Tenoten - Instructions for use: help the brain

June 20, 2011

 Tenoten - Instructions for use
 Tenoten - homeopathic medicine with soothing, improves mood and higher functions of the brain activity, which protects the brain from various damaging factors, increases the body's resistance to stress. It is used in a variety of psycho-neurological diseases.

 Tenoten - Instructions for use: help the brain

The mechanism of action tenoten

Tenoten - a preparation of purified antibodies Antibodies - "soldiers' immunity  Antibodies - "soldiers' immunity
   brain-specific proteins in S-100 in a mixture of homeopathic dilutions mainly nootropic effect, but also provide other beneficial effects on the brain. All these properties allow widely used drugs in the treatment of almost any neurological and psychiatric diseases. Releases tenoten Russian pharmaceutical company Materia Medica Holding Ltd. NPF tablets for adults and tablets for children with different homeopathic dilutions.

Tenoten has on the brain mnogostorennee (nootropic, neuroprotective, anxiolytic, antidepressant, antioxidant) effects.

Nootropic Impact - is the impact on higher functions of the brain - memory, all sorts of skills, learning ability, the ability to think logically.

All these functions are improved due to the fact that tenoten improves metabolic processes in the cells of the cerebral cortex and their connections with the cells of the cerebral cortex in the other hemisphere and subcortical areas. Under the influence of tenoten brain cells begin to function properly even in a permanent lack of oxygen, which is important, since almost all diseases of the brain are mainly associated with insufficient intake of oxygen. It is also important that tenoten prevents widespread brain damage when local damage (such as stroke). This allows you to more quickly and fully restore the state of intelligence from severe brain damage.

The neuroprotective effect means protecting the brain from various adverse effects. This happens due to protein S-100, which can change their activity depending on the situation, that the brain helps to better adapt to high emotional stress. S-100 protein also protects the brain cells from various destructive factors (toxins, food inflammatory and allergic reactions) and stress. Tenoten protects the brain and from the ravages of free radicals (antioxidant effect).

Anksioloticheskoe or calming effect tenoten manifested in the fact that it reduces nervous tension, irritability, weakness and rapid changeability of mood, fear, anxiety. At the same time improves the mood (antidepressant effect). This tenoten does not cause drowsiness, on the contrary, it has a slightly toning effect that allows people who take it, even drive a car. Anxiolytic and antidepressant effect is already a few hours after receiving tenoten.

 Tenoten - Instructions for use: help the brain

Indications and contraindications for receiving tenoten

Admission tenoten shows:

  • the neuroses (neurasthenia, hysteria, neurosis Neurosis - reaction to the nervous shock  Neurosis - reaction to the nervous shock
   obsessive-compulsive disorder);
  • in severe neuropsychiatric loads and stress;
  • with fatigue;
  • when prolonged and severe illness occurring in various organs and systems in which there are functional disorders of the central nervous system;
  • for any organic diseases of the brain (together with other drugs);
  • in some psychiatric diseases Mental illness - ashamed to ask for help?  Mental illness - ashamed to ask for help?
 For example, in certain forms of schizophrenia Schizophrenia - to blame civilization  Schizophrenia - to blame civilization
 , Manic-depressive syndrome;
  • after serious illness when the patient has a feeling of constant fatigue and irritable weakness (asthenia).

Admission tenoten contraindicated in hypersensitive to the components of the drug during pregnancy and lactation, at the age of eighteen years (taking the pills for adults). Tenaten children appointed to three years.

 Tenoten - Instructions for use: help the brain

Side effects that can occur when taking an overdose of the drug and tenoten

When receiving tenoten may appear side effects such as dry mouth, heartburn, flatulence, increased sweating, allergic reaction in the form of various skin rashes. When allergic reactions tenoten overturned, others adverse reactions in some time pass and do not require discontinuation of therapy. Data on overdose tenoten not.

Tenoten administered as single treatments, or in combination with other drugs, depending on the condition of the patient. It is well combined with other drugs.

Tenoten can be used long enough, but it is better to do so by a physician.

