Wave rejuvenation: leather waves - again, the skin is worried - two

July 27th, 2011

 wave rejuvenation
 Development of the method of the wave of rejuvenation has become a truly revolutionary event in the world of cosmetology. At least, so say some experts. The unique technology, which has become the property of the foremost centers of beauty, was incredibly popular thanks to their customers safe, painless and almost absolute absence of contraindications. It is based on the action of high-frequency electromagnetic waves, warming up skin tissue and accompanied by a powerful lifting effect.

The invention of the wave of rejuvenation associated with the name of the Russian scientist, Doctor of Biological Sciences, academician RAMTS and member of the New York Academy of Sciences Peter Garyaev. He is known in scientific circles as the godfather of the wave genetics. All experiments were conducted at Garyaev itself, but at the official level of its development was announced in 1996. The scientist himself preferred to call his system of genetic and metabolic therapy. He experimented with laser beams, and was convinced that Laze and electromagnetic waves help living cells to return to their youthful state, activating the cellular memory.

Later it turned out that in fact, and laser and electromagnetic waves to the skin completely different - not as explained Garyaev. The laser beam simply removes the upper layers of the epidermis to stimulate the growth and development of new cells, as heating by electromagnetic radiation of a particular tissue site it improves blood circulation and lymph.

 Wave rejuvenation: leather waves - again, the skin is worried - two

How does this happen

His elasticity young and healthy skin Healthy skin - daily program for skin care  Healthy skin - daily program for skin care
   it is obliged to existing collagen fibers. Over the years, they, unfortunately, stretched and deformed, and the firmness and softness of the skin gives way to sagging. The fact that young skin has special cells - the fibroblasts. They are the building blocks of connective tissue and, in fact, determine the degree of elasticity of the skin. As soon as a person grows older, the number of fibroblasts in the skin decreases it.

Radio frequency waves penetrate into the collagen layer thinned fibers transmit part of its energy - it is released along with the heat. An increase in temperature causes the fibers to contract, resulting in adhesion of the skin to mimic muscle is more dense. At the same time the formation of new fibroblasts Fibroblasts: the mystery of the connective tissue  Fibroblasts: the mystery of the connective tissue
   and collagen fibers. Taken together, all these changes return the skin to its former smooth and velvety. The diameter of its pores decreases and the vascular pattern disappears completely. The effectiveness of the wave of rejuvenation can be compared with the efficiency of plastic surgery, but while avoiding the mechanical action on the skin or body, and reduces the risk of injury.

 Wave rejuvenation: leather waves - again, the skin is worried - two

Pros and cons of a wave of rejuvenation

The advantages of the wave of rejuvenation lies in the fact that it leaves on the skin unattractive scars. This method provides the same impressive results and the elimination of the first signs of wilting in the skin of young women, and for the correction of deep wincing that occur on mature skin. The wave is not accompanied by the rejuvenation of long rehabilitation period, and the staff of some clinics like to talk about how their client out of business women managed to put in order the face and body in a way in between meetings. If the procedure is carried out as a preventative, then repeat it most likely will not have to. In those cases where a correction serious cosmetic flaws, the physician can schedule a re-reception, but in any case, the number of repeats on average five or six.

The main drawback is considered to be short-lived wave of rejuvenation results: he held for a year or year and a half, and then again have to rejuvenate the skin, or the same way, or some other. A number of experts in the field of plastic surgery this feature explains that actually the whole effect of the wave of rejuvenation is built on the ability of electromagnetic waves cause persistent edema Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause  Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause
   skin that still resolves with time. The quality of the skin, in their opinion, the waves did not affect.

Svetlana Usankova

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Deep phenol peels - the apogee of modern cosmetology

December 27, 2009

 Deep phenol peels
 Phenol peels - the deepest kind of chemical polishing face. It penetrates the skin deeper than peeling fruit acids or TCA, and is effective for more serious problems - skin pigmentation, wrinkles and scars. In comparison with the methods of grinding light and medium chemical composition means a deep grinding gives a much more pronounced results, and it may only be performed once. However, phenol chemical peel takes more time and is inconvenient in comparison with softer chemical peel.

 Deep phenol peels - the apogee of modern cosmetology

What is the deep chemical peels

Phenol peels - the most aggressive form of exfoliation. It is effective in some sunburn Sunburn: severe blow to the body  Sunburn: severe blow to the body
 , Deep wrinkles, scars and even malignancies. Phenol peels for skin penetration using the carboxylic acid. This procedure can not be carried out on separate skin areas - it should be used on the entire face.

Phenol peels are so strong that only one time to achieve the desired effect for several years. Because after this procedure face swells, the patient is recommended to spend at least one week at home for rehabilitation.

