Non-surgical rejuvenation: the scalpel is not required

July 29, 2011

 non-surgical rejuvenation
 Young and beautiful want to be, without exception. It is no coincidence service plastic surgery clinics and beauty salons are increasingly in demand. But the prospect to lie down on the operating table in order to get rid of wrinkles on the forehead How to get rid of deep wrinkles on the forehead: different methods, different effects  How to get rid of deep wrinkles on the forehead: different methods, different effects
   or bags under the eyes, the soul is not a lot of their customers. People often opt for non-surgical rejuvenation, considering it less painful and fraught with negative consequences.

The term "non-surgical rejuvenation" is multifaceted. It appeared in the lexicon only plastic surgeons in the third millennium, and was positioned as one of the most effective programs to combat the visual signs of aging Aging Skin: The three most common problems and their solutions  Aging Skin: The three most common problems and their solutions
 . This can be attributed to the procedure, action is based on the unique properties of the laser beam, and the so-called Thermage, and injectable rejuvenation.

A special place among the non-surgical rejuvenation technology takes the use of cellular peptides. At one time, not abated controversy surrounding the discovery of stem cells Stem cells: on the edge of scandal  Stem cells: on the edge of scandal
   and scientists discovered the possibility to vaccinate young. The only problem is that you can get these cells from the placenta of a fetus in a specific week of development and scientific experiments with the artificial termination of pregnancy at the right time for the sake of creating a miracle drug company considered immoral. By the beginning of the XXI century have been discovered and cytokines - cell interaction moderators. For therapeutic purposes can be isolated from the blood of the patient, and the signs of youth who returned after that manifest themselves not only in appearance. In particular, optimizing cardiovascular activity, increases the potency in men, improves immunity, recede into the background many chronic diseases. Biological non-surgical facial rejuvenation using cytokines completed reduction in the number of wrinkles and restore skin tone.

 Non-surgical rejuvenation: the scalpel is not required

Laser rejuvenation

In the most prestigious beauty centers in America and Europe practiced two main areas of laser rejuvenation: fractional photothermolysis (Fraxel) and laser peels, also called laser resurfacing. The laser beam acts locally: it is directed to the area of ​​skin that needs to be corrected. It removes old horny layer of the skin, thereby stimulating the cells to the new division.

The technique of non-surgical rejuvenation using a laser beam not only helps to reduce the depth of wrinkles, but also eliminates many other visible signs of aging such as sagging skin, age spots, clearly pronounced vascular network, and so on.

Standard laser course usually includes five to six treatments. They are usually painless, not accompanied by side effects and complications such as hyperpigmentation. The skin appears only slight reddening which goes completely in the next few hours rather than a few days is kept as, for example, chemical peeling.

Similar in its technology to the Fraxel laser peels and such a procedure as Thermage, but it is more complicated. There is a striking force radiowave radiation: it acts in much the same way as a laser beam, but for a somewhat different principle.

 Non-surgical rejuvenation: the scalpel is not required

Injecting rejuvenation

Skin cells begin to age when no longer produce the required amount in collagen and elastin - from these components depends directly on the elasticity of the skin and its color. Special injection returning it all lost due to characteristics that help restore nutritional balance in the cells fill volumes in them additional substances or inhibit neural impulses.

The varieties of injecting ozone therapy include skin rejuvenation Ozone - the effective use of ozone in the treatment of diseases  Ozone - the effective use of ozone in the treatment of diseases
 , Mesotherapy, injections of hyaluronic acid, as well as Botox and Dysport preparations. Sometimes they can be used in combination, as each of them is aimed at ensuring the very specific needs of the skin and solving local problems. In particular, ozone activates redox reactions in the tissues, mesotherapy provides them with the necessary nutrition, Botox injections paralyze the nerves to the problem areas and thus make less visible lines and wrinkles.

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Deep depilation: Beauty requires sacrifice

December 27, 2012

  • Deep depilation: Beauty requires sacrifice
  • The process

 deep depilation
 Hair removal in the intimate area may be different - completely or partially, with the design and even ornaments. But many feel the most comfortable deep depilation - so called the complete removal of unwanted vegetation, including the pubis, labia and buttocks. Yet it may be called the Brazilian - this term appeared in the eighties and is an established and common, too.



Brazilian waxing is usually done with wax, which is applied to the area of ​​hair removal Hair Removal: Which method is right for you?  Hair Removal: Which method is right for you?
 . Remember that the hair on the buttocks, as well as in the bikini area, removed completely. The best length for hair removal - 5-7 mm, and if the hair is too short, hair removal may be impossible or very painful.

Once you have taken a comfortable position, does beautician special antibacterial gel in the bikini area, then wax.

