How to help your child recover from the divorce of their parents: first of all, attention - What should the children

June 7, 2012

  • How to help your child recover from the divorce of their parents: first of all, attention
  • What should children
  • How to avoid common problems
 how to help your child recover from the divorce of their parents that children should do

What do children need?

It should be emphasized more "psychological tasks" for children facing divorce of parents. So, kids should:

  • To understand just water

Children should be able to make sense of the rapid changes that separate fantasy from reality and fears. Later, with age, they must reevaluate the actions of their parents and learn a useful lesson.

  • Remain neutral

Children need to be children with the help of parents.

  • Humbles losses

Children must not only come to terms with the loss of a parent in everyday life, but also with the loss of the family unit.

  • Controlling anger

Children continue to love after the divorce of their parents, but they may be angry and offended by them for the rupture of relations.

  • Coping with guilt

Despite the confidence of parents, many children think about their guilt about his role in the divorce of parents. Other children start to feel guilty when they attempt to reconcile their parents are unsuccessful.

  • Take a final divorce

Some of the children amuse themselves with illusions about reconciliation parents even after the divorce has been five to ten years. According to scientists, it is easier for children to move death of a parent than a divorce.

  • Do not be afraid to love

Children need to understand that they can love and be loved. For children after the divorce of their parents, especially if the parents are still young, it's very hard.


How can parents help children?

Despite the fact that the marriage has broken up, the parents need to help children cope with both the immediate and long-term consequences of divorce. Parents should give the child a clear, appropriate to his age, explaining what is happening and why. It is important to be honest to tell the children about all major changes that await him.

  • Promote dialogue with children

It is important to be honest with children. Honesty - that's what you need to help children survive the divorce. Even small children are endowed with intuition when it comes to family and they can easily tell if someone is lying.

  • Allow to show grief

Grief can take many masks - and even the mask of anger. Anger - permissible reaction of the children. For example, a child has to take a decision to move on and learn to perceive their parents as they are, but sometimes like to respond to all emotional.

  • Give your child two loving parents

The relationship of parents - an important element of the proper development of children. The need for a father increases during youth; and education, rather than meeting with the child, the psychological impact on razzvitie latter.

  • Encourage a trusting relationship

Relatives can support by proposing all the way up to the shoulder to cry on. Children can also benefit from the relations that arise through the church, youth organizations, teaching courses in schools and so on.

How to prevent the sexualization of girls: the recommendations of their parents - Understanding the Beauty

May 15, 2012

  • How to prevent the sexualization of girls: the recommendations of parents
  • How to reduce the harmful effects
  • Influence Fashion
  • Understanding the Beauty
  • How to talk with her daughter

 understanding the true beauty girl

Photoshop - the enemy of understanding the true beauty girl

Even if you do not watch soap operas, such as the series "Desperate Housewives," you've probably seen enough pictures heroines to know that they all have been processed in the program Photoshop (not to mention the "processing", which took place the actress in the clinics of plastic surgery ). Given the abundance of these "enhanced" images on the pages of glossy magazines and websites, is it any wonder that women of all ages have resorted to Botox injections, plastic surgery, and expensive procedures to rejuvenate, to only lose a couple of years?

Sometimes the problem seems insurmountable, because Photoshop wherever one looks. Thus, the American magazine Redbook was heavily criticized for the fact that in 2007 put on the cover of 39-year-old country music star Faith Hill, drastically transforming it into Photoshop: it lengthened the neck, remove the fat from the arms, thighs and waist, remove wrinkles. But Redbook is designed to not glamorous audience. Magazines, consciously or unconsciously, cultivate the belief that a woman should not look his age, because they receive billions of dollars from advertisers, who face ruin if the woman will no longer be ashamed of your age.

How can parents start a conversation on this topic with her daughter and give her a more realistic view of the natural process of aging? How to convince her that "gray hair - a crown of wisdom," when many parents are in a hurry to the hairdresser, to paint the first gray hairs? Few people willing to give up manicure miracle creams, hair dyes, spa treatments, so it is important to find a balance. Ask yourself one question: Are you happy with yourself, your appearance? You put up with the aging process, or hysteria meet every new wrinkle and gray hair?

Parents should make sure that their daughter knows that pictures of models and celebrities they see in the media are not true .  The source of eternal youth is still not found .  In addition, a photo shoot model prepares an army of specialists: stylists, makeup artists, cosmetologists, lighting, photographer, and then further processed images in Photoshop, then the appearance of a model is often changed drastically .  The ideals of the body presented in the media, virtually unattainable, but the girls do not always understand it, and they buy a huge amount of products to achieve such bodies .  It creates a vicious circle of consumerism .  It is necessary to give the girl a positive example, reconciling it with the natural aging process .  This does not mean that we should stop to look after themselves, gather gray hair in a tight bun on top, and change stylish clothes at an old-fashioned things .  There is nothing wrong to strive to look better How to look better: the secrets of the natural charm  How to look better: the secrets of the natural charm
 If this is done with taste and is not the main purpose of your life. If your daughter is constantly hears your discontented grumbling and complaints about old age, she has the impression that with age, life becomes less interesting. Cease to be surprised and annoyed, noticing the first signs of aging. Many beautiful women over fifty could outdo some "otfotoshoplennyh" young models and celebrities.


What is beauty?

Did you know that only 2% of women describe themselves as "beautiful"? Treat you to the two percent? And your daughter? After a thorough discussion of erroneous notions of beauty imposed on us by our own parents and the media, we are facing a difficult task - to restate what female beauty The mystery of female beauty - mystery and femininity  The mystery of female beauty - mystery and femininity
 . Just answer this question, we can create our daughters a healthy attitude towards themselves and their appearance.

So, what is beauty? Participants in the campaign Dove answered this question as follows:

  • Seventy-seven percent strongly agree that beauty - a combination of intrinsic qualities - strength, determination, kindness - and has nothing to do with looks.
  • Eighty-nine percent strongly agree that a woman can be beautiful at any age.
  • Eighty-five percent say that every woman has something beautiful.

Interestingly, the study found that two-thirds of women believe that physical attractiveness is dependent on the exterior, while the beauty - a complex concept that includes and internal qualities of the person. Among the components of beauty, along with the more traditional appearance attributes as body weight, proportion and style of dress, the women called optimism, self-confidence, self-esteem and sense of humor.

Stop for a minute and think about this. When you hear the phrase: "This woman is beautiful", whether this refers to internal or external beauty? How sad that popular culture and the media have deprived the word "beauty" of its true value. Outer beauty fades with time, inner beauty and timeless.


Liquidation of consequences

And then it begins the work of parents. It is necessary to constantly point to the girl lies and hypocrisy of modern mass culture and remind them of the true beauty - the only way parents can protect his daughter from imminent brainwashing. It should be reminded that beauty - is not a figure on the scale of weights is not the size of clothing, not the ideal proportions of the hourglass, is not perfectly flat stomach, big and tall chest, slender legs, butt like Jennifer Lopez and her lips like Angelina Jolie. Beauty - it's not tight designer jeans, not the top with a plunging neckline, not a fashionable haircut or clean the face without wrinkles.

If you want to talk on the theme "You - not just a set of traits and properties of appearance" with your daughter is successful, it is necessary first of all to draw attention to himself. This is a difficult task for those of us who have for years been brainwashed media. Unfortunately, few women can answer in the affirmative to the question whether they are satisfied with their appearance.

In a world that beckons girl temptations, calling her to grow quickly, never too early to start talking about true beauty.