Dermatofibroma: causes, symptoms and treatment

May 27, 2007

 Dermatofibroma - a small, benign growths on the skin that can appear almost anywhere on the body, but most often appears on the ankles and feet, shoulders, and upper back. Dermatofibroma common in adults, and less often - in children. These structures may be pink, gray, red or brown, sometimes they change color over the years. Dermatofibromas and solid to the touch and may resemble a stone under the skin. If dermatofibromu squeeze the sides, on the surface appears small pit.

As a rule, dermatofibromas painless, but in some people they cause pain or itching. The most common single dermatofibromas, but in some patients, there may be many. They seldom longer 1-1, 2 cm in diameter.

Causes of dermatofibrom unknown.

Earlier dermatofibromu considered a reaction to insect bites or injuries, but this version of the origin of the disease has not been confirmed.

 Dermatofibroma: causes, symptoms and treatment


Dermatofibromas usually develop very slowly. They look like small, hard and slightly protruding growths on the skin, the color of which is markedly different from the normal skin color.

The most common symptoms of dermatofibroma:

  • Typically, the neoplasms are located on the legs below the knee, but it is possible the appearance of tumors in her arms or torso
  • The seal on the surface of the skin, bleeding in case of damage
  • Size dermatofibromas diverse - from a pinhead to the baby's head
  • When pressed inside the caves Dermatofibroma
  • In people with dark or dark skin growths darker
  • Over time, the color and size dermatofibromas changes
  • Sometimes when you touch the new formation occurs itchy or painful
  • On the affected skin growths appear reddish, pink, purple, gray or brown tint
  • As a rule, Dermatofibroma not accompanied by painful sensations, but the skin is very sensitive, there is itching
  • Dermatofibroma can appear at any age, women are more prone to this disease than men.

 Dermatofibroma: causes, symptoms and treatment


Most often, the doctor can diagnose dermafibromu after visual inspection entities. If the build-up does not look like a typical dermafibromu and / or if he sometimes bleeding, the doctor will probably do a biopsy. During this procedure, a small piece of dermatofibroma is removed and examined under a microscope. When a biopsy is possible to diagnose cancer. Before the biopsy the patient is given a local anesthetic.

Dermatofibroma does not pass by itself, and if untreated, the patient will remain for life.

 Dermatofibroma: causes, symptoms and treatment


Often dermatofibromas not require treatment. As a rule, patients prefer to remove dermatofibromas if they are in a prominent position, and / or if a man touches them constantly, such as when shaving or dressing, and if the education cause itching and / or pain.

Since dermatofibromas located deep to remove them have to make cuts in the deep layers of the skin; after the procedure usually remain visible scars. If the procedure goes well, the patient can go home the same day. Complications are rare and linked, usually not with dermatofibroma, and with the quality of the procedure.

An alternative is to top of the cutting dermatofibroma, but in this case a few years it may again increase.

In very rare cases, a type of skin cancer Skin cancer - a full recovery possible  Skin cancer - a full recovery possible
   called dermatofibrosarcoma in the early stages of development causes symptoms similar to the symptoms of dermatofibroma.

Seek immediate medical attention if Dermatofibroma begins to grow, change shape and / or color, if it bleeds or causes severe pain.

Although skin cancer is relatively rare, it is necessary to do everything possible to protect themselves.

Scar after removal dermatofibromas for some time remains red, very noticeable and causes itching. Over time it will become paler and smooth out, but will still be visible. There are cosmetic procedures by which the scar can be almost imperceptible, but they can only take place some time after removal of dermatofibroma. For the treatment of scars are used:

  • Injection of steroids directly into the rumen, or the use of silicone gel - to smooth out the scar.
  • Laser treatment - helps eliminate redness.
  • In the formation of very large scars may require additional surgery.

 Dermatofibroma: causes, symptoms and treatment

Reasons dermatofibromas

The exact cause of dermatofibroma is unknown, in part because of a persistent nature of the disease. Initially, the tumor looks like a tight knot the size of a pea. Over time, the density, size and color vary slightly neoplasms.

Doctors allocate such possible causes of dermatofibroma:

  • Damage: the appearance dermatofibromas can cause even a minor injury to the skin as a thorn prick or sting.
  • Sexual disposition: women are more prone to this disease than men
  • Age: risk factor - the average age. In children it is very rare.
  • Heredity: family history of dermatofibroma may also cause the disease.

