Barley - a clear sign of impaired immunity

August 9th, 2009

  • Barley - a clear sign of impaired immunity
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   Barley - a reddish swelling that appears on the edge of the century. The reason for this is usually an infection that develops in the follicles of the eyelashes. In most cases, the causative agent of the disease is Staphylococcus aureus. These bacteria are normally present on human skin, but do no harm, but if skin lesions can cause various infections. Barley may occur, for example, if a person touched the nasal mucosa, and then rubbed his eyes. thus aureus could get on the lid.

Barley can be very painful and cause significant discomfort to the patient, including psychological, but it usually does not harm the eye and eyelid. In most cases it takes place within a few days even if it is not treated. However, infections caused by barley, can spread and cause the appearance of the same symptoms in other areas of the skin. In rare cases, the barley is affected the entire eyelid. This requires special treatment, including with antibiotics Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future?  Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future?

Some people barley appears frequently, while others may never face this problem.

 Barley - a clear sign of impaired immunity


First century appears on a red painful swelling, which increases in size, and in its center there is a small white or yellowish head, which contains pus. Barley can be on the outer side of the century (where eyelashes grow) or on the inner side thereof.

Barley may cause eye irritation, which is characterized by increased lacrimation and redness. A person can be a feeling of constantly reminding the presence of foreign objects in the eye.

After a few days the surface of barley may overstrain and pus drained out of it; Sometimes the swelling disappears just like that - it may mean that the immune system controls for infection.

If pus flowed, swelling comes down, usually within a week; otherwise it will take more time.

 Barley - a clear sign of impaired immunity


In most cases, barley caused by Staphylococcus aureus. Seborrhea increases the likelihood of developing this disorder. In addition, the development of barley may be accompanied by the following factors:

  • Incorrect or incomplete removal of make-up
  • An old makeup and / or makeup, wherein pathogens present barley
  • Poor hygiene
  • Inflammatory diseases of the century, for example, blepharitis Blepharitis - inflammation of the eyelid margins  Blepharitis - inflammation of the eyelid margins
   and rosacea
  • Stress
  • Hormonal changes

 Barley - a clear sign of impaired immunity


One of the most popular home remedies for treatment of barley is a hot compress. Moisten with hot water a clean cloth or cotton wool and attach to the age at which there was barley. Do this several times a day. Since the eyelids are very sensitive, the water should not be very hot.

When the barley does not necessarily go to the doctor, but if necessary, he may prescribe an antibiotic ointment or oral antibiotics. In rare cases, when the barley does not pass, despite treatment, the doctor has to open it. If a few days later the swelling is painful and inflamed, you may need a thorough medical examination to identify possible underlying diseases.

Should see a doctor if the barley comes at you very often. This may be a sign of a weakened immune system The immune system - how it works?  The immune system - how it works?

In no case do not squeeze barley - because the infection can spread to the entire eyelid. In addition, do not rub your eyes, until barley will not pass. To prevent the spread of infection, throw away the pieces of fabric or wool, with which you make a compress, immediately after use and wash your hands frequently.

