Myopic astigmatism - a combination of astigmatism and nearsightedness

October 24, 2013

 myopic astigmatism
 Symptoms and treatment of myopic astigmatism are well studied. How this disease suffer vision, it depends on the type of astigmatism and myopic degree. The most radical method of treatment is LASIK - laser eye surgery Laser vision correction - what is the most effective way?  Laser vision correction - what is the most effective way?


What is myopic astigmatism

Myopia and astigmatism - this is not an uncommon combination. Such disorders may develop in one eye, and both. Normally, the reflection of the subject is focused on one point on the retina. When astigmatism due to the irregular shape of the cornea or lens foci (and hence the meridians along which the beam) is set. There are usually two main meridians - vertical and horizontal. Astigmatism is usually more pronounced in the vertical meridian is called direct. If, however, a big difference on the horizontal meridian is called the inverse astigmatism.

Myopic astigmatism can be simple or complex.

Simple myopic astigmatism - this is the normal focus (on the retina) on the same meridian and myopic (short-sighted) on the other - it is located in front of the retina. Complex myopic astigmatism myopic characterized by disturbances in both meridians - are both located in front of the retina focus, but at different distances (different degrees of myopia). Sophisticated direct myopic astigmatism is characterized by the fact that the main vertical meridian of the eye refractive power is slightly higher than in the horizontal.



The most common cause of myopic astigmatism is congenital deformity of the cornea - usually a family feature. Therefore, children born in a family where relatives have astigmatism Astigmatism - lenses, glasses or surgery?  Astigmatism - lenses, glasses or surgery?
 , You need to regularly show the optometrist.

Myopic astigmatism can be purchased - it develops as a result of corneal injury suffered by eye disease or eye surgery - formed scar on the cornea. Less common cause of myopic astigmatism is an irregular shape of the lens.


Symptoms myopic astigmatism

There are three degrees of myopic astigmatism:

  • weak degree - 3 D - this pathology can occur unnoticed, as to identify any deviations from normal vision can only optometrist;
  • Average - from 3 to 6 D - a significant distortion of vision, requiring correction;
  • high - more than 6 D - the patient's vision is distorted, items and objects that he sees lengthened. For example, he can see a circle in the form of a horizontal oval, a square as a rectangle. To the wrong vision of the subject is added and fuzziness, vagueness associated with myopia Myopia - when visual acuity falls  Myopia - when visual acuity falls

In addition to violations of the patient can be frequent headaches, eye fatigue when working.

Myopic astigmatism in children Astigmatism in children - mostly hereditary  Astigmatism in children - mostly hereditary
   It is quite common and is characterized by a distortion of the image of objects in the long and short distances at a time.


Complex myopic astigmatism and the army

High myopia with astigmatism with a difference of refraction in the two principal meridians more than 6 0 D is a cause of the utter uselessness of the service in the army (Category D date)

Moderate myopia with astigmatism with a difference of refraction in the two principal meridians more than 4, 0 D to 6 0 D - limited suitability, provides exemption from conscription: draftee enlisted in the Armed Forces and the stock it issued a military card (date category B);

Mild myopia with astigmatism with a difference of refraction in the two principal meridians 2 0 D before 4 0 D - fit for military service with minor restrictions - is subject to appeal (date category B).


Treatment of myopic astigmatism

Treatment of myopic astigmatism can be conservative and surgical. Conservative treatment is carried out by selection of glasses or contact lenses. The patient was prescribed the wearing of special glasses with complex cylindrical lenses. But the wearing of such glasses in patients with a high degree of myopic astigmatism can cause discomfort - headaches, dizziness, eye discomfort, cramps in the eyes. Choose sunglasses such a patient is very difficult, sometimes it is done in several stages. In addition to vision correction appoint special toric contact lenses. The patient, who use glasses or lenses should see your doctor regularly to make time to replace them with weaker or stronger.

Is more effective surgical treatment. Laser vision correction LASIK procedure now allows patients to miopicheskimastigmatizmom get rid of vision problems.

Myopic astigmatism requires early detection and correction of vision.

