Odontogenic sinusitis - how the infection of the maxillary sinus - Symptoms

March 25, 2013

  • Odontogenic sinusitis - as a sinus infection occurs
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 odontogenic sinusitis symptoms

Symptoms - What are the features

Clinical symptoms that occur when odontogenic sinusitis Sinusitis - when a puncture is required  Sinusitis - when a puncture is required
 They differ specificity for a given disease. The greatest value in terms of the diagnostic importance is given to local manifestations. Odontogenic sinusitis symptoms associated with the development of inflammation in the upper jaw, so the joint examination with a dentist has important diagnostic value.

 Symptoms | Odontogenic sinusitis - as a sinus infection occurs

The presence of the primary focus of inflammation

Among the clinical manifestations of odontogenic sinusitis should be made especially one .  It is the presence of the patient's tooth, one that has become a source of proliferation of bacteria .  Most often the problematic tooth becomes upper molar (fourth, fifth or sixth molars) .  Even in the case where the tooth was removed some time ago, it still can cause the development of sinusitis .  The lack of a tooth does not mean that there can be no later sinusitis .  In most cases, there is a bad tooth .  The first complaint of patients is pain in the problematic tooth .  In marked inflammation may appear swollen cheeks, the skin at the site of the projections of the tooth becomes congested .  At this stage of the disease should not be afraid to go to the doctor, take the treatment on their own at home, as the inflammatory process will spread further and lead to complications .  It should be noted several distinctive features of the flow of odontogenic sinusitis:

  • inflammatory process is one-sided, is shown on the side where the source of infection, that is a bad tooth
  • Development odontogenic sinusitis is primarily a chronic process, although its origin is assessed as an acute inflammation

Pain syndrome in some cases may be unexpressed, patients notice a feeling of heaviness, bursting pain in the maxillary sinus. Asymptomatic options odontogenic sinusitis are rare, which will largely be determined by the severity of the inflammatory process. Acute process is accompanied by the characteristic features of the general inflammatory response with the change of the general state of health and laboratory parameters.

 Symptoms | Odontogenic sinusitis - as a sinus infection occurs

The peculiarity of local symptoms

As a result of inflammation in the maxillary sinus appears nasal congestion. A characteristic feature is the presence of purulent nasal discharge, which have a specific odor. Odor may be from the mouth, so the symptoms should be paid attention. Odor due to the fact that odontogenic sinusitis is caused by bacteria that can develop in the absence of oxygen (anaerobic bacterial species). It is also the cause of the odor is the spread of the inflammatory process in the bone tissue and its destruction. At the beginning of the disease highlight Discharges in women when there is cause for concern  Discharges in women when there is cause for concern
   nose will mucopurulent, and in the future, when the process is distributed in the sinus cavity with the development of purulent inflammation, purulent discharge becomes.

During the inspection of the projection of the paranasal sinuses, that is, its front wall, there is a sharp pain. Fabrics lower eyelid and suborbital area will be somewhat swollen. In chronic form of odontogenic sinusitis complain of malaise, weakness and pronounced subfebrile body temperature and the appearance of the morning muco-purulent discharge from the nose on the affected side. Symptoms most pronounced during exacerbation of the process, which can occur after a cold or hypothermia.

Sinusitis - the treatment may only be carried out under the supervision of a physician - without puncture

March 20, 2013

  • Sinusitis - the treatment may only be carried out under the supervision of a physician
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  • Without a puncture
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 sinusitis treatment without puncture

Treatment of sinusitis without puncture - how effective this approach

In the case of sinusitis patient must assign complex treatment. In rare cases, when the cause of acute inflammation is a viral infection, sinusitis clinic can pass on their own for four weeks. Sinusitis treatment without puncture is quite acceptable therapeutic tactic that is considered to be quite effective.

 Without a puncture | Sinusitis - the treatment may only be carried out under the supervision of a physician

Removing acute inflammation

The process of acute inflammation of the sinuses can not pass on their own, if the cause of the disease is the bacterial flora. In this situation, you must go through a complex treatment, which should include the following component parts:

  • antibacterial and sulfa drugs
  • the development of the temperature of the reaction appoint antipyretics
  • vasoconstrictors
  • complete multivitamin preparations

As a therapeutic method can be recommended to wash the sinuses. The main aim of therapeutic measures should be to prevent the progression of the acute inflammatory process, and improve drainage from the sinus contents. Nasal lavage procedure contributes to the effective elimination of the phenomena of inflammation. There is a cleaning sinuses of mucus from the biologically active substances that can maintain inflammation. Positive effect was observed in the case where mucus accumulates as a thick and viscous secretion. This secret should be washed with special antiseptic or antibacterial agents that will improve its outflow.

In modern conditions the wash procedure can be performed even at home. To this end, a special system for nasal shower, which is convenient, efficient, to reduce the length of stay in hospital (the length of stay is reduced by 30%). This system is available to pregnant women and children, which is an advantage, if there is no allergic complications. During the procedure, nasal douche is not only the removal of stagnant content, as well as the simultaneous washing of the mucosa and their impact on the drug. If the inflammation is caused by a viral infection, it may take its own without special treatment, the symptoms of the disease subside gradually.

 Without a puncture | Sinusitis - the treatment may only be carried out under the supervision of a physician

What can support the inflammatory process

Inflammation in the sinuses can be supported by a variety of causes that will promote long-term, chronic course of sinusitis. The first stage is assigned antibiotic therapy in combination of two drugs. If the background of the change of antibiotics Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future?  Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future?
   the process of inflammation is still present, in such a situation should resolve the issue of carrying out surgical correction. The presence of adenoid growths, nasal septum deviation requires timely treatment, as it will further contribute to the chronicity of sinusitis.

One of the reasons that can lead to chronic sinusitis Chronic sinusitis - the effect on health  Chronic sinusitis - the effect on health
 It odontogenic cause (the presence of carious teeth, unprofessional conduct surgery to remove a tooth). Infection of the maxillary sinus in this case most often is one-sided. Treatment would consist of sinusitis in the treatment of existing problems in the oral cavity, which support the inflammatory process. The infection of the oral cavity easily penetrates to sinuses, so be sure to eliminate the cause of odontogenic sinusitis.