Claritin - be sure to observe the contraindications

April 15, 2012

 Claritin Contraindications
 Claritin - protivogistaminnoe is a long-acting medicament which does not cause inhibition of the central nervous system as some other drugs in this series. Claritin is used for the treatment and prevention of allergic diseases and allergic reactions. This drug has few contraindications.

 Claritin - be sure to observe the contraindications

The main and side effects of Claritin

Claritin is a blocker of H1-histamine receptors, which means it does not share the blood histamine, which is the main active ingredient of allergic reactions. The main effect of Claritin - antiallergic, antipruritic and protivoekssudativnoe. Claritin decreases the permeability of small blood vessels and a tendency to smooth muscle of blood vessels and internal organs to increased contractility and therefore the development of edema Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause  Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause

When administered in tablet or syrup klaritin rapidly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and after half an hour starts to operate. Its action extends over the day (and therefore, it can be taken once a day), after which it is excreted in the urine and feces, on a pre-decaying metabolites in the liver.

Claritin has some side effects that are not seen in all patients. Claritin usually well tolerated and its side effects can not occur. Side effects in the central nervous system (CNS) - a headache, fatigue, drowsiness, dry mouth. In children, the side effects of the central nervous system are less common than in adults, however, sometimes they have a headache, irritability, or, conversely, block.

From the gastrointestinal tract may develop side effects such as nausea, stomachache. Sometimes, while taking Claritin developing liver function abnormalities.

In adults, heart attacks can occur, skin rash allergic, alopecia.

 Claritin - be sure to observe the contraindications


Claritin - a non-toxic drug that has few contraindications. The main contraindication is hypersensitivity to the drug. This is manifested in increased sensitivity can form allergic and non-allergic reactions, which have similar symptoms but different mechanisms of development. But in any case when a suspected hypersensitivity Claritin can not be used the next time the reaction can be much stronger and even endanger the patient's life.

Do not use Claritin and during the feeding of the child Breastfeeding - a personal choice  Breastfeeding - a personal choice
   feeding, as its active metabolites (breakdown products) is excreted in mother's milk, and children up to two years it can not be used. Therefore, if necessary, the appointment Claritin need time to interrupt breastfeeding.

Manufacturers do not explain the fact that Claritin is not administered to children under two years. Obviously, this is due to lack of clinical trials in children early age.

With care prescribe Claritin recommended during pregnancy - in this cohort of patients in clinical trials are not conducted. But direct contraindications for the appointment of Claritin is not pregnant: this matter to the discretion of the attending physician, who must decide how much needs Claritin pregnant woman in any given situation. Use Claritin during pregnancy is possible only if the expected benefit to the mother outweighs the potential risk to the fetus.

Also with caution Claritin Claritin - histamine receptor blocker  Claritin - histamine receptor blocker
   should be given to patients with diseases of the liver and kidneys, which are accompanied by a decrease in their function. This is because the liver is decomposed into klaritin metabolites and the kidneys (as well as through the intestines) it is excreted. By reducing the functions of these bodies Claritin begin to linger in the body, which can lead to an overdose. In this situation, it is recommended to appoint the recommended dose of Claritin, but not every day, and the next day.

 Claritin - be sure to observe the contraindications


Overdose of Claritin is manifested in the form of strengthening of all side effects: there are significant headaches, lethargy, confusion, severe dry mouth. There may be nausea and pain in the upper abdomen. Possible violations of the liver, which further enhance the effects of overdose.

When these symptoms must be rinsed stomach with saline (0 9% sodium chloride or sodium chloride), after which the patient to take multiple pills charcoal Activated carbon - old but indispensable  Activated carbon - old but indispensable

Claritin has few contraindications for use, but they need to be taken into account.

Galina Romanenko

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Diprospan - instruction requires careful study

July 1, 2012

 diprospan guide
 Diprospan - drug glucocorticosteroid (GCS), which has potent anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect, suppresses the immune system. Suitable diprospan for treating the inflammatory process in the joints, intestines, allergic diseases, malignant tumors, and so on.

