Pregnancy and herpes - when the immune system is weakened

November 1st, 2006

 Pregnancy Herpes
 The greatest danger is the genital herpes late in pregnancy because it can be transmitted to the baby during delivery. It happens rarely, but because the effects of the disease can be dangerous, it is necessary to do everything possible to protect the baby.

Much of the likelihood of infection exists if herpes during labor is in the active phase. The risk of infection is particularly high if the expectant mother in late pregnancy genital herpes appears for the first time (primary infection). Much less is transmitted by recurrent herpes infection. Very rarely herpes is transmitted through the placenta to the unborn baby if a woman becomes infected with genital herpes during the first trimester of pregnancy. The child in this case may develop severe birth defects.

 Pregnancy and herpes - when the immune system is weakened

The probability of infection at different stages of herpes

If a woman is infected with genital herpes before the third trimester or before pregnancy and at the time of the onset of labor it does not have symptoms of the disease, the probability that the child is infected with herpes, is less than 1%. Soon after infection, the body begins to produce antibodies to herpes and they pass through the placenta to the baby. After 6-12 weeks the child will be more or less strong immunity against the virus, which will provide him enough reliable, although not perfect protection from infection.

If at the time of the onset of labor in women with symptoms of genital herpes Genital Herpes - Symptoms of chronic viral infection  Genital Herpes - Symptoms of chronic viral infection
 It requires a caesarean section. The active phase of infection is determined by the presence of small blisters and / or ulcers in the vagina, not the cervix or on the external genitals.

 Pregnancy and herpes - when the immune system is weakened

How to simplify the course of the disease

To increase the chances of a normal birth, some doctors recommend 36 weeks of pregnancy and to the birth to take oral antiviral drugs. If symptoms of primary genital herpes occur in late pregnancy, cesarean section may be recommended, regardless of whether there are symptoms to the onset of labor or not. This is due to the fact that the body of the future mother did not have time to work out so quickly and pass the baby antibodies, and because the virus during primary infection is present in the blood at a relatively high concentration, the probability of infection of the child is very high - it reaches 50%.

 Pregnancy and herpes - when the immune system is weakened

If a child is infected?

If a child becomes infected with herpes during childbirth, during the first four weeks of life on his skin in the mouth formed blisters, which then burst and covered with crust. It is usually treated with injections of acyclovir. With timely treatment of the child usually develops normally, but in the future may be quite severe episodes of herpes. In particular, herpes can affect internal organs, most often - the lungs and liver.

If treatment is not started quickly enough, it may develop more severe forms of herpes. Approximately one-third of infants infected with herpes, the disease affects the central nervous system, which is expressed by symptoms such as fever, lethargy, poor appetite and cramps.

If the skin blisters appear in the newborn and / or there are symptoms such as convulsions, lethargy and malaise, you should immediately contact a doctor.

 Pregnancy and herpes - when the immune system is weakened

How to prevent contamination?

To prevent infection with herpes is difficult. Avoid sex with people who have been active phase of herpes and use separate towels. Keep in mind that the infection can be transmitted when using a plumbing.

The probability of infection and disease herpes in pregnant women is quite high because the immune system during pregnancy is becoming weaker. It is recommended before pregnancy checked by a doctor to detect herpes and other infections in advance. That should do the same to your partner. If you already have herpes during pregnancy to take additional measures to strengthen immunity Strengthening the immune system - help the immune system  Strengthening the immune system - help the immune system

 Pregnancy and herpes - when the immune system is weakened

Stages manifestations herpes labialis

In the development of herpes can be divided into four stages:

  • Stage 1 - the itching. At this stage, most people feel some discomfort, heralding the approach of the disease. Even before the advent on lips characteristic rash, itch on the skin at the corners of the lips, on the inner surface of the lips, tongue or even on another portion of the face.
  • Stage 2 - the inflammation that starts with a small painful swelling on the lips, which gradually increases and occupies a large surface.
  • Stage 3 - erosion. The blisters burst, and they imply a transparent liquid containing billions of viral particles. In place of the bubble, a small ulcer.
  • Stage 4 - scabbing. The scabs are formed on the surface of ulcers. Touching ulcer or injury can cause pain or bleeding.

 Pregnancy and herpes - when the immune system is weakened

Some advice to patients with herpes

  • Obey the rules of personal hygiene. Labial herpes - an infectious disease! Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before and after contact with the herpes virus after applying the cream;
  • Avoid touching your eyes! This is especially true for women, since they make eye makeup Eye Makeup - expressiveness and modesty  Eye Makeup - expressiveness and modesty
  • Do not use saliva to moisten contact lenses;
  • Do not touch the areas afflicted with herpes! In spite of severe itching and pain, in any case, do not touch the herpes rash, not Kiss, especially children, do not use someone else's lipstick and no borrow their own, do not share a cigarette with a friend;
  • Do not try to get rid of the blisters or sores removed to avoid getting the infection to other parts of the body or the reunification of bacterial infections;
  • Avoid oral sex. Oral herpes of the lips can cause genital herpes with your partner;
  • Use separate towels and dishes, do not drink from other people's glasses

 Pregnancy and herpes - when the immune system is weakened

How to protect against herpes newborn

To avoid infecting the baby gerpevirusnoy infection, mothers with herpes labialis should thoroughly wash their hands before they take the baby in her arms. If the herpes gone far enough, and there are already blisters or sores, in the presence of the child's mother has to wear a special bandage to the front until the sores are not prisohnut.

During manifestation gerpevirusnoy infections moms have to abstain and not to kiss their babies. If the herpes appeared not on the lips, and on the other parts of the body, it should be closed, and in any case avoid contact with the baby's skin.

 Pregnancy and herpes - when the immune system is weakened

Herpes and Pregnancy: What you need to remember

  • Itching indicates that the mechanism of the virus has been activated, which means it's time to immediately get antiviral cream or other antiviral medicines prescribed by your doctor;
  • Use creams and ointments of acyclovir, which promotes rapid healing of blisters and sores, and take nutritional supplements Food additives - basic classification  Food additives - basic classification
 Comprising zinc or penciclovir.
  • Your doctor may prescribe a one-day treatment with valacyclovir. If the first day manifestations of infection to take two tablets of valaciclovir in the early morning and later in the evening, labial herpes cease to evolve, and if there was already a characteristic rash, it will heal faster.
  • During treatment, special diet;
  • If a cold on the lips does not disappear within ten days, be sure to consult a dermatologist as labial herpes can be a symptom of other more serious diseases that require special treatment.
  • Long-term cure herpes of the lips (30 days) can cause a sharp weakening of the immune system, which may be a symptom of cancer, HIV and lymphoproliferative diseases.

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