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December 16th, 2013

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We got you something to discuss. Nothing wrong with this disease do not see. Is it so terrible? Even if it is not treated, but you do not die from it. Think better of the people who actually suffer from serious, incurable, fatal disease. And that's it soften. Live and rejoice that nothing you do not, that just this sore. Not in it or anything.
Paul, yes, do not die, but will it be pleasant to live with ugly spots on the body and be ashamed of ourselves every minute, because I do not suffer from diseases teenagers are cruel and start avoiding you like a contagious? And when everything seems to be cured, afraid that they come back again. Besides correctly Lily says it's not just looks unsightly, but they are in fact also hurt.
Paul clearly from this disease do not suffer. Tell me, please, and vyznat how it hurts me to wear tights or pants, just there is irritation that much from any touch bake? Do you think in these moments I particularly enjoy that it is not deadly? And that's the time when the disease is in a calm state. And when suddenly, for no apparent reason, it begins to deteriorate - it's just awful. At night, sleep is not possible from the burning.
He is not treated until the end, anyway! My husband and his little brother this stuff comes and goes, do not even understand what a modem is connected. One joy - from the army with the help of her repose, as they say, there would be a blessing in disguise! A particularly noticeable marks on the elbow and on the legs, on the beach, some people look askance, probably scared. it's contagious.
Reseda, but unfortunately we have to admit that while the treatment of the disease is not present. And the fact that people on the beach or on the street look askance, it's our people are. Many have no idea that this is a disease, think that you can catch it easy and simple one touch with the sick person. It's the culture of our people. It's a pity the people who suffer from this disease.
Reseda, I have the same situation. Firstly, we can not understand the reasons for these recurrences. Secondly, the beach. I'm sorry, I hesitate to leave such traces. I do, however, shy. Moreover, I even once one old grandfather asked me that, and whether it is not contagious. So it was a shame! I then began to cry at home. Now it is better. I watch all the time.
I hate that psoriasis! Sick for 13 years, the cause of the disease is likely lies in the genetic predisposition, because it is not strong shocks or any injuries I never did. Assist only hormone ointment, vitamin injections and droppers with reosorbilaktom. Everything else for me is ineffective. My dream is that doctors will find a solution to this problem before I get old.
I'm sure, too, that this nasty disease is not treated. I'd love to know why it occurs. My docha years 5 ill, ie plaques began to appear. What was not anointed. It seems to help the ointment, as time passes, and as dead a poultice. Change to another - again, the same thing. The effect is purely temporary. And diet, and the exclusion of sharp-sweet, nothing helped.
What wonderful advice given and it seems really really cure this attack. I like people with psoriasis say it can not be cured. What I did not smeared with all sorts of ointments, still with the arrival of spring, I bundled up in clothing from head to toe. I even tried to contact sorceress and one of them helped me a really, really sorry that we had to leave because of her nasty character. In general, the poor man Humble.
I think there is a whole group of diseases for which treatment is not there and it is unlikely in the near future something will appear. Among them I count this disease. Of course I believe that science is moving forward, but there are processes in the body that just can not be stopped. It's all very sad, but it's a fact. The wound that inherently can not be delayed or never heal.
Nick, well, you're a pessimist straight ... you can not so true to life. Time goes on and our medicine progresses and new discoveries are made, new drugs are identified. It is possible that tomorrow we will know about the new Medicines that will win this infection. We must believe and everything will be fine. And with that mindset you can pull in a lot of bad and even get sick.
I heard that this disease has recently referred to the group of so-called autoimmune, so that effective treatment is necessary to connect immediately drugs that directly affect the immune system and restores it to its proper operation. As a result, plaques and tested, and peeling will disappear and the itching is gone. Only this treatment is in the testing phase.
I also heard something about this procedure, Cyril, but she is still in the testing phase! And people need practical advice on treatment. Our friend went to the solarium and it mopogalo him to get rid of the stains left behind by the disease. Of course they are not completely gone, but still became not as noticeable as before. He was ashamed because even on the beach strip!
Psoriaz- is such an infection, from which then very difficult to get rid of. My brother had this problem, all hands were amazed, itching and flaking. He went to the doctor wrote out weight any medications, but nothing helped. Treatment helped only after a brother changed jobs. He had to work in a constant dampness, and when he moved to another place, his hands began to heal.
Amelia, of course, that the climatic conditions and diet greatly affect the course of the disease. Therefore, people with chronic diseases of the skin always recommend a special food and care products for skin, since it is very susceptible to environmental influences. That is the only treatment necessary is to take the time, even in remission, relapse is inevitable anyway.
