"Rublevskaya pill": is it possible to hope for a sensational effect?

March 5, 2009

 Rublevskaya tablet
   World Health Organization experts are sounding the alarm: obese people now make up almost a third of the world's population, and by 2030, the problem of excess weight may face every second. Doctors urge people to an active lifestyle and refusal of junk food, but instead a lot of people rely on the saving power of miracle pills. Formed in 2007 Rublevskaya tablet promised wishing to quickly solve the problem of excess weight sensational results. However, whether their hopes dashed?

 "Rublevskaya pill": is it possible to hope for a sensational effect?

Promises manufacturers

At the drugstore shelves all kinds of tablets, pills, potions and slimming capsules presented today in abundance. Among them are officially registered medicines, and dietary supplements - dietary supplements, not a drug. Among this diversity in colorful boxes with intricate names impossible to find a cure for weight loss called "Rublevskaya pill". However, information about it through online advertising quickly spread dieters without exhausting diets and physical activity.

"Rublevskaya pill" attracts attention by its very name, to which manufacturers add intrigue, arguing that this professional VIP-complex, which consists exclusively of natural vegetable components, create customized very rich man, and then they are interested in and other inhabitants " ruble ", try to imagine the magic power of the drug in the prestigious SPA-salons. And the potential buyer "Rublev pill" already understands that this exclusive product will not be cheap, but it certainly should have hitherto unprecedented efficiency. And the information he finds on the Internet, further strengthens him in this opinion.

Manufacturers' Rublev pill "promises weight loss of 7-8% in just one treatment. However, the course includes a combination of three formulas, combined use of which will suppress excessive appetite and completely take it under control will prevent the accumulation of body fat and burn has accumulated around the waist, abdomen and sides fats. Of course, the full composition of this unique tool is kept secret, but still manufacturers' Rublev pill "lifts the veil of secrecy, indicating that suppression of hunger - the merit of a particular substance P-57 contained in the cactus Hoodia, and for lipolysis responsible extracts from green tea , Africa and the Indian Coleus yohimbine. Other ingredients in the tablet will remove addiction to carbohydrate food, get rid of bulimia, will withdraw from depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood  Depression - a little more than a bad mood
   and cleanse the body of toxins. And included in the drug amino acids, trace elements and vitamins will type is generall therapeutic effect.

Do not forget the manufacturers' Rublev pill "seek the opinion of experts and nutritionists -terapevta. However, for some reason they are only two, and some information about them is on the Internet, but the train of scientific publications for them is still not reaching. But who knows, maybe it's good practitioners. The only pity is that since 2008, their views on the "tablet Rublev", apparently, no longer joined by any one person.

 "Rublevskaya pill": is it possible to hope for a sensational effect?

Expectations buyers

However, for almost five years have passed since the appearance of "Rublev pills" on the market of dietary supplements for weight loss, potential buyers have learned to recognize good advertising gimmicks and marketing courses, which are so fond of them involve producers and sellers. A careful reading of the information about the "Rublev tablet" and comparing it with a description of other drugs for weight loss is nothing special, but the name is not found: everywhere the same words about burning fat and suppressing appetite, the same promises fast effect with- out any serious effort. But nanotechnology used in the production of anything was not remember now just lazy. Do not forget about them and manufacturers' Rublev pills. "

But, perhaps, excessive distrust deprive someone of a unique chance once and find harmony and lightness throughout the body ... and then nothing to do but pick up the phone and call the number on the proposed Moscow. Dear Adviser reiterated information about the unique advantages of the drug and call price that buyers usually shocking, but then remembered the magic word "Rublevsky" and inspired by promised results, they agree to buy.

It was among these buyers and Vladimir Volenko known as the founder of the group "Ladybird". His impressions of the reception "Rublev pills" he was quick to share the World Wide Web. Six weeks dosing of its weight ... increased by 2 kg. And this despite the fact that, as it turned out, during treatment is necessary to sit on a special diet, taking food twice a day, with last admission no later than 16.00 and eating a few prunes during the day. Phone consultant Vladimir Volenko explained as "unexpected" effect of excessive slagging of his body, and proposed to start another course of treatment "Rublev tablet."

