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January 28, 2010

  • The protein in the urine - a sign of danger, which should not be underestimated
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I have this happen frequently, then the treatment and everything is OK. But the last time it went on: Jade began. It was just a nightmare. Not only that, I always sat on the toilet, so it has all the thick and the color of the liquid was simply terrifying: it was the impression that I just went to the bathroom with blood. Horror! I'm so scared. But nothing Mountain medicine to fix it.
Veronica, you do not care about your health? You are going to give birth in the future or not? How can so often suffer similar problems and did not seek medical attention. You probably already acquired chronic handicap and could be treated properly and in time in the acute phase and nothing like you will never be repeated. Sami spoil your health!
Dinara how annoying such alarmists like you. I have such tests have been through times and nothing had three healthy children. By the way during pregnancy also often had a bad analysis, but the doctor did not stuff me drugs, but just put on a diet and the results have improved. In addition, Veronica wrote that drank the medicine. But doctors often give the wrong diagnoses.
In my understanding, this term has always been associated with severe inflammation in the body, I remember as a child went to the doctor on elektrofarez and there was a girl who found a protein in the urine, so terrible it seemed! It seems when running problems with the kidneys and urinary system, *** it is possible. Usually after a similar diagnosis and prescribe antibiotics prick them in the form of tablets.
Christine really all depends on quantitative indicators. If found traces of anything terrible in general, no, you just have to retake the tests and observe, but if very much, then there is obviously a serious disease. But in these cases, doctors do not let such a patient just as well start it seriously evaluated and treated by strong drugs.
And I did not realize the importance of this protein in the urine or not. Because elevated levels may be from different causes, and provoked many diseases. Bad analysis or result do not provide a guaranteed conclusion, and the protein is not a diagnosis. Many times, the procedure took place, but I am so no one said, good or bad. It seems that everything is close perceive this information. Regular routine inspection.
Elena, if you are not sure whether it is worth paying attention to this figure, it is better to ask for decoding to the doctor, but rather to re-take a urine test, and has two variants result to go to the clinic to the urologist. The specialist will tell whether there is a cause for panic and it was a false alarm. In any case, poor urine test - that is no reason for panic. But to keep this information without attention, I would not advise.
The fact of the matter Elena it is a definite signal for you! So we should go to a nephrologist and look for the cause of deeper, make sure to renal ultrasound, to exclude the presence of sand or rocks. So do not ignore the protein in the urine and think that the problem will be solved by itself, and the general condition will not affect, your health is in your hands, and no one is interested in him than you are.
If this is such a terrible disease, then it must be a man aching to feel her like that. What are the symptoms of protein in the urine there, which is understandable, that is sick. If a person feels good, then it analyzes must be clean and, if sick, the mood will deteriorate. And I can not understand how a person does not experience health problems can be bad analyzes.
You probably still too young, Varya, and therefore do not understand the relationship of bad analysis and health! But my daughter's pregnancy was always a protein in the urine, but it is also believed that if nothing hurts, it means that she is healthy. Certainly not! In recent months she had to go to hospital and treated some urinary infections, which could adversely affect the unborn baby.
I had a bad analyzes in the second half of the first pregnancy, the doctor, who picked up a piece of paper with the results of analyzes of the eye just to bulge. Puny it was shaking with fever as a whole. Month on maintaining lying, but, thank God, my daughter was born healthy. Thank doctors controlled my analyzes and treated correctly. During her second pregnancy I was smarter, all very controlled, and already the last day of pregnancy, urine protein was not.
Jan, read with interest your comment twice, just do not understand as well as you could have control, you have the analyzer protein in the urine is. As far as I know, there is no medical assistance is indispensable, because you yourself can not control what you do not see. It is one thing to measure body temperature, pressure, blood sugar, but here at home as soon as possible to verify the presence of protein?
No doubt, Lena, that you carefully (even twice), read the comments Jana. Just you are not too interested in the information provided on this page. Otherwise, you would see a home test for microalbumin in the urine. Affordable, by the way, enjoy. I think that the common pathologies of pregnancy, manifested by increased levels of protein in the urine, a test - just a godsend.
Because of lower back pain, I had to get tested at a local clinic. The doctor said that their results are not optimistic. Of course, I asked the doctor, which is a protein in the urine? What he told me that I pilonifrit. Since I did not have the disease in the acute form, in the hospital I did not put, I was discharged treated and sent home. After a week, I'll go back for tests. I hope the results will be much better.
