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July 21 2013

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Too all become competent with these multiple publications on the Internet and forums! In our time, no one never heard of any mysterious disease there, and the children were born much stronger and tougher today. Even the mom instead of sitting on the internet, worked until recently and did not bother about the possible complications, so you do not advise!
I wonder if m cytomegalovirus during pregnancy is so dangerous to the health of the unborn child, and my mother, too, is why the girls in the survey of the gynecologist do not check for the presence of the virus on a regular basis? It turns out everything already when she was pregnant and the treatment is much more complicated. It would be nice to establish prevention of this terrible disease
Inna, I do not know about you, but I personally sent a gynecologist on this analysis, as I said, we are planning a child. The problem has proved that she went to mass analysis, including many STDs (chlamydia, and others.), Rubella, mycoplasma, and many more. It cost a pretty penny. Nothing was found, but regularly receive such examinations I could not for material reasons.
A terrible disease once infected, then all life to be the bearer and to be as it turns out, a threat to their future children. Worst of course. It is necessary to look for ways and take everything possible to protect themselves from the virus, then to "bite the elbows", because our goal is the problem, and in general our purpose in life - to have children, and take care of their health !!!
Praskovya, I agree, but in the world of a lot of diseases that are transmitted from an infected mother or father. For me was a shock when I recently found out that my friend's daughter inherited chlamydia. She's a good girl, but her husband was empty. Hlamadioz had not manifested (passive support), and during childbirth happened that transferred to the child.
I had a worsening cytomegalovirus. What is the impact of pregnancy, I did not know then, I started bleeding, brought to the hospital by ambulance and was diagnosed with "Start early miscarriage" ... Thank God, thank the doctors, but I helped and rescued the baby. stabbed with a dropper, put shots in the stomach, but it turned out!
Indeed, before pregnant and did not even know about this virus. And how does cytomegalovirus during pregnancy, and even more so, and give birth to healthy babies. And now the doctors themselves helpless panic, and become pregnant too literate. Just give them a reason to poperezhivat. I'm not saying that there is no danger, but in the nature of hundreds of viruses, not less dangerous, which has not yet been checked by expectant mothers. So does it make sense to go to extremes and more pills to swallow.
Julian, it's wonderful, pregnant become more aware of their health. I do not think doctors are panicking, because in the eyes of a growing number of diseases. I agree with those who associate it with the living conditions of women. The gynecologist once advised me a recipe that should be applied once a year. I was advised to do twice and said that the old recipes need to be adjusted, they are not the modern man, but to blame the environment and unhealthy diet.
Pregnancy - is a process where it is difficult to predict anything. My story is the same as Inna - cytomegalovirus itself showed sluggish. Subject consequences cytomegalovirus and pregnancy I was still in the planning stages. The whole pregnancy was on the alert, the child is healthy and no effects have been identified, only the weight of his small - my doctors and was told that it could be from the same cytomegalovirus.
I do not know, how about weight, but a friend's child was born with poor eyesight. It was immediately obvious that he had a problem with his eyes as soon as he stepped into the light. Analyses she handed over, even imunnomodeliruyuschy course held, so that did not really help it. So, if necessary, be sure it is desirable to pass all the tests for latent infection. This is not a joke. As a result, suffers mother and her child.
I first heard about this virus, said older female relatives if they know of cytomegalovirus as it affects pregnancy. Alas, no one to date, although women educated and versatile. If the consequences are so heavy, as described in this article why the adult generation of this never heard of?
Inna, yes it is a big problem. Women are not even aware of how their health affects, and any deviation from the norm on the health of the unborn child. The man, of course, there is a fairly hardy and have children, you can even have some health problems, but that would be a healthy baby, you need to take care of his health before conception. Take care of your health.
Inna before such tests are not made pregnant. Therefore, the older generation about it does not know. And they did not have much experience, not so much in our time. It is now probably considered that the rate of cytomegalovirus during pregnancy. So if you plan to healthy children, to be tested in advance. In general, how many had heard of CMV rarely anyone in the active form occurs during pregnancy.
If a woman comes a critical period of life planning pregnancy and cytomegalovirus in an active form reflected in the analysis, then planning should be to postpone and come to grips with their health. The main thing you need to do - is to lift immunity and be sure to go to the doctor for treatment of a desired destination.
Earlier on such viruses or what tests did not take, and if the blood was collected only at the request, and pay more. When a pregnant woman went - it was 10 years ago, I gave blood for STDs, at his own expense. I had discovered cytomegalovirus during pregnancy igg. Really I do not know in what form, in the active or not. But the treatment has not been appointed, have found it - well. This I now realize how much everything seriously and thank God that the children healthy.
