Sisteyn - moisturizes where needed

May 27, 2010

  • Sisteyn - moisturizes where needed
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 Sisteyn - a non-prescription eye drops Drops for eyes - how to use them properly?  Drops for eyes - how to use them properly?
 Which effectively used for the treatment of conditions such as dry eye syndrome Dry eye syndrome - how to improve quality of life  Dry eye syndrome - how to improve quality of life
 . Dry eye can be caused by allergic reactions Allergic reactions: how to understand why you tickle in the throat  Allergic reactions: how to understand why you tickle in the throat
 , Exposure to smoke, dust, or water, cosmetics, prolonged eye strain.

The composition includes eye drops sisteyn polyethylene glycol and propylene glycol. Compared to many other substances which are used for the treatment of dry eye, they stay longer on the surface of the eye and, respectively, on a longer term relief of symptoms.

 Sisteyn - moisturizes where needed

Safety measures

Sisteyn not use if you are allergic to any of its ingredients - including inactive substances. If you have had allergic reactions to any drugs, eye drops before using consult your doctor.

If there are signs of infection or other disease should also consult a doctor. Sisteyn not treat the infection and other disorders, it only removes symptom such as dry eyes.

Immediately after instillation of the drops sisteyn in the eyes may cause temporary blurred vision. Do not drive immediately after use of the drug.

If despite the use sisteyna symptoms persist or worsen, be sure to consult your doctor.

 Sisteyn - moisturizes where needed


Before we dig into the eyes sisteyn, wash your hands thoroughly. Zaprokinte head back slug pull the lower eyelid with your fingers and formed between the eyeball and eyelid gap drip one drop sisteyna. Close your eyes. Gently press your fingers on the inner corners of the eyes and sit as one minute. If you use more than one drop, the next time to bury the drug should be no earlier than five minutes.

Pipette instillation of eye drops should not touch any surface, including hands - so you protect yourself against various infections.

It is not recommended to use several kinds of eye drops at a time, except when it is recommended by the doctor.

 Sisteyn - moisturizes where needed

Side effects

Overall sisteyn is a very safe drug. However, in some cases it causes the following side effects:

  • Easy burning and irritation of the eyes;
  • Itching and redness of the eyes Red eyes - an occasion consult an ophthalmologist  Red eyes - an occasion consult an ophthalmologist
  • Watery eyes;
  • Blurred visible objects;
  • Bad taste in the mouth.

Stop using sisteyna and call your doctor if you have the following symptoms:

Strong burning after application of drops;

  • Sore eyes;
  • Change of view.

How to restore vision - help their own eyes

September 24, 2014

  • How to restore vision - help their own eyes
  • Farsightedness and nearsightedness

 how to restore sight
 There are a number of recommendations on how to restore the vision in which the authors claim that they really help to start to see better without glasses or surgery.


Is it possible to restore sight without surgery?

Actually restore vision in the home can only to a certain extent - in which one, depends on the individual person. Keep in mind that exercise and vitamins for the eyes Vitamins for the eyes - effective improvement of  Vitamins for the eyes - effective improvement of
   not only improve vision, how slow or even stop its further deterioration. If the patient has developed severe myopia or hyperopia, vision of conservative treatment will not be one hundred percent, but he still has a chance to improve it and, in some cases, eliminate the need to wear contact lenses.

However, initially rely on such a result should not - realistic expectations can help avoid disappointment.

Also, do not rely solely on recommendations on how to restore sight without surgery folk remedies - before embarking on self-treatment, be sure to consult with your doctor. Do not self-medicate, if the vision deteriorates very quickly - it can be a sign of serious violations, which sometimes lead to irreversible consequences.


How to restore sight without surgery - vitamins to restore vision

People who have any problems with your vision, you must make sure that their diet consisted of the following nutrients:

