Holiday romance: love life limited

December 21, 2013

 summer fling
 Many believe part of a holiday romance holiday. Sea, sun, alcohol, reckless flirting Flirting: Ten amazing facts  Flirting: Ten amazing facts
   and a passionate affair, the end date which is known in advance - this is considered to be a standard set of recipe perfect holiday. However, you may want to think in advance about the consequences of the resort's novels, which are not always pleasant?


Holiday romance - not treason?

It is believed that of all the possible ways to change your partner a holiday romance Holiday romance - as perceived by men  Holiday romance - as perceived by men
   - The most harmless. The risk that legitimate half know about this "prank" is minimal. And it is quite unlikely that the holiday lover or beloved once on the verge of any proposal to continue the dialogue. Even if the secret revealed, it's not so scary. Hardly lawful husband or wife will suffer because of this novel: the obvious, that those relationships do not have to continue, and that there was nothing more than just sex for tasty cocktails.

Indeed, most holiday romance manages to keep a secret. However, this does not always happen. No wonder they say that the world is small: the beloved holiday may be a colleague, or even subordinate to her husband and cheerful resort familiar - an old friend of his wife. It is possible that in the next room will rest some nodding acquaintances legitimate half, which, however, did not miss a chance to gossip. As a result, absolute assurance that the novel at the resort will remain secret, to be still can not.

Do not underestimate the resort and explore. Although it is believed that the novel on holiday, by definition, does not impose any obligation on the part of many resort visitors (especially women) are such relationships very seriously. This means that a casual acquaintance could turn from one side into something more. Human ingenuity will find a way to find a lover or beloved - at a time when almost everyone has an account in social networks, it's a snap. And then it can happen, anything. For example, a casual acquaintance of his called his wife and told her the favorite of his existence. Or resort beloved husband was coming to his beloved, to clarify the relationship.

The most unpleasant option - if you give a holiday romance is not only beautiful feeling, but also diseases, sexually transmitted diseases. In the heat of passion, and under the influence of alcohol vapor so easy to forget about security, and save the funds is not all infections. We know about the disease and may be a couple of months after the rest: to explain his need for the second half of the treatment can be difficult.

The ratio of the spouses to the resort's novels their halves also not always loyal. The betrayal - a betrayal, and does it matter in what circumstances it occurred? Yes, perhaps someone better survive treason partner, knowing that everything that happened - an accident. However, the experience will still be, and return the lost trust may not be so easy.


Prevention holiday novels

Is it possible to protect your family from holiday novels? The easiest way - make it a rule always just relax together. Some argue that the spouses have to take breaks periodically to communicate to revive extinct passion. But if the rest separately, then the probability that one of the partners will be an affair, is quite high. It is better not to make such checks its relations and revive extinct passion by some other means.

Unfortunately, the rest together is not always possible. And if a loved one goes to a resort one can only come to terms with what is happening. It is not necessary to suffer from jealousy Jealousy and what to do with it  Jealousy and what to do with it
   and experience, not worth phoning him three times a day and agonizing wait for his call. Better to just accept the fact that the probability of betrayal there, but that does not mean that the partner is required to take the opportunity to have an affair.

After the return of a loved one to rest better not ask him too much detail, do not look for inconsistencies in his words, is not to figure out the nuances. It is better to refrain from checking the contents of his pockets, a mailbox, a telephone notebook. In this situation, the best of something not know because that knowledge will not bring satisfaction.


Can you forgive?

Having learned that the partner did not waste time in vain on vacation, deceived husband feels a strong offense. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the one who cheated, engaged in solving family problems or work, while his half amused at the resort. In such a situation it would be desirable to immediately take revenge, revenge, punish ... Should we do it?

Divorced because of the holiday novels is quite rare - this excuse is considered serious enough to interrupt relations. At the same time, and for the benefit of family relationships is not a holiday romance. Trust is lost, deceived husband gets jealous spouses lose contact and can not agree.

Of course, over time, the incident can forgive and even forget. Psychologists often advised to refer to the holiday novels with humor, as something not very serious. Indeed, the probability that the affair on vacation turn into something more negligible and, therefore, do not worry about it. Either way, the wrong partner, but returned to his family, and his adventure is not even remember.

Of course, it is quite weak consolation, and yet it is possible to reassure himself that way. But in the future, just in case it is better not to send the partner a vacation: Travel allows you to enjoy holiday romance Romance - trap for women?  Romance - trap for women?
   together and take a fresh look at the man who had relations with more than one year.