I have a very long-standing and ever-creeping cytomegalovirus infection - nothing helps. When I got pregnant again, tests were bad - cytomegalovirus IgM and IgG was positive too. Make the analysis on the avidity - 70%, which means that a long-standing infection, there is no particular threat. Throughout the pregnancy was observed, but nothing has been appointed, gave birth to a healthy baby. There is some s *** that cytomegalovirus during pregnancy somehow affect what we will see in the future.
Inna why are you so worried. Themselves write, a long-standing infection. So no worries kakah should not be. I also had cytomegalovirus lgg during pregnancy. And neither of which gave birth to a healthy baby, without consequences. The child you also born healthy, enjoy life. And you can be infected with CMV and in kindergarten, not only from the mother. Everything nor as bad as they say.
Can manifest symptoms of CMV during pregnancy? Do I have to catch this kid? And how to be treated in such a case? Are there safer ways? After the action of many medications can negatively affect the forming fruit. Or not to risk the health of the child, it is best to go to extreme measures - to have an abortion?
Agrippina not be so categorical, why just abortion. After an abortion, too, may not be good consequences. It's one thing if the fetus has some sort of pathology. In this case you can think of abortion, but others believe it is not right. I for example found igg cytomegalovirus during pregnancy. But the little baby was born healthy. If you usually doctors prescribe antiviral medication. And the symptoms of CMV rarely when manifested.
Analysis on cytomegalovirus infection during pregnancy adversely shown, but I still doubt it. The fact that it is old and many had passed, with serious consequences was not anybody. Maybe the virus cytomegalovirus is just weak or we are all so lucky? I do not think so.
Cytomegalovirus and its effects on the fetus were studied, but not the fact that carefully. Mostly such judgments were made from observations of the course of the disease to other people. Diagnosis is made with this all better for us, so the clinic will be paid with *** ovkoy on to miss nothing. As for reducing the amount of virus is best to ask the doctor.
Appointed paracetamol, I'm pregnant and I found cytomegalovirus. Admission paratsitomola during pregnancy did not adversely affect the fetus? The doctors said that it is necessary to bring down the temperature, but I am afraid, suddenly made worse child. Maybe someone took it during pregnancy? Were there any problems?
It is clear that the combination cytomegalovirus and pregnancy planning is difficult and requires a certain amount of attention and continuous monitoring of the health status and their fetus. But pregnancy is allowed in carriers, so the terrible consequences that everywhere write to occur in 8-9% of cases, it is not enough, no more than any human probability to receive any other serious illness.
Worst of course, that after the disease become infected with HIV, and life. And what about the problem - the carrier cytomegalovirus and pregnancy? I do not have children, but want to find out everything in advance. In general, read the information, I nevertheless concluded that it is possible to give birth to.
To give birth to the virus cytomegalovirus it dangerous? And what to do to reduce the amount of CMV in the blood to such a degree that the chance of passing it to the child was minimal? Watch, I'll be hard, it is better in private clinics, but in fact there is no guarantee that everything will be fine. Suddenly pathology undefined.
Obviously, cytomegalovirus - an infection terrible! Many have heard about the dreadful consequences for both mother and child. I read that if they get sick during pregnancy, you can have a child with the virus cytomegalovirus. One can only imagine what a horror! The truth here is I do not know if it's true.
I was surprised when a second cytomegalovirus during pregnancy, the risk of infecting the baby is much lower - less than 1% higher than during the initial infection - 30-50%. It turns out that if the term more then the child suffers less than at the beginning of pregnancy! Now, I do understand why I was forced to drink a gynecologist course folic acid!
In general, almost any illness during pregnancy somehow means danger. Better beware as possible. But of all diseases can not escape. About cytomegalovirus been reading, but found no trace - repeated cytomegalovirus during pregnancy is possible or if the sick, for the second time did not catch?
I read that in the developed countries do not test at all on TORCH infections, in particular, and cytomegalovirus. And we just chase a thousand costly analyzes. At the same time there are cases of failure of pregnancy is much less than we do. And I read that they can be infected even by airborne droplets. Therefore it is better to check up on cytomegalovirus during pregnancy planning. And if you find the antibody IgG, it might even be better than nothing. For the first time to catch them easily even during pregnancy. And it is more dangerous than previously recover.
I suspect that the treatment of cytomegalovirus and pregnancy are incompatible concepts, because during pregnancy, even colds folk remedies treat. I do not know how this fight. One thing I can say- with a history of CMV prior to pregnancy, and can conceive and vynosit- it is not dangerous, but many are afraid.
