Treatment of scoliosis - depends on many factors

April 25, 2014

 Treatment of scoliosis
 Treatment of scoliosis in most cases, long-term and individually tailored, it requires not only highly qualified doctor, but also the ability (and desire) to a patient to perform all of his appointment. Only when all these conditions can be effective correction of spinal curvature.


How to treat scoliosis

Treatment of scoliosis depends on the type and degree of curvature of the spine, is set as the patient's age and the presence of complications of other organs.

How to cure scoliosis, can tell only a specialist orthopedic trauma. Since children's scoliosis 1 and 2 degrees successfully treated conservatively, whereas scoliosis stage 3-4, in both children and adults, according to experts, require surgical treatment. Treatment of children more effectively, as the skeletal system of the child is very plastic. Once the system is fully formed bone, scoliosis usually stops the progression, however, the treatment of scoliosis Scoliosis: treatment and prevention  Scoliosis: treatment and prevention
   in adults is quite a difficult task because of the lack of ductility of the spine.

Where to treat scoliosis? Treat Scoliosis be as intended and under the supervision of an orthopedic traumatologist. It is better to do it in specialized centers of Orthopedics and Traumatology, where have all the necessary equipment. Surgery for scoliosis - a rather complex surgery requiring a doctor as a good training and equipping all the necessary equipment, including high-quality implants required for fixation of the spine. All this and only in specialized centers.

Specialized centers for the treatment of scoliosis in Russia: Central Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics (CITO, Moscow), the Institute of Pediatric Orthopedics. G.I.Turnera (St. Petersburg), RNIITO (St. Petersburg), NIITO (Novosibirsk), Moscow Regional Children's Clinical Hospital trauma and orthopedic, Children's Hospital im.Filatova (Moscow) and others.

Specialized centers for the treatment of scoliosis abroad Medical Center Wolfson (Germany), Clinic Piravart (Austria), clinic Rudolfinerhaus (Austria), Hospital for treatment of diseases of the spine Wooridul (South Korea), Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine (South Korea), the American Institute minimum -invazivnoy surgery (Cyprus), Centre of Traditional Chinese Medicine Traditional Chinese medicine and treatment for problem skin  Traditional Chinese medicine and treatment for problem skin
   "Sea Castle" (China) and others.


Methods of treatment of scoliosis

All methods of treatment of scoliosis can be divided into conservative and operative (surgical). Conventionally, they are divided because the treatment for each patient is treated individually and expert assigns complex treatment, which may include, conservative methods and operation.

Only conservative treatment is carried out at low and progressive curvature of the spine, corresponding to 1-2 degree, ie not exceeding 30˚. Doctor prescribes such patients complex of therapeutic exercises, physiotherapy (exercises on special trainers), massage, manual therapy, reflexology Reflexology - a policy of non-drug therapies  Reflexology - a policy of non-drug therapies

At 2 degrees of scoliosis it is recommended to wear a special orthopedic corset. Scoliosis brace made individually in orthopedic workshops at the specialized orthopedic centers. Wearing a corset should always be at least 16 hours (preferably 24 hours), removing only for hygiene procedures.

Scoliosis of 3 degrees in children and adolescents is also sometimes treated conservatively, including the use of surgical braces, but a full recovery of the child does not guarantee. In adults, scoliosis Scoliosis - when the spine is curved  Scoliosis - when the spine is curved
   Grade 3-4 treated by conservative methods is considered ineffective.

Treatment of scoliosis is performed, and medical methods. Drug treatment is especially important for scoliosis developing on the background of metabolic disorders in the connective tissue (dysplastic scoliosis). Medications for scoliosis contribute to improving metabolism and restoration of connective tissues (intervertebral discs). It chondroprotectors (chondroitin, aster, Don and others) and vitamins and minerals.

Physical therapy for scoliosis as part of the comprehensive treatment. By electrophoresis can be administered to various drugs (e.g., calcium supplements, analgesics and so forth). Electrical stimulation of the muscles promotes muscular frame that supports the spine. A good effect in the treatment of scoliosis gives magnetic therapy.


Surgical treatment of scoliosis

The indication for surgery for scoliosis is its rapid progression and involvement of other organs and systems. Surgical treatment of scoliosis is performed in specialized clinics. Surgery for scoliosis is the maximum possible extension of the spine and fixing it by means of special designs. After that the post-operative rehabilitation, including at the sanatorium. Motels for scoliosis have in our country in Caucasian Mineral Waters, the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus, in Moscow, and so on.

To answer the question whether it is possible to cure this patient scoliosis, could only doctor - orthopedist trauma.

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Treatment of osteochondrosis - correct posture and dosage physical activity

November 12th, 2013

  • Treatment of osteochondrosis - correct posture and dosage physical activity
  • In a sanatorium

 Treatment of osteochondrosis
 Treatment of osteochondrosis is aimed primarily at eliminating the pain, disruption of the spinal cord and the suppression of the progression of degenerative processes in the spine. In most cases, pain relief to patients prescribed dose motor load - gymnastics, training in the gym, walking, and so on.


