The benefits of babywearing for mom and baby: solid pros

May 12, 2012

 the benefits of babywearing
 Imagine this situation: you get out of the grocery store, put your purchases in the trunk and take the driver's seat. You are reaching for the seat belt and then look down. That's bad luck. You are so used to wearing your baby nine months, even forget that you have it in a sling. Here he is sleepy, fast asleep on your chest in a sling-scarf. You were so comfortable, and the child behaved quietly and calmly, that you have completely forgotten that he was in a sling.

Adding to the family may lead some women confused. They have to reconcile the needs of the child, feed it regularly and, at the same time to perform all household chores and chores. Over time, the child, of course, grows, but it does not facilitate the participation of mothers. Growing up, children are very active, yet still sensitive and dependent.

Babywearing helps parents to alleviate the process of entering the child in the family. Parents are children or slings, or use other ways to transport the child. Sling - this is not just a fashionable way to carry a child, he has significant emotional and physical benefits for both mother and child.

 The benefits of babywearing for mom and baby: solid pros

The benefits of babywearing for the child

  • Communication with parents and Security

Infants quickly out of the womb of the mother secure and fall into a fast changing environment of real life. Babywearing ensures the safety of children as they feel familiar movements and hear familiar sounds, the ones that they felt in the womb. If Babywearing children hear your voice, feel your rhythm while walking, feel the beat of your heart and your rhythmic breathing. All these factors give a child the opportunity to feel comfortable and to feel connected to a parent who is very close.

Toddlers also useful babywearing. As they grow, learn and explore their surroundings, the sling is their supposedly safe "home base", where they are close and attached to mom or dad. Another benefit of babywearing is that the Pope may also be involved in carrying a baby, which in turn will help to strengthen the relationship between father and child.

  • Soothing

Through communication with parents and the security that a child feels when using a sling babywearing calms babies and helps to reduce crying and colic in the abdomen. It is worth noting that babies cry to attract attention. And children who are throughout the day, cry less. Even if these children are crying, they are easy to appease, put in a sling. Usually Babywearing helps to calm children's faster than other methods.

Babywearing also can prevent the so-called fussy "witching hour", which many children are experiencing. If parents know that a child's abdominal cramps, they need to put it in a sling, to distract, to calm the child and help him forget why he even wept.

  • Accelerated development

Babywearing encourages the development as infants and toddlers. Babywearing allows children to interact with the world in the same way as their parents. The fact that the baby in a sling is at the same level as their parents, in a vertical position, and is not in a car seat or sitting in a wheelchair. Since the baby cries less when it is worn, it is able to better focus and can receive certain stimuli from the environment.

Children slings see and hear the same thing, and their parents, listen to what parents say, and even capable of doing the same things as their parents. All this leads to accelerated learning and greater cognitive development of the child, as he became more involved in the daily activities of their parents still in its infancy.

  • The development of oral communication skills

Along with the rapid development of the children who are in a sling, begin to talk in early childhood. Babywearing allows children to see and hear their parents talk to other people. Since children in slings are almost at the level of the parent, we can safely say that the children are involved in the conversation.

Children who are in a sling, quickly adopt the speech patterns as observed how parents shape the sound with his lips. Thus, these children learn to pronounce the words and sounds at an earlier age.

 The benefits of babywearing for mom and baby: solid pros

The benefits of babywearing for Mom

  • Communicate with your child

Just as the children get comfort and safety as a result of babywearing, mothers also receive benefits from strengthening ties with the child. Babywearing stimulates the production in the mother of special hormones that enhance its ability to recognize and respond to the signals that come from the child, but also help reduce postpartum depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood  Depression - a little more than a bad mood

In addition, babywearing resembles pregnancy. Moms really cherish those moments when they can hold the baby next to you, even when the children grow up and become independent.

  • Ease

When there is a child in the family, the most difficult to make time for both the child and the daily household chores and caring for older children. Babywearing - a solution to all problems for busy moms.

Parents use slings everywhere, starting with the collection of blueberries Benefits and harms of blueberries: the health of the forest  Benefits and harms of blueberries: the health of the forest
   and ending with dancing at a wedding. The great advantage of the sling - the hands-free, allowing you to play with the older child. Babywearing allows you to take care of the child and calm him down, even when you are doing household chores.

Using slings to transport the child is particularly appropriate in some places where you can not go with a big stroller (for example, on the beach), or while traveling. Babywearing - this is a good way to keep a strong bond with the child, even when you are busy with daily chores.

  • Weight loss

Wearing baby in a sling makes the most normal activity, such as work around the house or going to the grocery store, in the training. When you first start wearing a newborn baby in a sling, you adapt your body to wear a few extra kilos. Over time, the child grows up, his weight increased and your body properly lose weight. You do not have time to recover, and how you will carry the baby, weighing 7-9 kilograms.

For some moms babywearing - the only way to get rid of excess weight. This is a simple and safe way to incorporate into your daily routine exercise Myths about exercise: do not believe  Myths about exercise: do not believe
 Even immediately after birth, when the exercise is not recommended.

  • Ease of breastfeeding

Babywearing allows quietly and without attracting too much attention to feed your child in a public place. During feeding baby Breastfeeding - a personal choice  Breastfeeding - a personal choice
   breast sling your hands are free and you can do something else. Regardless of whether you are using a cradle Sling on the rings and the end of the sling in order to cover up or hold your baby in an upright position in the May-sling, you still have some time to pick a position that is most appropriate for your child. But when you succeed, you will enjoy the freedom while feeding the baby on the go in different situations.

Babywearing benefit both mother and child, as it allows to combine different types of activities, and at the same time, take care and be there to educate your kids.

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