The Japanese diet: reviews and recommendations

June 23 2012

 Japanese diet reviews recommendations
 There are few people who adorn the extra kilos, it is not surprising that very many people dream of lose weight. Among the many distinguished Japanese diet diets, reviews of which most enthusiastic. It is believed that this diet is not only effectively removes the excess weight, but also contributes to the acquisition of good habits in nutrition and improves metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting


To suit the Japanese diet

There are a lot of diets. All of them have their own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, loyal fans and fierce opponents. And, of course, find their way into such an abundance of diets is not easy, especially since the opinion of nutritionists about diet, too often diametrically opposed.

All existing diets for weight reduction can be divided into groups. For example, there are long-term diet to be followed in a few months or even a lifetime. Many have and express diets that promise relief kilos in record time - from two days to two weeks. Some diets are based on limiting fats, some are calling to abandon the carbohydrates, and some - to reduce the consumption of protein. Quite a large part of the diet is based on the compatibility of various products, many strictly regulated diet. In addition, the diet can be divided into "hard" and calorie "soft" with slightly reduced calorie diet.

Where are attributed famous Japanese diet? It is definitely a tough diet, because some days caloric content can be less than a thousand calories. In addition, the Japanese diet is significantly restricted carbohydrate intake, that is a protein. And finally, it can be attributed to short-term diets for weight loss because quite thirteen or fourteen days.

Thus, the Japanese diet is suitable primarily impatient people who count in a short time to lose weight significantly. In addition, she, like other protein diets recommended in the first place the so-called "meat-eaters", ie people who are comfortable with the carbohydrate diet, but can not give up meat, fish and poultry. As in the Japanese diet does not welcome the replacement of some other foods, those who for one reason or another can not eat the recommended foods should give up this diet.

According to the doctors an indispensable condition for compliance with the Japanese diet - healthy kidneys. In general, the strict diet can be recommended only for healthy people, and only after consultation with a specialist. Like other "hard" diet, it can not be applied to pregnant and lactating women, as well as minors. Because the diet is unbalanced, it is sure to take vitamin complexes. Furthermore, for effective weight loss needed to drink much, and it is clean drinking water instead of juices and other beverages. One and a half to two liters of water per day helps rid the body of toxins and waste products.


Positive comments about the Japanese diet

Since the Japanese diet is popular enough to find reviews about it is easy. Most of these reviews are positive. In particular, almost all say that after two weeks on the "Japanese" reduces the need for sweet and savory, and large portions do not seem attractive. The rate of discharge of excess weight are also impressive: if the weight is initially very large, in two weeks you can get rid of more than eight or nine kilograms.

According to experienced losing weight, diet is transferred easily enough. A sufficient amount of fiber (different kinds of cabbage, carrots, fruits) to help in the fight against the eternal problem of losing weight - constipation. As a result, it manages to avoid such common problems as headaches, decreased emotional background, nausea and dyspepsia. Unlike many diets, "Japanese" does not prohibit the use of coffee, which makes the diet extremely attractive for those who can not imagine life without this drink.

Of course, compliance with the Japanese diet requires discipline and forethought. It is unacceptable not only to replace some other products, but also to change the days of the diet. A single failure, even if it is a tiny piece of apple can reduce all efforts to nothing, so we can say that such a diet also trains will.


Negative comments about the Japanese diet

There is no universal diet that would suit everyone. Therefore, there is nothing strange in the fact that many were dissatisfied with the results of the Japanese diet. Many people complain that the diet hungry, poorly tolerated, causing dizziness Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet  Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet
   and loss of efficiency. Some were not satisfied with the results, throwing for two weeks for only three to four kilograms. Finally, those who did not consult a doctor before starting a diet, often complain of worsening health.

Another common complaint - after the diet the lost weight back. It is believed that the Japanese diet helps rebuild metabolism. This is quite a controversial statement, because no studies of the effect of the Japanese diet on metabolism have been conducted. However, many believe this statement and understand it so that after the diet you can eat anything and not gain weight.

Of course, this is an illusion. Indeed, often the excess weight occurs due to slow metabolism Slow metabolism: how slimming complicate his task  Slow metabolism: how slimming complicate his task
 That is, the body manages a small amount of energy, putting surplus "in reserve" in the form of fat. Then speedup metabolism Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things  Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things
   It promotes weight loss. However, it often happens that the cause of obesity is not to slow down metabolism, and in the banal overeating. In this case, the acceleration of metabolism is not very efficient.

In addition, the increase in weight after the Japanese diet because the diet has a pronounced diuretic effect, that is partly due to the reduced weight of the liquid. Accordingly, at the expense of the water lost kilos quickly return.