Modern methods of treatment of osteochondrosis

Effective treatment of osteochondrosis Osteochondrosis - Causes and symptoms  Osteochondrosis - Causes and symptoms
   - Is, above all, the treatment dose by physical effects. Patients suffering from osteochondrosis long, often wonder what to treat low back pain Osteochondrosis - learn how to properly distribute the weight  Osteochondrosis - learn how to properly distribute the weight
 Whether there are effective drugs in osteochondrosis. But they have quite a clear idea that the treatment of degenerative disc disease with medicines is carried out mainly during acute - appointed painkillers drugs and medications to relax the muscles. Assist orthopedic methods of treatment - wearing special collars, corsets and so on.

Beyond acute treatment of osteoarthritis is mainly exposed to dosed physical loads and severe limitation of physical activity. Methods of treatment of degenerative disc disease include the prevention of progression of degenerative process for this course are assigned chondroprotectors (restore normal cartilage structum, DON), drugs that improve blood circulation in the area of ​​the spine (eg trental) and B vitamins that improve exchange processes at the cellular level.

But the main method of treating degenerative disc disease - a physiotherapy, massage, training in the gym under the supervision of a specialist and a spa treatment (bath, mud, health path, and so on). Only in this way it is possible to eliminate the consequences of the defeat of roots, restore mobility of the affected motion segments of the spine, to create the so-called muscular corset, which will support the spine.

Is it possible to completely cure low back pain? No, completely restore the state of the cartilage of the spine is not possible, but it is possible to stop the process of destruction and the sooner this is done, the higher the quality of life of the patient.


How to relieve the pain by physical effects

To relieve pain and muscle spasms of the back with osteochondrosis, there are special devices - applicators, the most famous of which are the applicator Kuznetsova and Lyapko. When overlaying the applicator on the painful area irritation occurs several biologically active points.

Kuznetsov Applicator osteochondrosis relieves muscle spasm, thereby reducing pain, it helps to restore normal blood circulation, by reflex action stimulates the internal organs. This occurs due to a reflex increase in the formation of the central nervous system of morphine-like substances (endorphins) that suppress pain spinal first level, and then - and brain.

Kuznetsov Applicator is a set of plastic needle chips, which are sewn or glued onto the fabric. The distance between the needles is typically 8 mm, but with poor pain tolerance it should be reduced to 6 or even 2 mm.

Applicators with osteochondrosis acts similarly. Its difference from the applicator Kuznetsova in that it is made of high quality medical rubber, and needles made of five kinds of metals - silver, iron, copper, zinc and nickel. In this single needle can be composed of three kinds of both metals. In contact with the skin between the needles applicator having galvanic currents, and the patient's body absorbs into its internal environment of these metals ions, thereby replenishing their stocks. Such exposure helps to improve blood circulation, metabolism, enhance the recovery processes and reduce pain.


Orthopedic ways to treat degenerative disc disease

Orthopedic treatment methods osteochondrosis include: treatment position, the use of braces, corsets, headholder, traction treatment (stretching through a variety of devices, samovytyazhenie, stretching in the water in combination with mud therapy), and others. These methods allow to reduce the burden on the changed segments of the spine , correct posture, improves blood circulation in the area.

In the period of exacerbation prescribe unloading of the affected spine. For this purpose, various devices are used. For example, a bandage neck in osteochondrosis - a collar Schanz headholder or polyethylene foam. Corsets for the back with osteochondrosis assumes all load fixes the chin and lower jaw, remove the voltage from the cervical spine. The collar when osteochondrosis put before bedtime Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
   and have no more than two or three hours. Wearing a medical collar corrects bad posture, eliminates fatigue, insomnia, headaches, improves memory, prevents the development of atherosclerosis.

Corset with osteochondrosis and prescribed in the defeat of the lumbar spine - it can be just a corset wide belt or lumbar brace - osteochondrosis any of these orthoses appoint a doctor, just like a corset for the neck with osteochondrosis.


Dosage exercise

One of the main places in the treatment of degenerative disc disease takes physiotherapy (physical therapy). Specially developed exercises strengthen the muscle corset and restore blood circulation and metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
   in the tissues of the intervertebral discs, are helping to develop the correct posture and thus reduce the load on the spine. The most important thing in gymnastics - a regular employment, as their effect is not immediately visible, but it is different consistency.

Load LFK physician strictly selected individually for each patient, depending on the condition and age of the patient, the presence or absence of his pain syndrome.

Gym osteochondrosis is not contraindicated, but training in osteochondrosis should be agreed with your physician and be supervised by trained trainers. Of particular importance is dosed walking - osteochondrosis is one of the main types of rehabilitation. But such a popular tool like hula-hoop with osteochondrosis apply not - sharp turns torso or neck can cause impairment of spinal roots and strong pain. But the hula-hoop is perfect for people young and middle-aged who have no symptoms of degenerative disc disease - to prevent it.