Postinor - consequences: only in exceptional cases

December 9, 2011

 Postinor - consequences
 Postinor - a hormonal drug for emergency prevention of pregnancy. It contains a very large doses of hormones and so can not be used frequently. If you frequently (eg, every month) the use of Postinor it can lead to the formation of resistant ovarian dysfunction Ovarian dysfunction - a responsible attitude to health  Ovarian dysfunction - a responsible attitude to health
   and infertility.

 Postinor - consequences: only in exceptional cases

How does postinor

Postinor unlike hormonal contraceptives which are taken on a regular basis and contain two kinds of sex hormones is composed of only one sex hormone levonorgestrel - a synthetic analogue of progesterone, but at a very high dose (750 ug, whereas in hormonal contraceptives type mini -pili it contains 30 micrograms). As a result, a woman after taking Postinor gets a real kick hormones and then recovering the body for a long time and "licking the wounds inflicted."

Postinor is only for emergency cases - rape or some unexpected complications in the application of permanent contraception (eg, condom broke).

Take it better supervised and prescribed by a doctor - that is done in developed countries, there postinor sold in pharmacies by prescription. In this case, a single dose of Postinor usually does not threaten.

But it is very dangerous to self uncontrolled use of emergency contraception. For example, some women take postinor every month or sporadically, but still often enough. This can cause a persistent violation of ovarian function, which will certainly lead to infertility.

Often for such a use of the drug pushing women shameless advertising, which postinor represented as completely safe for the prevention of unwanted pregnancies. Every woman should know: all the drugs that can prevent or terminate pregnancy, dangerous, they should be prescribed only by a doctor. This applies even to low-dose hormonal contraceptives, which are accepted on an ongoing basis, and only for the drugs for emergency prevention of pregnancy, which contain large doses of hormones, it should be mandatory twice. Otherwise, a number of dangers lurking woman.

 Postinor - consequences: only in exceptional cases

Danger One - uterine bleeding

The role of natural progesterone during the menstrual cycle is that it supports overgrown in the first half of the menstrual cycle under the influence of estrogens mucous membrane of the uterus and makes it the secret to allocate necessary for development of pregnancy. Once progesterone Progesterone - norm and pathology  Progesterone - norm and pathology
   It ceases to be allocated (the signal is the lack of pregnancy) the mucous membrane of the uterus is torn away and menstruation begins.

Now imagine that the progesterone (or its synthetic analog) received in the body several times larger than necessary. Followed by cutting open his admission can cause heavy bleeding, which in some cases requires emergency medical care. If you take Postinor often enough, persistent uterine bleeding Uterine bleeding outside of menstruation - a sign of a serious breach  Uterine bleeding outside of menstruation - a sign of a serious breach
   can lead to iron deficiency anemia and a sharp depletion of the body.

 Postinor - consequences: only in exceptional cases

Risk of second - dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea and infertility

Gradually, under the influence of "hormonal strikes" ovarian function begins to dwindle and they produce fewer own hormones such as progesterone and estrogen, which occurs as a result of persistent infertility. Menstruation can take first irregular and accompanied by severe pain (dysmenorrhea), and then they are becoming more scarce or disappear altogether (amenorrhea). It is a formidable attribute that indicates the presence of a woman's fertility. Timely access to a doctor will allow some women to restore fertility, but sometimes such treatment is ineffective.

It is especially dangerous to use postinor Postinor - used very carefully!  Postinor - used very carefully!
   in adolescence, when the function of the ovary is just being formed.

In this case, infertility is often formed and virtually untreatable. Therefore, in the instructions to the drug makes it clear that it is contraindicated under the age of 16 years. In the case of the rape of the girl decision making should take Postinor doctor.

Do not take Postinor and women with any menstrual irregularities that indicate inadequate function of the ovaries. Such women often enough a "hormonal blow" to cause lasting pronounced a failure of the menstrual cycle and infertility. Therefore, it is not recommended to take Postinor even in cases of emergency.

Postinor - a quality product for emergency prevention of unwanted pregnancies, but it should not be taken by women on their own and even more often - this can lead to unpredictable consequences.