Galina Romanenko

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Fluoxetine - side effects can be significant

May 20, 2012

 fluoxetine side effects
 Fluoxetine - a drug that improves mood, reduces anxiety Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease?  Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease?
 , Has a slight stimulating effect and suppresses appetite. Fluoxetine usually well tolerated, but in some cases it can be shown side effects.

 Fluoxetine - side effects can be significant

Why it appears the side effects of fluoxetine

Side effects of fluoxetine are a consequence of its mechanism of action, based on blocking the reuptake of serotonin into synapses of neurons (nerve cells), central nervous system. As a result, in the synapses (field excitation transfer from neuron to neuron) accumulates large amounts of serotonin, which transmits nerve impulses.

Transmission of nerve impulses is accelerated, leading to a tonic effect on the central nervous system.

Fluoxetine usually well tolerated and its therapeutic effect is a slight increase in activity and mood. But there may occur and side effects, most often they occur at the beginning of treatment or drug overdose.

 Fluoxetine - side effects can be significant

Side effects of fluoxetine of the central and peripheral nervous system

On the part of the central and peripheral nervous system may occur increased anxiety, irritability Irritability - you try to control my temper  Irritability - you try to control my temper
 , Nervousness, fatigue, sleep disturbances (insomnia or drowsiness), frightening dreams, headache. Sometimes on this background, it increased suicidal. Can develop disorders of thinking, impaired coordination of movements, tremors throughout the body, morbidly increased excited state and other mental disorders.

There may be twitching of individual muscle groups, muscle stiffness, against the background of increased muscle tone can occur tics state restlessness, the desire to constantly change the position of the body. There may be stored for a long time, and any involuntary movements, muscle tension language appear, swallowing and chewing muscles, in which there is an irresistible urge to stick his tongue.

The most serious manifestation of the side effects is a neuroleptic malignant syndrome, which is characterized by the rise of a very high temperature, increased muscle tone, rapid changes in blood pressure, rapid breathing, sweating and delirium.

From the senses may experience blurred vision, mydriasis, taste disturbances.

 Fluoxetine - side effects can be significant

Side effects of fluoxetine with other organs and systems

Furthermore, fluoxetine may provide the following side effects:

  • from the gastrointestinal tract - nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, swallowing disorders (dysphagia), the complete lack of appetite and rapid weight loss;
  • genitourinary - urination disorders (frequent urination, incontinence, urinary retention), decreased libido, upset various parts of intercourse, menstrual disorders in the form of very painful menstruation;
  • the part of the circulatory system - heart attacks intensified, a sharp drop in blood pressure with syncope during the transition from the horizontal to the vertical position (orthostatic hypotension);
  • Other side effects - skin appearance point haemorrhages on the skin; patients with diabetes may sharp decline in blood sugar during treatment with fluoxetine and a sharp increase in this index on the background of withdrawal of the drug; significant reduction in the amount of sodium in the blood, especially in elderly patients;
  • allergic reactions - appear different kind of skin rash (including urticaria), itching, angioedema, fever, muscle-joint pain.

 Fluoxetine - side effects can be significant

What to consider when taking fluoxetine

Fluoxetine has a number of contraindications, which are accounted for doctors when prescribing this drug. In addition, it can not be combined with the admission of alcohol and psychotropic drugs Psychotropic drugs and their effect on the brain  Psychotropic drugs and their effect on the brain
 Which depress the central nervous system - this can cause increased side effects.

Fluoxetine can cause impaired motor coordination and concentration, so during the course of treatment with this drug you can not drive vehicles and carry out other activities that require attention and coordination of movements.

Fluoxetine should not be taken simultaneously with certain tranquilizers (monoamine oxidase inhibitors - MAOIs), between treatments of these drugs should be a break of two to five weeks (depending on whether the treatment was carried out first).

Fluoxetine wary appoint patients with a tendency to seizures, suicidal Suicide in terms of the psychiatrist - can it be prevented?  Suicide in terms of the psychiatrist - can it be prevented?
 As well as patients with diabetes, enlarged prostate, severe liver disease and kidney impairment of their function, bladder dysfunction, elevated intraocular pressure.

Galina Romanenko

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