Playpen: whether to buy it?

October 27, 2013

  • Playpen: whether to buy it?
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 Do I need to buy for a baby playpen? The debate on this issue has been going on for many years. Some parents are playpens seem a waste of money, while others argue that no arena is absolutely impossible to do. There is no consensus about the purchase of the arena and among physicians, psychologists and educators.


The advisability of spending

Buying a dowry for the baby - a process certainly pleasant, but at the same time a difficult and costly. As a rule, the happy parents buy a lot of things without which the baby can easily manage. All of these devices can make life easier, but often are not worth the money spent on them.

If the financial question is quite acute, you should think seriously before buying arena. This device may be necessary, but can simply take a seat in the house. And it depends on many factors, such as the temperament of the child, the state of the apartment and the extent of parents' employment.

In the case of the arena, you can often save significant money if you buy a playpen, already second-hand. Since the arenas children enjoy a relatively short time, a child can not bring this device into disrepair.


Do I need a baby playpen?

According to psychologists, playpen somewhat limits the possibility of the baby in the knowledge of the world. For the child better if he could crawl around the house, studying the way his environment.

Unfortunately, not all parents have the opportunity to create crumbs completely secure environment throughout the house. In some situations, for example, if the family lives in a communal apartment, it is simply impossible. To ensure a constant vigilant monitoring of the baby, so he did not get in trouble, too, it is not always possible. Even the best mom can go briefly into the toilet, take a shower or distracted by a phone call. And it is in these moments have an accident with the child. In this situation, the arena will be a real escape: the parents are convinced that their pipsqueak safe.

Thus, the arena is needed is not so much a child as his parents, who are unable to leave the baby alone in an unsafe environment. Of course, the arena can be used not only in emergency situations. Many mothers, for example, encourage the baby in the game arena, being near him and doing household chores. So, you can transfer the arena and engage in the kitchen preparing dinner while chatting with a child. The child will see and hear her mother's voice, but at the same time will not be able to overturn the pot of hot soup or a glass bowl.


Opinion pediatricians

Often, doctors are advised to abandon the purchase of the arena for the reason that this device limits the mobility of the baby. To develop the child's muscle, it needs to move, for example, to crawl. Arena, even the most spacious, is not conducive to this type of activity, and it can affect a child's development.

At the same time we can not say that the arena is completely restricts the motor activity of the child. For example, many of the children is in the arena of learning to sit, stand and even walk along the rim. In addition, while in the arena, it is possible to develop fine motor skills by manipulating various objects. The favorite game of many kids - toys throw from the arena and wait for someone from the adults they bring back.

And yet, the older the child, and the higher the need to move, the less time he has to spend in the arena. Scarce need to explore new spaces and riding very quickly become close to him. Of course, this device can still be used in some situations, for example, if an adult is necessary to briefly leave the child unattended. Yet most of the time the child should not be in the arena, and "in the wild".


At what age does a child need a playpen

There is no need to buy the arena before the birth of the baby. Newborns arena is absolutely not necessary: ​​they are afraid of big spaces and much more comfortable feel in a wheelchair or bed. In addition, very young babies sleep most of the day and to sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
 Without a doubt, the arena is far less comfortable than the bed.

But time passes, and the periods of waking the baby grow. At the age of three or four months many becomes uninteresting play crib. This means that the time has come to try riding. It is believed that to teach a child to this device should be exactly three months - at a later age a child can rightly consider "imprisonment" in the arena of the restriction of their freedom. However, the real need for an arena there is only five months later, when the child becomes more active, trying to crawl and sit. Arena will fidget more freedom than a bed, while the parents are busy with some chores.

After a year of riding gradually ceases to be necessary. Who knows how to walk the child wants to develop large spaces, and a playpen can be used only occasionally for a quiet and peaceful Games. Most models arenas can no longer ensure the safety of the grown children: sesquilinear and Two kids find an opportunity to get out of them. Thus, it appears that the deadline for the use of the arena is on average less than a year and a half.


How to teach a child to arena

Some children enjoy playing in the arena, while others differ freedom and loudly protesting against the device. It is best to begin acquaintance with the arena at an early age - about three months.

Do not immediately leave the baby in the arena and go: pipsqueak scared and unlikely to want once to repeat the experience. Needless to punish the child, putting him in a playpen. It is better if the arena will be associated in a child with something pleasant. To do this, you can put in it a bright new toy and then drop the baby. As long as the child occupied a toy, it is necessary to remain in his field of vision. And only then, when the baby gets used to the arena, you can leave him alone for a while.

When the house will be riding should not encourage a child's play in the crib, let him get used, that the bed is only for sleep and during the day you can play in the arena. In the future, this approach will help to avoid problems with falling asleep.

How to wean a child from a pacifier: a step toward adulthood

December 21, 2012

 How to wean a child from pacifier
 Pacifier - old remedy to calm the child, and many generations of parents very actively using this simple tool. But children grow up, and before parents inevitably raises the question of how to wean the child from the pacifier. As a rule, children are quite reluctant to give up your favorite fun, and wean them from the nipple is not so easy.

