Intercostal neuralgia during pregnancy - intolerable pain

August 4, 2012

 intercostal neuralgia during pregnancy
 Intercostal neuralgia may considerably complicate the condition of pregnancy, as occurs with severe pain. Sometimes intercostal neuralgia can be confused with angina, as branches of the intercostal nerves depart to the internal organs, including the heart.

 Intercostal neuralgia during pregnancy - intolerable pain

The cause

Intercostal neuralgia - is pain along the intercostal nerves, which can be squeezed, irritated or inflamed. Causes of intercostal neuralgia is very different. Pregnant women often intercostal neuralgia Intercostal neuralgia - learn to distinguish between pain  Intercostal neuralgia - learn to distinguish between pain
   It occurs in the second half of pregnancy while squeezing the chest growing uterus. At the same intercostal space deformed and extending along the nerves are infringed. Intercostal nerves are infringed or exit the spine in osteochondrosis - for pregnant women such infringement is also not uncommon.

Another common cause of intercostal neuralgia is shingles Ringworm - not only infectious disease  Ringworm - not only infectious disease
   (herpes). The causative agent of this disease remains in the body after a childhood chickenpox. He hides in the nerve ganglia, and if a woman has a good immune system, never will have an effect. But the condition of pregnancy characterized by the fact that under the influence of hormones in a woman reduced immunity. It was then that the causative agent of shingles and makes itself felt. Shingles can appear as early as the beginning of pregnancy and constantly recur.

Finally, the cause of intercostal neuralgia may be banal hypothermia - this kind of disease is easiest to treat. Makes itself felt, and poor circulation in the area of ​​the intercostal nerves - it will support the course of the disease, caused by any reasons.

 Intercostal neuralgia during pregnancy - intolerable pain


A sign of intercostal neuralgia often have strong paroxysmal pain along the intercostal spaces. Most of these pains are connected with the twists and turns of the chest and any other careless movement. Sometimes the pain are ongoing and are aggravated by movement.

Often during pregnancy intercostal neuralgia is accompanied by a "heart" pain. The woman clearly felt that her heart aches, but it is not pinching intercostal nerve gives sensory branches to the heart, so the pain is perceived as the heart. Likewise may give pain to the stomach. To distinguish the pain of true pain in the internal organs is simple: they are always associated with the movements.

When herpes zoster along the intercostal nerves in the skin there is redness, swelling and itching, painful rash with blisters. This form of intercostal neuralgia tolerated by pregnant women is very difficult.

Current intercostal neuralgia during pregnancy is often recurrent and stops only after birth. Fully examine a woman during pregnancy is not possible. But the neurologist she should be assessed. Treatment neurologist appointed by agreement with the obstetrician or prenatal therapist.

 Intercostal neuralgia during pregnancy - intolerable pain


The first woman appointed to bed, while she must lie on a hard surface - so intercostal spaces are less injured. The chest should be kept warm, and the place of intense pain can be applied as a dry heat warmed piece of flannel (you can constantly change and iron hot iron). You can also cook a hard boiled egg, clean it and roll along the painful place until cool

The problem is that during pregnancy, most anesthetic drugs can not be taken. For example, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) may have teratogenic effects on the fetus, that is, to cause abnormalities of development. Therefore, the possibility has to do with dry heat, bed rest, wearing prenatal bandage and some folk remedies.

If the pain is very severe, the doctor may prescribe novocaine blockade along the intercostal nerves. But this treatment is given to pregnant women with caution, as Novocain can produce side effects that have a negative impact on the body of a pregnant woman.

When intercostal neuralgia on the background of shingles can be applied acyclovir cream Acyclovir - as it is safe?  Acyclovir - as it is safe?
   or Zovirax Zovirax - time-proven antiviral drug  Zovirax - time-proven antiviral drug
 , It is applied a thin layer to the affected skin four or five times a day for four to ten days.

Intercostal neuralgia during pregnancy should be treated only under medical supervision.

Galina Romanenko

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Livarol during pregnancy - can I apply?

