If a child uses bad language: recommendations parents - Prohibitions

April 30, 2012

  • If a child uses bad language: recommendations parents
  • Prohibitions

 a child uses bad language curses

Set Home strict ban on swearing for all family members, and strictly follow its implementation

Older children, on which there is no persuasion and other methods of persuasion may be required penalties. For example, you can put the house a large jar or other dishes in which anyone who swears aloud, to put, say, the ruble. If the ruble is not at hand, the debt is recorded in a special notebook, which lies next to the "penalty" of the bank. If you typed a decent amount of records, it can be "exchanged" for some work on the house.

But in general it is not necessary to turn ordinary chores as a punishment; you need to find other employment for the child. After all, if you punish the child in the room cleaning or washing dishes, when you ask him to do it the next time, he can refuse, citing the fact that he has done nothing wrong. Thus, domestic worries will turn to him as a punishment. Therefore it is necessary to come up with a special work for the offender, and to try to time the gap between "crime" and "punishment" was small, so that the child could not forget about his wrongdoing.

Also in the fight against obscene words makes it clear organization of the child's free time: how much time he can spend on the computer where you might watch television (and some programs). It is also desirable that these sessions were privileged, that is reward for good behavior, for example, a child can play on the console, only if made lessons. For example, if the child swears, you can punish him that force to do some work around the house in his spare time.


If your child complains whisper

Some children have a tendency to passive aggressive behavior, often criticized in a whisper, mutter curses under his breath. But let's face it: swearing is abuse, no matter what tone, and how loudly pronounced, and must not go unpunished. Even if the child protests, they say, I did not say anything, do not retreat.

To this you can answer: "I heard everything, you can not deny it. And in the future, please speak louder, otherwise you will not like the consequences. " In other words, do not let the child get used to the fact that it can be offensive to mutter under his breath - he should learn self-control.

The problem of the use of child swear words, sooner or later occur in all families. Because the battle - this is the easiest way to vent negative emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code  Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code
 . But, despite this, parents should not indulge children in this bad habit and should monitor their own speech to the sight of a child was a positive example.

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How to talk to your child about sex and puberty - Masturbation

April 16, 2012

  • How to talk to your child about sex and sexual maturation
  • Masturbation
 speak child sex puberty masturbation

We talk about masturbation

When the child reaches the age prepubertal, sooner or later (and likely more than once), you have to deal with the issue of masturbation. With high probability it can be argued that almost all teens masturbate, especially boys (studies have shown that more than 95% of men were engaged in masturbation, particularly in adolescence). If parents from a young age to instill a child that masturbation - it is something dirty and shameful, as adults, it would feel like a pervert and his sexuality is defective.

However, it should explain to the child that self-satisfaction should not become a habit. Regular masturbation, accompanied by erotic fantasies or watching pornography can harm sexual and emotional health (especially boys). Before reaching adulthood boy going through hundreds of sexual fantasies, which are supported by an orgasm. Because of this, many older men have problems in the sexual sphere, since real intimacy can not be compared with the fantasies and the real losers imaginary partner. Perhaps another "complication" of masturbation - if fantasy were too rough nature and translate them into reality, it is impossible, a man can not achieve sexual satisfaction with your partner.

Parents should approach this delicate subject tactfully, but without unnecessary reverence. The main thing - to emphasize that masturbation should not be turned into a cult, should not, replace reading, games and other activities, or become a habit. But do not forget to mention the fact that there is nothing to be ashamed of self-satisfaction, and the child should not feel guilty if they engaged in solitude. Explain that masturbation - it's not entertainment or a way to spend time with pleasure, and that it can never do in the presence of others.


Who are the parents should talk to your child about sex?

So, who should take responsibility for sex education - mom or dad? In many families it decided to allocate the role this way: the girls talk about sex moms and boys - fathers. But psychologists recommend both parents participate in conversations about sexuality, the child found two points of view - for men and women. In the future it will help him to better understand sexual partners and strengthen it to realize that sex - employment for two. In single-parent families where the child grow only mother or the father, the other parent's role in sex education can fulfill a family friend or relative.