Edward you're lucky that no acute pyelonephritis. I was brought here such pain, just prior to his hospital bed. Loins just fell off. When passed the tests, the protein was detected in the urine and blood. But you probably injections could not be avoided, as well as me. It is true I have put glomerulonephritis. I had to lie down for two weeks and then discharged with a not very good analysis.
When I asked a friend how to remove protein in the urine, she told me a miracle remedy, called "Biseptolum." The next day, I went with my test results to the doctor, he appointed me to a variety of drugs, but about "Biseptol" did not say a word. I was curious and I decided to ask him, at the expense of the Board, given to me by a friend. The doctor was indignant, said that the tool is already prohibited in almost all over the world! This situation has served as a great lesson for me, since I do not trust the advice of amateurs in the field of medicine.
Lolita, I'm surprised that you suggested to a friend "Biseptolum" for the treatment of protein in the urine. Generally, this medicine can have very bad consequences. Once my husband wanted to cure sinusitis so. After a week he began receiving anaphylactic shock, was miraculously saved. So do not resort to self-medication, always contact the hospital, here's my advice.
Lizonka! Yes, your husband was lucky! I know that taking Biseptol adversely affects the "masculine" bodily functions. And the rest of the participants can debate that's to say: if you or your loved ones showing signs of protein in the urine, then do not put experiments and not self-medicate, it can lead to much worse consequences. Go to the reception to the therapist!
Lolita can say that you got a good doctor. Many of the drug is still administered, despite the fact that it was banned. It used to be we all drank, and now a lot of new drugs really help. Let this be a lesson to you for life. Will the next time to know if the protein in the urine treatment should appoint a doctor, not a friend or a neighbor.
Protein in the urine of women may be from the discharge of a thrush, the doctor told me so during pregnancy. Still, not everything is so worth it to leave. Measures for the detailed analysis and identification of possible other causes necessarily need to take. Here are just prescribed a daily analysis. go the whole day in a jar to collect all the droplets))) cause a smile - but actually pretty serious stuff!
Recently ill with colds, inflammation was strong and when the analysis of urine protein was not the doctor said it was a good sign and I soon get better. He was right, in two weeks I was able to go to work, although I think that three weeks, or even four will have to rebound. From his words, I realized that if I have it was found, it would indicate a serious illness.
Last year, I handed over the analysis of urine, which was discovered protein. The doctor reassured seeing my excitement, saying that it is not necessary to worry much because I still doubt. That is if the protein and bacteria present in the urine at the same time, it is a negative sign, indicating the presence of an infectious inflammation. Then re-delivery is not required, as the accident both can not seem to.
I just happened to hear about the analysis on the content of protein in the urine, and did not know what it could mean. I read now and now knowing how scary it would be to look into their analyzes usually look, there is some numbers and letters, the meaning of which is unclear. Too much is also not know very well, without any extra knowledge quieter lives, but now at the sight of each letter will worry, thinking about the bad.
High levels of protein in the urine may be due to the fact that some of you are taking medication that is definitely a sign of one of the diseases listed in the material. So instead of being engaged in self-complacency is necessary to take seriously their health and ask a doctor if he is not appointed to continue research to determine the cause.
Not all of our own medical knowledge to know which of the protein in the urine suddenly appeared, it may occur as a consequence of the consumption of certain drugs. It is also likely that it is a sign of one of many diseases, including urinary infection *** system. If you find you have this component in urine, try not to panic if it is treated, then you get rid of, if not, experiencing only worsened his condition.
When I was pregnant and constantly handed over analyzes, I have always had a large amount of protein in the urine. A friend advised me to such a thing: "do business" in a jar it is necessary through a small layer of gauze, and then nothing more analysis did not show. It is a way of course is not a "panacea" and a full guarantee good performance, but nevertheless, someone might come in handy!
I agree with Nastenka. Very often in pregnant women the presence of protein in the urine due to sloppy collection of the analyzed material. In fact, during pregnancy are enhanced vaginal discharge. And if a woman has yeast infection and developed, the probability of getting these secretions in the urine collected is greatly increased. Therefore, even gynecologists advise during filling jars make improvised gauze tamponchik to close everything that is not related to the urethra.
Nastya, I am now five months pregnant, and I have too much protein in the urine. But I'm worried about the health of your baby, so not going to hide these figures from doctors. On the contrary, I am treated to was not like this. Because it can be a serious illness and even threaten childbearing. I do not need indicators, and my baby. And I advise you not to engage in this nonsense.