  • Beta-carotene. When taken in combination with zinc, vitamins C and E, it may inhibit degenerative processes, which lead to damage to the retina. Sources of beta-carotene are carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes, apricots;
  • Bioflavonoids are particularly useful in the age of visual impairment. they are contained in different types of tea, red wine, citrus fruits, blueberries Benefits and harms of blueberries: the health of the forest  Benefits and harms of blueberries: the health of the forest
 , Blueberries, cherries, beans;
  • Lutein and zeaxanthin - two natural carotenoid that improves vision and can prevent the development of cataracts. They are contained in spinach, cabbage, green;
  • Omega-3 help maintain eyesight and eliminate the dry eyes. Their main sources of - fish (such as herring, salmon and mackerel), walnuts, flax seeds;
  • Selenium combined with carotenoids and vitamins C and E may contribute to the gradual recovery of vision and slow the progression of eye diseases associated with aging. Selenium is found in seafood, Brazil nuts, brown rice;
  • Vitamin A helps to slow down the decrease in visual acuity and to cope with dry eyes. It is found in chicken liver, beef, eggs, butter, milk, and fruits and vegetables orange;
  • Vitamin C prevents or slows the disease processes affecting the retina. Its main sources - citrus fruits, peppers, strawberries, strawberries, melons, broccoli;
  • Vitamin D is necessary to maintain healthy eyes. It is produced when a person is under the open sky on a sunny day, and is also found in salmon, mackerel, herring, milk and certain foods fortified with vitamin D;
  • Vitamin E alone improves and enhances the effect of other vitamins and minerals. It is found in almonds Use almond: Fertility symbol of peace  Use almond: Fertility symbol of peace
 , Sunflower seeds, walnuts;
  • Zinc, like vitamin E, other vitamins improves the efficiency of recovery, but also prevents deterioration of night vision. sources of zinc are oysters, bacon and turkey.

In general, when planning your diet, a person who wants to restore vision, must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The basis of the diet should be fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and dairy products low in fat;
  • The daily diet should include lean meat, poultry, fish, beans, eggs and nuts - they are a source of useful proteins and fats;
  • The consumption of saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, sugar and salt must be minimized.


Gingko biloba

Supplementation with gingko biloba stimulate blood flow and therefore nutrients to the retina, thereby slowing the deterioration of, and in some cases may even improve vision. Pregnant and lactating women as well as men who are taking any medications, and who have a chronic disease, before taking gingko biloba consult with your doctor.


Work properly on the computer

The list of recommendations on how to restore the sight of the house would not be complete without this item. Scientists have long spoken about the dangers of computers and various gadgets for the view, but the true impact of their constant use, we may still be assessed when a generation of people who used this technique since childhood, starts to reach a mature-aged and elderly. To reduce the harmful effects of the computer on the eye:

  • Take care of the right light. Eyestrain, which eventually leads to vision loss, often caused by too bright light sources which can be like the sun through the window, and still powerful lamps in the room. In the room where you are working at a computer, it is advisable to close the windows with thick curtains or blinds, or have your work area so that the computer was standing sideways to the window - so the screen will reflect less light. If possible, also take care that the screen does not reflect light bulbs - These reflections lead to the rapid eye fatigue;
  • Adjust display settings - brightness, font size and contrast, color temperature. The brightness of the display should be approximately equal to the brightness of the surrounding world - then it will not cause excessive strain on the eyes. Look at the white background web page or text document, if it looks like a light source, the brightness must be reduced, and if it seems gray and dull, it is better to increase. The font size and contrast must be such that it may be as much as possible to work with large documents. The term color temperature used to describe the visible light spectrum, which emits a color monitor. Shades of blue will cause eye fatigue than the red and orange colors;
  • Take breaks. At least once a half hour at least twenty seconds, look out the window or any object on the far wall;
  • Blink frequently. It is known that people while working at the computer blink about a third less than usual. As a result, the surface of the liquid evaporates from the surface of the eye faster because of which symptoms such as fatigue, eye redness and irritation Red eyes - an occasion consult an ophthalmologist  Red eyes - an occasion consult an ophthalmologist
  • Keep your distance. Studies have shown that for the most comfortable and safe for the eyes working at a computer person should sit so that the monitor is slightly below eye level, and the distance between the face and the screen should be between 50 to 71 cm. In this position, the load on the neck, shoulders and the eye becomes minimum;
  • Limit time on the computer. This recommendation applies especially children. Today, many parents wonder how to restore the child's vision - vision problems are distributed to the children, not least thanks to computers. Explain to your child that the computer - it is primarily a tool for work and study, and take care of the fact that he was able to play outdoor games with real, not virtual friends. Walk with them to the playground and the stadium, meet with the children of his friends, allowing him to invite their friends to visit - the greater interests of the child will be in the real world, the less time it will spend at the computer in search of virtual entertainment.