Astigmatism - lenses, glasses or surgery? - Forum

October 22 2013

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Regarding the gymnastic exercise for the eyes, I read somewhere that there is a set of exercises that can help correct vision completely, and it helps not only with myopia and hyperopia, but also for other defects of vision. I believe that people who have vision problems that are described in the article above, you can try to do these exercises can help.
Oh do not need to exaggerate, and not worth so much panic. This is not some deadly disease that destroys life. I have observed this in the left eye, and even to the same and I have myopia. And nothing! I live and enjoy yourself. The main thing is not to turn sour - because there are so many unhappy people who really suffer serious problems. And so - nothing.
Natalia, is that you rightly said. The main colors are not thicken and not to panic. With any disease you can fight. And it is even life threatening. So I want to tell everyone who is there: all will be well. I imagine that any problems always say, and who is in fact worse, and someone not even born! It may sound strange, but I was very soothing.
Such a problem is detected at my daughter when she was 5 years old. Immediately ophthalmologist prescribed a course of treatment, which included gymnastics, darsonvalization, acupuncture, massage neck area. Besides appointed wearing glasses. Twice a year we go through a course of treatment, examination, and, if necessary, change the glasses. Now his daughter for 16 years. The disease will not go away, but not compounded complications, we are very happy. And about the points agreed, the choice is huge. My babe pick up a fancy frame and is not complex.
In each case, the treatment and methods should be chosen individually! Do not rely on a neighbor who helped the lens, or a colleague, which cost some points only. You can not rely on "people's councils", but only on medical advice if in doubt about them, go to another clinic to another specialist, but not beritedlya example amateurs tips!
Valentine, that's for sure! And I have a friend on the recommendation of her friend began to wear lenses, and bought them herself, to pick up the ophthalmologist did not go. Now bothering me, I go in glasses. Buy says the lenses, but buy! As if she sells them. I was tired from her brush off, but she still clings. No Savior. How can you? Itself is not picked up correctly, and other tips.
Well, there are different people. It is probably in the shower proclaimed himself an ophthalmologist)) You're right approach to each his own. But I've heard that when each eye sees differently, wearing lenses is prohibited. As load increases on the visual apparatus. After all, they do not take off your if you wish, such as glasses. Even vitamins should be taken for the prevention, plus it certainly will not
I have more than three years suffer from this disease. Unfortunately, I have it very developed because of the negligence of doctors in time was not set to the correct diagnosis. And I have written regular glasses for myopia, though needed special. I was the third high level, but inherited my old one did not suffer from this disease. I think it's because of my work - 6 days a week at 9:00 on the computer.
Elena Zhuk, well, why just negligence of the doctors, as we do is an expression of love. Why do not you just told the doctor that you have a family have vision problems that can be inherited. Doctor after all, not a psychic. Oh can not know what your relatives are ill. So now you just want to find a good specialist, who will help with the correction.
Elena Zhuk, well you know, the very work for days at a computer, and even have life without him present. The very well I suffer from this disease, but much about this do not worry. Acquired lenses have replaced the glasses, wear and grief do not know. Now this is not a tragedy for me, but previously suffered very bad, and I see that it does not affect in any way I can.
I suffer this for 15 years, and nothing live :) Sight certainly not great, but if I do anything necessary, for example to go shopping or to some event, then I put the lens. Special lenses, to order. At home watching TV with glasses, at other times I do without them. The operation was not going to do, although trying to persuade. Maybe someday I make up my mind.
Glory, I was surprised by people with a vital position. It is better to suffer all my life than to do once the operation and dramatically improve their quality of life. Also, do not forget that vision is getting worse with age. At a young age the chances of a successful operation, and rapid healing greater than ever. Just think how much money you will save on glasses and lenses for the rest of your life!
Mary, do not you think that this is a private matter. Can people really afraid of surgery, but it's not a joke, and a very serious step. In your just went up in the morning I made the correction and went further. Either way despite a diagnosis of each patient can not operate. My friend was told at the clinic that her vision is not bad enough, that would be such a risk.
That amazes me when the doctors immediately offered surgery. Especially with such a thin device to human's eyes. I agree that sometimes it does not, but still, this is the most extreme case. And before that it is necessary to double-check everything you can. Very often you can do by other means, it is easier, cheaper and much healthier.
