Styles of family education: how to take a stand? - Liberal

May 26, 2012

  • Styles of family education: how to take a stand?
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 liberal style of child rearing

Liberal style

Liberal (or indulging) parents give children too much freedom does not require them to account for their actions. Typically, in these families children have rights as adults, but few responsibilities. The child does not impose any standards of behavior, it is not required and is not expected weighted independent decisions and self-control. Liberal parents perform a leading role in a relationship with a child, they do not adhere to traditional methods of education, do not show the severity and try to avoid any confrontation and conflict. So indulge parents grow dependent, emotionally immature (infantile) children who misbehave and are responsible for their actions. Liberal parents usually excessive care of her children, always open to dialogue with them, and are often perceived not as the child's parents, as well as friends.

Parents who practice the liberal parenting style, appreciate the child, it is considered venial weakness trust the opinion of the child, are not prone to prohibitions, restrictions and control.


Key Features Style

Permissive parents:

  • It does not impose any child rules and standards of conduct;
  • their rules of conduct are often inconsistent;
  • show concern (often excessive) of the child and openly show affection for him;
  • often behave more like friends than parents;
  • may try to "bribe" the baby toys and gifts, so that he is well behaved.



Children of permissive parents:

  • characterized by a lack of self-discipline;
  • sometimes they lack social skills;
  • They can be selfish and demanding to others;
  • often unsure of themselves because of the lack of restrictions and guidelines.


The liberal parenting style, "for" and "against"

A recent study showed that the liberal style of upbringing increases the likelihood of underage consumption of alcohol and drugs; teens, brought up in a liberal environment, three times more prone to alcoholism than their peers. Studies also point to a strong relationship between the liberal style of upbringing and poor performance in school, because their parents have little interest in the education of children and do not conduct discussions with them on various topics. Other negative effects are sleep disorders Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
   and the lack of a sense of security.

Unmet emotional needs lead to the fact that children can not fully participate in society, which hinders their social development, building self-esteem and positive self-esteem.

How to help your child understand gender roles and to avoid gender stereotypes - boys and girls

April 29, 2012

  • How to help your child understand gender roles and to avoid gender stereotypes
  • Boys and girls

 boys and girls gender roles

School and gender roles

Unfortunately, gender stereotyping in schools is enhanced .  Schools are one of the most powerful tools of social formation of gender roles and gender-based discrimination at the social level .  At school, obedience and passivity girls only stronger, because teachers are more inclined to help girls and boys are often forced to learn school material and to seek answers to their questions on their own .  In addition, boys are more responsible in the classroom, they are often called to the blackboard, they get better grades, and they are considered more intelligent, imposing on them specific expectations .  As a result, boys are more developed problem-solving skills and decision-making, they are more independent and confident, which only increases the gender gap .  The gap between the requirements for boys and girls in the school system is increasing every year .  But the school - it is not an instrument of social change, but rather an effective means to strengthen the existing social order, because it provides a justification of social inequality .

Gender inequality affects the majority of children. From gender stereotypes affected boys who like to read, do not like hunting and fishing, who do not like sports or electronics, and the girls, appearance does not meet the generally accepted notions of female beauty The mystery of female beauty - mystery and femininity  The mystery of female beauty - mystery and femininity
   and attractiveness, and who want to achieve good results in the sport, and do not see positive role models in the media and literature. Gender equality is necessary for both boys and girls; commitment to gender equality will help them to be themselves and to overcome the limitations imposed gender roles.


Help boys

It is important to help boys avoid the negative constraints of gender roles. Firstly, it is necessary to promote the free expression of emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code  Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code
   - Boys can and must cry, tears unashamedly. Allow them to express emotions fully. Parents - of course, with the best intentions - are often deprived of the right of boys to express emotions, but high levels of crime, domestic violence and sexual abuse confirms that modern men are not threatened to die of hypersensitivity. It is safe to say that most modern men of this quality is just lacking.

To cultivate the habit of a boy to care for others and attention to others, try to find the child and caregiver male to give him to play with dolls. Encourage the boys to engage in "unmanly" hobbies - dancing, singing, design, tell them about famous dancers, singers and designers who have made a huge contribution to the development of art. In particular, it allows the dance to express emotions body language, developing a sense of rhythm and hearing, not to mention the fact that it helps to keep fit and enjoy the movement. It is not necessary to deprive the boy opportunity to experience the joy of dance and possession of his body. Finally, help the boy learn how beautiful and stylish dress and not to neglect their appearance, because the clothes - is another means of expression.


Help girls

Adults can help girls avoid passive outlook and stereotyping of gender roles differently .  Firstly, the need to increasingly demonstrate the girls examples of successful business women to pursue careers in business .  Second, try to keep the girl saw that a woman can succeed in any profession - to repair the sink plumbing invite a female, the teeth at the dentist treat a female, and so on .  These positive role models to help the girls to present themselves in a profession outside of stereotypes .  Third, give the girl an opportunity to participate in the group consisting solely of girls .  It is proved that in the absence of men women behave independently and .  Teach a girl first aid, trained in basic safety and survival skills, so she did not lose her in a difficult situation, and boys do not make allowances for her gender .  In addition, always keep the girl, if she is engaged in sports .  If your family has a son in addition to his daughter, who was also involved in sports, they must be absolutely equal opportunities .  Help the girl to overcome impose on society the idea that she did not need to be ambitious and independent .  It should not be passive and helpless .  Girls from early childhood become accustomed to the fact that if they do something wrong, come to the aid of an adult .  From this habit they need to wean - girls need to solve their problems, it develops self-confidence .  Parents need to convince the daughter of that woman's life success depends on the abilities and skills to use them, and not on luck, circumstances, or toil . ;

There are many strategies by which parents and other adults can help boys and girls to avoid gender stereotypes and discrimination. Firstly, it should be possible to limit TV viewing. As mentioned above, modern television cultivate gender stereotypes that can be very harmful to children with immature psyche and gender identity. It is important that parents and other adults do not buy children toys are designed specifically for boys and girls, if they do not ask about them. Instead of dolls and machines buy baby kits "Young Scientist", books, drawing sets and music, maps, puzzles, checkers, chess, computer games. There are many educational and fun toys and games that do not reinforce gender stereotypes.

Unfortunately, our society is extremely intolerant of ambiguity when it comes to gender roles. Boys and girls learn gender roles from an early age, and this can not be helped, but parents and other adults can help develop skills to understand these roles and overcoming stereotypes. This will give your child the freedom to develop his abilities and inclinations, regardless of gender.

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