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The Japanese diet: the results of related efforts

June 22, 2012

 Japanese diet results
 Nutritionists keep saying that short-term diets do not help fight obesity: it is much more important than constantly eat rationally. However, among those suffering from overweight people are very popular fast diets, such as the Japanese diet, the results of which are really impressive. These diets make it easy to lose weight to any event that is very convenient.

 The Japanese diet: the results of related efforts

Why short-term diets harmful?

Rationally eat throughout life, of course, useful, but pretty boring. The world is full of temptations, including gastronomy. And resist these temptations is not easy. So most people choose short-term diet that will lose to a certain point, such as the New Year corporate or responsible appointment.

Start short psychologically diet is much easier than making a decision for life to give up certain foods, or at least to limit their number. In addition, this diet immediately noticeable results, which improves self-esteem and helps to avoid breakdowns. But we should remember that these diets have serious shortcomings.

Short-term diets, including the Japanese diet, quite strict. Daily caloric rarely exceeds twelve hundred calories, and it is sometimes much lower. Meanwhile, it is proven that fasting is substantially burned fat, and muscle mass, that is, weight loss is due to muscle. In addition, low calorie diet reduces the metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
 : Body saves energy from food, rather than burn body fat. This can manifest itself in different ways, for example, a person always wants to sleep or freezes, it becomes inactive and passive. Getting used to the low caloric content can come quite quickly, sometimes it takes three or four days. As a result, when the caloric value increased to normal levels, the body continues to save power, putting energy "in reserve" in the form of rolls of fat on the hips and waist.

Thus, there is an effect, aptly named "yo-yo effect" in honor of the popular toys, which jumps on the rope up and down. Dropped during the diet the weight comes back as soon as the diet ends (this is usually for two months). Man again and again trying to lose weight, but each time after the diet the lost weight back, often added to them. The easiest way to get into this vicious circle - to begin to comply with the short-term diet.

Furthermore, it should be noted that such unbalanced diets usually do not contain many vital substances. By following a strict short-term diet, be sure to take extra vitamin complexes Vitamin Complexes: to drink or not to drink?  Vitamin Complexes: to drink or not to drink?

 The Japanese diet: the results of related efforts

How to minimize the damage from a strict diet

Despite the fact that all somehow aware of the dangers of strict diets, this method to lose weight consistently popular. It provides rapid weight loss is not only a slim figure Practical tips for a slim figure  Practical tips for a slim figure
 But esteem and, as a result, an easy solution to many problems. Therefore, slimming ladies at your own risk comply with the short-term diet. How do the diet caused minimal damage?

Much depends on the correct choice of diet. So, it is considered the most harmful protein diets that severely limit carbohydrate intake - both simple and complex. As a result, significantly disrupted the gastrointestinal tract, constipation occur, and sometimes self-poisoning organism. Fortunately, the Japanese diet, although of the protein contains a sufficient amount of fiber, which has beneficial effects on digestion.

When losing weight the body will inevitably produces toxins, from which you must get rid of. To do this, be sure to drink plenty of water (at least half, and preferably two liters). Detoxifies the movement, and it is often simply a relaxing walk. It is also useful in lymphatic drainage massages and treatments.

Bath and sauna is usually highly recommended to those who want to lose weight and cleanse your body of toxins. The pair then released with a lot of harmful substances, and as a result a person feels fresh and updated. However, those who keep the Japanese diet, such procedures are more harmful. As is known, then the person loses minerals that need replenishing. It is no coincidence after a bath Sauna and health: the benefits and harms of bath procedures  Sauna and health: the benefits and harms of bath procedures
   often advised to drink the salty mineral water. If the diet prevents salt is sodium compensate for a deficiency in the organism is very difficult. Therefore, from the baths, saunas, active sports and other activities, which are accompanied by sweating, should be abandoned.

 The Japanese diet: the results of related efforts

Right out of the diet

After trinadtsatidnevnoy Japanese diet (meaning thirteen days severe restrictions) in any case should not go for the food, from which had to give. Firstly, in this case dumped kgs quickly return. Secondly, the response of the organism, which had to wean from many products, it may be unpredictable.

Return to normal diet after the Japanese diet should gradually. It is desirable that food was healthier than it was before the beginning of the "Japanese". Salt and sugar should be used very sparingly, it is desirable to give up alcohol altogether. Preference should be given low-fat products. The diet still need to include a salad of raw and boiled vegetables rich in fiber.

Every day in the diet can be added to two new products. Of course, this should not be burgers and pastries, and healthy food, such as cereals and dairy products. Portions increase undesirably, it promotes gastric distension. As for the Japanese Diet had to eat only three, and sometimes even twice a day (a cup of coffee can not be considered a full meal), it is advisable to increase the number of meals. Frequent small feedings does not have a feeling of hunger, and as a result saves from overeating.

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