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November 6, 2013

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 psychology of relationships how to keep warm

Psychology relations - how to keep the heat for a long time

Any relationship must be maintained, which will agree, requires some effort on both sides. Of course, different relationships require different "feeding", some require more time and attention than others. For example, the ratio in the stage of crisis, requires special care and attention, as well as ongoing efforts to overcome the crisis and restore peace.

However, if your romantic relationship developed quite smoothly, without major fluctuations, and you want to keep this pace, there are several effective tools to help maintain interest in each other, even after several years of marriage.

Before exploring these instructions to act, please note that although these methods work reliably in most cases, the frequency and time of their use should be regulated. In no case do not abuse them, or a friend you suspect of insincerity (or even infidelity), and thrills away from the frequent repetition. Yet it is not necessary to start their implementation with enthusiasm doomed to death - some skill, of course, in this case requires any offer your a romantic sense should look natural. On the whole, happy, harmonious relationship retained as long as the partners feed each other respect and love, and any attempt to extend them forcibly fails. So, a few tips on how to quickly and painlessly show your favorite gentle attitude.


Make it sincere compliments

What does it mean to "make sincere compliments?" Nothing special .  Just when your favorite part of the room in a new mind-blowing dress (or without it), and your heart starts to beat faster, tell her about it .  Tell me, how well it looks like you're happy to be with her, how lucky you are (if you think so, of course) .  Or praise favorite for promotion at work, which it has long deserved, for the important achievements in your career or something, what it can be proud of .  Such compliments are never superfluous or too far-fetched, and women are valued more than the standard praises beauty .  Sounded you prove verbal intelligence, beauty and exclusivity relaxing woman adjust her a romantic mood, and you will not have long to convince her of his feelings .  In addition, your attitude, expressed compliments, give women confidence in themselves, but as it is you have improved her mood, thanks to the part of the beloved will not take long .


Do one of its most persistent requests

Think about what your favorite is already long and unsuccessfully asking you - for example, a closer shave, or to invite her to a restaurant - and you pretend that you do not hear? Well, if you will strain a bit and make her request (or better yet, if you follow it consistently request), a favorite certainly notice and appreciate your attention. Such good works do not require much effort on your part - just pay more attention to the words of a friend, and will reward you praise your favorite. The secret lies not in the fact that you are doing what you like and what she asked you. See the difference? The request girlfriend says that you sometimes listen to her, and not just sports commentators. Select several of its most persistent requests and fulfill them!


Surprise her

Even the smallest romantic gesture could play a very important role in the relationship. If you know that the favorite was tired after a hard day, make a home dinner at her favorite restaurant or cafe. Or entertain her friend her favorite delicacies or ice cream. A small gift (not necessarily expensive or special) will certainly raise her spirits - just think about what might please her. Choose things in its taste - it will emphasize the special intimacy and confidence of your relationship and your awareness of its preferences. Women happy to receive such unexpected gifts, in addition, they emphasize how much you care about the details.


Spend more time with her

Let's face it: many men come in indignation at the mere hint of what to change the company of friends for the evening with a favorite .  Ironically, women fully understand your feelings and realize the importance of a strong male friendship, so most of them are ready for some time to step back and take a back seat .  However, it is very important that you understand what is really important in your life - pals or favorite .  Give her to feel it - is no less important than to understand it myself .  From time to time, rather than go to a bar with friends, watch a movie at home .  Such small concessions to bring much fruit, so be sure that the woman is aware, for what you sacrifice for her go .  Sometimes, if a friend did not appreciate the extent of your sacrifice, do not be amiss to her this hint .  In no case do not feel sorry about it "generous" act - no thoughts hover somewhere far away, as if the departing service; Let favorite knows that, even though you cherish the company of friends, always ready to spend time with his girlfriend .


Write her a note

Power of the printed or written word still has not been canceled - sometimes a single word in a note louder than a hundred trusty compliments Compliments and their meaning: do not mistake the words  Compliments and their meaning: do not mistake the words
 . Small romantic messages and notes - that material evidence of your senses, so that women do not often get. It need not be sugary recognition of women's novels. Just write on the card something personal, not just sign it, or leave a note if you have been in an apartment in her absence. Do not be afraid of romantic gestures and appeals - I feel free to write "your" or "love" instead of "see you" and "goodbye" - you do refers not to a work colleague, and to the woman he loves.


More often go out together

Oddly enough, not strengthen relations major events, such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries mutual friends dating and everyday dinners and breakfasts. Just try to spend more time together: go to the movies, a restaurant or a football. Remember that the general emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code  Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code
   pull together. The appearance together in public places gives a woman confidence that you - a couple, so that even in the circle of friends, this close relationship is maintained.

In general, the secret of long-term harmonious relations is to remind each other about their relationship. Small gestures of attention on both sides - and you'll be more likely to think about it, and it will be more condescending to look at your weaknesses and faults that extends relationship. Remember that everything mentioned in this article will never be over, too expensive or untimely. These tokens will not change your life, but it will help to keep delicate and harmonious relationship, because life is, by and large, and consists of such trifles.

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