Pain in the left side - is possible, even a heart attack - Types

November 11th, 2010

  • Pain in the left side - even possible heart attack
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 types of pain in his left side

What is in the left side

Any pain in your side, if they continue for a long time - it is a reason for going to the clinic. If pain is very strong, and began suddenly, you should call an ambulance: only a doctor will be able to understand what and why pain in his side and the need for a person to emergency care, including surgery.

On the left side are the most different organs. First of all, there is a chest cavity, abdominal cavity (it is lined with a thin membrane from the inside - the peritoneum), retroperitoneal space (located between the rear wall of the peritoneum and the spine with ribs) and pelvic cavity (located under the abdominal cavity). All these bodies have cavities. In addition, the source of pain in the left side and the spine may be.

In the thoracic cavity on the left is the heart and left lung, coated pleura, in the abdomen on the left - part of the stomach, intestines and spleen, in the retroperitoneal space left - the tail of the pancreas, left kidney and ureter in the pelvic cavity - left ovary and left fallopian tube .


Acute pain in left side

Sharp pains in the left side can be:

  • atypical form of myocardial infarction when there is not a sharp pain in the chest and on the left; to understand that in this case, the pain of heart, it is very difficult;
  • in acute pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas); pain is usually very strong, constant, often girdle, but may be left, accompanied by vomiting, and occurs more often in violation of the regime or diet (for example, after drinking);
  • at acute intestinal obstruction in the final section of the large intestine - pain Expander nature, permanent, growing;
  • Left renal colic - acute pain that occurs during the passage of urinary tract stones;
  • when left-sided strangulated inguinal hernia Inguinal hernia - dangerous or not?  Inguinal hernia - dangerous or not?
 When violated bowel loops;
  • when perforated stomach ulcer - the pain is sharp, knife-like; at the same time possibly bleeding, the patient feels a sharp weakness and loses consciousness;
  • trauma of the spleen - a sharp pain and internal bleeding with rapid loss of consciousness;
  • when left-sided ectopic pregnancy; the fertilized egg is in the fallopian tube, and when it reaches a large enough size, pipe breaks, which is accompanied by severe pain and internal bleeding with rapid loss of consciousness;
  • when left-sided ovarian apoplexy Ovarian apoplexy - that require immediate help  Ovarian apoplexy - that require immediate help
   - The sudden hemorrhage in the ovary, which is accompanied by its rupture and bleeding into the abdominal cavity; It occurs more frequently on the right, but sometimes to the left; signs: sudden sharp pain and rapid loss of consciousness due to internal bleeding.

When a sudden acute pain in the left side should immediately call an ambulance: in an emergency, to sort out exactly what the patient needs help, the doctor can only.


Recurring or unexpressed pain in left side

Mild pain in the left side can also occur when very different diseases:

  • with left-sided lobar pneumonia Lobar pneumonia - severe course of the disease  Lobar pneumonia - severe course of the disease
   and pleura; if the disease started acutely, sometimes the patient does not even have a cough, but it becomes difficult to breathe, there is fever;
  • osteochondrosis of the thoracic spine - pain may occur in the course of the left intercostal nerves, aggravated by movement;
  • in chronic pancreatitis - aching pain are often herpes character, give back, but may be localized to the left and almost always combined with nausea, violation of appetite, constipation and diarrhea;
  • gastric ulcer - localization of the pain depends on where it is in the stomach is a pathological process; the pain often associated with eating or incurred on an empty stomach;
  • in chronic colitis (inflammation of the walls of the colon) - recurrent cramping abdominal pain Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms  Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms
 Constipation with diarrhea may appear blood in the stool;
  • dysbacteriosis - reducing the amount of the normal intestinal flora and increase in conditionally pathogenic microflora, resulting in disturbed natural process of digestion; the pain often associated with the accumulation of gas in the intestines and are cramping in nature;
  • at end-growing tumor of the large intestine divisions; Pain may be of different nature, often cramping - occur on the background of intestinal cramps;
  • in chronic left-sided adnexitis (inflammation of the ovaries) - aching pain in the left lower abdomen;
  • chronic inflammatory diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract to the left (for example, left-sided pyelonephritis) - constant aching too intense pain in his left side, towards the back.

Any recurring over time pain in left side need further examination and clarification of their origin. These pains can be a sign of a small functional disorders of the body, and can signal serious trouble. Therefore, in such cases, the pain is not recommended to remove the intake of painkillers, because the pain - a signal that the body gives us that somewhere something is not right. The best way out of the situation in such a situation - seek medical advice.

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Baralgin: painkiller - Mechanism of Action

April 24, 2011

  • Baralgin: anesthetic
  • Mechanism of action
  • Side effects
  • Baralgin and alcohol

 mechanism of action baralgina

The mechanism of action baralgina

Baralgin - a combined preparation having in its composition of three components: metamizol sodium (for us this drug is known as analgin) pitofenone and fenpiveriniya bromide. Available in vials for intravenous and intramuscular injection in the form of tablets.

Analgin has analgesic and antipyretic effect. Pitofenone relaxes the smooth muscles of internal organs and blood vessels (ie, acts like papaverine Papaverine - for pain caused by spasms of smooth muscles  Papaverine - for pain caused by spasms of smooth muscles
   or no-shpe), its effect increases fenpiveriniya bromide, which also relaxes the smooth muscles (myotropic action). At the same time taking the three drugs reinforce each other's action, and the drug has a good analgesic effect.

Unfortunately, to date, proved the high toxicity of dipyrone, so long-term use is not recommended baralgin.


Indications and contraindications for use baralgina

Application baralgina shown:

  • for pain caused by spasms of smooth muscles of internal organs (eg renal colic Renal colic: a signal that the danger in the bud  Renal colic: a signal that the danger in the bud
 , Cholelithiasis, dyskinesia biliary tract, after the removal of the gall bladder, intestinal colic, chronic colitis, chronic gastritis, chronic cholecystitis, chronic pancreatitis);
  • painful menstruation, and some inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, accompanied by spasms of smooth muscles of internal organs;
  • pain in the muscles and joints;
  • for pain arising from inflammatory or nerve trunks disadvantaged;
  • for pain arising after surgery or diagnostic tests.

Application baralgina contraindicated:

  • hypersensitivity to one of the components of the drug;
  • with severe renal impairment, liver or cardiovascular system;
  • in violation of hematopoiesis;
  • in certain enzyme disorders (deficiency of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase)
  • in disorders of heart rhythm;
  • in severe forms of angina pectoris;
  • an increase in intraocular pressure (glaucoma);
  • Pumping at the prostate tissue with disorders of urination;
  • with symptoms of acute abdomen, including acute appendicitis and intestinal obstruction;
  • with a sharp decrease in blood pressure Blood pressure - dangerous if his swing?  Blood pressure - dangerous if his swing?
  • during pregnancy and while feeding the baby Breastfeeding - a personal choice  Breastfeeding - a personal choice
  • Childhood (solution - up to 3 months, the tablets - up to 5 years).