In addition, psychologists recommend to families with many children to hold a conversation about sex individually with each child. This is particularly important if we are not talking about some common themes and sexuality Nine ways to experience their sexuality  Nine ways to experience their sexuality
   particular child. Ten girls should not learn about her forthcoming in the near future changes in the presence of his younger brother, the issuing jokes at her expense. If necessary, if the house is usually impossible to create a cozy atmosphere for this kind of conversation, she asked to go home for a walk and leave you alone with her daughter.

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5 amazingly simple ways to make children smarter - Each teacher at the microphone

September 26, 2011

  • 5 amazingly simple ways to make children smarter
  • Each teacher at the microphone

Each teacher at the microphone

It's simple: the trailer to the clothing of each teacher a small microphone, and students will be much better to hear what he was saying and, as a consequence, to understand more. One study carried out 160 thousand classrooms using special equipment, and the results were impressive. One school of well-achieving first graders increased from 59% in September to 89% in May - only through the use of systems that enhance the sound.

 Each teacher at the microphone | 5 amazingly simple ways to make children smarter

Why does it work?

It's not just that children are better because they hear. While part of this is true. The human auditory system is mature only for 13-15 years. Teachers who speaks to young children, it is necessary not only to block their voice a lot of noise - moving chairs, rustling papers, whisper, laugh, and so on, but also to make him understand the students, small ears, which is not even fully functional. Information for those who have never tried to force himself to listen to 25 first-graders - is exhausting.

According to the teachers, who have tried to work with a microphone, vocal cords while less tired, but also reduces the risk of infection of the throat and general stress How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis
 As the teacher and the students. Most of the teachers who have worked with the help of audio amplifiers, did not want to give them up. And even that's not all - these classes became less absenteeism: probably due to the fact that the reduced voltage level.

 Each teacher at the microphone | 5 amazingly simple ways to make children smarter

Inculcate in children positive thinking

It's quite strange, but in the course of many experiments it was found that if before a child will start the task on a piece of paper with the task to write a large number of 5, the child will write a better job. On the contrary, his work on the sheet with the two will be less successful.

The study, which involved more than 100 students were asked to put on a piece of job numbers 5, 2, or 8. Works with fives were better than two. At eights was the average result - in fact, this figure is not associated with the estimates. The disciples did not know what was going on - they just thought that the works are numbered randomly - but, nevertheless, a simple action program them for success or failure. And these results were obtained more than once, and in three separate studies.

 Each teacher at the microphone | 5 amazingly simple ways to make children smarter

Why does it work?

Experts say that when students see their work on the figure 5 (despite the fact that you wrote it yourself), they unconsciously set up for success, while the 2 causes them to try to avoid failure, but this is certainly a bad motivation.

Of course, it is important not only to ensure that children would constantly get five. The main conclusion of these studies is that the positive vision of the situation and itself allows the child to make the best of what he can do. And what is still a fairly docile child's brain is not hard to make people think that way.

 Each teacher at the microphone | 5 amazingly simple ways to make children smarter

Walk in front of the control

As if still need some incentives to get kids moving. Among them are already more people who suffer from diabetes or obesity, or both, and other directly. A little physical activity will benefit even to children with chronic obesity. A twenty-minute walk to the operation of the control by 5-10% improves the results of the students.

 Each teacher at the microphone | 5 amazingly simple ways to make children smarter

Why does it work?

Exercise not only allow you to go to the T-shirt, exposing gorgeous muscles, but also make some areas of the brain work more efficiently. This is important because with the help of the brain, you not only create PowerPoint presentations and conduct meetings, you are in control of their attention, the work plan and manage their time. And all this is very important to write the test. Or make do anything.

And all that is needed to stimulate brain activity - a walk for 20 minutes. But if you really want to help their children, walk with them every day. Slender children are not only healthier and more confident than their peers complete; In addition to the size of their hippocampus more - and this area of ​​the brain responsible for memory.

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