Galina Romanenko

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Tablets Jeanine - low-dose hormonal contraceptive

January 8, 2012

 Jeanine pills
 Tablets Jeanine - a hormonal contraceptive, which is taken on a regular basis, and when properly used allows women to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Hormonal contraceptives but good only in the presence of permanent sexual partner, since they do not protect against sexually transmitted infections.

 Tablets Jeanine - low-dose hormonal contraceptive

Tablets Janine - how they work

Tablets Jeanine hormonal contraceptives are a new generation, developed by specialists farmatsevticheskooy Schering (Germany). The main activity is the study of Schering sex hormones with the subsequent development of the original hormonal contraceptives and hormone drugs for the treatment of gynecological diseases.

In hormonal contraceptives include synthetic analogs of female sex hormones estrogen and progesterone. A large number of female hormones inhibits the synthesis and secretion of pituitary hormones, which occurs under the influence of maturation and release from the follicle (ovulation) the egg, so the pregnancy can not. In addition, under the influence of Jeanine mucus cervical canal becomes very viscous, sperm can not overcome this barrier and into the uterus, and then into the fallopian tube to fertilize an egg. But if in spite of all pregnancies still occur, there is a third defense mechanism - the mucous membrane of the uterus changes, it becomes more dense and egg can not penetrate it.

The structure consists of the following Jeanine synthetic analogues of sex hormones:

  • ethinyl estradiol - an estrogen analogue, it is a permanent component of all hormonal contraceptives;
  • dienogest - analogue of progesterone (progestogen); is a unique drug, hormone, a new generation that is very similar in structure to progesterone Progesterone - norm and pathology  Progesterone - norm and pathology
 ; It is rapidly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, and quickly decomposes to exchange products and excreted from the body that is made at a minimum of side effects, while being effective hormonal preparations.

Jeanine contraceptive pills except actions have a positive effect on a woman's body as a whole. They are able to normalize menstrual cycles, reduce pain during menstruation (eg, dysmenorrhea), to prevent the development of gynecological diseases (such as endometriosis) and restore the fertility of women. In addition, with the help of Jeanine is possible to improve the skin condition is, getting rid of acne and greasiness. Janine has a favorable effect on the skin appendages - hair and nails - they grow stronger and become healthy.

 Tablets Jeanine - low-dose hormonal contraceptive

Who can take the tablets Jeanine and to whom they are contraindicated

The main indication for the use of tablets Jeanine is to prevent unwanted pregnancy. In addition, it is prescribed for young women with a high content in the blood of male sex hormones (androgens), which manifests itself in the form of acne Acne: facial trouble  Acne: facial trouble
 , Seborrhea, hirsutism and male pattern baldness.

Tablets are contraindicated Janine Jeanine - not only contraception but also protection against acne  Jeanine - not only contraception but also protection against acne
   if you are hypersensitive to its components, increased blood clotting and a tendency to thrombosis, as well as any disease that can cause high blood clots (eg, coronary heart disease, varicose veins, and so on). There are a number of other contraindications, including liver disease, in violation of their functions. That is why Jeanine tablet can not start to take on their own, they should be prescribed by a doctor, and after the necessary inspection.

 Tablets Jeanine - low-dose hormonal contraceptive

Side effects Janine

Tablets Jeanine usually well tolerated. However, a woman should be ready for such side effects, as the emergence of inter-menstrual bleeding, bloating and breast tenderness, headache, nausea, increased or, on the contrary, decreased sexual desire - these side effects are common to all hormonal contraceptives, and do not always require discontinuation of the drug. The question of whether or not to continue taking the pills Janine in this case, the doctor decides.

You can not keep taking Jeanine in case of thrombosis, changes in the liver (eg jaundice), and allergic reactions.

 Tablets Jeanine - low-dose hormonal contraceptive

How to take Janine

The package Jeanine 21 tablet, you need to start taking them for the first day of the menstrual cycle The days of the menstrual cycle: Four phases  The days of the menstrual cycle: Four phases
   (the first day of menstruation) and taken daily at the same time for three weeks (the delay in reception is allowed only for twelve hours). Three weeks is a week-long break, and then you need to start taking pills from another package.

With proper regular pill Jeanine its contraceptive effect is very high, and the pregnancy should not.

Galina Romanenko

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