows lowered and motionless, his forehead without wrinkles, nasolabial fold smoothed. The patient can not frown, raise his eyebrows when zazhmurivanii eyelids do not close completely, eye gap yawns.

When you try to close an eye eyeball rises up and deflected outwards, while the sclera is not completely covered. With smiles, laughter, half of his face is motionless, with his mouth deviates Showing teeth in a healthy way. During the meal, the food gets stuck between the cheek and the teeth, saliva and liquid food poorly retained in the mouth, the patient can not spit, whistle. In the acute phase the patient says it is not clear labial sounds (b, m). Due to the easy displacement of the mouth protruding tongue may slightly deviate in a healthy way.

Often at the same time with movement disorders appear (and sometimes precede them) unsharp and brief pain in the ear, one-sided loss of taste on the front surface of the tongue, a strong unpleasant perception of the ordinary sounds. Sometimes, pain in the ear can be strong, and be accompanied by painful herpes (in the form of small bubbles merging) precipitations in the art. May appear as signs of nerve fibers responsible for secretory function: violation of tearing (dry eyes), sweating (dry skin side of the face) and so on.

 Signs | facial nerve when a person loses symmetry

Diagnosis of neuritis of the facial nerve

Diagnosis is based on typical clinical picture. To clarify the diagnosis carried out research electroexcitability nerve, in which you can identify the partial or complete regeneration of nerve. In order to identify the underlying disease that caused the changes in the facial nerve, conducted more research - the state of hearing, X-ray examinations of the brain, and so on in accordance with the identified data.

 Signs | facial nerve when a person loses symmetry


Treatment of colds neuritis of the facial nerve should be complex: drug combined physical therapy and rehabilitation.

In the acute period prescribed drugs, reduce inflammation and swelling of the tissue. For this purpose, most commonly prescribed non-hormonal anti-inflammatories, diuretics, funds widens the blood vessels (nicotinic acid). In some cases, the rapid withdrawal of inflammation and edema Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause  Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause
   appointed corticosteroids (such as prednisone).

Two weeks later, usually attached drugs, the recovery of the nervous tissue (Neostigmine), a stimulant that activates the body's defenses (aloe torfot) absorbable preparations (lidazu), B vitamins B vitamins: the body useful helpers  B vitamins: the body useful helpers
   (they improve the function of the nervous tissue).

Physiotherapy administered on the first day of the disease, first as a decongestant, anti-inflammatory and vasodilatory treatment (UHF solux) and then (two weeks) - ultrasound, phonons and electrophoresis with drugs, massage. Simultaneously, passive (by pressure and smooth movement of the finger on the motor point of the muscle) exercises the facial muscles in the mirror.

The earlier treatment is started, the greater the chance that the patient will not have any consequences after suffering neuritis Neuritis - nerve damage  Neuritis - nerve damage
   facial nerve.

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Treatment of meningitis - the need to provide immediate assistance - Therapy

November 13, 2013

  • Treatment of meningitis - the need to provide urgent assistance
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 Treatment of meningitis treatment

In some cases, antibiotic monotherapy in the treatment of meningitis

Not all clinical cases of meningitis shows the assignment of a combination of antibiotics. If in the process of carrying out laboratory diagnosis proved the role of intracellular microorganisms as causes of meningitis (for example, mycoplasma infection), it is justified by the appointment of macrolide drugs. In the process of the application should be considered a feature of their interaction with other drugs groups.

Macrolides have on the pathogens bacteriostatic action, so while the appointment with bactericidal antibiotics Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future?  Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future?
   a decrease in the efficiency of the latter. The combination of macrolide antibiotics penicillin or cephalosporins undesirable. Effectiveness of the drug is a macrolide josamycin (or vilprafen). Vilprafen meningitis is recommended under strict indications, and after the establishment of direct causal factor of the disease. The drugs are available in tablet form, so they are administered in view of the severity of the patient's condition.