Sometimes even such that diagnosis is not true, that to me was just such a case, all signs loomed the disease. As a result, I was diagnosed and then assigned to appropriate treatment in the early stages it was so bad that there was no hope of recovery. After a couple of months, I was getting better and more in a few months everything went. And then the doctor is not afraid to say that maybe it was something like that, and he just made a mistake with the diagnosis.
Light, I think the doctor was right, he just appointed you a good quality treatment and you will get better, but now say it's a bad doctor diagnostician. In fact, you probably just remission and I in your place would not relax and just be watched carefully for their health and prevent the likelihood of recurrence of the disease. So be grateful to your doctor.
Despite the development of a universal medicine treatment of this disease yet, the disease occurs in different ways and that is important, and did not determine the true reason for which the person impresses this disease. I was very touched and last about three months, I was in a very difficult situation, a couple of weeks could not walk, because of the feet from the bottom left big blisters. And when the doctors said it was a long time and I now need to get used to a new life this ailment retreated sharply.
Irina, still be careful, it may be a temporary lull before the storm. This sometimes happens that the disease will appear from around the corner, will have an effect, and then hide to break out with greater force. So do not count on the fact that you are lucky enough, and be on the lookout. My friend just had a similar situation, so I know about it I say.
I have this disease for 4 years. While not much like aggressive, but sometimes it seizes just horror. In opposition I do not use special drugs. As long as I manage that constantly Scrabble affected areas (leg and near the elbow), and use the different national methods: sea buckthorn oil, vyzharennym yolk, trying somehow even burn paper (who knows people's money - he will understand).
Veronica, you crazy or what went down. Or specifically pinned on those who read it? In no case can not be violently rip off the crusts, and even more impossible to avoid the normal full treatment! This disease is not as safe as you might! You would bring before it enters the system form and hit the internal organs!
Veronica, you have to go through the normal course of treatment, rather than deal with nonsense, are you really believe in what you listed can cure this disease? Ask your doctor if he throws up his hands, then go to the other and listen to it. Although there is a possibility that another doctor will not better then nothing else to do but look for traditional recipes.
Much of the success of the provision of medical assistance depends on the doctor's professional experience is important here, that what can not cope alone can cure another. I now got a normal, albeit with a strange doctor, he first prescribed an anti-allergy, then quickly ordered drip with vitamins and sodium thiosulfate and I went on the mend. After discharge, the truth had to continue another month outpatient visit it for intravenous injections.
Light, you are right that the level can be different doctors, one patient denies and says that nothing he can not help, and the other to the last fights for human health. Therefore, if you do not like the way you lead a particular doctor, you need to refer to another, and let him think what he wants. It's your health, and it is only responsible for you. It is my personal opinion.
This disease is more common in people lately, and it seems very younger, it's scary and it is not clear may become a curse twenty-first century. My relative is suffering from this disease and it can not now six or seven years to cure it, and tried ointments and tablets, but nothing helped nothing, unfortunately. Even in summer goes completely odetyy- ashamed to people pokazatsya.Takzhe know that now the treatment of psoriasis of the joints is a big challenge, even more difficult to deal with it than with skin lesions.
Linda, the disease really catches people lately all at an early age, I have now started worsening in 20 years. The worst thing that the absolute cure for it is not, you can only drive the disease into remission. Well in this regard, hormonal, but unfortunately they can not be used for a long time, so every time we have to find a new agent.
Cure psoriasis is not always possible. But it is possible to achieve a temporary improvement and increase the period of no external manifestations of the disease (itching, inflammation, severe peeling). Modern medicine has a lot of drugs for the treatment of the acute form, try plasmapheresis, ointment Rederm, rates drink alkaline mineral water.
Katerina Ivanova, any ointments and creams, and any other means will not give an opportunity to increase remission time. Here personally I have, every spring and autumn terrible aggravation, and how I did not try to pre-prepare the soil, all to no avail. As the disease is activated during dysbiosis, which can develop on the background of poisoning, which can not be foreseen.
Treatment of exacerbation of psoriasis - it's just hard labor. As I remember, so I tremble. They suffered 3 years ago, than just not treated - pricked, anointed, all the demon sense. Hands badly scratched a week after the hospital already. With grief I went to his grandmother, who speaks skin diseases. In another area, the middle of nowhere. I do not believe in success, but her husband made. And imagine - 3 years not think of psoriasis. Here believe or do not believe .... grandmother grass some told to drink - terribly nasty. But help. Have you tried these methods? Especially I advise despair
What kind of grass grandmother told to drink? If you remember the name, write or tell where he lives is a grandmother ...