Galina Romanenko

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Lenses with astigmatism - Pros and Cons

October 24, 2013

 lens with astigmatism
 Lens with astigmatism can be different. Still advantageously still used in some cases hard contact lenses. But they were replaced by soft toric lenses, which combine the cylindrical glass for correction of astigmatism Astigmatism - modern methods  Astigmatism - modern methods
   and spherical correction of myopia Myopia - when visual acuity falls  Myopia - when visual acuity falls
   or farsightedness.


Contact lenses with astigmatism

Violation of the right of sphericity of the cornea leads to impaired vision - it becomes blurred, indistinct because of the large number of foci formed as on the retina, as well as outside it. This is often accompanied by rapid eye fatigue, pain in the head and eyeballs, dizziness. To all of these unpleasant symptoms disappear, sometimes it is enough to choose the right glasses or contact lenses.

Today, for the correction of astigmatism are increasingly used soft silicone hydrogel toric lenses, which are made from the same materials as regular contact lenses, but also have distinctive features.

These two lenses have different refractive power meridian, which are at right angles to each other. In addition, the toric lens is best kept on the eyes and do not rotate. Available in different toric lenses intended for correcting vision in different types of astigmatism. They are convenient, comfortable and reliable.

Particularly suitable toric contact lenses for children with birth defects in the structure of the cornea. They are from an early age correction is required, and if it is not carried out, vision deteriorates due to the addition of strabismus Strabismus - how to find the cause?  Strabismus - how to find the cause?
   or amblyopia - reduced vision that can not be corrected. Amblyopia is considered one of the most severe complications of child astigmatism.

The constant wearing of glasses is not convenient for all children - they are broken, broken, lost, broken glass from the glasses can injure eyes. Toric contact lenses, replacing glasses - perfect solution.


Toric lenses for astigmatism - advantages

If a person has a degree of astigmatism, then it is difficult to wear glasses. He may experience bouts of headaches, dizziness, pain and discomfort in the eyeballs, feeling that his eyes covered with sand. Especially hard carry glasses people who first wore them as adults. In order to wearing glasses were more comfortable, doctors sometimes reduce them diopters, which adversely affects the visual acuity and may contribute to the progression of astigmatism.

Toric lenses cause much less discomfort, people quickly get used to them and almost no notice. In children, the image goes to the brain when wearing toric lenses, it is more natural. It even allows you to correct a high degree of congenital corneal astigmatism.

Toric lenses have a high tolerance binocular that makes them indispensable in the large difference in diopters between the eyes - they allow you to keep the binocular (both eyes) vision. Toric contact lenses are comfortable in sports, in business trips, while enjoying the outdoors, swimming in ponds and so on.


How to choose the right contact lenses with astigmatism

Wearing toric lenses with astigmatism only makes sense when they are properly matched. Otherwise, the lens (on, however, and points) do not bring benefit and harm, and will contribute to the progression of the disease.

When myopia and hyperopia Hyperopia - than it is fraught?  Hyperopia - than it is fraught?
   for the purchase of lenses people need to know only one parameter - the number of diopters. When the number of diopters of astigmatism in addition to need to know the strength of the cylinder and the cylinder axis, expressed in degrees. Choose the correct toric lens can be a doctor.

But in addition to the selection is also important stabilization lens - fixing the position of the axes on the eyeball, otherwise the lens will rotate. Stabilization can be achieved in various ways, including thickening of the lenses in the lower parts thereof (method of the prismatic ballast) truncating the lower edge of the lens and so on. All of this also makes an ophthalmologist.

After selection of lenses is their man in a test mode for half an hour. And only when the lens is fully fit, it makes the individual lenses. On readmission doctor checks stabilization lens, check the vision in lenses and encourages the patient periodically be an appointment for an eye examination - maybe with the change of the lenses have to be replaced.

Wearing toric lenses, of course, it does not eliminate the astigmatism. But it is beautiful and comfortable way of vision correction. If you do not carry out the correction of astigmatism, you may develop complications, such as strabismus, chronic headaches and so on. Independently, without a prescription, it is not necessary to buy a lens - in this case, they will not benefit, but harm.

Galina Romanenko

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