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June 3, 2010

  • Ear piercing - whether to apply to a specialist?
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Sophisticated simplicity

Many girls and young people pierce their ears or be asked about it friends, girlfriends or mothers, who, of course, had such an experience in his youth. Really - many people think - is there something complicated in the ear piercing? After all, there is almost no pain, bleeding or no minimum. But it is not so simple as it seems at first glance.

At home, many people forget about such simple requirements as sterility. Perfectly clean should not only be a needle to puncture and earrings that vdevayutsya, and not only the ears. Before piercing even better wash your hair, greasy hair to not irritate sensitive painful lobe.

Do not forget that the puncture should be performed in a certain place, and it depends not only on the customer, because the master of all, it is better to know what place will be the safest and most appropriate for the anatomy of the ear. Also, do not forget about the contraindications to ear piercing, which many people simply do not realize.

However, contraindications to ear-piercing is not much. It is not necessary to do in case of a possible allergy to metal, eczema Eczema - is difficult to treat  Eczema - is difficult to treat
 , Cystic acne or blood diseases Diseases of the blood - always seriously  Diseases of the blood - always seriously
 . The rest of the path to beauty through the ear piercing fairly short, simple, but requires special attention.

 Holes Beauty | Ear piercing - whether to apply to a specialist?

Punctures Beauty

In modern cosmetology offices infrequently pierced ears ordinary needle. Most often a puncture is performed by a special device - "gun" or mutated versions of it.

If you want to have your ears pierced in a conventional manner, it is necessary to pre-select the earrings that you put on after a puncture. It should be very easy "pinks" or rings with a smooth rod of gold or medical steel. Silver is considered to be not the best option for the first earrings.

Piercing apparatus, such as the famous "gun", is considered to be more comfortable, faster, but sometimes when it comes to working with young children (a piercing can make even very kids), they are afraid of him. The advantage of "gun" that it makes a puncture while inserting into the ear stud earring, Medical steel that will remain in the ear up to the first change of earrings.

This should happen no earlier than two or three months, during which earrings to be worn without removing. All this time the wound is necessary to process the alcohol solution to prevent suppuration, swelling and redness.

 Holes Beauty | Ear piercing - whether to apply to a specialist?


It is important to remember that the moments between ear piercing and the use of these punctures, so to speak, by appointment, takes a certain time which should be devoted to the careful care of the piercing area. Compliance with all of the rules to minimize the likelihood postpirsingovyh trouble.

Decontamination lobe - it's not all that will have to make in the weeks, when the wound will be tightened gradually losing tenderness. At this time, you can not swim in open water, in the pool, you can not go to the bath Sauna and health: the benefits and harms of bath procedures  Sauna and health: the benefits and harms of bath procedures
   and sauna, avoiding steaming. It is necessary to exercise great care when washing and combing hair without making sudden movements when you can simply break the lobe. In addition, in the first week is to protect themselves from accidental ingress of dust, dirt, sand in the wound, to monitor the cleanliness of bed linen and hair that will inevitably come into contact with the pierced lobe.

In case of side effects, when the wound festers, greatly inflamed, it is better to turn to the beautician, which you did a puncture.

 Holes Beauty | Ear piercing - whether to apply to a specialist?

An alternative view

Pierced ears - the procedure is ambiguous. No wonder there auriculotherapy to help cure diseases, focusing on certain points on the ear. According to this branch of Oriental Medicine, the ear - a map dotted with important points, responsible for the work of our organs and systems. Doctors practicing auriculotherapy, are not advised to neglect precautions, piercing the ears, as this may cause a malfunction of the body. Especially dangerous in their view, entail punctures cartilage.

Listen or not - the question is individual. In any case, ears pierced, especially outside the lobes, you need only a qualified technician. The cartilage of the ear will heal longer and similar piercing, usually brings to its owner a lot more inconvenience.

Eugene Zhirkina

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Hardware cosmetology - rejuvenates without plastic surgery - Peeling, Thermage, vibratory

April 18, 2010

  • Hardware cosmetology - rejuvenates without plastic surgery
  • Ultrasonic lipolysis, galvanotherapy
  • Vacuum cleaning of the face, lymph drainage
  • Peeling, Thermage, vibratory

Peeling in hardware cosmetology

At the present stage there is a huge range of special cosmetic equipment, the use of which allows us to achieve great success .  One of the most common cosmetic procedures is peeling apparatus using a laser medical equipment .  Peeling laser helps to strengthen the skin's structure, align its relief to get rid of age spots, tattoos, to eliminate or reduce scarring and other cosmetic defects (formed, for example, as a result of burns) .  High precision guidance of the laser beam and its precise control allows the power to affect only specific subcutaneous structures with a given intensity, that is precisely dosed degree of influence of the laser radiation on the skin .  Additional benefits of the peel can also be attributed the fact that the laser energy stimulates the synthesis of proteins of the skin - collagen and elastin, improves circulation and did not affect the surrounding blood vessels and nerve fibers .

Another method of peeling hardware - ultrasound - is classified as surface cleaning of the skin. Therefore, peeling using ultrasound is considered one of the most benign methods of cosmetic correction. Ultrasound helps to remove the impact surface of the skin, get rid of blackheads 30 tips on how to get rid of blackheads  30 tips on how to get rid of blackheads
 , Increase the rate of metabolism in the cells, which improves nutrition and breathing of the skin, as well as the removal of intracellular toxins. In addition, as most experts believe this method of skin treatment is an excellent alternative to many lifting operations.

 Peeling, Thermage, vibratory | Hardware cosmetology - rejuvenates without plastic surgery


Another popular method of hardware cosmetology is Thermage, that is carried out using a special apparatus non-surgical skin tightening .  Thermage allows you to return the elasticity aging skin and obtain lifting effect on the face and elsewhere on the body .  Aging skin, loss of elasticity of the skin after pregnancy or due to drastic weight loss, "vagueness" of the facial oval, "chin" - this is just a small list of cosmetic problems which copes Thermage .  No wonder experts call it the most efficient and fastest method of non-surgical facelift .  The mechanism of action of this hardware techniques based on the use of high frequency oscillations .  The radio emission frequency of a few megahertz penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, causing their heating .  An increase in temperature in the tissues helps tightening and sealing of collagen fibers .  In addition, Thermage is the formation of new collagen fibers, making cosmetic effect is a long and beneficial changes in the procedure can be seen almost immediately .

 Peeling, Thermage, vibratory | Hardware cosmetology - rejuvenates without plastic surgery


Vibromassage can also be attributed to the procedures of apparatus cosmetology. This kind of massage has a specific effect on the skin. Adjustable nozzle unit transmits vibrations to those parts of the body, which is directed impact. From the vibration applied to the skin lying underneath the fabric. In this way the vibrating massage improves blood circulation, causing a general tonic effect, reduces puffiness of the skin. In addition, vibratory found its application in complex anti-cellulite treatments.

Thus, the use of special devices in cosmetic practice - one of the most promising directions in aesthetic medicine today. Hardware cosmetology is constantly evolving, and its methods and technical means used every day are improved, allowing to achieve amazing results in skin rejuvenation, removal of cosmetic defects and correction Correction figures: options to fight obesity  Correction figures: options to fight obesity
 . Perhaps this is due to the hardware cosmetology medicine in the near future will be able to completely abandon risky and not always reliable plastic surgery.

Zhiguli Andrew

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