The cure for meningitis is selected on the basis of objective examination, which is an indirect confirmation of the form in which the illness, as well as the results of bacteriological examination of cerebrospinal fluid obtained during the puncture. If the disease occurs in severe clinical form, at the level of emergency care pill of meningitis can not be an effective remedy.


Features of treatment of viral meningitis

There has been an increase in the number of confirmed clinical cases of meningitis are caused by the influence of different virus strains. In the arsenal of drugs there is a large group of antiviral drugs. Their purpose is justified in order to suppress replication of a particular strain of the virus. Except for this group of drugs in a treatment regimen include agents that stimulate the interferon production in the body. Interferonostimuliruyuschim good effect has drug tsikloferon TSikloferon - restores the body's defenses  TSikloferon - restores the body's defenses

TSikloferon meningitis should be administered intravenously (You can also IM) according to a certain scheme. A single dose of 2 ml (equivalent to a dose of 0, 25 c), which is administered once a day. The drug is used every day, and after an interval of two or three days. Only in the first two days tsikloferon applied daily. Clinically proven on a background of injections patient recovery occurs in a shorter time, the symptoms are for a few days earlier, when compared with patients who did not receive interferon inducers. Laboratory confirmation of the effectiveness of a rapid achievement tsikloferona rehabilitation liquor.

Meningitis caused by exposure to viruses, has clinical features associated with the presence of pronounced intoxication syndrome. It must be assigned adequate detoxification therapy, which includes the following medicines:

  • glucose Glucose: The energy source  Glucose: The energy source
   (5 or 10%)
  • isotonic sodium chloride (or physiological saline)
  • solution reopoliglyukina

To a large extent it affected the circulation, microcirculation, so the purpose of correction of pathological changes should be applied means to improve cerebral hemodynamics. Along with carrying out a specified amount of treatment necessary to carry out measures for the prevention of cerebral edema, that is appointed by dehydration under the control of renal hemodynamics.


How to prevent the development of meningitis

Even the appointment of modern drugs the question of whether cured meningitis depends on the timely medical care. Therapy should be administered during the first days after the development of the disease, the effectiveness of any subsequent treatments will be proportionally reduced. The approaches to the choice of treatment strategy should be personalized, as each clinical case is characterized by the nature of the pathological process. It is not possible to make recommendations that will determine how to cure meningitis, for some patterns. The standard approach to assist there, but it must match the clinical picture of meningitis.

Despite the successes of preventive medicine, failed to develop only one saving vaccine against this terrible disease. The vaccine against meningitis is not included in the list of mandatory vaccines immunization schedule. If develops complex epidemiological situation, the vaccination against meningitis carried out those people who are in the middle of an infectious disease. After the introduction of the vaccine in humans does not create lasting immunity, so the vaccination should be repeated after a certain interval. Each person can ask about the possibility of preventing the disease, and about where to get vaccinated against meningitis in the clinic, where the doctor takes a therapist.

If the doctor suspects a patient filed a complaint with meningitis Meningitis - an inflammation of the meninges  Meningitis - an inflammation of the meninges
 Then at the present level, you can test for meningitis. Test to determine at the molecular level the presence of specific DNA of the pathogen of the disease, which will continue to be an indicator to forecast the success of therapy. The question whether it is possible to cure meningitis, should not sound like a death sentence, as a modern arsenal of therapeutic measures can achieve positive results, the patient's recovery. The only caveat should be treated meningitis at home. Methods of self in the case of this disease are unacceptable. At the stage of rehabilitation treatment are allowed to treat meningitis folk remedies to improve nutrition, microcirculation of the brain.

Is there a cure meningitis, the question there is an affirmative answer, but you need to pay more attention to prevention. They are in compliance with sanitary requirements to prevent spread of infection. A sick person should be seen as a source of the disease, so it must be isolated from the others on the stage of therapeutic measures.

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