This story is typical: judging by the numerous reviews on Internet forums, amazing results, the manufacturer promises, we should not wait. So, the way to a slim figure is still long and thorny, but rezultativen: physical activity, healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition Proper nutrition - the basic precepts of healthy food  Proper nutrition - the basic precepts of healthy food
   and diet. Not ruled out drugs and dietary supplements purchased at the pharmacy after consultation with a nutritionist.

 "Rublevskaya pill": is it possible to hope for a sensational effect?

Attractive dignity "Rublevskoye pill"

Given the huge public interest in the media for correction of weight, experts of the pharmaceutical industry and various research institutes are working tirelessly in finding more and more effective drugs. As one of them widely known to get so-called "Rublevskoye pill", which can often be found among the flows of information and advertising on the Internet.

What this drug is good and what we do about him? Manufacturers Rublevskoye pills reported the complexity of the mechanism of action of their products, that is shedding excess weight is carried out on several fronts simultaneously. Firstly, the consumers of the drug reduces pathologically increased appetite (the medical "language" is a manifestation of excessive addiction to food is called bulimia), that is, when receiving a small amount of food a person begins to experience a feeling of fullness that lasts quite a long time. Thus, under the control of the frequency and volume of taken food intake and the probability of overeating is reduced to almost zero.

Secondly, Rublvskomu tablet prevents the formation of new fat. It is known that by complex biochemical reactions in the body proteins, and particularly carbohydrates capable of being converted into fat cells. These processes are quite normal, they are compensatory and run in those cases when the body lacks the fat reserves. However metabolic these biochemical reactions of lipid (fat) converting become uncontrolled and will not depend on the amount of fat in the body. In such a situation, any eaten carrot, apple or orange immediately converted to fat that quickly leads to obesity. Rublevskoye pill blocks these completely unnecessary body transformation.

And, thirdly, the drug helps to eliminate the previously accumulated fat, that is, breaks the existing fat cells. And thanks forming part Rublevskoye pill ingredients is combined with simultaneous cleavage of the purification of the body Cleansing the body - comprehensive restoration  Cleansing the body - comprehensive restoration
   from the products of fat decomposition.

 "Rublevskaya pill": is it possible to hope for a sensational effect?


Of what is Rublevskoye tablet? Manufacturers of the drug slightly lifted the veil of commercial secrecy, reported several Ingredients .  First of all, it is a biologically active compound "P-57", which is due to occur and appetite suppression .  A feeling of fullness occurs in humans as a result of increase in the blood glucose concentration (that is why the absorption of all kinds of sweets, "interrupts" the appetite) .  Effectively suppress hunger "P-57" ten thousand times greater than the effect of glucose .  This biologically active component is obtained from the native to the Kalahari Desert plants - sokkulenta giant with which the local Bushmen struggle with hunger .  Extracts of other equally exotic plants, such as the Indian Coleus and African yohimbine, contribute to the breakdown of fat cells .  And the extract from the leaves of green tea not only breaks down lipids, but also stimulates their processing in the liver .  In addition to these highly specific components Rublevskoye tablet includes a variety of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, which have a spa and a tonic effect: lowering blood pressure, strengthening the musculoskeletal system, reducing the concentration of "harmful" cholesterol in the blood, improve the functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, normalization sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
 , Improved emotional background and so on.

Experts' opinions and experiences of patients who have undergone treatment Rublevskoye tablet far are mixed. Thus, many experts believe that such a drug - no more than a publicity stunt, and the cost of the course is much higher than the real effectiveness of its actions. A lot of negative feedback can be seen on the forums. Probably the most correct in this situation will be a review of "live" person to whom you trust, whether it is a medical specialist or a close friend who has his own experience of its application.

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