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April 27, 2008

  • Toothpastes - how to choose?
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Hygiene toothpastes

Hygiene toothpastes designed for cleaning your teeth healthy. These pastes have a pleasant taste, smell and slight antiseptic (kills germs) properties ("Family", "Artek", "Moidodyr", "Moscow", the English-paste «Promise», etc.).

 Treatment and Prevention | Toothpastes - how to choose?

Therapeutic and prophylactic toothpastes

In diseases of the mouth it is recommended to brush your teeth curative toothpastes that contain drugs and biologically active substances. The same toothpaste fixed and removable brush (their teeth first, then the prosthesis).

Therapeutic and prophylactic toothpastes are various supplements (herbal medicines, enzymes, and others.)

  • toothpastes with vegetable preparations may contain balsamic resin, Vitamin C, chlorophyll ("forest", "chlorophyll" et al.), herbal extracts ("Daisy"); in chronic inflammation of periodontal tissue can be used toothpaste "New", which contains a decoction of oak bark has astringent, anti-inflammatory effects; airovogo root extract, cloves and yarrow Carnation: exquisite aromatherapy  Carnation: exquisite aromatherapy
 , Essential oils, vitamins A, C, K, tannin containing toothpaste "Ira"; Paste "Erileks" contains an extract of 10 herbs and has a disinfectant, anti-inflammatory and healing effects, it is effective for diseases of the soft tissues of the oral cavity; Toothpaste "Parodontol" with extracts of herbs (echinacea, rosemary, horsetail, sage Sage - cvyaschennaya grass  Sage - cvyaschennaya grass
 Walnut) has bactericidal, hemostatic, anti-inflammatory and healing properties and is used in periodontal diseases;
  • toothpastes containing salt additives dissolved plaque, clean teeth, anti-inflammatory effect, eliminate bad breath, reduce bleeding gums How to prevent bleeding gums: important rules  How to prevent bleeding gums: important rules
 Stimulate the process of tissue repair ("Pomorin", "Mary", "balm", "Fitopomorin", etc.);
  • toothpastes with proteolytic enzymes (dissolving organic matter) have enhanced cleaning properties, they dissolve plaque on the teeth, anti-inflammatory effect; such as toothpaste, "Special", etc .;
  • toothpastes containing biologically active agents, for example, a paste containing honey and other bee products, have antifungal, analgesic action, promote wound healing, negatively affect the simplest microorganisms present in the oral cavity ("Bee" "Propolisovaya");
  • toothpastes containing minerals (calcium and phosphorus) are used for the treatment of hypersensitivity and high abrasion of tooth enamel The enamel of the teeth: protection, this Nature  The enamel of the teeth: protection, this Nature
 , Inflammation of the periodontal tissues, for the prevention of dental caries; they strengthen enamel, increasing its resistance to various influences ("Pearl", "Remodent", "Muscovite", etc.).
  • fluoride toothpaste used for the prevention and treatment of dental caries and non-carious lesions; fluoride protects teeth from decay and infection ("Ftorodent", "Colgate", "Pepsodent», «Amigo Rlus», «Pepsodent Plus», «New pearls" and others.);
  • toothpastes with bactericidal (kills germs) action; for example, "Geksodent" contains chlorhexidine, "Colgate Total" - a combination of substances such as triclosan, sodium fluoride - permanently protects it from inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity;
  • whitening toothpastes contain a large amount of exfoliating substances and well clear plaque, but their application is important exact dosage and a certain time of application ('Blend-a-med Bicarbonate Soda "," Ftorodent Pine Forest ", containing oil of cedar and fir); "Toothpaste for smokers" also incorporates the exfoliating agent; paste is used to secure the effect after removal of dental plaque but not more than once per week since it partially removes enamel.
  • toothpastes containing various components, for example, «Colgeat Herbal», contains calcium, fluorine, and chamomile, sage, myrrh and eucalyptus providing care gums; «Aquafresch» - glycerophosphate calcium and fluoride, it clears plaque from the teeth and prevents tooth decay, kills bacteria, strengthens the gums.

Carefully selected toothpaste will help you properly care for oral and prevent dental disease and periodontal tissue.

Galina Romanenko

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Teeth whitening folk remedies: do no harm - Tools

March 15, 2013

  • Teeth whitening folk remedies: Do No Harm
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 whitening folk remedies funds


Coffee, tea, red wine and soft drinks at regular effect on teeth can lead to stains on them. The same effect has smoking and some drugs. However, there are some folk remedies that can help whiten your teeth. They are not as effective and are not as fast as a professional whitening, but they are inexpensive and natural. In addition, unlike the professional whitening folk remedies can be used more frequently than once every six months.


Strawberries may stain your clothes, and can whiten your teeth - because of it contains malic acid. Crush strawberries and apply the resulting slurry on the teeth. Leave it on for five minutes, then rinse. After that, traditional recipes generally recommend to clean teeth, but many experts say that the impact of acid contained in the strawberries soften tooth enamel, causing tooth brush Toothbrushes - make no mistake in choosing  Toothbrushes - make no mistake in choosing
   It may damage. It is believed that the enamel becomes solid again no sooner than 30-50 minutes.

 Tools | Teeth whitening folk remedies: Do No Harm

Apples, celery and carrots

They stimulate salivation and saliva acts as a natural remedy mouthrinse. In addition, apples, celery and carrots kill bacteria that cause bad breath and promote the formation of plaque, which can change the color of teeth and cause other problems.

 Tools | Teeth whitening folk remedies: Do No Harm


A 2008 study showed that the toothpaste, which include soda, long known as an effective folk remedy for whitening teeth, remove plaque better than toothpaste without the ingredient. Instead of using these toothpastes can simply brush your teeth How to brush your teeth: interesting facts  How to brush your teeth: interesting facts
   baking soda. It is an abrasive tool and with regular use improves the color of teeth Teeth Whitening - miracles are possible, but whether it is desirable?  Teeth Whitening - miracles are possible, but whether it is desirable?
 . However, to prevent damage to the tooth enamel should not use it more often than twice a week.

 Tools | Teeth whitening folk remedies: Do No Harm

Yogurt, milk and cheese

Even the simple use of these products as teeth whitening facilitates food Teeth whitening - which option is right for you?  Teeth whitening - which option is right for you?
 And hard cheese not only whiten teeth, but also remove particles of food, trapped between the teeth. Scientists suggest that the proteins contained in yogurt limit the impact of acid on the teeth that can damage tooth enamel. To whiten your teeth and protect them from decay, it is recommended to regularly apply the teeth yogurt; leave it on for 10-15 minutes, then rinse your mouth and brush your teeth.

Despite all the advantages of home tooth whitening method, should be noted under strong discoloration of tooth enamel, they are generally ineffective. If such problems should be possible to eliminate the cause diskoloratsii and consult a dentist.

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