How to improve memory tips

August 2, 2011

  • How to improve memory tips
  • Exercises for the development of memory

 How to improve memory
 The human brain is not like a computer's memory that can be upgraded by simply adding a new chip. The brain - one of the most complex organs, and improve memory requires more effort. Indeed, the ability to learn is improved by exercise and proper diet as muscular strength. But some actions are essential to improve memory.

Memory - a mental activity to reproduce the information that the person learned or experienced. Memory is long-term and short-term. It may be information about family and friends, or work processes, or material that you learned for the exam.

 How to improve memory tips

Poor memory

When we say "bad memory", we usually mean a weak capacity for memory. Remembrance is possible only if information is stored in memory. While we do not have learned, we can not remember it. Problems such as stress, sometimes difficult to recall certain facts. Systematic exercise and stress management techniques Stress Management: everything under control  Stress Management: everything under control
   help improve poor memory.

 How to improve memory tips

Techniques to improve memory

Simple techniques can be very effective in improving memory. Methods that improve the assimilation of information and help to keep it longer in the memory, and it is important to facilitate the memories.

Splitting into pieces - one of the oldest methods for storage in memory. What you need to remember, should be divided into small and easy to remember fragments or groups. This technique can be used in memorizing long numbers such as phone numbers or words that are hard to burn. The pieces, which are divided into even smaller fragments stored mechanically.

For example, to remember how to spell the word angliyskogoe together, you can break it down into parts: to + get + her. This technique helps to learn faster. Psychological studies have shown that human short-term memory can hold from five to nine objects. Therefore, the number of fragments must be within these limits.

Rhyming - another popular way of remembering. People have a natural tendency to memorize rhythms and rhymes. For example, a poem, with which you can remember the first digits of the number Pi (3.1415926):

It is only necessary to try
  And remember it like it is:
  Three, fourteen, fifteen,
  Ninety-two and six.

The well-known method - the construction of connections between objects that need to be remembered. This technique is used when it is necessary to memorize a pair of words or a material which can be reduced to pairs of words.

For example, to remember the English word puddle (pool), imagine a man who fell into a puddle. This image creates the necessary link between the two words.

Another technique - a repetition of bedtime Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
 . Since the brain is already getting ready for bed, the information is organized systematically and effectively when you fall asleep. Psychologists believe that when a person falls asleep after thinking about the problem, increasing the likelihood that it will be resolved the next day.

Some simple steps to improve memory:

  • To be in a relaxed state
  • Write on paper what you need to remember
  • Read aloud once or twice and repeat aloud from memory two or three times
  • Sleep, nothing to worry.

"Trying not to try" - another method. Sometimes we try to remember something and we can not, but sure know this well. Faced with such a unit should cease to try to remember, and do something else. In most cases, the necessary information itself will emerge in the memory after a while. These problems tend to people who by their nature are often anxious and under stress.

 How to improve memory tips

Tips for improving memory

The human brain can be compared to a library, where books are stored, instead of memories. Different types of memory are placed in different sections of the brain. It happens that the brain is like a poor librarian could not find the necessary recollection, when it is urgently needed. Here are some tips to optimize the storage memory.

  • If you're depressed, necessarily treated. Inability to concentrate on the job can be a symptom of depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood  Depression - a little more than a bad mood
 . Stress, anxiety Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease?  Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease?
 , Anger over time destroy parts of the brain responsible for memory.
  • Depression causes increased levels of cortisol in the blood, which in turn increases the level of cortisol in the brain. This reduces the specific area of ​​the brain, particularly the hippocampus, the center of short-term memory.
  • Physical exercise, such as brisk walking, exercising not only the body but also the brain. Obesity is a risk factor for many diseases, including damaging the brain. But exercise can effectively control it.
  • The brain is dependent on a constant production of oxygen and nutrients from the blood, and when these substances are not received, operation of the brain is reduced. Studies have shown that the more a person is physically active, the better his cognitive abilities.
  • As they say, better to see once than hear a hundred times, visualization and association related. Visual images help you to remember better than words. For example, you put the glasses on the kitchen table. One can imagine how devour all the glasses on the table. Later, when you think of where you left glasses, an image pops up in your mind.
  • "Game name" - a good tactic to remember, it is recommended to many sources. Pay attention to the name and the person's face when getting started. Once you have named a name, it can be repeated out loud, such as: "Nice to meet you, John Doe." The likelihood that you will remember the name, is increased by thirty percent if you repeat it immediately.
  • The method of loci (locations) - the oldest known mnemonic techniques invented in ancient Greece. It is a technique of associating things you need to remember with a certain place. It is necessary to imagine some familiar place, such as a building. And place within it in different places from the list of objects that should be remembered. The list can be expanded a large number of landmarks, and you will easily remember all the necessary information, as if passing through this building.
  • Put something in the environment, and create a visual reminder - another useful tip. An object that is not quite in the right place, can serve as a reminder. For example, if you need to remember the visit to the doctor, you can visualize it in the form of huge watches around the doctor.