And yet - the dangerous cytomegalovirus during pregnancy? Is there a method of early detection of the disease in the fetus - ultrasound tests? What is even threatening to the child? And the mother? Not whether cytomegalovirus cause miscarriage or infertility in general? How do I know whether I'm predisposed to the disease cytomegalovirus?
It is no secret, the danger of cytomegalovirus and pregnancy is not fiction, but quite the real thing. When adjourned cytomegalovirus during pregnancy often miscarriage and other complications. I even have an example of know- employee of such a misfortune happened. Only way to protect against infection, to 100 per cent, it seems not.
Yeah, what a dangerous and unpleasant disease before about it, few people knew, and now began to meet frequently. I do not know whether there are methods of treatment of cytomegalovirus during pregnancy, is one hundred percent safe, rather vsego not. Indeed, in such a situation, even the most basic drugs are banned, all can cause irreparable harm.
During pregnancy, you need to beware most of all, even the slightest infection, as this is a big enough threat for both mother and child. And as for the prevention of cytomegalovirus heard special vracha's true dangerous and often end in miscarriage, though cases of infection during childbearing is not often happen. Of course, cytomegalovirus very strange and unpleasant disease.
Wow, read the article and how it = wondered, God forbid, of course have the virus, and especially at a time when you're in position. It is useful to know what the future mums have symptoms of CMV in pregnant women, in time to begin treatment. After all, knowing in advance, you have yourself to warrant a healthy childbearing.
I know that the consequences of CMV during pregnancy can be very unpleasant, and more than once heard of a miscarriage. This, of course, is not only suffering cytomegalovirus and other infections. It is also very dangerous flu. Pregnant women actually have to take care of themselves very sorry that many of today's active future moms that do not fully understand.
I've heard many times that cytomegalovirus and miscarriage may be interrelated, the doctor told me this. The most common infection of cytomegalovirus dangerous if transfer it in the early stages, then the threat is high. And if you once upon a time they were sick and now the virus is not active, you can not volnovatsya- much more likely it is not dangerous. I was so, and all went well.
I am sure that after the treatment of cytomegalovirus may be pregnant, I know this from experience. It is not always transferred cytomegalovirus can have consequences in the form of a miscarriage or other problems with conception, this probability is quite low. But during pregnancy is already osteregatsya- here and really dangerous to tolerate it.
I think that the treatment of cytomegalovirus during pregnancy can be problematic because expectant mothers can not be many medicines, even the most innocuous pills are taken with great caution. And if you are ill with CMV prior to pregnancy, it is likely that problems will not be, and the virus is not dangerous for the baby and mother.
The doctor during pregnancy to tell me that cytomegalovirus before birth and immediately during childbearing can be dangerous and have consequences, and if you once it was moved, it is virtually safe and there is no fear for the health of the newborn. Now, unfortunately, this virus is very common.
I heard from many women fear, and doubt whether it is possible to become pregnant while cytomegalovirus. Some say that there may be difficulties in pregnancy and gestation. I would like to reassure the future Mumford suddenly I, too, have found antibodies to cytomegalovirus, but the doctor reassured me that it is not dangerous either for me or for the child.
Yes, cytomegalovirus during pregnancy - a serious breach, especially given the fact that getting rid of the virus is not possible immunity to it is not formed. Cytomegalovirus is very tricky - the visible effects of infection during pregnancy, the mother of the child can occur in a few years ...
My husband and I were planning a pregnancy, but that's about cytomegalovirus, I did not know then, and treated gynecological examination and taking standardized tests. Already she is pregnant blood tests, and I had a specific antibody titer to the virus, but not dangerous. So the treatment of cytomegalovirus during pregnancy was limited to taking a homeopathic remedy
At one time (when she was pregnant) I have been reading about various diseases, including about tsitamegalovirus during pregnancy, because it is very afraid of what some complications, almost to a phobia. Fortunately, I have everything worked out. Conclusion: be aware of such things, of course, necessary, but pregnant impressionable better not to dwell on them.
About This virus was first read. A year ago, I got married. Of course, we are planning children. After reading the article, I realized that pregnancy should be prepared in advance. I think the treatment of cytomegalovirus during pregnancy is not very desirable. So I try to pass all the tests now. And I will take my husband with me. I do not understand how her husband could refuse to undergo testing if the virus threatens the life of a child?
As tsitamegalovirus affect the pregnancy the doctor told me. During pregnancy, I gave blood for STDs. I am very worried, because before that read, in what good it does not lead. Assigned to pass even further smear. As a result, it said when the virus was in the body, so blood and showed the following result. The main thing that during pregnancy there was no infection, so do not be scared.

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