 Dermatofibroma: causes, symptoms and treatment

Home remedies for the treatment of dermatofibromas

  • The tumor may be treated kamformnym alcohol as long as the skin dries. Do not worry if there will be a burning sensation - as the infection responds to alcohol.
  • In ten minutes, apply a tumor magnesium hydroxide (magnesia), and after a time rinse thoroughly.
  • Healthy low-calorie diet rich in fiber (fresh fruits and vegetables) - a great home remedy treatment dermatofibromas.
  • Generously grease a tumor anti-cellulite cream to speed healing.

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Zener - will save even the most complex acne

March 18, 2010

  • Zener - will save even the most complex acne
  • Application


Zener - is an effective drug for topical application, which includes antibiotics Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future?  Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future?
   and anti-inflammatory agents. Its use should only be prescribed by a doctor or dermatologist cosmetologist - an independent long-term use can exacerbate the course of the underlying disease.

 Zener - will save even the most complex acne

Why does the skin appear eels

Acne usually appears on the skin of teenagers. This is due to the fact that during adolescence boys (more), and girls (less, but also happens) there is an increase secretion of the male sex hormone androgen. Under the influence of androgens begins intensively produced sebum increased viscosity and changes in the chemical composition.

This sebum gets into the skin pores, mixes with the surface, desquamated cells (high cell shedding surface epithelium of the skin is also a characteristic feature of the increase in blood androgens) and tightly seals the opening of the sebaceous glands. Then grease tube is covered with dust and dirt and becomes black. So on the face appear dark spots or blackheads Comedones: causes, symptoms and treatment  Comedones: causes, symptoms and treatment
 . Inside the tightly sealed sebaceous glands begin to multiply pathogenic microorganisms, which are always present on the surface of the human body. As a result of developing the inflammatory process, which is fast becoming a festering - pimples or acne.

Sometimes these states occur not only during adolescence but also in adult women during hormonal disorders with increased formation of androgens. Female sex hormones, estrogens inhibit the secretion of sebum increased viscosity and are therefore used for the treatment of acne in young girls and women.

 Zener - will save even the most complex acne

How does the skin Zener

Zener is available as a powder for solution for external use of the Dutch pharmaceutical company Astellas Pharma Europe BV The finished product is an alcoholic solution which contains 1, 2% zinc acetate and 4% erythromycin Erythromycin - if you are allergic to penicillin  Erythromycin - if you are allergic to penicillin
 . The prepared solution has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and dissolving blackheads effect. For more mild to the skin in an alcoholic solution is added a special substance - diisopropyl sebacate.

The antibiotic erythromycin blocks protein synthesis, cell infectious agents that inhibit their ability to live and the ability to reproduce. Zinc acetate helps reduce the secretion of sebum by the sebaceous glands, and dissolve comedones, restores normal skin cells, astringent, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial effect. As a result, under the action zinerita significantly reduced amount of both acne and comedones.

Included in the zinerita drugs in a complex composed of more quickly penetrate the skin than individually. Erythromycin mainly has a local effect in the blood enters his insignificant amount. Zinc acetate in the blood does not fall, it binds to the surface cells of the hair follicles and has a purely local action.

 Zener - will save even the most complex acne

Who and how you can use Zener

The indication for use is the treatment of acne zinerita. It is believed that the Zener can cope with any degree of severity of the acne Acne: facial trouble  Acne: facial trouble
 When cosmetics were ineffective. Treatment should be prescribed by a doctor.

To prepare the solution from the vial with the liquid solvent is placed in a vial with the powder and shaken until dissolved, then put on a bottle cap with an applicator, and pressing on the applicator, solution is applied to affected skin. The procedure is done twice a day, morning and evening on thoroughly cleansed skin. After the solution had dried, it is invisible and it is possible to apply cosmetics. The prepared solution was stored for five weeks at room temperature. Manufacturer's recommended duration of treatment - 2, 5-3 months. It is not entirely clear, because for such a long course of treatment for drug addiction develop.

Zener contraindicated if you are hypersensitive patients of its constituent components.

 Zener - will save even the most complex acne

Side effects zinerita

Zinerit generally well tolerated, but in some cases there is dryness, burning and itching of the skin at the site of application. If you exclude an allergic reaction, the drug can continue to apply to the skin - all the unpleasant effects soon pass. During the application of the drug on the skin should be carefully avoided my eyes, nose and mouth, as the Zener may cause irritation.

Zener - this is not a cosmetic and a drug, so it is better to use not their own, and on doctor's orders.