Julia, you surely never faced with such diseases, with vision problems. If you knew that it would be so not surprised. Lost sight in 90% of cases can not be returned, as well as hearing. And even if it is associated with other disease, it is generally very difficult. Operation only option in such situations. Otherwise, the whole life will have to go with glasses and lenses.
Julia, really, time is also always just outraged. But after such operations may eventually become worse. But this is due only to the elementary laziness, do not want to be treated. It is too long and must be related to the patient individually, our doctors do not like. It is very important the correct and balanced diet, it is a pity that the food is not very high quality.
With age, I became less visible. Acquired pinhole glasses on the market (the seller assured me that they can be used without the doctor's recommendations). From time to time I read them in the press - I do not notice positive changes, vision is on one level. I would like to know from reliable sources, how long you need to read in these glasses, and whether you can use them as well as doing exercises for the eyes to overcome age-related vision impairment?
Olga, no optics on any market in any case not worth buying! What are you! There's only a fake sell which may hurt your eyes. For this there are special departments in drugstores or salons. Here and there are experts who can help pick up everything you need and all product certificates. You do not buy drugs on the market, and so it is the same.
Oh, I would not advise you to do such experiments, Olga! This is only the sellers to sell, but the advice is not necessary to listen to them, and suddenly you do not weaken the eye muscles, and something else? These glasses do not help with the diagnosis of a serious, so do not make fun of their own eyes, and go to the optometrist and get the advice of a qualified specialist, so it will be quieter!
Arina, I agree in part: she worked as a vendor and I know what happens in different ways. Watching how to please a man. But even from my own experience I can say that gymnastics for the eyes - it's a great thing! My brother was very helpful. True, he was forced to do it all the time parents. Above him stood constantly. But all is almost completely restored.
My husband is such a disease, but only in one eye. Once, before he met me he even had surgery. Its results, I do not know, but right now he just wears glasses. But one lens just a thick - twice, if not more thicker than the second. Unfortunately, he is also constantly working at the computer, it does not improve eyesight. But what can you do? Now the work of tight.
Veronica, that's just in your case and should agree on the operation. And if your husband is a big difference in diopters, it is fraught with consequences. I still marvel at how it all goes? Probably often complains of a headache? Take into account that there is no astigmatism nowhere. And if you catch the initial moment, it is possible to rectify the vision and with glasses. But if the disease started, then one way - on the operating table.
I also have astigmatism in one eye, and myopia about -5. Down the street safely go without glasses, though sometimes it can be a problem. I think I have it due to injury, sutured the cornea. now because of the fact that left scars on the cornea, the lens can not lie. I would hope that I still fit the lens, as they really want to go.
ninffachka, I understand you. I, too, about the same situation. It seems to feel is passable. But horror as the operation would not be desirable. I still heart is not all right, but there anesthetic and so on ... So while exercises for eyes, limits on computer time (which I use mainly for what to look for information about the disease) and you hold!
And I'm in medical school. Future ophthalmologist. Right now, we pass the subject astigmatism ICD 10. There is an international classification of diseases, medical directories, so ordered the names of various diseases. A figure here involves the diagnosis code. In this section, there are five diagnoses. Such as for example myopia, presbyopia, and so on.
Vitaly, and I tell that represents astigmatism 1? I do not really understand this, but when put such a diagnosis, the doctor began to frighten medical terms. I already go with lenses, it turns out they do not fit me? Is it possible to do exercises for the eyes to correct vision? I do not want to go blind in 29 years, especially since I had to work with a computer is connected.
Vitaly, while writing to you, as a future doctor. Tell me what it is irregular astigmatism? Oh right, I understand, but on the contrary, it is somehow to me is not clear. You have already passed this subject in medical school? I just have written in a card such a diagnosis, I thought, just the doctor made a mistake, had never with such did not face. If not difficult, it explains.
And I really like to read in bed before going to sleep. For me it's just mandatory ritual, otherwise I can not sleep. It is my habit since childhood. Really, in the future may develop amblyopia and astigmatism? The losses and weakening even afraid of, though not to me still do not understand why this can occur, because the lighting I have always very good.
Rita, because the worst thing is that the child can not explain how important good vision and astigmatism will, if you wear glasses, and all the kids around him laugh and name-calling "bespectacled". Herself faced with such a problem. Son was willing to do anything to not only wear glasses to school, thought to be held by the age of 14, but it was made even more difficult. Now he is 20 and he is very sorry that did not wear glasses and now have to make a laser correction.
