Ten disgusting habits that do not like your girl - Send it indecent photos

May 15, 2011

  • Ten disgusting habits that do not like your girlfriend
  • Send it indecent photos

Send her a photo of his penis by phone

Sharing photos erotic content - a new kind of phone sex. "Describe what you are wearing," severe shortness of breath - all this in the past. Today, you can at any time send his girlfriend your intimate photos. Actually, there is nothing criminal; it is a demonstration of your passion, your desire, proof that you want it, even when it is not there.

Another thing - to send her a photo of your erect penis. This is totally unacceptable. Imagine if it will get them during business meetings or dinner with your parents? You never know who may be with her at this point, someone accidentally glance over her shoulder as she opens your message. Also, do not forget that the male genitals - not the most aesthetically pleasing thing in the world. It will be difficult to return to the interrupted dinner.

 Send it indecent photos | Ten disgusting habits that do not like your girlfriend

Regularly wank

A man has needs. Sometimes he has to meet those needs themselves. And even when he has a permanent sexual partner, a man often keeps close contact with his right hand. Once per day in this case is enough. If you - if there is a permanent girls - continue to masturbate twice a day or more frequently, it means that you have serious psychological problems.

What she thought, if he finds out about this your "innocent" habit? One of two things: either it does not satisfy your sexual appetite, or you have not grown to a serious relationship. And in fact, in both cases it will be disappointed. If you absolutely can not do without masturbation dealing with this only when assured that the girls are not around.

 Send it indecent photos | Ten disgusting habits that do not like your girlfriend

Do not hide love for comics and cosplay

Contemporary art is multifaceted and diverse: this abstract paintings of avant-garde artists, and comics for adults. Everyone will find in it something of their own. However, your love for anime and manga is not talking about the love of art, but rather about the fascination with pornography - graceful creatures with a tiny mouth and huge breasts'm not to the aesthetic of hunger to satisfaction, and to stave off hunger much more vile.

Your girl is ready to accept the fact that her man is still interested in comics, but if the heroine of comic books - half-naked nymphets that and then get into the erotic rework - she'll think you're a pervert. And do not even ask her to put on a costume of your favorite comic book heroine - it will be the last straw.

 Send it indecent photos | Ten disgusting habits that do not like your girlfriend

Offering sex in her parents' house

As you know, the forbidden fruit is sweet. Especially when it comes to sex. Lifts, toilets of restaurants and airplanes, fitting rooms in shops, the house of her parents ... Of course, you can offer it, but she seems very strange that the presence of the wall of her parents excites you.

She will think that you have some unhealthy erotic fantasies involving her parents - or you hidden exhibitionist. In any case, the proximity of the parents are likely to have a negative impact on the libido of your girl.

 Send it indecent photos | Ten disgusting habits that do not like your girlfriend

Without her knowledge to shoot homemade porn with her participation

Every day, homemade porn is becoming increasingly popular. Even celebrities are not averse to this genre of home video. Home porn - it's not just a video memory, and a great tool to ignite passion in the future. View home porn - beautiful prelude.

But not all women share this view. First, they fear that the video could fall into the wrong hands. Second, they fear that you can use as incriminating evidence in the event of separation (eg, post it to the Internet in retaliation for the insult). Finally, they are simply afraid to look bad in the frame. Homemade porn can be removed only with the consent of the girl, specifying all the details in advance.

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How to deal with difficult people and keep your sanity: tips - Conversation

May 24, 2012

  • How to deal with difficult people and keep the mind: useful tips
  • Dialog
 how to communicate difficult people dialogue

Start Conversation

Like any important matter, this conversation requires preparation. What kind of change you want to see in the behavior of your companion? And what do you expect from a relationship with him? As long as you do not answer these questions, you're not ready to talk.

If you are afraid of a negative reaction, premeditated actions. What do you do: turn around and leave? Try to breathe deeply until your interlocutor does not calm down? This exercise will also help you think about what could provoke such a reaction.

Make sure that you no one bothered to close was not outsiders. Choose to call a time when the source is not tired and does not die of hunger, so that he could devote all your attention.


How to talk

  • Begin a conversation with sincere praise - this method is especially effective if you are afraid to hurt the feelings of the interlocutor. If it is a loved one, explain to him that you love him very much and want to keep these relationships, so start this unpleasant conversation.
  • Condemn the actions, not the person. We must learn to separate the identity of the person from his actions. Frank confrontation in many ways similar to the educational process. You can not tell the child: "You are bad! ", Say:" You're not done. "
  • Specific examples of "bad behavior." In no case do not blame the man in anything without concrete evidence. Do not say "You are such a snob! "Say," Last week, three times you criticized my clothes, calling it "cheap". "
  • Tell me what you would like to change. The next time your girlfriend, considers itself homegrown Freud tries to dig into your brain, stop it with these words: "I appreciate your advice, and I know that you want to help. But you know, I do not need advice, I just need to listen to me desirable understanding. I say this because I want to continue to be honest with you. "
  • Learn from the interlocutor. If you are not curious by the interlocutor, the conversation will turn into a didactic lecture. Calling immediately ask, "What do you think about this? "Or" Do you, too, had similar feelings? ".
  • Be careful, watch your body language. It turns out that only 7% of information in any communications we receive through verbal communication. The remaining 93% of the information gives us the tone of voice, facial expression, facial expressions, gestures and body movements.


Do not go ahead

Straight talk is far from being effective in all cases. Some people (even the closest) will accept your sincerity as a challenge, so them to behave differently, not so straightforward. In such situations, the humor comes to the rescue. For example, if your sister has a terrible habit of annoying you to critically analyze everything you tell her, say, "It feels like I'm at a reception at the analyst, but the couch is not enough. Doctor, how much do I owe you for a session? ".

Here are a few strategies of behavior with difficult people:

  • Find the application of the "talents" that person. For example, if your friend is always soberly assess the situation and quickly takes you to the rose-colored glasses, you can refer to it when conceive a new adventure - she was always honest to say why you should not implement its plans and keep you from rash step. Often have to deal with the all-knowing? Turn the conversation to the topic that interests you - so you can learn a lot, until you have an opportunity to escape.
  • Remember the rule: it is possible to predict to what you can prepare. Note that in your face with dejected sent to a colleague, stand up from the table and under the pretext leave the room for a few minutes. If this is not possible, take the phone and pretend that busy. Having received no sympathy from you, a colleague will seek it from someone else.
  • Leave the last word. If someone gives you unsolicited advice, politely thank. As a rule, this is enough to stop further recommendations. In a conversation with a braggart smile more, and then the answer: "It's just wonderful. So glad (s) for you. "
  • Develop a plan of retreat. When you can not get rid of the obsessive interlocutor on the phone, pretend that you have a pressing matter, and under this pretext, finish the conversation.

The main thing - often remind yourself that any advantage can be a disadvantage, and vice versa. Yes, Natasha is always late, but her flippant attitude to time and commitment makes it the soul of the company. So the next time a meeting with Natasha grab a good book or magazine and come twenty minutes after the appointed time. Then you do not have to exhaust itself in anger and irritation.