August 23, 2013

 livarol during pregnancy
 Vaginal suppositories during pregnancy livarol used with great caution, and in the first trimester of its application generally contraindicated. This is due to the fact that the active substance livarola Livarol: cure thrush  Livarol: cure thrush
   ketoconazole vaginal administration of candles can still get into the bloodstream and have systemic effects on the woman and the fetus.

 Livarol during pregnancy - can I apply?

What part of the vaginal suppositories livarol

The composition of vaginal suppositories livarol includes ketokonalol active substance which is toxic enough, but it does when using candles absorbed into the blood at very low levels, which practically have no effect on a woman's body.

At the same time the body of a pregnant woman such even number ketoconazole can be dangerous. Especially dangerous is getting any drug in women in the first trimester (first 12 weeks). In laboratory animal studies it has been established ketoconazole toxicity to the fetus. Clinical studies also in pregnant women and, therefore, no reason is not known exactly how and in what doses happening toxic effects on the fetus.

Further active substances in a composition include suppositories livarol excipients. Both active and auxiliary substances can cause allergic reactions in women.

 Livarol during pregnancy - can I apply?

What side effects have ketokonazol - active principle livarola

Ketoconazole is a fairly toxic substance, but this toxicity is manifested by its ingestion. Ketoconazole, contained in the vaginal suppositories, very little is absorbed into the blood and thus its general (systemic) action on the body is usually not considered.

Another thing a pregnant woman. Since clinical trials on the effects of the pregnant woman and the fetus were not carried out, no one knows whether the application of vaginal suppositories livarol appear some side effects of ketoconazole.

Side effects of ketoconazole include:

  • liver toxicity; pregnant women and so the liver is working with double load, cleansing her body and the fetus from toxins; getting into the blood of toxic substances even increase the load on this body;
  • disorders of the gastrointestinal tract - nausea, vomiting, constipation or diarrhea, bloating; all these features and so can be confusing for a woman during pregnancy and ketoconazole only aggravate the situation;
  • disorders of the nervous system - headache, dizziness, pins and needles sensation in the body, drowsiness or insomnia, irritability, anxiety Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease?  Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease?
 , Lethargy, fatigue, weakness; sometimes after receiving ketoconazole may increase intracranial pressure; All these symptoms are familiar to pregnant women and also it is not necessary to aggravate;
  • disorders of other organs and systems - menstrual disorders in women and breast enlargement for men (this suggests hormonal disorders), photophobia, pain in muscles and joints, decreased platelets in the blood (which reduces the clotting ability of the blood, may occur nosebleeds), orthostatic drop in blood pressure (BP reduction with a sharp rising - may be fainting), adrenal insufficiency, alopecia, allergic reactions.

 Livarol during pregnancy - can I apply?

It can be or not to use candles livarol during pregnancy?

In the first trimester (12 weeks) candle livarol apply contraindicated. In the future, this drug can be used by a doctor for health reasons, the potential benefit to the mother outweighs the potential organism potential risk to the fetus.

Thrush may be a threat to the child - during the birth, he can get a fungal infection. So treat thrush, sometimes used for this purpose, and vaginal suppositories Vaginal suppositories - for contraception and treatment of inflammation  Vaginal suppositories - for contraception and treatment of inflammation
   livarol. The doctor in this case evaluates the status of women (during her pregnancy, the presence or absence of concomitant diseases), especially symptoms of vaginal candidiasis Thrush - vaginal candidiasis: when to go to the doctor?  Thrush - vaginal candidiasis: when to go to the doctor?
   (thrush), and only then prescribe a course of treatment livarola. Independently, these candles woman can not be applied.

The advantages of vaginal suppositories livarol are the speed of action (candles quickly dissolve and immediately begin to act), a good therapeutic effect (in the vagina a high concentration of ketoconazole), a small amount of side effects (ketoconazole hardly enters the bloodstream), ease of use, short courses of treatment ( for acute inflammatory process - up to five days to chronic - up to ten).

Candles livarol during pregnancy may appoint a doctor.

Galina Romanenko

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