Diet waist: focusing on hourglass

October 30, 2011

 Diet waist
 Many women dream of having a thin waist, but no idea how to do it. Diet waist, there are many, here only one diet is unlikely to help significantly change the size of the waist. Looking for more special physical exercises Myths about exercise: do not believe  Myths about exercise: do not believe
   to strengthen the muscles in this area.


Influence of waist on health

As it turned out, waist not only affects the appearance, but also on health. It has been proven that the most dangerous type of obesity is abdominal or central type of obesity in which fat is stored in the abdomen. The sign of abdominal obesity is a condition in which the waist size is equal to or greater than that of the thighs.

This type of obesity often formed among men, but it happens in women who have a body structure of the types of "apple" with the deposition of fat in the upper half of the body. Central obesity is often complicated by high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke and diabetes, so that women are doing is absolutely right, trying to "keep the waist."


The need to eat, to reduce the size of the waist

Suitable combination of extreme monodiets with the usual balanced diet. Mono-diet can be used as fasting days - one - three days every week or every month, depending on their duration. But it is most convenient for unloading allocate one day a week, during which apply different monodiets.

For example, during the unloading of the day can be selected:

  • drink a half liter of kefir;
  • eat a kilo of apples savory;
  • eat a cup of brewed with boiling water the night before buckwheat without salt;
  • kilogram eat some vegetables, such as tomatoes and cucumbers without salt and any additives;
  • drink a liter of tomato juice.

At the same time, you can drink water unlimited How to drink water to lose weight  How to drink water to lose weight
 Herbal tea, unsweetened fruit compote. If the fasting days to be applied once a month, they can be carried out in two - three days. Such diets can be very different. Their task - to withdraw from the body as much as possible of the liquid, and with it - toxic products of metabolism. After such a discharge metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
   It is accelerated and it promotes weight loss, including the waist.

It is very important after fasting days not eating one's fill and take only those products that will benefit. And here has come to the aid of a balanced diet. Famine in the balanced diet should not be. It needs to suppress food intake. The more busy with our gastro-intestinal tract, the more energy goes into this work, and therefore costs and fat reserves. Power, therefore, should be part and fractional (small portions).

There are an unlimited number can be any vegetables, steamed, boiled or steamed. The exception does not make even the potatoes, if you have him in uniform and without oil. By the way, it contains large amounts of potassium, which strengthens muscles, and it means a lot when excess weight, because for him dropping still required and physical activity. Fruits and berries are also useful, but it is better to choose is not very sweet varieties.

Very useful porridge different varieties (except semolina), they must alternate. White bread should be replaced by wholemeal bread.

Meat, fish and dairy products are best to use low-fat varieties, and also only boiled or stewed. Fried foods should not be consumed. As a source of protein are very useful seafood, which do not contain harmful fat.


Exercise - Diet is also a waist

Only a combination of diet and appropriate physical activities can lead to success - to reduce the volume of the waist. So you need to move as much as possible, but do not forget about the rest, including sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams

A set of exercises that will help reduce waist:

  • their feet shoulder-width apart, hands put on head, after which alternate every elbow touching the opposite knee;
  • standing bend your elbows, then lift your knees alternately and touch their elbows on the opposite side;
  • standing to raise one hand above his head and the other to put on the waist and start tilts to the side opposite the raised hand, then change hands and do sometimes tilts in the opposite direction;
  • sitting on the floor, lean his hands behind his back and in turn lower the bent knees;
  • sitting on the floor, legs bent at the knees, his hands on his head and make tilts forward and sideways without bending the neck at the same time (should only bend the waist);
  • lying on its side, lean on one hand, and the other put on the waist, and then lift the top leg up; Change position and repeat on the other side.

Each exercise should be repeated at least ten times, making the entire set of exercises is best in a day - it is more effective than a high load.

If you wish to be the waist can be reduced, which has a positive impact not only on appearance but also on health.

Galina Romanenko

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Diet Rollercoaster - strict rules

September 23, 2014

 Diet Rollercoaster
 Diet Rollercoaster - a low-calorie diet in which the caloric content of food increases every three days, which does not allow the exchange of substances Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things  Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things
   get used to such a regime nutrient supply and reduce energy costs. Diet is very tough and repeating it several times, as suggested, it can lead to complications.