Dear Gal! Most high protein in the urine of pregnant women is due to an increased level of discharge, due to the hormonal features of the organism. It is in this case, my way of helping deliver good analysis, does the unborn baby feel better by the fact that the mother will begin to be treated with medications to remove the pseudo-problem? so that the cases are different!
I had a case described here, after I took an aspirin, I had found a protein in the urine sample. Well that got an experienced doctor and asked what preparations I saw recently. When I heard about aspirin, he proposed not to worry and appointed re-commissioning after a while. Repeated delivery of an outsider did not reveal anything. So do not rush to be upset after seeing his analysis, if your doctor is not interested in my you drink, then it is helpful to tell him that maybe it's because of the other drugs.
I had a case described here, after I took my aspirin were found proteins in the urine. Well that got an experienced doctor and asked what preparations I saw recently. When I heard about aspirin, he proposed not to worry and appointed re-commissioning after a while. Repeated delivery of an outsider did not reveal anything. So do not rush to be upset after seeing his analysis, if your doctor is not interested in my you drink, then it is helpful to tell him that maybe it's because of the other drugs.
On the analysis of urine for protein I know firsthand: in adolescence suffered from chronic cystitis, exacerbations occurred frequently and doctors prescribed the analysis. Results of the analysis, as I understand it, influenced the treatment regimen. But it often happens that a person feels good, and a urine test he is poor, indicating the start or already running many serious diseases
If at the time of urine protein is found, it is not necessary immediately to puzzle over how to get protein from urine. Perhaps as it says here he appeared after the use of certain drugs. It is necessary to wait for some time, the duration of which will set the doctor and re-pass a urine test, and only if it is confirmed the presence of re-diagnose it.
Upon delivery of the protein analysis I have never been. Seeing the word in reference protein I used to be somneniya- why there is protein in the urine. The doctor was asking uncomfortable, there is a guy in years to forever unhappy face. Now here I will know that it can be a side effect from taking the same aspirin and other drugs.
Suspect urinary tract infection. Immediately see a physician. She appointed me urinalysis and abdominal ultrasound. Thank God, all is well with the kidneys and pilonefrita not. But it turned out that the increased protein in the urine in cystitis. Probably too cold and started the inflammatory process (treated protein is now the norm!
It is necessary to know the allowable rate of protein in the urine, passing to analyze and get your hands on the result does not go crazy with emotions, and most understand that to what. Now I'm even a notebook where I write down all the norms of indicators that have to periodically take and already well-versed, understand a lot even without a doctor's prescription.
Recently handed over the analysis of urine on a daily protein did not become interested in the doctor why he has appointed me to this. I do not like hospitals and doctors that every visit for me once stress. I hope that everything will be fine and I did not know the reason why he had to pass. I want to be healthy and happy.
There are special methods for the determination of protein in the urine, if one of them came forth a result that seems suspicious to you, then insist on re-purposed to the doctor, but by a different method. In this case, it eliminates the possibility of error, which sometimes also have the place to be. I hope my advice will help someone.
The presence of protein in the urine - this is the alarm bell, which must pay attention to any self-respecting doctor immediately and determine the cause of its occurrence. So simply nothing in the body happens. A timely detection of the disease is much easier to treat than the already transformed into chronic.
My friend has one drawback - for any ailment she begins to look for the disease on the Internet. So yesterday has already figured out what to treat protein in the urine (the results of its analyzes showed suspicion of diabetes). On the one hand it is good that now there is a free flow of information, but on the other - ignore the visit to the doctor is not necessary.
It is important at the slightest suspicion of renal disease in time to see a doctor and get tested, which can detect even small deviations in the functioning of the urinary system. Otherwise, you can start the disease and get very serious consequences, such as chronic renal failure, which threatens to hemodialysis.
What we have illiterate populations, you know absolutely nothing, although there is no fault of your own, because the school did not teach this, though, and would teach many still can not be taught, so it turns out that they themselves are to blame. Instead of having to read the nonsense that publishes yellow press materials refer devoted medicine, it will soon cease to work at all brains.
Can certainly commissioning tests can show the presence of certain abnormalities. But when I was pregnant in my position just not able to detect abnormalities in the kidneys. In my analysis it never found, and as it turned out, the problem I had, and not small. Since it takes more somehow prevent the presence of protein in urine.
I did not know that the protein in the urine may indicate such serious diseases.

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