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February 21, 2014

  • Treatment for chickenpox: how to avoid complications
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 Treatment of chickenpox in adults

Treatment of chickenpox in adults

Treatment is initiated with the appointment of bed rest, proper nutrition and care of affected skin and mucous membranes. Because of the daily diet of an adult suffering from chickenpox, eliminate sharp, fried, smoked, salty, sweet foods, fatty meats, concentrated broths. Preference is given to dairy and plant foods.

An adult can afford to shower several times a day, followed by drying of the skin, or neat blotted it with a clean soft towel. Do not use a washcloth and rub the skin with soap. To wash the suit only neutral shower gels, which can be used in a day. You can take a bath, adding them starch, broth oat extracts of herbs with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action.

The skin can be lubricated with calamine lotion and rash individual elements - green paint, but for adults Zelenka is not very suitable, as long the skin.

How to quickly recover from chickenpox adult? Since chicken pox in adults often runs hard and gives complications, patients are usually prescribed from the start antiviral system and outdoor activities. It antivirals chickenpox will help to quickly cope with the infection. For this purpose, appoint such antiviral drugs like acyclovir, valacyclovir (Valtrex) and famciclovir (Famvir).

Possess antiviral properties, and drugs, which include interferon - a protein that is produced by virus-infected cells. These drugs include viferon.

Produce its own interferon body cells make such means chickenpox as arbidol.

Preparations for the treatment of chicken pox will also help to reduce the heat (they also help reduce inflammation and pain) - is diclofenac, ibuklin, paracetamol and other. You can reduce itching by using antihistamines such as suprastin, fenistil, Claritin Claritin - histamine receptor blocker  Claritin - histamine receptor blocker
 , Erius and so on.

Than to treat chicken pox when she was joined by a bacterial infection? In this case, treatment with antibiotics chickenpox. Typically, this broad-spectrum antibiotics Broad-spectrum antibiotics - not only treat but also cripple  Broad-spectrum antibiotics - not only treat but also cripple
   - Tsiprolet, sumamed Sumamed antibiotics wisely  Sumamed antibiotics wisely
   and others.

Assign also drugs chickenpox outdoor activities. The best remedy for chickenpox - a 5% acyclovir ointment or cream Acyclovir - as it is safe?  Acyclovir - as it is safe?
   (Zovirax). The cream is applied to separate areas of the skin 5 times a day, without rubbing. Do not apply ointment on all the skin - one of the functions of the skin is breathing, covered with ointment and skin can not breathe.

From external tools are used and such preparations chickenpox as infagel (interferon gel) Gel viferon (also interferon gel with vitamin E) - these drugs have antiviral effect).

Chickenpox mouth rinses treated (miramistinom, furatsilinom, chamomile and St. John's wort) and lubrication (sea buckthorn oil, oil solution hlorofillipta, dental adhesive paste solkoseril and others).

How to cure chickenpox, not to leave the consequences? This can make a doctor, because in many ways the treatment requires an individual approach taking into account the patient's general condition, the presence of his chronic disease, the severity of chickenpox. How it is treated chickenpox, as determined by a physician, and in this regard it is fully trusted. But usually the antiviral drugs administered for 5-7 days. Symptomatic treatment (antipyretic, antipruritic) designate as long as there are certain symptoms. The duration of antibiotic also depends on the flow of purulent complications.


Than to treat scars of chickenpox

Scars after chickenpox are rare. Scars are usually the outcome or severe chickenpox rash with large bubbles, or chickenpox, complicated by a bacterial infection. Externally, these scars would be invisible if not differ from the rest of the skin more white.

Immediately after the falling away crusts with such small ridges can be handled with special ointments, promotes the resorption of connective tissue. This ointment such as Contractubex, dermatiks, Aldar, medgel, kelofibraza and others. All of them affect the forming scar, and contribute to its rapid maturation and elimination of excess connective tissue. As a result, the rumen becomes thin and inconspicuous.

