Penis enlargement - as far as possible in the current environment

October 7th, 2012

 increase the member
 Penis enlargement - is a technique aimed at increasing the diameter, length and hardness of the penis. Very often when advertising fraudulent products actually ineffective, carefully veiled difference between a temporary increase, ie an erection, and a constant increase in the properties of the penis. Procedure for penis enlargement includes manual techniques, application of tensile and surgical instruments. Men certainly wonder about the effectiveness of these tools and procedures, and hardly any man would have refused effective penis enlargement.

Human thought is beating on solving this issue for almost a hundred years, but even the recognition of doctors, the ideal way is not yet invented. All these frightening structure to pull the penis pills and creams of dubious origin is not only ineffective but also unsafe up to complete the sexual dysfunction.

Not anyone can convince the exhortations of doctors about the possible risks of the procedures to increase penis. Still continue the search for a magic pill that will save them from complexes because of the insufficient size of manhood. Many men consider their size below the average, but this is not always the case. Averages length member erect range from 12 5 to 15 cm in width - from 10 to 15 cm.

In rare cases, the state found common micropenis - less than 7, 5 cm. This may be due to genetic or hormonal problems. Sometimes size is reduced due to Peyronie's disease Peyronie's disease - if you have sex does not want to  Peyronie's disease - if you have sex does not want to
   or as a result of the surgical treatment of cancer Cancer Treatment - difficult, but necessary  Cancer Treatment - difficult, but necessary

Observations show that the majority of men who want to increase the term actually have a penis size above average. Some men are not aware of their own size due to the nature of perspective. Looking over the top down, you can not always adequately assess how long his penis.

In addition, the psychological complexes - is also an important factor. In psychiatry, there is a disorder where a man always seems that he has a small penis. It is similar to disease anorexia own weight when it seems excessive, even when a person suffers from dystrophy.

And according to statistics, the majority of men, decided on surgery for penis enlargement, suffer from this disorder. So often, patients are dissatisfied with the results of the operation.

 Penis enlargement - as far as possible in the current environment

What can help

  • Lose weight

One of the easiest and most effective ways to visually enlarge your penis - to reduce total body weight. For those who decide on the operation easier than on a diet, we can recommend liposuction rather than an increase in surgical penis. However, if you continue to overeat, then the effect of the changes you will soon come to naught.

  • Pump to increase penis size

This device is designed on the principle of the pump. Under the action of the vacuum pump is pulled into the penis, blood rushes to the body, causing an erection Erection - what hinders and what helps a man to be a man  Erection - what hinders and what helps a man to be a man
 And a slight increase in size. Thereafter, on the basis of a special wear member ring which does not depart from blood tissue. The effect of such manipulation is short, and after the ring is removed, returns to its original size. At the same time if you leave the ring for more than twenty minutes, can occur violation of the integrity of tissues of the penis, which is very dangerous.

  • Stretching under the weight

This exercise stretching is effective only on the muscles. Male sex organ is not a muscle, and stretching exercises Stretching exercises - Be careful  Stretching exercises - Be careful
   its impact on the length of more than modest.

In a relaxed state of the body to pull the action of gravity. In order to appear at least some results, you need to wear such weighting for eight hours a day for six months. In the best case, this will increase the body of about one centimeter. At worst - to the breakdown of tissues, blood vessels and other serious consequences.

It can be concluded that neither tablets nor questionable creams and other agents such as simulators and pumps do not give the desired result.

  • Surgical intervention

Increasing the length of the member - the most popular operation when the cut ligaments that connect the bones of the pelvis to the penis. This allows to increase the length of the body 2 about 5 cm. This is not quite the increase in length rather - release organ. To tissues are not overgrown to the male sex organs after surgery attach cargo that need to wear a day for six months.

Increasing the width of the member - for those who own body seems too thin. It can be as an implanted grease and silicone or tissue flap. Another relatively new way to increase penis size - by disconnecting the trunk of the body tissue of the scrotum. This operation takes about an hour and low-traumatic enough.

Before you decide on the serious steps to increase the penis, should seriously think about the possible consequences. Using dubious means, risky operations can not only add size, but lead to total sexual dysfunction, and physical injury.

According to statistics 35% of patients who decided on surgery for penis enlargement, are pleased with the results. The greater part of men again and again turning to the surgeon in the search for greater effect. In the worst case unskilled surgical services can cause blood poisoning, leave a strong scarring, tissue damage. Independent attempts to increase the size of the penis can get out of shape, cause bending and even lead to a reduction of the original size.

