Diet for liver disease - rebuild

November 25, 2010

  • Diet for liver disease - rebuild
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 Diet liver disease
 The liver - one of the most active organ in the human body to perform many tasks at the same time unique. First, the liver - a kind of a barrier filter, through which all material fed into the diet or through the skin. Liver damage is a violation of metabolic processes, processes of cleaning and filtering the blood, as well as production of cholesterol. These functions are of paramount importance, so even a slight liver dysfunction can have a strong impact on the entire body.

People with liver disease need to follow a special diet, improves liver function and reduces the load on the body. A balanced diet low in sodium, fat and cholesterol and high in protein and carbohydrates can help control the disease and prevent complications.

 Diet for liver disease - rebuild

Why Diet

Proteins are needed for the body to repair damaged tissue. They also prevent the accumulation of fat and liver cell damage. When liver damage disrupted processing of proteins in the body, which leads to the accumulation of waste products that affect the brain. Limiting the amount of protein in the diet may reduce the likelihood of accumulation of toxic waste

Our body stores carbohydrates in the form of glycogen. Increasing carbohydrates in the diet helps to maintain glycogen stores at the appropriate level. People with liver disease should increase the intake of carbohydrates in proportion to protein.

Low white blood cell count White blood cells as the basis of immunity  White blood cells as the basis of immunity
   blood, nervous disorders and nutritional deficiencies in the body - a violation, often associated with liver disease - can be eliminated with the help of medications and vitamin supplements.

Salt contributes to fluid retention and swelling of the liver, so when liver disease is strongly recommended to restrict the amount of salt in the diet.

 Diet for liver disease - rebuild

Recommended Products

Dietary recommendations in liver disease depend on how well the liver is working. It is important to make a diet under medical supervision, since the exclusion of certain products from the diet or an unbalanced diet can lead to serious problems.

In general, patients with severe liver disease are recommended:

  • Foods high in carbohydrates in large quantities. Carbohydrates must be a major source of calories in liver disease.
  • Fats in moderation, in accordance with the requirements of the attending physician. Increasing the amount of carbohydrates and fat helps to keep the protein in the body and prevent its collapse.
  • Foods rich in protein, the rate of 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight. This means that a person weighing 70 kg per day to 70 grams of protein is needed. This does not include the protein from starchy foods and vegetables. With a strong liver damage should be reduced protein intake or even completely replace the natural protein is a small number of special supplements Food additives - basic classification  Food additives - basic classification
 . But do not completely exclude the protein from the diet, as it can lead to malnutrition.
  • Vitamin supplements, especially vitamins B B vitamins: the body useful helpers  B vitamins: the body useful helpers
  • Salt in small amounts (generally less than 1500 milligrams per day).
  • Milk and dairy products: whole milk, dry, condensed, cream, fresh cream (in moderation), buttermilk, yogurt, cottage cheese.
  • Fruits and vegetables.
  • Cooked meat.
  • Fish.
  • Boiled potatoes / rice.
  • Crisp and viscous cereals, puddings, casseroles, cereals, dishes of oatmeal, rolled oats and buckwheat with milk, cottage cheese; pasta, cooked in a casserole.
  • Med.

Foods that are recommended to be excluded from the diet:

  • fatty and fried foods;
  • alcoholic drinks;
  • fast food (chips, hamburgers, French fries);
  • cheeses;
  • chocolate;
  • foods high in salt;
  • preserves and pickles.

 Diet for liver disease - rebuild

Side effects of diet

As the liver disease may affect the absorption of nutrients and the production of proteins and vitamins, the diet may affect weight, appetite, and vitamins in the body reserves. Not too advisable to limit protein intake because it may lead to a deficiency of certain amino acids.