When the scar is already formed, to work on his useless creams. In this case, there are different types of peeling - removal of the upper stratum corneum of the skin. Today, the most effective and affordable sea peeling considered laser peels. During several procedures cosmetologist layers removes surface layers of the skin, and with them the connective tissue scar. Fully scar is usually not removed, but thins and becomes invisible.

Treatment of chickenpox should always be individualized.

Galina Romanenko

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The remedy for herpes - which is better? - New products

January 23, 2014

  • The remedy for herpes - which is better?
  • New products
  • Immunomodulators

 New drugs against herpes on the lips

New drugs against herpes on the lips

Herpes on the lips - is not only unpleasant, but also a cosmetic problem. How to find an effective cure for herpes on the lips? The most effective remedy for herpes on the lips - a cream fenistil pentsivir (Novartis, Switzerland). Active ingredient of this cream is an antiviral agent penciclovir. The antiviral effect of penciclovir many times the effect of acyclovir. Cream fenistil pentsivir should start to apply as early as possible, at the first signs of herpes.

The antiviral drug Viru-Merz Serol used topically as a gel. Viru-Merz with herpes prevents the penetration of viruses into the cell, and the virus to the drug resistance does not develop. Shoots are characteristic manifestations of herpes infection, such as pain, burning and itching, reduces the duration of the disease, lengthen periods of remission.

New cure for herpes - herpes patch on the lips manufactured by Johnson & Johnson. Masking antigerpichesky Kompid patch herpes - is invisible patch on the skin, which significantly reduced the healing time of herpes sores on the lips. The patch may be applied to the affected area of ​​the skin at any stage of herpetic process.

Lipstick herpes - this is a good preventative remedy for herpes. For example, lipstick hygienic Health-herpes factory Dawn has antiviral (including antiherpetic) and anti-inflammatory action.

But the treatment of herpes Treatment of herpes - a serious problem  Treatment of herpes - a serious problem
   hydrogen peroxide questionable matter. Hydrogen peroxide is applied to the ulcers, resulting in herpes, can slow down the healing process and cause scarring because it destroys newly formed skin cells.

Iodine herpes should be used with caution. It is not necessary to lubricate the elements rash herpes alcohol tincture of iodine - this can cause burns. In a pinch, you can use 10% povidone iodine solution for outdoor use. Also, caution should be applied fukortsin herpes - this preparation contains phenol, so it can cause skin irritation. But the point moxibustion fukortsinom blisters useful - it contributes to the rapid formation of scabs.

Cream advantan herpes is not indicated, as it consists of corticosteroids, reducing the skin's immunity.


An effective remedy for herpes on the lips

It is a cream based on acyclovir. These medications include acyclovir 5% cream Acyclovir - as it is safe?  Acyclovir - as it is safe?
 , Viroleks and Zovirax Zovirax - time-proven antiviral drug  Zovirax - time-proven antiviral drug
 . Cream Zovirax herpes on the lips applied to the affected skin and lips bordering the healthy parts of them 5 times a day for 4-10 days.

Antiviral and immunomodulatory properties of the gel also has herpes on the lips of plant origin panavir. It is applied with a thin layer on the affected skin or mucous membranes 5 times a day for 4-5 days. The treatment may be extended to 10 days.


Herpes treatment with antibiotics

Are antibiotics for herpes? Antibiotic against the virus do not apply - it will not help. But the fact that the herpes violated the integrity of the skin, and the skin is known to be home to a huge number of pathogenic microflora, mainly bacterial nature. Contact this microflora in sores and herpes erosion is possible. In this case, antibiotic treatment is advisable. Will, for example, tetracycline, herpes, complicated by a bacterial infection. With the same purpose can be used Trichopolum Trichopolum - he treats?  Trichopolum - he treats?

When festering sores on the skin ointment applied levomekol, herpes, it helps cleanse the sores of pus and rapid healing.