The wax should be a normal temperature if it is too hot, you can get burned. Further, wax is applied to a small portion of the pubic hair, then it is applied a strip of cloth and pressed. When the wax hardens, the hair is removed quickly tearing off strips. Pain can last for 3-5 seconds. Followed by waxing genital lips and buttocks.

Number of hair removal can vary and it depends on the individual person. Pain should not be disturbed. If the remaining hair, they can be removed with tweezers, and such a method already seems not so painful as the waxing. After the procedure, does beautician cooling gel, which is another way to slow the growth of hair and soothe the skin.

In the first days after depilation often appears irritated or red dots, but after using a special ointment skin is restored.


It is important to know

Before deep waxing should take a shower and use a gentle exfoliation to the intimate area. This will remove dead skin cells and prevent ingrown hairs. After waxing, you can use another scrub, such as coffee, but this should only be done in three days after the procedure, when the bikini area will heal, and the skin will not experience additional stress How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis
   irritation. If you have ingrown hairs, it is necessary to use special sedative, which can be purchased at the pharmacy.

Deep waxing is best done in the evening, because it can prevent the friction from clothing, spending the night without irritating the skin. After treatment, it is important to wear underwear made of natural fabrics, which is spacious enough, and will not compress or irritate the bikini area.

Do not use wax on the damaged skin (where there are cuts, irritation). It is desirable to perform the procedure on the first or second week of the menstrual cycle, because the skin during this period is not so sensitive as later.

The benefits of deep waxing:

  • The skin is smooth from 3 weeks to 1 to 5 months.
  • Hair grows more subtle and invisible, and if you do hair removal Waxing: the easy way to beauty  Waxing: the easy way to beauty
   regularly, you can ensure that they will cease to grow. This largely depends on the individual circumstances.
  • Wax is suitable for almost all women, unlike laser hair removal.

Waxing is the most common and accessible way than other types of hair removal. Wax can depilate any area on the body, but if necessary the deep depilation intimate places better to turn to a professional.


The dangers of deep depilation

Deep waxing or Brazilian bikini waxing, as it is called, is very common among modern women. And yet she still remains a matter of personal taste, which, moreover, is associated with some health risks. Deep depilation, by whomever held, whether on their own home or in a salon, always entails the risk of genital infections, so the process is regarded as unsafe.

Full depilation facilitates the maintenance of body hygiene, because the hair in the genital area is a factor that enhances sweating, which means mixing with the natural secretions, there is an unpleasant smell. Deep waxing helps to avoid this, leaving the skin smooth and very open allowing you to wear underwear, and get more pleasure from sex life.

But we should not forget that the scalp is provided by nature in an intimate zone as a barrier that protects against microbes and infections. If the hair is removed, genital area remains free for invading pathogens. May develop fungal infections, vulvovaginitis, cystitis Cystitis: urgently take action  Cystitis: urgently take action
   and other diseases. The mucous membrane of the genitals because of the humid environment is most susceptible to bacterial infections. The friction of underwear and clothes for easily irritated skin, which is removed from the hair intimate area becomes more sensitive, the skin dries out.

Before waxing should take precautions, which vary depending on the selected method. About them remind dermatologists who recommend to their clients the well to prepare the skin for the procedure, moisten it, disinfect. After depilation should be thoroughly moisturize the skin, disinfected using an antiseptic and wear quite loose clothing to avoid friction, better cotton than synthetic.

From a technical perspective, there are several techniques for deep depilation. For example, it is believed that it is possible to use a razor or tweezers, but they are not recommended. After such depilation might arise mikroranki, pimples, which entail infection, inflammation, and even abscesses. The wax in this case, it is most appropriate and efficient manner, but also the most painful. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to perform a deep depilation is in the cabin. But after work by a qualified specialist pimples, abscesses, inflammation may still appear.

Laser hair removal is a technique that promises complete freedom from hair in the intimate zone. This technique consists in the destruction of hair follicles due to the laser beam. It is painless, but is not for everyone, but only for women with dense black hair. A few days before the procedure, laser treatment, do not expose your skin to sunlight, because it may cause burns and swelling.

The use of pulsed light hair removal is also effective because it involves little risk of burns or inflammation. It is made in a beauty salon under the supervision of experienced aestheticians, but will not be superfluous to consult with a dermatologist.

Electric depilation, which is performed by small electrical appliances, a painful procedure because the skin in the intimate area of ​​thin and sensitive.

Depilate the skin in the genital area with creams strictly prohibited due to the chemicals they have high toxicity and irritant properties, they are not designed for procedures in this area.

Deep hair removal is not recommended for people with weakened immune systems who suffer from diabetes, pregnant women, who should consult a doctor. Also, it can not be done for people with skin lesions such as eczema, psoriasis.