 Diprospan - instruction requires careful study

The mechanism of action diprospana

Diprospan (active substance - Betamethasone) - a glucocorticosteroid drug which produced pharmaceutical firm Schering Plough as a suspension for injection, 1 ml of which contains 2 mg of betamethasone disodium phosphate (it provides a quick onset of therapeutic effect) and 5 mg of betamethasone dipropionate (provides long-term effect).

Diprospana mechanism of action is based on the fact that it inhibits the release of biologically active substances responsible for inflammatory and allergic processes. Antishock and anti-toxic effect diprospana depends on high blood pressure, reduce the permeability of the walls of blood vessels, activation of liver enzymes which are involved in neutralizing the toxins.

Thus, diprospan has anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, antishock, antitoxic action and suppresses the immune system (immunosuppressive effect).

It also has an impact on all organs and systems of the body, such as hormones: it suppresses the secretion of thyroid-stimulating (TSH - stimulates the secretion of thyroid hormones), adrenocorticotropic (ACTH - regulating the secretion of your own GKS the body in the adrenal cortex) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH - stimulates oocyte maturation in the ovary) pituitary hormones.

Diprospan increases the excitability of the central nervous system to inhibit the production of eosinophils and lymphocytes (blood cells responsible for immunity and allergy), but increases the formation of red blood cells. It inhibits growth of connective tissue at the site of inflammation, that is, the formation of adhesions and scarring.

This affects all types of metabolism. Including reduces the amount of protein in blood plasma increases protein breakdown in muscle tissue, redistributes fat (fat accumulates mostly in the hands, face, abdomen), increases blood cholesterol, increases the absorption of carbohydrates from the intestine, increases glucose uptake Glucose: The energy source  Glucose: The energy source
   from the liver into the bloodstream. Does he in the water-salt metabolism, delaying the body's sodium and fluid (it leads to edema), bringing potassium (disrupted the heart muscle), reducing the process of absorption of calcium from the intestine and washing out the calcium from bone tissue (bones become fragile - osteoporosis) .

 Diprospan - instruction requires careful study

Indications for use

Diprospan used in the treatment of serious diseases, when it glucocorticosteroids can facilitate the condition of patients. This severe inflammation of the joints (arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis), degenerative-dystrophic diseases of joints and spine (osteoarthritis, low back pain), severe ulcerative necrotic processes in the intestine (ulcerative colitis), systemic connective tissue diseases (scleroderma, lupus erythematosus and others), keloids (bright pink, are prone to the growth of scars), allergic diseases (atopic dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis, bronchial asthma and others), cancer, alopecia areata (patchy hair loss).

 Diprospan - instruction requires careful study


Dipospan contraindicated if you are hypersensitive of the drug by the body of the patient, with systemic fungal disease (GCS contribute to the growth of fungal microflora) and during the feeding of the child Breastfeeding - a personal choice  Breastfeeding - a personal choice
   feeding. You can not enter diprospan intravenously or subcutaneously. Intra its introduction contraindicated in infectious processes in the joints and in the spine.

Precautions diprospan prescribed for reducing thyroid function The thyroid gland - is responsible for your hormones  The thyroid gland - is responsible for your hormones
 , Cirrhosis, herpes eye infection, ulcerative colitis (under the threat of perforation of the intestinal wall), purulent infection of any localization, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers, kidney function, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, severe muscle weakness, certain blood diseases.

Application diprospana during pregnancy is not desirable due to the lack of controlled studies of its safety.

 Diprospan - instruction requires careful study

Side effect

Like all other SCS diprospan has many side effects that are often dependent on the dose. Since diprospan affects all types of metabolism Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things  Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things
 It can adversely affect all organs and systems, so diaprospan always be used with caution and only in the presence and absence of contra-indications for its use.

Any glucocorticosteroid drugs, including diprospan, impact on the body, comparable to surgery.

Galina Romanenko

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