In the case of a successful operation to increase the penis sufficient size may appear serious inconvenience for the sexual partner. Many men with larger know what kind of partner can experience discomfort during intercourse.

Many women believe that the mastery of a lover is actually a little depending on the size of the penis. Delicate and resourceful partner, must not think only of their size. For the vast majority the size of the penis is almost no role.

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Wet dreams: a natural stage in the life of a teenager

May 1, 2011

 Pollutions especially characteristic of adolescence. They often occur during sleep, when dreaming adolescent erotic dream. This compensatory physiological phenomenon which prevents stagnation of sperm in the vas ways. But there are pathological emissions, caused by various diseases.

 Wet dreams: a natural stage in the life of a teenager

What are wet dreams

Pollutions (literal translation from the Latin - the desecration) - is involuntary ejaculation (ejaculation) occurs in men is sexual intercourse or masturbation. Wet dreams are normal ejaculation due to sexual arousal and orgasm accompanied. These properties are different from pollutions involuntary ejaculation and other similar processes. Pollutions occur without sexual intercourse, men and women, which distinguishes them from premature ejaculation Premature ejaculation: the main thing - to make a diagnosis  Premature ejaculation: the main thing - to make a diagnosis
 Which may occur at the man before intercourse.

Pollutions often occur during sleep, at least - in the waking state. In the dream they occur, usually with erotic dreams and spontaneous erections, but can occur without an erection. In the waking state pollutions occur against a background of sexual arousal in men with low threshold of excitability of the centers ejaculation.

 Wet dreams: a natural stage in the life of a teenager

Physiological pollutions

Wet dreams begin to appear in adolescence or young adulthood with the onset of puberty. Continue physiological pollutions usually before the start of a regular sexual life. Pollutions in young men and middle-aged occur usually during prolonged sexual abstinence. They are a natural adaptive mechanism that causes the periodic emptying of the seminal tract and prevents stagnation in the genitals.

The frequency of wet dreams are normal in adolescents and young adults - an average of once a week, adults - once a month. Physiological wet dreams do not cause any discomfort and harmful effects.

 Wet dreams: a natural stage in the life of a teenager

Pathological pollutions

More frequent wet dreams and their appearance in adult men leading a regular sex life, often indicate the presence of various diseases of the genital organs or the central nervous system.

The cause of abnormal pollutions often are inflammatory diseases of semyaobrazuyuschih and ejaculatory tract (prostate seed tubercle, seminal vesicles). Less occur neoplastic lesions of these organs, which at the time of pollutions in semen blood appears (gemospermiya). Wet dreams may occur as a result of the destruction of those parts of the brain and spinal cord that carry out regular erection and ejaculation.

Pathological wet dreams are often accompanied by fatigue, weakness, lethargy, headache, disturbance of sexual function. Sometimes abnormal pollutions occur against the backdrop of neuroses, or themselves become the cause of neurosis. Often these wet dreams recur in strictly certain days, sick of waiting, nervous that further aggravates his neurotic condition. Perhaps even the appearance of pollutions neurotic character under the influence of strong emotional excitement (fear, including fear of death, anger, impatience) or severe intellectual and sensual tension without any connection with erotic thoughts.

Frequent (sometimes several times a night, even against the backdrop of regular sexual life) pollutions are usually combined with a weakening or total absence of erections Erection - what hinders and what helps a man to be a man  Erection - what hinders and what helps a man to be a man
   or orgasm, and the longer keep such violations, the stronger the neurotic disorder, the more likely counter impotence Impotence - a female perspective on the problem  Impotence - a female perspective on the problem
   central origin.

 Wet dreams: a natural stage in the life of a teenager

Diagnosis and treatment of pathological pollutions

Physiological wet dreams do not require treatment, they go after a man begins to live a regular sex life.

When the wet dreams of an adult man, leading a regular sex life, you need to conduct a survey to identify the causes of this phenomenon. If wet dreams occur against the background of various diseases of urogenital organs, the disease requires proper identification and adequate timely treatment. Only after such treatment wet dreams disappear.

Pollutions as a manifestation of neurosis Neurosis - reaction to the nervous shock  Neurosis - reaction to the nervous shock
   also requires the identification of the causes of and treatment of the underlying disease - neurosis. In this case, helping measured way of life, the alternation of physical activity (walking outdoors, sports) with a good rest, including at night. Assist and various physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, spa treatment.

Wet dreams do not have to worry about only very young people, adult men are more often a sign of a disease.

Galina Romanenko

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