Maria Bykov

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Office Romance: to be or not to be him?

December 20, 2013

 love affair at work
 Modern man devotes a considerable part of his life work, and there is nothing surprising in the fact that the office romance has become one of the signs of our time: people have too little time on the device of their lives outside the office. But should start an office romance? This question is no single answer - it all depends on the situation.


Advantages of office romances

Office Romance by chance are so popular: they have a lot of advantages:

  • No need to spend time and effort to search for the hero of the novel - there he is, sitting at the next table or in the next room;
  • On his beloved can be a lot to learn from the comfort of the office, his habits, character, career prospects and family situation for anybody not a secret;
  • Romance at work improves mood, lets look good and promotes professional growth - because it wants to make an impression on the loved one;
  • If at least one of a pair of runs in a separate room, it allows for common fantasies about sex at work, or simply to diversify their sex life goodbye at lunchtime;
  • If one of the lovers is higher on the career ladder, it can help partners win certain professional heights, or at least be willing to turn a blind eye to minor flaws in the work.


Disadvantages of office romances

Entering into a relationship to work, it must be remembered that these relations can bring not only joy, but also a lot of problems:

  • Not always both partners feel affection for each other: often office romances occur not for love but for money. Tellingly, the calculation is not always right;
  • In most cases, the lovers have to hide their relationship from the team to avoid gossip. It's not as easy as it might seem at first glance: there will always be someone who finds lovers by surprise;
  • Always stay close to your loved one may not be very nice. At some point there comes fatigue;
  • During an argument with her lover can not be "forgotten", immersed in the work;
  • After the end of the novel to someone of the two certainly have to find a new job: the joint activity is unlikely to be possible. Well, if the separation will take place peacefully, otherwise the recent partner can greatly complicate the life and ruin the reputation.



By the official attitude of the novels in the office can be very different. Ideal - if the interest arises between man and woman, who are free from the bonds of marriage and occupy equivalent positions. Such couples can not even hide mutual interest. As a rule, colleagues are like novels quite favorably, problems can only start after breaking up couples.

If one or even both are not free, the attitude of others to the novel may already be far less loyal. Such stories may aggravate the situation in the team. It is not excluded, who are some of the colleagues will take advantage of this opportunity to annoy lovers and report novel legitimate part of a man or woman. The administration also refers to such relations without enthusiasm, believing that they distract from the work of the whole team, and do not contribute to the preservation of a healthy environment in the office.

Particular rejection in a group can cause a misalliance. Not everyone is ready to work in good faith to reach the career heights: many people think that it is much easier to seduce the boss and boss. For all its banality, such mesalliances quite popular. Of course, the collective attitude toward subordinates who make a career in this way, usually sharply negative. Head also lose the respect of subordinates.

Of course, it is possible that someone will find a place on your true love: in fact, even in the organization of the relationship is not always built on a single calculation. Well, if that love is mutual - such a novel could become happy.


What's next?

Office Romance, like the novel is the office walls, can result in different ways: someone creates a family for years to come, someone quietly disperses and remains on friendly terms, and someone breaks up with scandals, mutual accusations and attempts to avenge loved Recently a man. But in almost all cases, at least one of the pair has to resign from his job. And traditionally "weak link" is a woman: only if the woman is an indispensable employee and occupies a high position, do not dismiss it as a man.

Those who cherish the work and reputation, should think carefully before answering frank flirtation colleagues: regardless of what the outcome of the novel, most likely, it will have to pay for the loss of the current post. Someone has to pay the price, without batting an eye, for those who dream of a career like that can become an ordeal. Especially dangerous are office romances for married and married: for such a relationship is almost always becomes known.

For many girls marry the boss - the ultimate dream. But the smart boss does not his wife will promote the career ladder, and ask her to leave. At best, you can expect that its connection to help young wife to find a new job. Women are more likely to help their loved ones in his career, but as a team, such actions rarely find a positive response, as instructor for many try to avoid such situations.

Most worryingly, if after separation to work together. And it's not just that people do not want to communicate, to constantly communicate, but also the fact that not everyone is able to leave in a civilized way. This means that it is likely that the former lovers will avenge each other. This work is suffering, suffering reputation suffer relationships with colleagues.

Maria Bykov

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