As I understand you, Antonina! For children, the word "astigmatism and ophthalmology" simply incomprehensible determination, but the awareness of the impact comes much later. Unfortunately, our medicine has not yet reached the level to correct such violations without the use of glasses in childhood and adolescence. And for the poor child is an additional stress!
The child of my friends 0 5 diopters of astigmatism, discharged glasses, said that if there is to wear, then about 16 years everything will, surgery is not required. So my mother is constantly watching him and rides if he forgets to wear glasses. The child-not really understand how it all seriously. They also regularly: 1 every three months to go to the ophthalmologist.
My sister's family is suffering from this eye disease astigmatism for many years. She acquired her husband, who could not see, but concealed it until succeed. He finally admitted that he badly sees. When you visit the doctor find out the cause of poor vision. Daughter and history repeated itself. Now here's the granddaughter with the same diagnosis. All wear glasses, the glasses of this disease are not cheap. But laser correction nobody dares.
Tatyana, I'm sorry, but what you write looks like fiction, I think that everyone knows how to check astigmatism, although strictly speaking there and so everything is clear. If a person has poor vision, it at all desire will not be able to hide it. Your sister could not know that he has these problems, so that years later to bear here is behind this man is not worth it.
Irina, you do not even know what a hyperopic astigmatism, and all there climb to condemn me. Only you have to get in line, and so full of people who are constantly negative voices in my direction. It always happens when you tell the truth, so I do not get used. A girl that does not have the medical knowledge can not always understand what the problems in the health of a young person.
Tatyana, have astigmatism, classification and it can be different, but in any case she can not communicating with the guy for a long time did not know about his vision problems. So your sister deliberately married to that person, but you after all these years, they have been and granddaughter came here to pour out the bile, it is not very nice and does not do you honor. My compliments to you and I stop the dialogue on this.
My husband suffers from this disease, a long time ago, so when our son was born, I knew that it could be passed by inheritance, he was very attentive. I am continuing to look closely to his son and did not notice any symptoms. Recently, however, the child began to complain of frequent headaches, we have addressed to the doctor. The doctor asked exactly when his son starts pain, analyzed the situation, we said that basically this is happening while reading or computer games. The doctor examined the child and told us that it is an eye disease astigmatism. Small degree, so we immediately started to correction by means of glasses. Now we will constantly be on the test.
I was diagnosed with "eye astigmatism" put in 12-13 years. I remember: my mother kicked me with a stick for a FREE gymnastics to a local clinic with a special ruler and glasses. Weirdly I did not want to do it! Still, a small child! But thanks to my mother, coped with this problem fairly quickly. So mom, do not be lazy! If your child has these problems: learn how, where (and certainly in our time have free classes), and carry any child to attend!
Elena, we, too, with daughters had the same problem. We also traveled constantly for these trainers, a doctor has to become like family. While growing up, we put on record and on employment. Then he bought a perforated points, also put a lot of time. I do not know how all this effectively, but we are adults, but wear glasses, vision deteriorates. Apparently, such a serious illness can not be cured completely.
Elena, and you happen to know, hyperopic astigmatism, what is it? Worried for his daughter, her last month put such diagnosis. True, we have not assigned any gym, just say right now to limit TV watching and computer. Charging for the eyes, I found on the Internet, it's not the same thing that you are assigned? And what a ruler and what needs glasses?
Every day working at a computer, I noticed blurred, not clearly see objects become, at the end of the day his eyes red and sore. I decided to see a doctor ophthalmologist who discovered my eye disease astigmatism. I have been appointed special drops and glasses or lenses. I chose the second option, since they are not visible, and easy to use. Just a month I am feeling better.
Alice, among the causes of the disease astigmatism doctors called long-term work at the computer, so most likely the disease have occurred before, and not on the computer. But in any case, well, you see an ophthalmologist and started treatment. In our office we have a woman who got rid of astigmatism surgically and feels good now
Now I kind of realize that vision with my friends. They tried to explain it, but somehow confusing. But my MCH also have complaints about the vision long ago, but he had no time to go to the optometrist. He says that one eye sees all objects like something a little bent and thus dull. This may be an astigmatism? And take you into the army with astigmatism, if this is really it?
Vera and Christina! I certainly can not answer, but I know that there are different types of astigmatism: And so with some of them do not take into the army. But it can only clarify vrcha ophthalmologist! In general, there is a saying: the only doctor who thinks that you are fully fit - sits in the military.
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