Prostatitis: how to deal with the pain - Effects of the disease

January 30th, 2014

  • Prostatitis: how to deal with pain
  • Manifestations of the disease
  • Treatment

 symptoms of prostatitis

Prostatitis - how the disease can manifest itself

Inflammatory diseases that affect the reproductive system of men is now widespread. Prostatitis often develops as one of the complications of myocardial inflammation. Often faced with delayed diagnosis of diseases due to poor clinical symptoms. To avoid complications, it is advisable to consult a doctor when the first symptoms.


Manifestations of the disease at different stages of the disease

The course has prostatitis individual characteristics of each patient. At each stage of development of the disease are different variety of complaints. The initial stage of prostatitis may be asymptomatic, the presence of lesions are diagnosed only during the special inspection. Pain in the prostate are not mandatory or common symptom, as is often pain may be absent or Just noticeable. The patient is difficult to specify what hurts the prostate as well as the intensity and location of pain will be diverse. Most often the pain occurs at the stage of chronic prostatitis Chronic prostatitis - every man should know his signs  Chronic prostatitis - every man should know his signs
 , It is permanent in the form of symptoms of chronic pelvic pain.

Prostatitis manifestation can be attributed largely to functional disorders. They are divided into disorders of the reproductive and urinary systems.

The pain is localized to the prostate in the perineum or rectum that express a feeling of discomfort. The patient noted the presence of a feeling of heaviness or pressure in the perineum, in the future, there dizuricheskie symptoms. Because of the inflammation of the prostate gland increases in size, which naturally leads to compression of the urethra. This is one of the causes of difficulty urinating.

Sama prostate prostatitis does not hurt. Presence of pain due to the fact that depart from the gland nerve endings to organs located in the pelvis. This explains why there is pain in the prostate. Some diseases that are characterized by phenomena of stagnation in the pelvis, proceed with a clinical picture similar to the prostate clinic. As an example, can be called hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids - a shameful disease  Hemorrhoids - a shameful disease
   and prostatitis. These are two different diseases, but in both cases there are marked stagnation that underlie the development of pathological changes. The fully include the above diseases such as varicocele Varicocele - when it hurts the scrotum  Varicocele - when it hurts the scrotum
   and prostatitis. The phenomena of stagnation could be the reason that there is a pain in the prostate and testicular varicocele, although a causal relationship between the disease there.


The period of acute illness chronic course

The chronic form of prostatitis occurs with periods of exacerbations, the frequency of which depends largely on the patient. Under the influence of provoking factors develops acute clinical picture, which requires timely treatment measures. Complications of prostatitis are often the result of delayed treatment or self-treatment. The patient should consult a doctor if you see the following complaints:

  • the emergence of pain in the genital area, lumbar region or rectum
  • discomfort or pain during urination or defecation
  • the emergence of a pathological nature of urethral discharge
  • frequent urination, and the minimum number of allocated urine

Spin the prostate, which are slimy character, often appear after defecation. When the inflammatory process may be a difficulty in urination and defecation. Constipation with prostatitis should be considered as a predisposing factor for the development of changes in the prostate gland, so the nature of the supply is of great importance in enhancing the effectiveness of remedial measures. For a patient, who has a prostate, it is important to avoid the development of constipation, which can be perfectly adjusted with food.

Signs of acute bacterial process is the changing nature of urine. Blood in the urine with prostatitis may be a sign of a urinary tract infection, so treatment must be assigned when the first symptoms of the disease. That is manifested prostatitis, is a determining factor in the appointment of medical schemes. The effects of prostatitis can be dangerous for the health of the patient, so the period of exacerbation of the disease treatment should be carried out in a hospital.

The manifestations of acute prostatitis stage is the development of intoxication syndrome. The patient may complain of a change of state of health, fatigue, sleep disturbances Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
 , Anorexia. As to the reaction temperature, the temperature of the prostate can be improved if the bacterial form of the disease. In this case, there is a need hospitalization. Aggravation prostatitis develops due to the influence of provoking factors, so you should try to avoid exposure of the body.


That includes the prevention of prostatitis

Most cases of prostate detected during routine inspection the men, that is, in the absence of clinical symptoms. In this connection, it is recommended for men to visit the doctor for inspection once a year. This will allow time to identify the presence of changes in the prostate gland, take appropriate therapeutic measures.

Besides visiting a specialist, it is important that the man was trying to prevent the effects of adverse factors. Such factors include hypothermia, alcohol and spicy foods. Prostatitis can develop as a result of the spread of bacterial infection from an existing source of infection in the body, so it is important to monitor their health. Causes of acute prostatitis are often associated with a stressful situation, undergoing a serious illness when resistance to infection is significantly reduced.

Prostatitis and alcohol are incompatible things. Alcohol is recommended to completely eliminate from your diet, and not only during treatment.

A frequently asked question is how to get rid of prostatitis and how this helps the sexual life. Sex life for prostate helps to eliminate stagnation in the pelvis, so it has a positive effect on the prostate gland. Abstain from sexual activity is recommended only for the period of elimination of acute manifestations of the disease. Prostatitis and sex can be combined to eliminate the pathological processes that formed at the stagnation of blood in the pelvic men.

The problem of prostatitis face not only men in the age group 40-45 years after. In recent years, the disease occurs in young people, due to the growth of infectious diseases, which are a group of sexually transmitted diseases. In this context, the sexual culture of behavior is the prevention of prostatitis. Prostatitis at a young age can cause male infertility, so prevention and early treatment of a beneficial impact on the reproductive health status.