What are the characteristics of diet roller coaster

Numerous clinical data on the use of different diets have allowed experts to conclude that some time in the background of any diet weight ceases to decrease. This is especially true of rigid diets. The reason is gradually getting used to enter the body of calories and a small amount of change is against this background metabolism.

As you know, the food - a source of materials, which are then built the cells of the human body, and acts required for this energy. The energy is primarily meets the needs of the metabolism and only secondarily - active person. With the reduction of caloric intake automatically reduces the amount of energy required for motor activity and intellectual property rights. It becomes sluggish, moving a little - it reduces the energy consumption of the body, that is there is energy savings.

In order to "trick" the body and cause it not to reduce the energy consumption at very low calorie daily diet, the American nutritionist M. Cathan more than 30 years ago has developed a diet roller coaster.

The essence of the diet is that the body does not allow to adjust to the daily diet, changing it every three days. A feature of the diet is that every three days calorie daily diet increases.

For the first three days, it must be equal to 600 kcal, the next three days - 900 kcal and the next three days - 1200 kcal. After that, the diet should be repeated several times until the desired result. The results of the diet roller coaster - a loss of 3 to 5 kg per cycle.


Menu diet roller coaster

Menu diet roller coaster involves the use of any products as desired, but with the expectation that energy intake does not exceed the recommended. In order to reduce the damage caused to the body this diet, nutritionists still recommend the use in the diet of foods that are taken as a basis for a healthy diet Healthy eating - do not limit yourself to eating  Healthy eating - do not limit yourself to eating
   - Vegetables, fruits, white meat poultry, low fat dairy products.


Diet Rollercoaster - the approximate menu for 9 days

The first three days (600 kcal per day):

  • First breakfast - fat cottage cheese - 200 g
  • Lunch - unsweetened varieties of apple or a glass of berries.
  • Lunch - vegetable soup, and two low-calorie bread.
  • Snack - 4 fried egg whites, steamed.
  • Dinner - a piece of fish, steamed.

The second three days (900 kcal per day)

  • First breakfast - oatmeal on the water (half a cup) of apple and savory varieties.
  • Lunch - 5 tablespoons of fat-free yogurt Low-fat cottage cheese - a popular product among athletes and slimming  Low-fat cottage cheese - a popular product among athletes and slimming
 , Cabbage salad with vegetable oil, a piece of dried bran bread.
  • Lunch - salad of cucumber and tomato and a piece of steamed chicken or fish.
  • Snack - a cup of yogurt and a piece of dried bran bread.
  • Dinner - Shrimp - a half cup.

The last three of the day (1200 Kcal per day)

  • First breakfast - oatmeal on the water (glass), with the addition of a dining boat oil.
  • Lunch - a cup of yogurt.
  • Lunch: salad of cucumbers with a little tomato, steamed chicken breast, baked potato average.
  • Afternoon snack - an apple or an orange and a banana Bananas: the benefits and harms health  Bananas: the benefits and harms health
  • Dinner - fresh salad and a small piece of boiled fish or chicken.


Reviews of the diet roller coaster

Reviews of the diet roller coaster those who wish to lose weight quickly and sustain this diet (which is not easy), positive, but rarely withstand more than one cycle in a row. In addition, reviews are often directly after the diet, and what happened to the weight of these people in the future is unknown (experience shows that almost all of them regained their weight).

Reviews of the diet roller coaster experts generally negative, and here's why:

  • Low-fat diet so that he can not even cover the metabolic energy expenditure, resulting in breach thereof (minimum calorie intake for middle-aged women should not be lower than 1200 kcal);
  • low-fat diet leads to lethargy, to exercise does not have enough energy, so weight loss is not of a physiological nature;
  • diet roller coaster, lasting several consecutive cycles can cause irreparable harm to the body;
  • Diet does not say anything about food after its use, whereas it is very important to secure a constant weight.

Diet Rollercoaster possibly suitable for people with overweight, who lead a sedentary life. But it is better if such a diet prescribed by a doctor.

Galina Romanenko

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