 Deep phenol peels - the apogee of modern cosmetology

Who can use the phenol peel

Not all patients recommended to use a deep peeling; Some instead offer to hold a moderate peeling, or other type of procedure, such as microdermabrasion. Patients with dark skin phenol peel gives undesirable results because it has a bleaching effect. In addition, phenol peels do not recommend people with freckles, because after the procedure is too noticeable difference between the treated and untouched skin. Deep peels are not suitable for people who want to get rid of the individual spots, or to improve the appearance of skin on the body, not the face. Patients with certain heart disease risk when carrying out deep peels.

Since the procedure for deep peeling gives a pronounced and long-lasting effect, then the doctor and patient must weigh the "pros" and "cons" before making a decision on its performance. If you are considering the procedure of deep peeling, details tell your doctor about your medical history to decide if you need this procedure.

 Deep phenol peels - the apogee of modern cosmetology

The procedure for a deep peel

Deep chemical peels performed under close supervision, usually in the operating room. The patient is administered sedatives and local anesthetics to relieve discomfort due to chemical exposure. The chemical composition of the means to peel also contains an anesthetic.

Peeling generally takes one or two hours. After anesthesia will work, they start to affect the chemical composition of the skin. The patient may feel a slight tingling or burning during use of the drug.

Phenol After exposure to the skin for a predetermined time, it is washed off with water. Then put a soothing ointment, often petrolatum Vaseline: old friend  Vaseline: old friend
 , The treated area. The patient is given proper instructions, after which he or she was sent home to recover after the procedure.

The chemical composition of phenol peel destroys the top layers of the skin, after that, a new, smoother skin. Despite the impressive produce nitrates, this procedure has its limitations. Although she can remove deep wrinkles, pigmentation of the skin and improve its texture, it is unable to cope with the weakened skin and deep scars. In such cases, a plastic surgery, conventional and laser face lift, as well as other technologies.

 Deep phenol peels - the apogee of modern cosmetology


After chemical exposure the patient's face swells, turns red and causes a lot of inconvenience. Within a few days after the treatment the face is formed crust. Seven to ten days is required for crust has disappeared, and a new layer of bright pink skin. The redness will subside within two to three months, and the skin becomes smoother.

As with any form of chemical resurfacing, deep resurfacing carries a certain risk. Side effects can be reduced by adhering to the recommendations of the attending physician for recovery procedure: avoid exposure to sunlight after peeling procedure, and, of course, do not tear off their own crust - otherwise, it will take longer to heal.

Anyone who dared to deep peeling procedure should know that after it will not be able to sunbathe. Therefore, apply all precautions to avoid the negative effects of the sun on your skin after the procedure. Protect your skin exposed to the procedure of peeling, as carefully as possible. Ask your doctor how to take care of her, and what kind of sunscreen you can use.

Deep peels provides a significant rejuvenating effect. After healing of the skin, it looks much cleaner and brighter, it becomes more elastic, dramatically reduces wrinkles and improves complexion. After a deep peel you will look younger, and this result can enjoy for a long time, almost without making any effort, in addition to sun protection.

 Deep phenol peels - the apogee of modern cosmetology

Consult your dermatologist

For best results, you should consult a dermatologist, having extensive practical experience is the promotion of the deep phenol peel.  Deep phenol peels - the apogee of modern cosmetology


After peeling performed, the patient will have to stay in hospital for one to three days. And even after he returns home, he will have some more time to visit the doctor for dressings and applying special healing composition. All this time, there can be no question of cosmetics. Only about three weeks it will be possible to use mild hypoallergenic powdered masking. In the early days of rehabilitation period can not wash, food and drink have to take through a straw.

After deep exfoliation of the skin full recovery will take a few months, only two or three months redness subsides. All this time the skin is actively working to heal itself, enveloping new reserves of collagen, which provides surface smoothness, elasticity and freshness.

Before you carry out a deep phenol peels doctor should make sure that the patient's healthy kidney, liver and heart. Also contraindications to the procedure are chronic or acute skin diseases Skin diseases - what to do when violated the basic functions of the skin  Skin diseases - what to do when violated the basic functions of the skin
 Oncology, pregnancy, diabetes, Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease  Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease

Peeling is performed on the face, neck and chest area, and on the body, if necessary, to get rid of scars, stretch marks, age spots and scars. Higher, but safe for the health of the phenol concentration needed for smoothing facial wrinkles and get rid of sagging and ptosis. By reducing the concentration of a substance, you can perform a local phenol peel on the eyelids and around the mouth.

After the procedure, it is important to protect the skin against UV-radiation at any time of the year - about any of the "safe" tan can not be considered. Phenol peels are very effective and the result is stored for 5-10 years.

Eugene Zhirkina

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