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December 14, 2013

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 way to experience their sexuality

Way to feel their sexuality

When was the last time you felt sexual goddess, attracting admiring glances? Long time? Well, it is clear and it is not surprising. In the harsh world of deadlines, stress and the models with "zero" size is very difficult to save a woman, and even harder to look like a real woman Being a real woman: Is there any canon?  Being a real woman: Is there any canon?

If it's bothering you just bums demanding alms and male colleagues have a friendly pat on the shoulder and do not hesitate to discuss in your presence, your love affairs, then this article is for you! Here are nine effective ways to experience their sexuality.


Do fitness

Hardly a crazy rhythm of life and run for the unattainable ideal of someone exciting, but classes at the gym - a serious and proven aphrodisiac.

Acceleration of heart rate and the release of "hormones of happiness" endorphin, the ability to manage stress How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis
   and a wonderful sense of his own body - that's unquestionable merits, including gym, to which should be added to an excited state and is constantly in high spirits - the terms of sexuality. It does not matter whether you're running a jog in a nearby park or doing house fitness method Carmen Electra - move over!



Long-term relationship, and often leads to the fact that we forget not only the attractiveness of his partner, but also his own.

To avoid falling into this trap and ignite the passion in your partner first days, enclose a note or obscene in conversation often hint at a desire to close - believe me, this game is very exciting. When there is no partner, give her a cute bartender most seductive smile. Innocent flirting Flirting: Ten amazing facts  Flirting: Ten amazing facts
   It will not only increase your self-esteem, but also make them feel sexually irresistible.

But just remember: if you have a permanent partner, some of the border can not be crossed no one offers to give your phone number to strangers or something different to betray the trust of a close friend, but there is nothing wrong to accept a compliment Compliments and their meaning: do not mistake the words  Compliments and their meaning: do not mistake the words
 Without immediately notifying about their marital status.


Sexuality - a sexy

Repeat this phrase every time, as soon pozaviduete someone's long legs, beautiful bust, luxurious hair or any other advantage of a woman who appeals to you.

Remember that there is a certain weight, growth parameters or the personal qualities that make a woman sexy. Sexuality - is something elusive and indefinable. It is the totality of all the properties listed in unknown proportions - like a heady cocktail of ingredients which are known to all, but the exact recipe is unknown to date. No matter what your breast size, style of dress or how visible your weaknesses - love them and turn them into advantages! If you are satisfied with yourself and your appearance, your confidence necessarily be passed around. It is not necessary to suffer and dream about the appearance of a supermodel; confidence - a charisma that men feel and appreciate much higher than the long legs and large breasts.


Wear erotic lingerie

Nobody argues - cotton underwear, of course, is more convenient, but the tiny silk thong gives a unique feeling of super-sexuality.

Try to wear a business suit or jeans lingerie with ruffles - your mood will change radically. "Oh, if they only knew! "- This idea will certainly be reflected in your enigmatic gaze. The combination of lacy underwear and jeans - not for you? Then try to go to sleep in a feminine lace negligee or a soft silk pajamas, after taking a hot bath with aromatic salt. We guarantee you will feel at least Brigitte Bardot in her best years.


Set the mood

If you want to see the sky with diamonds, no mountain of dirty laundry and screaming TV does not prevent you in this.

Turn off the overhead lights, light a few candles around the room to spread an even softer light. Turn on soft music, from which you just melts (eg, Café Del Mar, Marvin Gaye, Seal and Moby). Pour a glass of wine and sit back in the hot foam bath. An hour later, when you're good to relax, pamper your skin soft luxurious cream. Let the husband enthusiastically watching football in the living room and the children shouting in the nursery - Find some time for yourself. Believe me, it's worth it.


Do not be afraid of change

Any woman who has a couple of favorite sweaters, knows how easy it is to forget about fashion and every day habit to pull the same grown fond thing. We are not proposing to throw out worn jeans, but if you are still wearing the same haircut that was in your youth (distant or not), the time to change the image.

It is very difficult to feel sexy if you are careless about their appearance. You should be aware that the fashion changes and trends that were current ten years ago, has long been obsolete. Changing the image does not have to be radical - even small changes will not go unheeded. Sign up to the make-up artist and stylist - maybe you should update your makeup, change hair color and hairstyle. Look at the company store cosmetics and pick up the tools suitable for your skin tone, and then buy them - in a cheaper store (saves - a great thing!). The saved money so you can spend on buying a dress smell - a classic that never gets old and is suitable for any figure. Voila. So you changed the image.


Take what he likes

Sexual attraction - it is not just external beauty and stylish clothes. It is a feeling of happiness, openness and self-confidence that radiates a woman. There is nothing sexier than a woman, enthusiastically telling about what she's really keen and he loves - politics, art, his work, hobbies or children. Discussing the topic that interests you, you remember about their talents, dreams, desires, and personality traits that make you the person. Life lighted longing for purpose, so sexy.

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