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January 4, 2013

  • Bioepilation bikini: no limit to perfection!
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 bioepilyatsiya bikini tips

Bioepilation bikini: tips

Bioepilation bikini - is the removal of hair Hair Removal: Which method is right for you?  Hair Removal: Which method is right for you?
   in the bikini area with the help of wax. Since hair removal Hair removal: perfect skin without hair  Hair removal: perfect skin without hair
   in such a delicate can be very painful and technically difficult (to do on their own feet bioepilyatsiyu much easier), it is strongly recommended to do it in a special compartment.


Bioepilation bikini in five steps

  • For many people undress in front of a stranger, even your sex can be very difficult, however, for bioepilyatsii bikini necessary. However, what is unusual and embarrassing for you to master - just routine. Bioepilyatsii bikini specialists say that, having worked for some time, they practically do not think about, what parts of the body work; All that interests them - as there are growing hair. So just undress and try to relax. The next time it will be much easier.
  • For successful bioepilyatsii bikini important that the hair a certain length - usually about 4-6 mm. If necessary, the master podstrizhet too long hair, but if too short, you will be asked to come in a few days.
  • To wax did not stick to the skin, the wizard uses baby powder (some prefer butter). Without this precaution bioepilyatsiya can cause serious damage to the skin.
  • The wax used for bioepilyatsii, heated to the desired temperature and applied to the skin and hair. Then applied on top of a strip of cloth or a special thick paper, and a few seconds later it abruptly tear. Thereafter, wax is applied to the next portion of the skin, and everything repeats.
  • End of procedure. With oil master removes wax residue from the skin. Then he once again inspects the bikini zone and, if necessary, remove some remaining hairs with tweezers. Then you can put on, pay procedure, to thank the master, and go home.


What should not be done

To avoid skin irritation after bioepilyatsii:

  • During the day, avoid direct sunlight;
  • Within two days, avoid baths (including steam bath) and Jacuzzi;
  • Do not use the exfoliating at least 24 hours after the procedure;
  • Do not wear tight-fitting clothing or underwear for two days after bioepilyatsii Bioepilation time tested  Bioepilation time tested

Maria Bykov

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Hair Removal for Men: Breaking the stereotypes - men's preferences

June 20, 2011

  • Hair Removal for Men: Breaking stereotypes
  • Men's preferences

Men's preferences

In beauty salons say that the demand for male hair removal is virtually the same constant as in women. In accordance with the modern standards of culture and aesthetics for the stronger sex is not considered excessive habit to look after themselves and strive to look neat and well-groomed. The pioneers in this sense steel male swimmers who thus improving the body's ability to quickly slide into the water. From them the habit of removing unwanted hair growth adopted bodybuilders and movie stars.

Men's hair removal has been popular among the nobility of ancient Rome. It did in the famous Roman baths - Baths, the main tool for hair removal Hair Removal: Which method is right for you?  Hair Removal: Which method is right for you?
   He remained the tweezers. In the Middle Ages in Europe, this tradition was lost, and for many centuries, men desire to have a smooth skin on the chest or on the hands has been criticized and ridiculed.

It should distinguish between such concepts as "waxing" and "hair removal". The first involves a temporary removal of the hair, which is located above the surface of the body, and does not affect the hair follicle. The second - a set of procedures that result in the follicles are deprived of vitality for quite a long time - five to seven years. Waxing carried out at home, often requires repeated treatments in a day or two. But if it is done in the cabin class expert about hairs can safely forget about two weeks.

Hair removal for men is different from a similar hygienic procedures for women. Firstly, the representatives of the stronger sex thicker hair growth, and do body hair grow faster, and therefore there is an objective need to remove them more often. Secondly, men do depilation Waxing: the easy way to beauty  Waxing: the easy way to beauty
   perfectly on other parts of the body than women. The face, legs and bikini area, they do not consider the problem areas, but the excessive vegetation on the bridge of the nose, neck, shoulders, chest and back becomes an occasion to visit the beauty salon. More and more men trying to regularly remove regrown hair in the armpits, because it is justified, not only aesthetically, but also from a hygienic point of view, especially in the hot summer season.

Some men body hair turns into a clinical case. The reason should be sought in any particular heredity, or past illnesses. Sometimes, the rapid growth of body hair begins after long-term use of hormonal preparations. And then even depilation conduct is inappropriate and should think about more radical hair removal methods.


Types of male depilation

At home, some men shave unwanted hair on the body of the same shaving razor with which they are put in order on a daily basis face. But it's not always convenient, and also often have to deal with unpleasant consequences in the form of ingrown hairs Ingrown hairs - pinprick  Ingrown hairs - pinprick
 , Scars, minor cuts, wounds and scars on the skin, as well as to deal with the banal irritation.

Some cosmetic brands have established production of depilatory creams for men. Such products are in the range Italian brand Lui Ville, the American Church & Dwight Co, Nad's, and many others. But very popular among male buyers they do not enjoy. In all probability, this is due to the fact that men still have not got used to spend a lot of care and time to wait for fifteen to twenty minutes, during which the action appears depilatory cream for them is painful.

There cosmeticians that work with men using wax. This method is often referred to as waxing, waxing or bioepilyatsiey Bioepilation time tested  Bioepilation time tested
 . It is quite painful, but the result lasts a relatively long time, and then the hair grows thinner and have less dense. Waxing is not as severe irritation of the skin, which occurs after shaving, men are slowly beginning to change their attitude to it the better.

Svetlana Usankova

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