How to get rid of envy: work on a

April 27, 2014

 get rid of envy
 When it is impossible to control the jealousy, it can make us miserable, sad, unhappy. Life is a competition, and in every person we see the opponent. Envy makes us feel unhappy, or just distracting themselves and life. How to get rid of envy and change your life?

Very few people will say that envy is able to have a positive impact on our lives. On the contrary, most of us quickly recall the damage that causes envy:

  • Envy causes uncertainty and stress.
  • Envy deprives us of freedom.
  • Envy causes resentment and bitterness.
  • Envy makes us do things that we normally never do.
  • Envy can lead to depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood  Depression - a little more than a bad mood

Yet envy and jealousy Jealousy and what to do with it  Jealousy and what to do with it
   still present in our lives. It is a constant battle that defeats our souls. We are the envy of other people's appearance, their talents, relationships, bank accounts. Envy has no positive impact on our lives.

You need to get rid of envy. How to do it?


Focus on the good things in your life

One of the main reasons that we envy other people's lives is that we take for granted the good things that we have. Start a regular basis to remember those things for which you are grateful. You are talented. I care about you. You are unique. Your life is too precious to live it the way everyone else. The more you realize that you can be grateful for the many things for the people, for the experience, the less you will have reasons to envy others.


Remind yourself that you can not have it all

Compare your life with the lives of others - always a thankless task. Always it would seem that others something better than what you have. But remember, we always compare the worst of what we know about yourself with the best of what we think of others. One can not have everything. We are all just people. Even the most successful people have their problems, doubts and weaknesses and failures. He was not always easy.


Avoid people with the wrong values

If you spend all your time with people who follow the latest fashion trends, you will want to dress in the latest fashion. If you spend time with someone who constantly talks about his salary, his new cars, extravagant vacation, you will inevitably fall into the trap, and will compare their capabilities with their capabilities. But in life there are more important things.


Spend time with people grateful

Thanks contagious. Communicate with these people, if not in person, on the internet. The more time you spend with them, the more they will be imbued with the spirit. And soon you find that others will want to have what you have.


Understand that the market is constantly pours oil on the fire

One of the most effective tools for advertising - envied, forcing us to desire what others have. Be attentive to their tactics. Refuse to be influenced by advertising.


Rejoice in the successes of others

I sincerely rejoice in others' good fortune. When someone gets what you want, be happy for them. If you wanted to, and they are certainly too. Stop looking at life as a competition. Joy - an inexhaustible source. When you learn to feel happy when others are happy, you make a huge step towards overcoming envy once and for all.


Be generous

Even if you have to push yourself at first, make a habit of generosity. Give your time. Give finances. Give your abilities, talents and skills. Become a volunteer in his community. Maintain social justice. When you spend more time and energy to those who have less than you, you will feel its importance, and the envy of others quickly evaporate.


Compare yourself with yourself, not with others

We all have different abilities and powers. It is useless to compare themselves with others. You should try to compete only with themselves. Focus on how you can become the best, based on their past achievements, rather than on the achievements of others. If you are going to build their own plans and to seek their own achievements, you forget a little about how to compare themselves with others. Work on your self-esteem and confidence, and determine what you want from yourself and from life.


Change the way of thinking

You are more prone to envy, if you think that you all enjoy. However, if you learn to think differently, you will not be afraid of it. Think positively, and you will see how the world will open up for you a lot of opportunities.


Do not be afraid to get out of the comfort zone

Of course, you know that in life we ​​have to use the chances and risks. People who have achieved success, not afraid to step out of their comfort zone and work hard to get what they want. If you are jealous of successful people, you will need to follow their example. Stop sit still and take responsibility for their lives.


Live your life

Stop watching how others live. Follow your desires and do what brings you joy and satisfaction. Have fun and explore the world around them. Learn how to create their own happiness.


Consult with others

People who are jealous of you, have been successful for a reason. Try to find out what they are doing right and learn from them. Instead of envy, they try to get advice and inspiration.


Communicate with people

When you cut off from the others, you will probably envy them. Conversely, when you are jealous of others, you will find that opposed them, and cease to communicate with them. Your success, the success of others, must do better this world and people's lives. When you look at the success of the case, you will be happy for others, not begrudge them.

The English proverb says: "Envy shoots at others and wounds herself." Do you think that your envy and evil humiliate someone. But in reality, you just humiliate themselves. Learn how to overcome envy, and live life to the fullest.