Diet Larisa Dolina - yogurt never hurts

December 7, 2008

 Diet Larisa Dolina
   Celebrities always have to pay attention to their appearance: in order not to lose the love and admiration of fans, they are forced to resort to any special tricks. Russian singer Larisa Dolina in this sense - a particularly telling example. Its unique system of power talked back when she was just beginning to make a career in show business. And in the XXI century diet Valley has not lost its relevance, especially since the singer demonstrates excellent shape for his age.

What exactly helped Larisa Dolina lose weight, it has long known - all her secrets are based on kefir. But kefir diet tried to follow many women are often faced with disappointment because, despite all the gastronomic sacrifice, they did not manage to become like a star. Then rumors flew that allegedly in fact her weight loss is associated with more radical methods.

 Diet Larisa Dolina - yogurt never hurts

All the truth

Of course, it was easier to believe that Larisa solve their problems with excess weight with the help of liposuction, expensive miracle pills or plastic surgery - because with their abilities, she could not afford it and immediately get a guaranteed result. But as the sane person, she did not spend with their health questionable experiments, and simply chose to work on them.

Options figures Larisa Dolina command respect: 96-62-92 - in principle, they are not much different from the known standard model. The singer admits that always tried to lead an active life, playing sports - in particular, fitness. So diet in her case are auxiliary tools rather than basic.

 Diet Larisa Dolina - yogurt never hurts

The benefits of yogurt

In the intensive use of yogurt is based a lot of different diets, and this is no coincidence, since the unique properties of the fermented milk product simply have no equal. It has long been known as a drink and vigor of youth. Regular consumption of yogurt, as a rule, enhances immunity Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults  Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults
   and a beneficial impact on the intestinal microflora, and thus on the quality of his work.

For weight loss is recommended to drink low-fat yogurt. According to the procedure Larisa Dolina, based on a combination of yogurt with some other low-calorie foods, it manages to throw in a week for up to seven kilograms.

 Diet Larisa Dolina - yogurt never hurts

In the evening there is bad

Valley likes to tell herself that her diet - it is just adjusted to the individual needs of the power system of separate A separate food - pros and cons  A separate food - pros and cons
 . In recognition of the singer, she learned to eat during his stay in America. There she learned the main axiom to save beautiful figure: Do not eat after seven o'clock in the evening. Subsequently, Larissa began to adhere to more stringent framework, trying to meet with the evening meal to 18.00. The Valley of the diet works good old rule, which says that there should be more often during the day, but in small portions. Singer from this perspective considers it an optimal number six. It is so much broken portions and the amount of food recommended for the day.

 Diet Larisa Dolina - yogurt never hurts

The amount of liquid

Nutritionists say that any dietary restrictions taken to weight loss should occur against the backdrop of increased fluid intake. And its optimum amount is usually equivalent to two liters a day. The diet Larisa Dolina is usually also present. In addition, before each meal, it is desirable to drink 50 grams of herbal infusions made from equal parts calendula, chamomile and St. John's wort.

Before starting the diet Valley recommends fasting day. For him, water is also important "base".

 Diet Larisa Dolina - yogurt never hurts

At seven days

Products that are supposed to eat during each day, divided into six portions. Breakfast better organize at 8.00 and all subsequent meals to make exactly two-hour intervals from each other.

  • Day One - boiled or baked potato (400 g) and kefir (0, 5 l).
  • Day Two - fat cottage cheese Low-fat cottage cheese - a popular product among athletes and slimming  Low-fat cottage cheese - a popular product among athletes and slimming
   (400 g) and yogurt (0, 5 liters).
  • Day Three - any fruit except bananas for Bananas: the benefits and harms health  Bananas: the benefits and harms health
   and grapes (400 g) and yogurt (0, 5 liters).
  • The fourth day - boiled chicken breast without salt (400 g) and kefir (0, 5 l).
  • Day five - again fruits (400 g) and yogurt (0, 5 liters).
  • Day Six - discharge, there is no need for the day you need to drink only 1, 5 liters of still mineral water.
  • Seventh day - fruits (400 g) and yogurt (0, 5 liters).

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