Elizabeth, tell where the grandmother lives. My child has psoriasis the second year, the treatment does not give results. Maybe we will also help.
Universal remedy to cure psoriasis simply does not exist, it is comparable to how men and women find each other, and then create a family recipe for the treatment and cure - is different, there are only some forms that suspend or slow down this process. It is important to start looking for the first signs of "failure" that occurred in the body, after which began the insidious onset of the disease. Really a problem for the person suffering from the disease is great, but you need to try the approach to treatment, using the experience from the different sources. So, is how to remove psoriasis ?, the answer may be just around the corner and try to start it will appeal to a psychologist who can help get rid of stress, which often are the instigators of this disease.
God forbid someone to meet with the disease face to LCC. It not only robs a person a lot of vitality, but also makes the tortured, to die morally. There is full of treatments. But I think the key to recovery is the active participation of the patient in the treatment process. The most effective treatment - a drug therapy. It is performed with the help of external funds.
My dad had suffered from this skin disease, so about this issue, I know firsthand. Permanent tooth scaling, dry skin, that's what it is accompanied. I can say that it is an illness that develops in the human systems. We have many people who are unaware of the existence of such a disease. And seeing you plaques do not know what it is non-contagious. Therefore it is necessary as carefully as possible to hide them. Wear long-sleeved clothing. From traditional medicine, I know what you can cure psoriaz- tincture of St. John's wort. Spots noticeably lighter. Just a good ride on the sea. Salt water also helps in this case.
My friend is a disease for several years. The spectacle, I want to tell you, not for the faint of heart. A young girl of 30 years, can not wear any dress or shirt. Throughout the body unsightly stains from peeling. Personally, I hate and disgust to stand beside her. Dermatologic long time she has been in different clinics and different experts, but any changes I do not see how to treat psoriasis is unknown. It is said that this disease occurs because of nerves. This is just her case.
Marina, psoriasis cure dermatologist, you can go directly to him with his problem. There and once you pass tests and the doctor will tell you how you can cure psoriasis in a short time, prescribe treatment. And if you go to a therapist, he still will not help you. The only dermatologist in the clinic without a referral can not accept. And since your description problems like psoriasis, but it can and vitamin deficiency because there is, all the same spring.
Anna, a doctor, who will promise a quick cure, should immediately run away, because there is still medicine does not know how to treat the disease. And that Aesculapius just to pull more money from the people, embellishment promises fabulous prospects. Clearly, many are wondering how to get rid of psoriasis. The answer is - it is impossible to fully recover. You can only achieve sustained remission, when there is no external manifestations. But you never know at what point things could return again.
Many people are interested to help psoriasis, but here it is necessary to understand that the same drug can not help everyone and it depends on the severity of the disease and the particular organism. My husband helped sodium thiosulfate, and other drugs were used during the treatment, but improvement became apparent with the beginning of its application. But this does not mean that the rest of it will help, much depends on the experience of the doctor and his professional approach to the selection of medicines.
I read reviews about how to cure psoriasis, and I see a lot of familiar ways to get rid of this disease. The illness forced me to try a lot of money. Made for a conclusion that the drugs are powerless here, it is better to conduct a correct way of life. Then there are longer periods of remission. And do not be nervous. Perhaps this is the most important and difficult conditions in the psoriasis.
I got this disease probably inherited from my dad, I have psoriasis on the knees. I fought with him for ten years, and all to no avail. Although after UV exposure I've had to improve and I even thought I got rid of for ever, but it was not there. Six months later, everything was back. But I have learned to live with the filth constantly smeared with something, so as not to run, and of course I do not wear short dresses. Life is going on and also it is not deadly!
The disease I have for a long time, tried to treat people's ways, and celandine and tar itself is made out of paper, it helps, but not for long. And if there are such methods of treatment for psoriasis, which provide long-term results? I know a man who treated all my life, nothing changes. Whether he launched the disease, whether the treatment is ineffective, sometimes exacerbated by the disease.
Regina, I also know someone who is being treated for this scourge forever. This is my uncle. But here it is not a treatment, but rather in the very sick. He knows what to treat psoriasis on the body, tried many ointments and tablets, which led to a temporary improvement.
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