 How to wean a child from a pacifier: a step toward adulthood

Gradual weaning

In newborn infants, it is very developed sucking reflex and sucking - the same need for the baby, as the need for sleep or food. However, not every modern mother is ready to breastfeed around the clock, so come to the aid surrogates: the child sucks his thumb, finding solace in this, or parents offer him a pacifier. Sucking helps crumbs to calm down and go to sleep, this process calms, makes the baby a sense of security. As the child grows, he develops new ways to relax, such as communicating with parents, and dummy becomes unnecessary. As a rule, the failure of the dummy occurs at the end of the first - the beginning of the second year of life.

However, not all children have the rejection of pacifiers come easy - some are so attached to this subject, which is not willing to give up the pacifier, day or night. What to do in such a case, so as not to cause injury to the child? Maybe, let him suck on a pacifier as he wants to - how can the nipple cause harm to the baby? Unfortunately, non-nutritive sucking, according to psychologists, really brings the child more harm than good. It is thought that pacifier sucking prevents crumbs to know the world, hinders communication with others, does not find other ways to soothe. Therefore, it is recommended from an early age not to abuse a pacifier, offering her child as little as possible, that there was no excessive addiction. If the child does not remember a pacifier, it is better not to draw attention to the subject - often the children are willing to part with a pacifier is already the sixth month of his life.

It is not necessary to throw away the pacifier on the first day, when the baby is about her not remember, it is better just to hide it. In order to distract the child from the thoughts of the nipple, it should be given more attention. In place of the ritual of sucking pacifiers at bedtime Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
   You must come other rituals - for example, to sit on the arms of her mother, to listen to a bedtime story Bedtime Stories - we were told that the grandmother  Bedtime Stories - we were told that the grandmother
   or lullaby Lullabies: universal hypnotic  Lullabies: universal hypnotic
 . Do not be denied, if the next day pipsqueak still asks the pacifier, but as soon as the baby is asleep, the pacifier should pull out of his mouth again to hide. And of course, adults in any case it is not necessary to offer the child a pacifier - it should be given only if the baby is about this persistently asks. Over time, the pipsqueak stop to think about your favorite once the nipple, especially if you make sure that the baby did not have time to get bored. Very effectively "lose" the pacifier, but if it leads to despair baby should rather "find" missing.

To speed up the process of weaning from pacifiers, are also recommended to refuse from bottles with nipples: since the seven - eight months, it is desirable to teach a child to eat from plates and drink from a cup. Of course, to teach the child to manipulate the spoon more troublesome than to give him a bottle, but this way of eating is much more useful for the baby.

If you are unable to wean a child from pacifier to two years, you can try to negotiate with the baby. For example, tell him a story of the good wizard who can fulfill the desire in exchange for pacifier. Of course, the desire crumbs really need to run after the child trusting sacrifice for the sake of your favorite thing. Sometimes it helps to willful damage pacifiers - baby can be explained that all things deteriorate with time. It is likely that the child will lose interest in the pacifier, which is inconvenient to suck, although it is possible that the child will be for some time to take a pacifier to bed. In any case, do not buy a new pacifier, so some time is best avoided with the child going to the shops selling similar goods.

What should not be done, weaning the baby from the pacifier? You can not tease the baby and shame him hard even for adults to give up their habits. Do not yell at the kid, if he reaches for the nipple and scare him with dire consequences sucking pacifiers. Hide the pacifier should be very careful that the child is not suspected of cheating.

 How to wean a child from a pacifier: a step toward adulthood

Emergency weaning

There are times when the child is an urgent need to wean from the pacifier. If parents notice that their offspring is ready to suck a pacifier almost around the clock, not interested in anything else, it is an alarming signal. You should also think about the futures of weaning from the pacifier if it interferes with the child's social skills. Emergency weaning the baby from the pacifier may be needed and if the crumbs more than three years, or if non-nutritive sucking is the cause of health problems. Speech therapist, audiologist or dentist may advise urgently to abandon the nipples, and this advice should not be neglected.

Of course, emergency weaning more traumatic for a child than gradual. It is best to try to "lose" the pacifier, and more than ever it may be. To reduce stress How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis
 Who feels the child should be with the baby nicer. As is known, the demand for non-nutritive sucking occurs when the child is tired, frustrated, bored or offended - it is better to avoid such conditions. It is desirable smaller scold and punish the child in this difficult period.

Well, if the baby's mouth is often busy - for example, a baby can blow bubbles, blow the whistle, play the pipe in tune or sing a song. It is desirable to wean a child from pacifier during other stressful life changes - for example, during the journey or in the first week of kindergarten. And, of course, in an emergency weaning need consistency. If the "lost" Dummy miraculously there at the first signs of hysteria in a child, the child for a long time can not unlearn nipples.

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